ITB Berlin News - Day 3

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FRIDAY<br />

10 th MARCH<br />

2017<br />

DAY 3<br />



Akbar Al<br />

Baker<br />

CEO, Qatar Airways<br />

“ The idea of the<br />

new seat design<br />

was inspired by…<br />

myself. ”<br />

Read page 7<br />

Beatrix Schell<br />

Managing Director, Genussreisen<br />

“ I am keen to discover new<br />

and fascinating destinations<br />

with magical places that<br />

combine culinary variety,<br />

authentic traveling experiences<br />

with exceptional hotels. ”<br />

Read page 11<br />

Florence Kaci<br />

Director, Sales, EMEA<br />

and European Market Specialist,<br />

Phocuswright Inc.<br />

“ More than 40% of all<br />

travel is now booked<br />

online globally for leisure/<br />

unmanaged business travel. ”<br />

Read page 12<br />

Marcela Bacigalupo<br />

Tourism Minister of the Republic<br />

of Paraguay<br />

“ The tourism sector in<br />

Paraguay has enormous<br />

potential and is currently<br />

one of the main drivers<br />

of the economy. ”<br />

Read page 23<br />

New Paradigm in Luxury Travel<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017 showcases the new faces and<br />

philosophies of leading players in hospitality<br />

Hall 17<br />

Stand 109<br />

Hall 9<br />

Stand 314<br />

Hall 4.1<br />

Stand 105b<br />

The past year has seen major changes to the<br />

global playing field in hospitality, with, amongst<br />

other moves, Marriott taking over Starwood, and<br />

AccorHotels taking over FRHI and Rixos hotels.<br />

These new structures are thus showing their almostcomplete<br />

new faces for the first time at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>.<br />

According to the Head of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>, David Ruetz,<br />

the main task of his organisation is to “take some of<br />

the complexity out of the world’s largest travel trade<br />

fair and to reveal the phenomena that can be seen<br />

in the tourism firmament”, and here, the paradigm<br />

change in luxury travel is one of the “brightest stars”.<br />

As one tours <strong>ITB</strong>, luxury hotel and resort brands are<br />

increasingly present, as distribution models evolve.<br />

With ultra-luxe resort “regulars” to the show like<br />

The Brando or Le Taha’a in French Polynesia, and<br />

a bigger push by major luxury brands like Conrad,<br />

Waldorf Astoria, Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel – the list<br />

goes on – <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> is increasingly becoming an<br />

essential element in the overall marketing plans of<br />

the groups, due to the harmonising of marketing<br />

(albeit separate for each brand) and especially<br />

distribution “across the board”. In this edition,<br />

Arne Sorenson (pictured left), President & CEO of<br />

Marriott International, talks about the challenges at<br />

hand. – page 14.<br />

Arne Sorenson<br />

President & CEO, Marriott International<br />



According to the IPK World Travel<br />

Trends report released at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong>, North America grew well<br />

with a 6% rise in international<br />

trips, driven by the strong US<br />

market (+7%), but South America,<br />

where Brazilian outbound travel<br />

plummeted by 15%, showed only<br />

a 1% increase. It has been a year<br />

of ups and downs for international<br />

travel in the Americas. In North<br />

America, the US outbound<br />

market is performing very well<br />

thanks to the strong dollar. But in<br />

South America, Brazilians have<br />

cut back on international travel<br />

dramatically this year amid the<br />

country’s economic and political<br />

crisis, although the picture could<br />

improve next year. – from page 22.<br />

Sibinacocha Lake, Peru<br />

© Gvillemin

NEWS<br />

3<br />


Richard Barnes<br />

Editor-in-Chief,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />


DAY 3<br />


Friday<br />

10 th March<br />

2017<br />

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Trade Talk.....................................page 11<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> Convention................. page 12<br />

Exclusive Interview......................page 14<br />

Travel Technology 4.0:<br />

Propelling Tourism Into<br />

the Future<br />


Cultural Tourism.......................... page 15<br />

Family Destinations ................... page 19<br />

Gay & Lesbian Travel (LGBT)..... page 21<br />


The Americas ............................. page 22<br />


<strong>Berlin</strong>-Brandenburg.....................page 28<br />

Where to Go in <strong>Berlin</strong>................. page 29<br />

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This year’s <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> has three<br />

