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Henry Roberts

“Giving Back”


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Henry Roberts

Inspiraaonal, Hard Working, owner of

Bicycle World, and his amazing story.

Raziel Cano

Markeeng through Passion

State Farm Markeeng Director with

a Passion for Music

First Friday

Juan Trevino writes about a great

event that is becoming very popular

in Brownsville, Texas

Fitsity’s Zumbathon

Personal Trainer, Heather George, and

the Fitsity Gym, host a great event in

hopes to raise money for a great


Blues on the Hill

Outdoor Concert Series a “Big Hit”

for local entertainment in Harlingen





Jalapeño 100 Bike Ride

Bicycle World RGv hosts its 26th

Annual bike ride benefifing the Harlingen

Boys and Girls Club.

Jailbreak SPI 2016

Annual Jailbreak Race Event 2016

Clayton’s Beach Bar, South Padre

and much more...

Cycling and Safety

Cycling Enthusiast, Richard Cavin,

shows us how important it is to prac-

-ce safe habits during cycling.

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Henry Roberts

Giving Back

Entrepreneur with a Heart

by: Roger Davila




very now and then there is an individual

that comes around that makes a difference

in the world, Henry Roberts, owner of

Bicycle World RGV is that individual.

Henry Roberts, born in the Bahamas, is a person that

always saw something more in his life. At an early age,

Henry would work long hours day in and day out in

hopes that one day he would make a name for himself.

His hard work and sheer determinaaon eventually paid

off. Raised in the Bahamas, Henry was not born with a

silver spoon in his mouth thus having to work for anything

he wanted. He began working at an early age and

eventually openened up a window repair business with

a friend. He quickly displayed his drive and passion for

business and customer service, earning him a

reputaaon for being a hard and honest worker, but he

wanted something more. So he came to the United


Times were hard in the beginning. Despite having

come to the United States with nearly nothing in his

pockets, Henry vowed to himself that he would be


Henry kept striving forward despite having liile to

no luck at landing a great paying job, and in those

mes, it was hard for anyone to find such a thing.

Henry kept perservering and striving to do more. He

eventually began fixing bicycles and learning what

would one day be his passion without even knowing

it. He kept grinding day in and day out, working long

and ring hours, never giving up on the American


Then one day, it came true. He opened up his own

bicycle shop.

The hours became longer and the work began to

seem as if it were never ending, but Henry was now

living his dream. He worked connnuously to make

himself a beeer boss, friend and husband to his wife

and partner, Kelly. Together with his wife, Henry

began to wonder if there was something else out

there for him. In other words, his drive never allowed

him to be content. Henry is an individual that is constantly

growing, always learning something new and

exciing. He ssll wanted more. He went through

touch mes at his store, someemes wondering if he

would make it, but he never gave up. He connnued

to do what he knew how to do.... Succeed. He never

quit, and NEVER gave up. Now, 36 years later, Henry

Roberts is the proud owner of 3 Bicycle Stores

named Bicycle World RGV. Drive and determinaaonare

the reasons he is so successful.

I met Henry Roberts a liile over 2 years ago and

was immediately mesmerized by his persona. His

smile and the passion in his eyes made me instantly

recognize a great person. We sat on a bench at his

Harlingen, Texas store and spoke for hours without

even realizing it. We spoke about his desire for learning

and connnuoulsy growing in customer service,

and markeeng. Henry someemes is referred to, by

his family and friends, as being a liile crazy because

of his desires. He believes that everyone should be

taken care of made to feel as if they are family instead

of just customers. He believes that it is more

important to make a friend than a sale. If others

believed as Henry Roberts believes, the world

would be a beeer place. Henry has aaended many

seminars pertaining to markeeng and business, although

being very successful. He constantly wants

to learn how to be a beeer businessman. He ssll to

this day works hard every single day. I someemes

visit Henry at one of his stores and find him painnng

, cleaning or speaking to one of his many customers.

He greets everyone with a smile and either a hug or

a handshake and treats you like family. Henry connnues

to give back to the community in ways that

people can only dream of doing. He has held the

Jalapeño 100 Bicycle Ride for over 25 years now benefifing

the Harlingen Boys and Girls Club, raising

thousands of dollars each and every year. He also

speaks to the youth of the community as a rold

model of what you can accomplish, ooen doing feats

of strength, like bending rebar with his neck.

