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Olecranon fracture

Olecranon fracture

Methods of fixation?

Methods of fixation? Cadaveric elbow joint Standard osteotomies Five different fixation techniques Loads applied comparable to clinical situations Displacements measured Fyfe et al. Jour Bone Joint Surg (Br).1985. 67B;3:367-372 67B;3:367 372

Methods of fixation? Fracture type Transverse Oblique Comminuted Fixation technique Tension band 1.0 mm, 1 knot, K-wire K wire 2.0 mm Tension band 1.0 mm, 2 knots, K-wire K wire 2.0 mm Tubular plate Fyfe et al. Jour Bone Joint Surg (Br). 1985. 67B;3:367-372 67B;3:367 372 Cancellous screw, washer Cancellous screw, washer, tension band

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