major axes of interest: security, the<br />

changing paradigm in luxury travel,<br />

and travel technology 4.0. The latter<br />

is more than just a catch-cry or a<br />

fad. Technology is in many ways<br />

the primary driver of the industry’s<br />

growth.<br />

In his keynote speech at the <strong>ITB</strong> Future<br />

<strong>Day</strong> on 8 March on the subject of<br />

“Technology vs. Humanity? Artificial<br />

intelligence and the prospects it offers<br />

for business, society and humankind”,<br />

Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit, Scientific<br />

Director and Head of the Faculty of<br />

Language Technology at the German<br />

Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence<br />

(DFKI), explained the extent to which<br />

artificial intelligence will change<br />

business structures, social processes<br />

and our private lives. Meanwhile, the<br />

current capabilities of robots were<br />

demonstrated live on the stage on the<br />

same day by the robot Pepper, with<br />

Nicolas Boudot, EMEA Sales Director,<br />

SoftBank Robotics Europe, reporting<br />

about the many promising applications<br />

for service robots at destinations, and<br />

areas where they can be particularly<br />

effectively deployed.<br />

At the eTravel Lab <strong>Day</strong>, Tymon<br />

Wiedemair, co-founder and Chief<br />

Executive of Ulmon GmbH, explained<br />

how artificial intelligence can be used<br />

to personalise travel content on mobile<br />

devices. This has been made possible<br />

by the introduction on a mass scale of<br />

mobile technologies in recent years,<br />

as well as by the creation of powerful<br />

artificial intelligence systems that make<br />

use of localised data in order to supply<br />

travellers with personalised content.<br />

The development of IoT (Internet of<br />

Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)<br />

has an impact on every industry,<br />

including hotel industry. One of the<br />

examples cited by Andriew Lim of the<br />

HotelSchool at The Hague was that<br />

of the CityHub Amsterdam, an urban<br />

hotel that provides their guests with a<br />

wristband and a mobile app so that they<br />

can customise and make transactions<br />

during their stay.<br />

The forward march of booking<br />

technologies is also making a big<br />

impact at the show. Jet2holidays, for<br />

example, is moving forward from using<br />

only traditional static contracts, to<br />

bringing on-board new technologies to<br />

work dynamically with their suppliers.<br />

Then there’s Virtual Reality, building<br />

management systems, energy<br />

management, front of house, back of<br />

house, PoS, PoI, in-room entertainment<br />

systems, wayfinding, digital signage,<br />

digital menus, and integration of much<br />

of the above; it’s mind boggling. Take<br />

some time to visit a few of the tech<br />

exhibitors and if possible attend some<br />

of the extraordinary tech sessions at<br />

the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> Convention. Indeed,<br />

while Artificial Intelligence is on the<br />

rise, extraordinary industry intelligence<br />

is the order of the day at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>!<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017

4 NEWS<br />


Rediscovering<br />

The Package<br />

Tour... With<br />

Anex Tour<br />

The German package tour operator Anex<br />

Tour GmbH, domiciled in Düsseldorf, will<br />

be starting operations with its own airline<br />

- AZUR Air - as of April. Guests will also be<br />

able to take off from Munich and <strong>Berlin</strong> and<br />

fly non-stop for the best weeks of the year.<br />

Destinations will include Mallorca, the Canary<br />

Islands, Croatia, Turkey and the Dominican<br />

Republic. In the winter season 2017/2018, the<br />

portfolio will be expanded to include longhaul<br />

destinations such as Thailand, Cuba and<br />

Egypt.<br />

To support the airline launch, three Boeing<br />

767-300 aircraft will be based at the home<br />

airport of Düsseldorf.<br />

In addition, Anex Tour has some powerful<br />

sales arguments. In the event that travel plans<br />

might change at short notice - no matter<br />

what the reason is - Anex Tour guarantees<br />

rebooking free of charge up to 14 days prior<br />

to departure for bookings made before April<br />

30th.<br />

Hall 25 / Stand 142<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />

World Legacy<br />

Awards 2017<br />

Visionary travel companies and destination leaders<br />

honoured by National Geographic and <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

Coinciding with the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism<br />

Development, the five winners of the 2017 National Geographic World Legacy<br />

Awards were announced this week during an awards ceremony held at the<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> Convention.<br />

The World Legacy Awards,<br />

a partnership between<br />

National Geographic and<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>, showcase the<br />

