Whacked Brochure - Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto ...

Whacked Brochure - Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto ...

Whacked Brochure - Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto ...


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[whacks] & facts


Marijuana brings all the girls to my yard!


The girls might come to your yard but they’ll

run the other way once they figure out that

marijuana can make you sexually impotent.

Translation: Smoke too many spliffs and you

won’t be able to get stiff. ‘Nuff said.


Without a doobie to relax, I’d be like

Napoleon Dynamite … but less cool.


Lots of people – not just high schoolers

– use pot to relax and feel comfortable

around others. But there are other ways to

ease social situations! Google the net: ‘Tips

for overcoming social anxiety’ and find

something that works for you.


I can’t stop because all my friends smoke.


If you do want to cut back or stop smoking,

try to tell at least one of your friends so

that they can support your choice. Feel

free to blame us: tell your buddies you read

something in a pamphlet that made you

change your mind! Try using the following

excuses: “Just say that you have already had

far too much tonight.” or “No way man, it

makes my teeth yellow!” Say: “No thanks,

I’m already weird enough,” or “No thanks, I

like my brain the way it is.”


Smoking pot is the only way to open my

third eye and expand my mind.


Unless you are a for real, Salassie-propping,

dreadlocked Rastafarian, marijuana will not

grant you spiritual transcendence. With

each toke you are actually burning holes in

your brain and increasing your chances of

developing a mental illness. That’s right –

75% of young folks who smoke pot regularly

are at risk of experiencing a psychotic episode.

So before you smoke up, ask yourself if it’s

worth the risk of potentially hearing voices

and seeing demons. And that’s no joke.


At least I’m not a crackhead! You can’t get

addicted to pot.


Addiction can be a mental or physical

dependence: just because you don’t get the

shakes like a heroin junkie doesn’t mean

you’re not addicted to pot. If you feel like

you need it to get by or enjoy life, you are

addicted. Also, the more you smoke – in

frequency and amount – the more pot you’ll

need to ingest in order to get the same high.


At least I’m not getting drunk every

weekend! Green is better than booze.


And jumping off a cliff is better than

drowning? Both drinking and smoking in

excess can mess you up and the risks are

much worse for younger folks. Though we

may feel invincible, our brains will continue

to develop even into our late 20s. You don’t

want to take a one-way trip to loony land

and get stuck there for the rest of your life.


Mary J is a natural, harm-free high.


We’ve heard it all: “But it’s a plant!” “It’s all

natural!” “My grandma uses it for arthritis!”

If you offered a toke to your Auntie (who’d

never tell you that she was a groupie in the

‘60s) she’d be flying out to Mars. The pot

on the market right now is a zillion times

stronger than it was in the ‘60s or even the

’90s. Not only do growers right now use

hybridized seeds but many dealers also cut

their stuff to add weight (meaning mixing in

cocaine with the pot, for example). So that

pile of “au naturel” bud is in fact a heap of

chemically saturated power pot.

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