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Freshman Class Syllabus & Guidelines - Salesianum School

Freshman Class Syllabus & Guidelines - Salesianum School

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y your family and this school. Be responsible for yourself first and then for your fellowstudents. If negative behavior is demonstrated, stop and redirect it. Loss of educational time willnegatively impact the student.6. Appreciate the present moment. Summer will be here soon enough; until then, we are learningand studying and working toward that day.7. Again, remember the rules. Violation of the rules will result in detentions and/or demerits aswarranted. Let us focus on the positive and work well. Respect and positive behavior have greatrewards; negative behavior advances us nothing. Let us discover the rewards of positive actionsand not have to focus on the negative.Please review the following language in regard to ineligibility. It is very important for yourunderstanding of how important every grade is for your success here at Salesianum.A student who has a G.P.A. less than 2.0 or two or more failures in a given quarter will be placedon Academic Conditions Status to facilitate improvement during the following quarter.Academic Conditions will be specified by the Academic Dean and the student’s guidancecounselor. Students who fail to comply with the academic conditions placed on them will besubject to dismissal from Salesianum.VI. Assignments:For all chapters, homework/journals are a necessary practice. I will grade on completion of theassignments as well as for clarity and content. There will be written assignments from thetextbook, Salesian material and other material. There will be daily and summative quizzes forcomprehension and preparation for tests. Projects are assigned to assess comprehension ofSalesian thought, Biblical integration and connection to textbook. All papers must adhere to thefollowing rubric:Rubric for all typed assignments: 1-inch margin all around; 12-point font; double-spaced; TimesNew Roman; and follows all rules for grammar, spelling and sentence construction.Whenever a student is absent, they must check Netclassroom and/or the Homework Syllabus orcontact a fellow student for the missed assignment. The assignments are due on the first day of astudent’s return unless the illness is too severe to allow for this. In the case of an absence on atest day, students must schedule an appointment for a make-up test at the earliest possible datebut no later than one week after the student’s return. Consequence for not scheduling the makeuptest and/or work within a week of your return to school is an “M” for the missed assignmentthat can no longer be taken and is assigned a “0” value. This policy will be amended in the caseof prolonged, excused absences. Any make-up work, due to a medical or other excused absence,is to be scheduled with me for a time convenient for all parties. If there is extended missedschool due to bad weather; please check Moodle and Netclassroom for updates. Textbooks mustbe brought home when bad weather is predicted as assignments will be given.

For days missed due to inclement weather; we will make up the material on the first day wereturn. If we are absent for a prolonged period of several days due to severe weather conditions; Iwill post assignments/study materials on the Moodle site.VII. Final Grade for the class will be calculated as follows:The final grade will be based on the average of:Four quarter gradesFinal Exam Grade- this will be based on three distinct projects and more information on this canbe found on the website and will be distributed in classEach quarter is worth 20% with the final exam counting for the last 20% of the final gradeVIII. General Outline of Courses1st Quarter: Welcome to the Salesian Family; Unit 1of the textbook discussing the Holy Trinityand the Church2nd Quarter: Unit 2 of the textbook dealing with the Liturgy and the Sacraments3rd Quarter: Unit 3 of the textbook focused on Christian Morality incorporating the Stop Model4th Quarter: Unit 4 of the textbook focused on Christian Prayer

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