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Give Start with Mifepristone Tablets

Mifepristone tablets are mainly used for safe abortion at home. Mifepristone and misoprostol tablets are available in abortion pill. You can place an order online from BuyMeds247Online at your doorstep.

Live The Way You Want!

Live The Way You Want! The verdict of taking the decision is that the women are getting busy at the moment. They are already occupied with the things to do. Also she and her spouse are not able to accept the welcomed parenthood because they are totally mentally prepared. The Mifepristone tablets are the most up-to-date medicine for the termination of the pregnancy. The termination with Mifepristone is generally done within the 3 months of the pregnancy this is so because before this period the gestational sac is small that it is not possible for doing the termination and after the 3 months terminating the pregnancy becomes risky.

There are total of 5 tablets that come in the pack. Three tablets that are present are of Mifepristone (200mg each) and the left over two tablets are of Misoprostol (200µg each). All the 5 tablets have to be taken in a proper way. Day 1: Consumption of the Mifepristone. The three tablets that are available of Mifepristone should be taken on the first day with the water through the mouth. Total amount that is engulfed is 600mg. Mifepristone usually stops the working of the progesterone that is required for the development of the pregnancy.

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