Awesome .... Stop by one of the three Bicycle World

stores across the RGV and you may be privelaged

enough to meet Henry.. a great man with a great

passion for life.

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viva Streets Harlingen

viva streets harlingen was s fun event

to attend. People came out in great

numbers for the run, the fun and of

course the food trucks. There were

booths set up on jackson street with

information and activities for the

whole family. a great event for





lues on the Hill is an incredible event

hosted by the Harlingen’s Convennon and

Visitors Bureau . in which patrons come

Bout for an evening of entertainment under

the stars. The smoke and the aroma of the many food

trucks that come out for this great event are absolutelycappvaang.

Hundreds of people come out to this event

and it is evident that they are going to have a great

me.Children are running around and playing as their

parents sit and wait for the evening’s entertainment.

Melissa Landin, Director of the Harlingen CVB, and

Rachel Flores, Markeeng Direcor, dedicate long and

ring hours to make sure that Blues on the Hill, is a huge

success. Let me tell you, they have hit it out of the park

each and every me. The energy and the smiles is what

makes this event and all of its work worthwhile. The Harlingen

CVB transforms its city into a BLAST FROM THE

PAST when people would come out to city parks to let

their children play, sit on blankets, eat and listen to

some great music. In a me where the United States is

caught up with electronics, mass shooongs, and the rest

of the issues surrounding our Naaon, it is good to see

some great wholesome fun. The shows are carefully

orchestrated and the lineups are usually incredible with

entertainment from all over the United States. People

are walking around enjoying the Classic Cars as well as

the many vendors that aaend the venue. All in all, we

would like to thank Melissa Landin and her team for put-

-ng on such an incredible event. Check out the Harlingen

CVB website or facebook page for the next one.

“Music and Fun Under the Stars”

Blues on the Hill


rgv life magazine

jarekus singleton pictured here

Blues on the Hill

an exciting event sponsored by the

harlingen convention and visitors

bureau. lawn chairs, blankets and

music were on hand for an evening

under the stars. food trucks were

lined up from end to end anticipating

the flood of concert goers. rgv life

was glad to be a part of this great


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The RGV Fitness (R)evolution

“The Valley wasn’t ready, and neither were we”. It

was July of 2014, I had just been asked by a physical

therapist in Harlingen why we had decided to create

the South Padre Marathon now, why hadn’t we tried

it a few years earlier? Looking back, just two short

years later, I realize there was more truth in my

words that I had known at the me.

If life is mostly “aatude and

ming”, then we

couldn’t have come to the Rio Grande Valley at a

beeer me than the spring of 2012, the year we held

the first Jailbreak Beach Escape on South Padre

Island. We would produce five Jailbreak events

across Texas that year; Aussn, Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston,

El Paso and South Padre Island.

While we had great crowds in each of the markets,

no place welcomed us quite like the RGV. There was

a colleccve spirit of graatude and appreciaaon

unlike anything we had experienced elsewhere, and

we were immediately intoxicated with it.

I first came to the Valley in 2011 at the request of a

former resident. He had told me the region was

“hungry” for an event like the Jailbreak and would enthusiasscally

support it. However, I had very liile

knowledge of the RGV beyond the headlines, and

the headlines weren’t good.

I knew the area had the highest rates of diabetes,

obesity and poverty in the ennre State of Texas. Not

exactly the combinaaon you look for when picking a

locaaon to hold an obstacle course race. What I

didn’t know at the me, and wouldn’t for a couple of

years, was the undercurrent of change that was already

underway, and quickly gaining strength.

However, the staasscs didn’t tell the full story. They

didn’t tell you about German Hadrazo, Jun Ellormio

or Adolfo Pereira who were opening running stores

in spite of the staasscs. They didn’t tell you about

2RunCrew, Team Healey, Running 101 or the dozen

other running clubs that were growing in direct defiance

to the staasscs. Mark Twain once said, “there

are lies, damned lies and staasscs”, while the staasccs

may not be an actual lie, to believe they tell the

story of the RGV would be a damned lie.

