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North Central Kansas Technical College's Tools & Tech 2016


BUILDING QUALITY EDUCATION FOR A LIFETIME Customers of Access Control Solutions, a Manhattan-based commercial construction company, know exactly what they want. They want precision work and quality service. In the same way, Nick Acheson, owner of Access Control Solutions, knew what he wanted. After discovering his love for carpentry while working for his grandfather’s construction company, he wanted to turn his passion into a career. That dream became reality thanks in part to his education at NCK Tech. While in school, Acheson was able to apply his skill, but also gain more knowledge of why things are done the way they are. It was an opportunity that has proven to be invaluable. “This is something that would have taken years to learn, if ever, had I just went to work,” Acheson said. “Working for Grandpa, or I am sure anyone else, you’re just working. Usually co-workers aren’t taking time to explain why things are or aren’t done certain ways, like they do at NCK Tech.” Acheson fell in love with the hands-on nature of the courses, even before he enrolled. During a campus visit he met Mike Cheney, instructor of the Carpentry and Cabinetmaking program, and had a chance to talk about the trade and the focus of the program. This interactive visit - something he was unlikely to experience at a traditional college - left him feeling great about the mission at NCK Tech, as well as the instructor. “I just felt that he had a true passion for the trade,” stated Acheson. Acheson remains dedicated to the NCK Tech program and serves on the advisory board. Nick often donates his time to speak to students. By doing so, he hopes students will be passionate and take pride in their work. “I have really found that you have ‘construction workers’ and then you have those that really know the trade and are proud to be a carpenter,” added Acheson. His input on the industry is insightful for students and his company benefits by sharing upcoming opportunities with Access Control Solutions. 10 | North Central Kansas Technical College Though Nick’s college days are over, his support of NCK Tech and the carpentry program continues. “The program is not a 'go on-site' and build the house like others,” Acheson said. “It is truly an exceptional program having the house, shop, and classroom all within walking distance of a couple hundred feet. I feel this gives students more time in all aspects, as they don’t have lots of travel. Nor are they trying to do ‘shop’ type items in the basement or garage of the project.” Using the education he gained at NCK Tech, Acheson established Access Control Solutions after finishing his coursework. While he initially began with residential work, after several years he moved into commercial construction. As his business grew, Acheson began hiring graduates of NCK Tech. Being familiar with the instruction and knowledge students were being taught through the program, he knew exactly what he was getting. Overall, Access Control Solutions has employed more than 25 NCK Tech graduates. “One year I got a job large enough that I hired a total of six guys graduating from the same class. That doubled the size of my business overnight.” Running his own business, Acheson still knows what he wants. He wants to do quality work. He wants to keep his customers satisfied. And, he wants employees with a passion for their trade who really care about their work. “I have really found that you have ‘construction workers’ and then you have those that really know the trade and are proud to be a carpenter. Nick Acheson, Owner of Access Control Systems

Around the world there is an increased need to bury fiber optics, electrical lines, water pipes, sewer lines, and more. Directional drilling is the best option and the fastest-growing skill needed among utilities, municipalities, and communications companies. The Kansas Institute of Underground Technology combines classroom and field training sessions so participants develop the skills needed to operate a directional drill according to best practices. •Use locating devices to identify underground utilities and obstructions. •Safely operate horizontal directional drilling equipment •Learn a variety of techniques that limit disruption to the environment Visit for more information. | 11

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