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Local Consultant Videos Review & HUGE $23800 Bonuses


o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4 o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5 What is Local Consultant Videos? Do you know why most local marketers fail? I’ll tell you in a moment, and then I’ll reveal a simple way to flood your business with tons of new, high paying clients. Your marketing business (or the one you’ll want to start after reading this) is no different from any other business in one respect. That is, without clients, you’re really aren’t in business at all. But don’t worry, there are more than enough potential clients right in your own home town to provide you with the kind of income you’ve always dreamed of earning. And I’m about to give you the most powerful hook in the world to make these new clients practically beg you for help. Take a quick look around your own neighborhood. How many accountants, attorneys, and real estate agents do you see? How about carpet cleaners, landscapers, and pest control companies? Do you see any chiropractors, dentists, or massage therapists? And don’t forget the contractors, beauty shops, and nail salons. Local businesses have one thing in common, they need a steady flow of new customers or they can’t survive. But most of them simply don’t know where to turn to get affordable marketing help that actually works. Joe the Goat Farmer Together with his partner Valerie Duvall have something important to share with you. Like you, they are marketers. They’ve discovered that the most effective tool in their marketing arsenal these days is online video.

In fact, research shows that websites for local businesses that feature videos are dramatically more effective at bringing in new customers than those without videos. “51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.” Hubspot But most small businesses simply can’t afford to produce, or hire someone to produce, quality marketing videos. Well, here’s where things get really exciting… You can now supply professional, hard-hitting custom videos to these hungry prospects that will flood their businesses with a raging river of new customers and prospects. And here’s the best part… You can do this for a fraction of what businesses expect to pay and still make the kind of huge profits that turn your competitors green with envy. Can you imagine the impact of sitting down with one of these business owners and showing them a professional custom video they can add to their websites for virtually peanuts? Unfortunately, most marketers like you don’t have the equipment, software, or highly creative and technical skills needed to produce them. That’s where Joe and Valerie Duvall come in. You see they’ve hired some award winning producers to create these highly professional videos for you and your clients. Introducing Local Consultant Videos: Local Consultant Videos are unique sets of custom cartoon and hand-drawn videos for different type of business niche in your local area.

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