The RGV is moving. There are health clubs, CrossFit

boxes, smoothie shops, running clubs, cycling clubs

and triathlon clubs popping up all over the Valley. Fitness,

once a fringe movement, has becoming mainstream.

The undercurrent is now manifessng itself

as a dal wave, if you haven’t jumped in, prepare to

be swept away. I’m ooen asked to characterize the

Rio Grande Valley and South Padre Island for people

around the country who are unfamiliar with the

region. I usually find myself stumped, searching fruitlessly

for the right words. How do you arrculate a

feeling or emooon to someone who has not experienced

it? How do you explain the spirit of the

people, when all they have read are staasscs? I have

seen Cinderella at the ball, but they have only known

her through the words of the stepmother and stepsisters.

In the end, I invite them to come and experience

it for themselves, it’s the only way to know how

the shoe actually fits.

-tim Scrivner

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Hillary or Trump? The Lesser of Two Evils?

The Presidennal Eleccon of 2016 is heaang up quite

nicely. Hillary or Trump? Democrat or Republican?

Who should the American people vote for? Should we

vote for a loud mouthed boisterous Republican or

should we vote for an ethically quessonable Democrat?

Either way, the American people are in for a virtual

rollercoaster ride. I do not believe that even Fiesta Texas

has a rollercoaster as scary as this years Presidennal

Eleccon. So I ask again, whom should we vote for?

The United States is in a state of turmoil at the moment.

Police Officers geeng shot, as well as shooong people

for small peey crimes. Racism is rearing its ugly head

once again in our country and values such as integrity,

honesty and the love thy neighbor aatude is almost

non-existent. How has our society changed so much

since the 70’s and 80’s when music was understood and

people were not walking into universiies or malls shooting

people just to shoot people. When schools were allowed

to pray before a sporrng event or commencement

exercise? When being a police officers were

viewed as protectors of ciizens and not gun toong

judge and execuuoners. The massacre that recently

occured in Dallas, Texas where 5 Dallas Police Officers

were maliciously gunned down by someone that was

not too happy with the recent killings of young black

individuals under very scrupulous circumstances. There

are many issues surrounding the United States right

now that need to be addressed and addressed now. Do

we truly believe that one of these individuals can help

fix an already troubled society? Hillary or Trump? Which

do we choose? Can it be that either one that is voted

into being the Commander in Chief will get us more into

trouble than what we already are in? AAer hearing the

plaaorms of both of these individuals, I have come to

the conclusion that whichever way America votes, we

will be in trouble. I remind you that this is just an opinion

and not the views of this magazine or its employees

but a simple observaaon. We would love to hear your

views on this subject. We will be possng a quessonaire

on our website and facebook for you to chime in. The

Lesser of Two Evils.... Which do we choose? It is going

to be up to the American People to decide. Vote!!

Remember, it is our Right to Vote that enables us to choose who will run our country. We

have to exercise that right and show our support for whomever we choose. As complicated

as it may be, we need to fully research and listen to each of these two individuals just simply

because November will be here before you realize it and we need to be informed to vote.

Let’s do what is right for our country, vote with clear and concise informaaon. That is the only

way to fix what is wrong with our country.

Politics in the RGV 23


rgv life magazine

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Team? Send us an email and we will schedule an

interview. Don’t worry we will train you.

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rgv life magazine

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“I believe that there is a perfect plan set before

each of us, and when we follow that plan things

work out exactly as they should. For example,

many would not believe we were meant to be a

part of each other’s paths, yet here we are”

― Rachelle Dekker

Simple Plan

Smart Inspiraaon

ave you ever woken up and realized that there is more

out there? Have you considered that life can offer you

so much more, but what escapes you is drive and the

Hdesire to go out and get it?

LIfe doesn’t offer any rewinds or takebacks, so you must go out and

conquer each day as if it were the last day you would be alive. Live

each day to the fullest, not worrying about what lies ahead but instead

going out and changing it for the beeer. All too many mes

people let circumstances overtake their lives and they believe that

no maaer what they do, NOTHING CAN CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

There is no greater lie than what they are telling themselves. I have

personally met people that have overome obstacles that would leave

the normal person curled up in a ball crying their eyes out. What

needs to change for those parrcular people is their ATTITUDE. That

is the number one thing that separates the successful people and the

people that dwell in their own pity. Successful people will do whatever

it takes to get the job done whereas; the Pitydwellers only deal in

what bad luck they are having and cannot change it.

