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Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.pdf - Creative

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.pdf - Creative

The GT3

The GT3 Cup logo appears three times on the side, first in red and then in two shades of grey underneath. The web address above the wing mirror and the rear side window with the unusual openings in it are other distinctive details featured on this Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. As far as the wheels are concerned, they do not let down the car’s overall appearance in any way. They are grey and highly sporty, including the bolt in the front wheels and the Michelin logo on the tyres. The back view of this model is also highly attractive. The characteristic Porsche spoiler, with the manufacturer’s name on the top and only visible from the front, is probably the most eyecatching feature, though the silver-coloured twin exhaust at the bottom in the centre is not to be missed either. Above them is the Mobil 1 logo in the space for the number plate, and above that the Michelin one, both largely blue but with touches of red and black in one and yellow in the other. At boot height, in the centre like the above-mentioned logos, “GP3 Cup” appears in relief letters. On either side are the rear lights, red and elongated in shape, and nearer the middle are the silver-coloured security locks. The effect is completed by two further details: the red rear hook and the white interior of the car, this time without a co-driver, this being the rule in the competition in which the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup takes part.

Track trials The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is a model with a design which is both classic and bold. Mechanically it is not dissimilar to the other SCX® cars. On the other hand, it takes advantage of the separate motor bed to create a chassis which provides an edge in performance terms without too many tricks. You can even replace axles, bearings, crown gears, wheels and tyres easily with items from the SCX® Pro Range to enhance performance even more. This model is a very adaptable car in its movements, with a smooth skid. Both the separate motor bed and rear axle and the easy play in the bodyshell, if you drive it with the screws a little loosened, enable it to absorb inertia perfectly. Going into bends it adapts very well to changes in mass without any sharp movements, in a driving style which is quite easy. The pick-up guide stays firmly in the slot, allowing you to get a little carried away with the gas without worrying about leaving the track. The GT3 CUP is adapted for competition in various ways. It can be lined up with other Touring Cars, WTCC GT models – in terms both of the type of car and of measurements and performance it fits right into the pack. But you can also perfectly well start a new category with it, none other than the Porsche Cup. The car's excellent responses on the track are the perfect excuse to take several of them and set up heats with identical technology. * Test carried out with extra magnet and with a small tune-up. Sport Table of Measurements Wheelbase 74mm Transmission type 4x2 rear Distance 95mm Transmission ratio 9/27 = 3 Wheel track 57mm Screws 5 (2+2+1) Wheel diameter 19.5mm Other Front semi-axles Car weight 81.5g Bodyshell weight 25.5g Motor RX-42b 2007 version Drive Rear Front wheels Ø 18.3 x 9.8mm Rear wheels Ø 18.3 x 9.8mm Product reference no.: 62810

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