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Aug - Sept 2010LEVELS OF SERVICEQuestionnaireYour feedbackcounts!1Please tick your preferred optionsRoading Network developmentand maintenance – unsealed roadsWaikato District Council wants your feedbackon a number of things that affect you.Some of Council’s services are being reviewedthis year. We would like feedback from you,our customers, to see whether you feel anychanges in standards of service are needed.Your feedback will help us plan for the futureprovision of a number of services.It is important to remember that any changesin the levels of service may have a financialimplication – either your rates increase oryour rates decrease. In order for you tomake a decision we have given an indicationof any likely cost implications for the differentoptions (if this is applicable).Council currently extends seal on roads by approximately sixkilometres each year to provide more residents with quality allweatheraccess, improved safety and personal health. If Councilfurther increased the length of this type of work by twice theamount (12km), the result would be that more properties wouldbe accessed from a sealed road sooner.Council has two options. Which do you prefer?Option 1Council could continue toprovide sealed roads asplanned and budgeted andthis is already factored intothe general rate.Option 2Council could, over 5 – 10 yearsconstruct planned seal extensionsignificantly in advance of thecurrent programme (double thelength of seal extension from6km to 12km). This would increasethe general rate by $17.21 per$100,000 capital value.2Parks and reserves –public toilets3Solid waste management –waste minimisationCleaning toiletsThe community has raisedsome concerns about thecleanliness of public toilets.Would you like Council toclean all public toilets in thedistrict twice a day insteadof an average of once aday, which would mean anapproximate 1.18% increasein your rates next year?Upgrading toilet facilitiesSome of our public toiletfacilities need upgrading.Would you like Council toupgrade more than one facilityper year, which would meanan approximate 0.40% increasein your rates next year?Council has a zero waste policy by 2020. To help achievethis, 30 roadside recycling bins were installed in Raglan twoyears ago. Council is considering installing similar bins inNgaruawahia, Huntly and Te Kauwhata. Do you support this?This is likely to result in a rate increase of 0.21%.YesNoYesNoYesNoPlease turn over 1Feedback needs to be returned to Waikato District Council by 4pm on Friday 27 August 2010www.waikatodistrict.govt.nz5

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