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Westmeath Topic - 23 February 2017

Westmeath Topic - 23 February

Westmeath Topic: 23 February, 2017 YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER MADE €2 WELL WORTHIT! Thursday, 23 February, 2017 • Issue No. 2348 • MOTHER BATTLES FOR HER SERIOUSLY ILL SON INSIDE Out&About IN WESTMEATH Double success at Men’s Shed competition Mullingar mother speaks about her anger with healthcare system Tributes to the late Donal Devine Dessie talks ‘Room to Improve’ Call 087 7678283 Free Registration @ The Lir Music Academy A Mullingar mother-ofone spoke this week to Westmeath Topic about her frustration with the Irish healthcare system and the frustration she faces, seeking to have her son properly treated. Her son has a rare condition which affects many parts of the body, including musculoskeletal and internal organs, and how getting proper treatment is very difficult. Earlier this month it emerged that the number of patients waiting for operations or medical procedures is significantly higher than what appears on the HSE waiting lists published by the National Treatment Purchase Fund, which has responsibility for collating data. RTÉ Investigates uncovered evidence that showed there are at least two other significant waiting lists which are not published by the NTPF, which have up to 40,000 patients awaiting treatment. *Lorraine agreed to speak to Westmeath Topic only on condition that she could remain anonymous, because she fears that if she was named in a report, it could impact on her son and family. “I have a sick child on a Crumlin waiting list for over two years and that was a referral sent in from my GP directly to the Rheumatology department. We have heard literally nothing since except, ‘Your child is on a waiting list.’ “He is on another waiting list in Mullingar Hospital for a year now, and only about a month ago we received a letter asking did he still need the appointment.' Lorraine then decided to apply for an appointment with a paediatrician rheumatologist in Temple Street Hospital. PAID PRIVATELY “We paid privately, which was much quicker and which opened doors into the public service for other services from the hospital. If we hadn't paid for the private appointment, he would still be waiting to be seen, never mind being referred to much-needed other services. We tried to go from private to public and last June my son was put on the public waiting list in Temple Street, after being referred by a Mullingar pediatrician, or so we thought.” “It actually didn’t reach Temple Street patient registration until four months later so it took four months for a letter to be sent from Mullingar to Dublin to get our child looked at, never mind actually getting services.” Killynan Cowpark case adjourned Contd. on page 16 IN a controversial civil court case in which Westmeath County Council has been seeking to gain full possession of the Edmondstown-Killynan Cowpark from the tenants who have been using it for the past four decades and more, when the matter arose last Wednesday, 15 February in Mullingar, it was eventually adjourned for a further call-over on 11 April next, the judge advising the defendants The three long-time tenants, Mrs. Anne Harte, Killynan; Patrick Glennon and Frank Smith have been facing eviction from the cowpark - which contains about 20 acres of arable land and close to 18 Happy Birthday, Aimee! Aimee Kilcoyne (centre), Gartlandstown, Mullingar, member of the well-known Westmeath sporting family, pictured with her sisters Laura and Emma, at her 30th birthday party in Mullingar last week. JASMINE acres of more marginal land - since 2014, with an attempt made on 15 July, 2014 by agents acting for the County Council to evict the tenants and seize their grazing animals. There was an early-morning stand off situation on that occasion, with the Gardai present, and pro- Contd. on page 16 Mount Street, Mullingar (044) 934 7828 Massive 1 / 2 Sale Price Clearance We Are Moving!!

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