Limitations to the research

We employed an exploratory research approach

because there were a great variety of attributes

that might work in museums and we wanted to

explore which worked best for girls rather than

starting with a narrower set of attributes and

specific predictions. For this study, we did not

test the direct impact of adding and removing

each design attribute. However, we do know

that there is a strong relationship between the

EDGE Design Attributes and girls’ engagement,

and we have worked diligently with practitioners

to rule out any alternative explanations

(such as location on the museum floor, or

gender of the developer). This study lays the

groundwork for future experimental research

that can further test specific hypotheses about

the top design attributes, and their causal

impacts on girls’ engagement.

In an attempt to broaden the applicability of

the results, we included different kinds of science

museums in the study. However, we don’t

yet know what the EDGE Design Attributes will

look like at other kinds of institutions (such as

children’s, history, or art museums). We look

forward to learning about how the findings

apply in other types of museums. The most

important EDGE Design Attributes, nine in all,

are described next.



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