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Annual Report - 2007 [Adobe PDF] - City Mission Society of Boston

Boston Urban Outreach

Boston Urban Outreach brings together groups of youth andBUOadults from dozens of congregations to learn first-hand aboutsocial justice issues. In its third year, the program has succeededProgramin offering an urban immersion experience that increasesparticipants’ understanding of the real need and opportunityTransformsfor social action.Churches send groups for day-long, overnight or extended-the Serververstay BUO programming. Participants have prepared hundredsof meals, sorted thousands of pounds of clothes for low-incomeand thefamilies, painted and repaired dozens of rooms in shelters, elders’homes and other agencies, sorted and packed books for use inServedprison ministries, prepared backpacks for homeless childrenreturning to school and dozens of other projects that haveprovided them with the opportunity to directly serve others.But more then just performing tasks, BUO participants have gotten to know people in differentcircumstances who benefited directly from their efforts. They return home to share storiesabout how the experience has changed stereotypical images of poverty and injustice.The impact of this service has benefited both the servers and the served. Many participantshave sent along financial donations as well as supplies to the agency where they worked. Butmost importantly they have a better idea of what it means to help others.• Fifty-six churches took part in BUO activities in FY2007• Fifty-four social service agencies partnered with BUO• 800 people were BUO volunteers in service to the Boston community• Almost 10,000 people received the benefits of these volunteers’ effortsBUO participants volunteering at 2 different socialservice agenciesH.Y.P.E. participants enjoy some outdoor activitiesHumboldt Youth Partnering for Empowerment (H.Y.P.E.) providespositive programming for at-risk young people in the HumboldtAvenue area of Roxbury during the frequently dangerous summerevenings. H.Y.P.E. helps to reduce youth violence by teaching youngpeople about increasing self-esteem, building community and growingas empowered individuals. H.Y.P.E. is built on CMS’s collaborationwith four interdenominational neighborhood churches in Roxbury:The Greater Generations Tabernacle Church, Pleasant Hill BaptistChurch, Bethel Pentecostal Church, and St. Mark CongregationalUCC.• H.Y.P.E. more than doubled the number of neighborhoodyouth who attended events to 230.• The program expanded from 7 to 10 weeks.• Additional Boston funders provided critical dollars tounderwrite this summer program.• Funding from the Roy Hunt Foundation allowed planning for program expansion to ayear-round initiative.• John Hancock Financial Services selected CMS to host two John Hancock Scholars.The company paid the salaries of these two teens who worked as peer leaders withthe H.Y.P.E. program.• Hosted a second successful Harvest Fest on October 31st, offering over 60young people a safe and fun way to celebrate.• Funding from Citizens Bank and the Black Ministerial Alliance madepossible a H.Y.P.E. Teen Café in the neighborhood.H.Y.P.P.E..E.SummerYouthProgramDoubles inSize in JustOne Year3

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