Life is what you make of it, go out and conquer the world and do not

let the world CONQUER YOU.



Cycling and Safety – We All Share a Responsibility

Richard Cavin, is a technology professional who lives

and works in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) of South

Texas and is also an avid cyclist. He started cycling at

the age of 57 and has ridden his bicycles over 35,000

miles in his four and a half years of cycling.

The tale of an ordinary ciizen, a cyclist…..past, present

and future. Why safety and awareness are so important.

Remember when you were young and full of energy?

Maybe you are ssll young and full of energy but a lot of

us are not young anymore, but ssll young at heart.

As a kid do you remember riding your bicycle when the

world was not so crazy, hurried and complex? I do!

Some of us remember those mes well and have very

fond memories. Tassels on the handlebar ends, baseball

cards in the spokes to make motor sounds, connected

to the fork via mom’s clothespins! Our favorite ssckers

on the bicycle frame, you name it, we lived on the bike!

Yes those were the days. Life seemed much simpler

then and less hurried.

As the years passed, the advancements in technology

and society, automobiles have become much faster and

sophisscated. As we’re all aware, technology has taken

over the life of the majority of our society. Distraccons

are numerous: family, kids, friends, radios, phones, tablets,

our jobs; you name it.

While the technology behind cycling has also advanced:

one basic fact remains, people ride bicycles and those

people are even more vulnerable to accidents today. A

cyclist will lose the baale of a collision between almost

any other object, whether it is the ground, a curb, a tree

or a motor vehicle. Does it always have to be that way,

maybe not……..

So why do people connnue to cycle today? Maybe it is

the love of the sport, the exercise, the feeling of enjoying

the outdoors, the social aspect of meeeng and

riding with friends or as a primary means of transporta-

-on. Well as it turns out it is for all those reasons and


By: Richard Cavin

Have you ever wondered what type of people ride bicycles?

Are they normal, produccve members of our society?

Yes they are! While some cyclists may have different

viewpoints, they are in general outstanding people and

ciizens. Our society is challenged with many health

issues related to complacency and lack of physical accvity.

Cycling is one way to reverse that trend. How many

mes have you heard we are an obese society, the facts

are there to prove it.

For me, the love of cycling re-entered my life in May of

2011 aaer my wife passed away the previous year. I

needed something to do besides work to fill that huge

void in my life. Somehow I found cycling and I’ve embraced

it tremendously. The accvity has been great; but

the friends and contacts I have made have been the

greatest and most unexpected benefit. I’ve met so many

people from all walks of life: housewives, college students,

lawyers, police officers, preachers, laborers,

teachers, technicians, engineers, business owners, touring

cyclists from all over the world and numerous

others. So yes we are out there riding our bikes.

I guess I should get to the point of this short arrcle: that

of safety on the roads. How would you feel if you accidentally

caused an injury, minor or even fatal to one of

these cyclists? I believe you’d probably feel preey bad

and heartbroken. What if one of your friends had been

killed or suffered severe injuries by a negligent car

driver? I have experienced firsthand the loss of a close

cycling friend and known others who have suffered serious


So yeah, cyclists are normal and produccve members of

society. Sure we make mistakes riding our bikes and

someemes those mistakes can be fatal. Some cyclists

stupidly ride through stop signs and red lights, SHAME

ON US!! As a cyclist we should always assume that drivers

“don’t see us”, let’s face it we must ride defensively

at all mes. The same goes for all of the automobile drivers

out there. Watch out for us, pay aaennon to the

road, quit texxng and looking at your phones when you

should be driving. If you’re red, been drinking or

should not be driving ask for help or just stop! Do not

drive…. Yeah we’re all guilty of driving when we should

not, me included, let’s all try our best to be more responsible.

So I’m asking everyone to just remember the next me

you see someone on the road on a bicycle….be aware.

Our goal should be to share the road, yes give us a wide

berth, it only takes a few extra seconds to be careful and

smile because you have allowed us all to make our roads

a beeer place to ride.

Check out the rest of this arrcle at www.rgvlifemagazine.com

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