Conservation Status of Crayfish Species Paddlefish Conservation ...

Conservation Status of Crayfish Species Paddlefish Conservation ...

AmericAn Fisheries society:

2007 REPoRt


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The Fisheries InfoBase now

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The Progressive Fish Culturist.

AFs mAGAzine





offers up-todateinformation


fisheries science,management,

and research,

as well as

AFS and professional activities.

Featuring peer-reviewed scientific

articles, analysis of national

and international policy, commentary,

chapter news, and

job listings, Fisheries gives AFS

members the professional edge

in their careers as researchers,

regulators, and managers of

local, national, and world fisheries.

Fisheries is available to members

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AFs JournAls

• Transactions of the

American Fisheries society,

bimonthly, Volume 136

• North American

Journal of Aquaculture,

quarterly, Volume 69

• North American Journal

of Fisheries Management,

quarterly, Volume 27

• Journal of Aquatic Animal

Health, quarterly, Volume 18

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AFs to stArt new

mArine AnD coAstAl

Fisheries JournAl

In 2008 AFS will begin a new open

access electronic-only journal

devoted to the science and management

of marine and coastal

fish, fisheries, and fish habitat. This

peer-reviewed publication will

provide a highly visible outlet for

the growing number of marine

and coastal fisheries papers. The

format will encourage lively, current,

and transparent debate on

controversial topics through use

of comments, viewpoints, and

invited perspectives. The scope is

international and includes open

ocean, coastal, and estuarine

environments. Since there will be

no charge to access articles, AFS

hopes to reach the global fisheries

research and management community.

Editors and staff will focus

on rapid review and publication.

James Cowan, a professor of

oceanography and coastal

sciences at Louisiana State

University, is the new journal’s

development editor. He can be

reached at

AFs books:

recent AnD

upcominG titles

Analysis and Interpretation of

Freshwater Fisheries Data

Salmonid Field Protocols

Handbook: Techniques for

Assessing Status and Trends in

Salmon and Trout Populations

Bluegills: Biology and Behavior

Anadromous Sturgeons: Habitats,

Threats, and Management

Aquatic Stewardship Education

in Theory and Practice

Status, Distribution, and

Conservation of Native Freshwater

Fishes of Western North America

Sockeye Salmon Evolution,

Ecology, and Management

Bigheaded Carps: A Biological

Synopsis and Environmental

Risk Assessment

Shark Nursery Grounds of the Gulf

of Mexico and the East Coast

Waters of the United States

The Ecology of Juvenile Salmon

in the Northeast Pacific Ocean:

Regional Comparisons

Eels at the Edge

Proceedings of the Fourth World

Fisheries Congress: Reconciling

Fisheries with Conservation

408 Fisheries • vol 32 no 8 • august 2007 •

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