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Viva Lewes Issue #116 May 2016

Longleys Studio Barns

Longleys Studio Barns Open 11am–5pm Sat 4 & Sun 5 June Sat 11 & Sun 12 June Refreshments served in aid of St Wilfred’s Hospice Harebeating Lane Hailsham BN27 1ER 01323 847474 LongleysStudioBarnsWT171.indd 1 06/04/2016 12:09 Farley Farm House & gallery Home of the Surrealists Experience the extraordinary atmosphere of the Sussex home of the Surrealists Lee Miller and Roland Penrose whose friends and guests included Picasso, Max Ernst, Man Ray and Miró. We open to visitors on Sundays offering 50 minute guided tours, inspiring exhibitions in our gallery and a sculpture garden to explore. Farley Farm House Muddles Green, Chiddingly East Sussex, BN8 6HW Tel: 01825 872 856 Open to visitors every Sunday from April - October 2016 from 10. 00 am - 3.30 pm

ART: FOCUS ON Leila Godden New Horizons 321, 30x20cm, acrylic on board Is this a representational painting? It’s semirepresentational. At first my seascapes were more representational, portraying the waves as I saw them, but what I’m trying to capture now is more the mood of the ocean. I’m from Scarborough in Yorkshire, and I grew up by the sea. Nowadays I spend hours and hours on the beach at Birling Gap looking out to sea. In my paintings I’m expressing the feeling and emotions that I get from being near the sea. When people look at the paintings I want their own feelings and experiences to surface. Why ‘New Horizons’? For me looking out towards the sea signifies looking out to the future. That sense of space and freedom – there’s a wealth of possibilities out there. The paintings represent what the future might hold. Do you paint en plein air? No, I go back to my studio. I’m always working on a few at the same time. It’s all about adding marks, and adding marks, until I realise that I can’t add any more marks. Then I know it’s finished. If I make a mistake I can paint over, though acrylic being acrylic I can always rub a mistake off with a cloth. You use a very limited palette… Blue, brown and white. I can create a huge range of effects from those, from punchy to delicate… a full tonal range. Tell us about your studio… It’s in my back garden in Halland. It’s new and I’m very proud of it. I usually work with Heart FM on in the background. I can’t work without my apron, which is spattered with paint, going back years. Though I do wash it from time to time! Have you any major influences? I love Turner, and the Cornwall artist Kurt Jackson, and the Lewes artist Marco Crivello. My desert island painting? I’d take the painting by Marco I have in my house, called Natural History III. Take us to your favourite gallery. That’s not hard, we’re sitting in it now! The Chalk Gallery is a collective of 21 artists, all of whom have a huge amount of enthusiasm for their part in running the business. I’d also like to mention Bankside Gallery next to Tate Modern in London, I’m really excited that they’ll be exhibiting some of my paintings from 26th April to 2nd May. Alex Leith Leila is the featured artist at Chalk from 16th May 41

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