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outbound training in hyderabad | freakouts

Freakouts is a adventure firm based in bangalore. Freakouts bring to you erxciting adventures and programs for enthusiasts of all ages.

TREKKING Experience the

TREKKING Experience the wonders of mother nature, walk on the challenging routes which promise to breath taking views of mountains, waterfalls etc. this activity helps the team to mingle with each other, help each other through while traversing the path of the trails. A deeper understanding of one co-worker, family member or one own friend is necessary to better any kind of relationship.

RIVER CROSSING In this adventure sports activity, a rope is tied across a river on the river banks. The participants cross the river one by one. River crossing is somewhat similar to rappelling but more difficult as there is no gravity to pull you down. Here you have to use your hands to move horizontally across the river to the other side.

Katana at Super Hero High (DC Super Hero Girls) (Lisa Yee)
Katana at Super Hero High (DC Super Hero Girls) (Lisa Yee)