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Contents page Background 4 Why undertake an inquiry to action using Maui’s as a context for learning? 4 Meet Maui’s dolphin 5 Why are Maui’s dolphins endangered? 5 The work of WWF 5 Alignment with the New Zealand Curriculum and guidelines 6 Inquiry learning 8 Maui’s dolphin inquiry learning for action 9 Possible learning experiences and resources 15 Activity 1: Watch it! 15 Activity 2: Maui’s dolphin a critically endangered species 16 Activity 3: What a legend! 18 Activity 4: Drawing Maui 20 Activity 5: Flippers, fins and flukes 22 Activity 6: How do you compare to Maui’s? Dolphin maths 23 Activity 7: What is endemism? 25 Activity 8: Maui’s dolphin life cycle 27 Activity 9: Clever clicks echolocation 29 Activity 10: Where’s my baby? 30 Activity 11: Protect Maui’s from pollution 31 More ideas for learning experiences 32 Resources 34 Appendix 1: Blank teacher-directed inquiry template 40 Appendix 2: Photocopy masters 42 Maui’s Dolphin An inquiry to action

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