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S17 Shehzadi AW20R SMF

C. Rajeshri Necklace

C. Rajeshri Necklace Total Length-14” NKGLS1734C $650 D. Rajeshri Earring 1.1”L X 0.6”W EKGLS1734D $100 A. Naomika Necklace Total Length-16- ”(Pendant-1.1”L X 1.8”W) NZGLS1734A $150 B. Naomika Earring 0.5”L X 0.6”W EZGSS1734B $45 SHAHZADI C O L L E C T I O N D B A C E E. Alina Bangle 1.3”W BKGS1734E $240 34

F. Shakshi Necklace Total Length-18” NKGCS1734F $1,850 G. Sakshi Green Necklace Total Length-24” NZGLS1734G $650 H. Shakshi Earring 3.1”L X 1.2”W EKGLS1734H $380 H F G Show Details on BACK COVER / Shop online or CALL 1.877.ART.KARAT 35

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