Intelligent hybrid systems for a forward-looking energy supply


Major industrial consumers such as mine operators, farms, hotels, hospitals and energy suppliers for remote villages often ensure their energy demand with diesel generators. However, the costs of these are high and are clearly set to increase.



Intelligent hybrid systems for a forward-looking energy supply.

Ever-increasing diesel operating costs?

Major industrial consumers such as mine operators, farms, hotels, hospitals and

energy suppliers for remote villages often ensure their energy demand with diesel

generators. However, the costs of these are high and are clearly set to increase.




The price of crude oil has doubled in the last 10 years, the logistics of diesel is

complex and often environmentally hazardous. On top of this are the costs for

repair and essential maintenance through wear and tear. As a result, energy

supply with diesel power in commercial companies already makes up the bulk of

operating costs and reduces competitiveness.


Electricity costs per kWh


Disadvantages of a diesel generator

High operating costs due to expensive diesel fuel

High maintenance costs due to frequent servicing

High freight and storage costs

Rising costs of raw materials

Limited availability of fossil fuels

Harmful exhaust gases and noise pollution


Long-term cost reduction with solar power!

The system prices of photovoltaic systems have dropped considerably in recent

years. This means that in sunny regions, photovoltaic electricity can already today

be generated at a cheaper rate than with diesel generators. The combination of

solar power with a diesel system puts an end to increasing costs, helps save you

money and increases your competitiveness through the cost advantage. Moreover,

an intelligent photovoltaic system is easy to integrate and offers numerous

advantages such as low-maintenance operation and simple extension of output



Effective savings




Return on investment with hybrid systems

Advantages of a photovoltaic-diesel hybrid system

Reduction of variable costs through considerably lower diesel consumption

Reduction of maintenance costs through longer service intervals

Self-sufficiency – the sun is always available

Planning security through independence from commodity prices

Innovative and green technology

Less CO 2 emissions protects mankind and the environment


Efficient teamwork

Intelligent energy management with

diesel plus photovoltaics

The photovoltaic hybrid system is an intelligent energy management system which

is considerably more efficient than a diesel system. At the core is a monitoring and

control unit which continuously monitors electricity consumption and adjusts the

power production of the various generators accordingly. The intelligent system

ensures that there is a hierarchy in power production. Cost-effective solar power

is integrated into the network as a priority. Electricity production costs are

optimised as the system always allows the diesel generators to run in the most

efficient rotation speed. At the same time it is guaranteed that production will

meet consumption.










Monitoring and control unit

Energy consumer

Diesel generators

Storage system


Control signal

Energy flow




Reliable, continuous and stable power supply

The diesel-run generators always have a capacity reserve and offset fluctuations

in photovoltaic power production. If there is long-term insufficient solar coverage,

the monitoring and control unit switches on further diesel generators and

continues to ensure that all diesel generator sets work at optimum efficiency. In

any event, a stable grid and a reliable, cost-effective energy supply is guaranteed.

Increase your competitiveness with solar power

Photovoltaic systems have seen considerable cost reductions in recent years,

whereby solar power is already cheaper than conventional electricity in many

places. The modules are extremely low in maintenance and generally supply

energy reliably for more than 20 years. The investment pays itself off within a few

years. Afterwards you produce your solar power at almost no costs.

Good to know

The integration of other renewable

energy sources can counteract any

weather-related fluctuations in

photovoltaic power production.

Electricity generation is harmonised.

Modular expansionable photovoltaic power plant

Even major industrial consumers can be supplied with cost-efficient solar power

because the output of photovoltaic systems can be designed up to the megawatt

scale. A major advantage is that the capacity of the photovoltaic power plant can

be easily expanded if energy demand increases.


German Engineering Excellence

Expertise, engineering competencies and

150,000 successful projects worldwide.

Since 1982 we have been optimising efficiency and performance of complete

phototvoltaic systems. As one of the leading photovoltaic system integrators,

we have implemented more than 160,000 systems with a total capacity of

over 2.7 gigawatts to this day. Our hybrid power supply team has specialised

in project development and installation of turnkey photovoltaic diesel hybrid

systems. Our team of experienced engineers can look back on worldwide

references in every climate zone in the world.

System capacity up to megawatt scale

Thanks to the extensive experience of our project department in turnkey

installation of megawatt scale systems we have the capacity and knowhow to

construct photovoltaic-diesel hybrid systems even for energy intensive largescale

companies. As a client you benefit from the core competencies and synergy

effects in hybrid system and large-scale system design and project execution. Put

your trust in a reliable partner throughout the entire project chain, from planning

and implementation to monitoring and maintenance of your system.

Full Service Supplier

Project development Engineering Procurement Construction Operation & maintenance

A Consulting and


A Site inspection

A Feasibility study

A Recording on-site

energy data

A Project costing

A Grid analysis

A Technical detail


A Energy use


A Quality


A Procurement

and logistics

A Commissioning

A Supervising

A Turnkey


A Project


A Monitoring

A Technical management

A Training

A Full-service package


Proven quality, even under

the toughest conditions

As a client you will benefit from German engineering excellence and our unique

expertise. You can rely on technology which guarantees a reliable, trouble-free

and long operating time of your system. The systems and products from IBC

SOLAR have proven their worth in terms of quality, flexibility and reliability

worldwide, even under the toughest conditions.

Stringent quality assurance for secure investments

Numerous measures guarantee the most stringent IBC SOLAR quality standards.

Starting with products from leading manufacturers to the certification of

components in accordance with all important quality standards you benefit from

a valuable quality promise. On our own 3,000 square metre test plant in which

systems are tested in continuous operation for years. We also test the durability

life of all modules in our climatic chambers. These unique quality assurance

measures guarantee our quality promise.

Vituza, India, 2011 – 5 MWp

Ciudad Real, Spain, 2012 – 1 MWp



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