leading travel and tourism<br />

companies, organisations<br />

and destinations — ranging<br />

from large resorts to small<br />

eco-lodges and from wildlife<br />

conservancies to entire<br />

countries — that are driving<br />

the sustainable tourism<br />

transformation of the global<br />

travel industry.<br />

More than 100 entries,<br />

representing 45 countries<br />

across six continents,<br />

were submitted for these<br />

prestigious travel awards.<br />

An international panel<br />

of 26 judges coordinated<br />

by Costas Christ, an<br />

internationally recognised<br />

sustainable tourism expert<br />

and award-winning National<br />

Geographic travel writer,<br />

scored each entry according<br />

to globally recognised<br />

sustainable tourism criteria.<br />

All 15 finalists underwent a<br />

rigorous on-site inspection.<br />

Christ said, “Sustainable<br />

tourism development is<br />

crucial for the future of<br />

travel and for the planet.<br />

The time is now for action<br />

on a global scale. The<br />

travel and tourism industry<br />

is based on promoting and<br />

selling culture and nature<br />

holiday experiences and as<br />

such, needs to take a bigger<br />

role in protecting the very<br />

resources that their business<br />

depends upon.<br />

THE 2017<br />





ARE:<br />


recognising cuttingedge<br />

leadership in<br />

environmentally friendly<br />

business practices and<br />

green technology, from<br />

renewable energy and<br />

water conservation to<br />

zero-waste systems and<br />

carbon-emission reduction.<br />

WINNER: Cayuga<br />

Collection, Costa Rica and<br />

Nicaragua<br />


recognising excellence in<br />

enhancing sense of place<br />

and authenticity, including<br />

support for the protection<br />

of historical monuments,<br />

archaeological sites, cultural<br />

events, indigenous heritage<br />

and artistic traditions.<br />

WINNER: City of Santa Fe,<br />

New Mexico, USA<br />



Recognizing outstanding<br />

support for the preservation<br />

of nature, restoring natural<br />

habitat and protecting rare<br />

and endangered species,<br />

whether on land or in the<br />

oceans. WINNER: North<br />

Island, Seychelles<br />



recognizing direct and<br />

tangible economic and<br />

social benefits that improve<br />

local livelihoods, including<br />

training and capacity<br />

building, fair wages and<br />

benefits, community<br />

development, health care<br />

and education. WINNER:<br />

The Lodge at Chaa Creek,<br />



recognising destination<br />

leadership, including<br />

cities, provinces, states,<br />

countries and regions<br />

that are demonstrating<br />

environmental best<br />

practices, protection<br />

of cultural and natural<br />

heritage, benefits to local<br />

communities and educating<br />

travellers on the principles<br />

of sustainability. WINNER:<br />

Slovenian Tourist Board,<br />

Slovenia.<br />


NEWS<br />

7<br />


Qatar Airways Unveils Its<br />

Revolutionary Seat at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> 2017<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017 played host to Qatar Airways’<br />

presentation of its new Business Class Product,<br />

which will offer ultimate comfort to travellers<br />

Ulrich Garnadt<br />

Chairman of the Board of<br />

Directors, Eurowings<br />

Eurowings Wants<br />

to Be The LCC<br />

Reference in Quality<br />

Akbar Al Baker<br />

CEO, Qatar Airways<br />

Following the lease of 33 airberlin<br />

aircraft, Eurowings intends to give<br />

more quality to its customers at<br />

a time of fast expansion for the<br />

carrier<br />

Qatar Airways Press Conference is a<br />

highlight of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> as there is always<br />

important news to be announced by a<br />

usually outspoken Qatar Airways CEO<br />

Akbar Al Baker. <strong>ITB</strong> 2017 Qatar Airways<br />

briefing was again a colourful event with<br />

the airline announcing the launch of its<br />

highly anticipated and revolutionary<br />

new Business Class. Rebranded ‘QSuite’<br />

the new product is reaching standards<br />

which have never been seen before in<br />

the industry.<br />

“The idea of the new seat design was<br />

inspired by… myself,” said the Qatar<br />

Airways CEO enthusiastically. “I had<br />

precise ideas of what a traveller would<br />

like on board and I just transmitted<br />

my thoughts to a team of young and<br />

talented designers to create the best<br />

seat in the sky”, he added.<br />

The QSuite works as a truly customisable<br />

private suite, providing comfort but<br />

also total flexibility for passengers. The<br />

new premium product will feature the<br />

industry’s first-ever double bed available<br />

in Business Class, with privacy panels<br />

that stow away, allowing passengers<br />

in adjoining seats to create their own<br />

private room.<br />

Adjustable panels and movable TV<br />

monitors in the centre of the cabin will<br />

also grant passengers a private space of<br />

four seats which will allow colleagues,<br />

friends or families travelling together<br />

to transform their area into a private<br />

suite, where they can work, dine and<br />

socialise together. These new features<br />

provide the ultimate customisable travel<br />

experience that enables passengers to<br />

create an environment that suits their<br />

own unique needs.<br />

Flexibility is driving the concept of<br />

the QSuite. A la carte meals with the<br />

option of choosing the time of service, a<br />

choice of over 4,000 film and television<br />

programmes, will give each QSuite<br />

passenger almost total control of their<br />

cabin environment.<br />

According to Akbar Al Baker, passengers<br />

will be able to enjoy the new product<br />

from June 2017. “The first aircraft to be<br />

retrofitted will serve the Doha-London<br />

route, the second aircraft will be put in<br />

service to Paris and the third to New<br />

York. Our entire fleet of Boeing B777<br />

and Airbus A350-1000 will be equipped<br />

by the middle of next year”, promised<br />

the Qatar Arways CEO.<br />

Until the first retrofitted aircraft takes off,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> visitors can experience the<br />

QSuite at Qatar Airways stand in Hall<br />

2.2. The new business class cabin was<br />

unveiled on Wednesday in the presence<br />

of Michael Müller, the Mayor of <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

and HE Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman<br />

Al-Thani, Ambassador for Qatar in<br />

Germany<br />

Faced with increased competition, Eurowings wants<br />

to be perceived more than ever as the reference low<br />

cost airline offering not only competitive fares but also<br />

outstanding quality. “Europe is reaching saturation point<br />

with LCC flights’ offer largely exceeding demand. The<br />

only next step to retain our shares and grow business is<br />

to propose a high quality product”, explained Karl Ulrich<br />

Garnadt, Chairman of the Board of Directors during <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> 2017.<br />

Eurowings is also increasing capacities in Europe<br />

following the leasing of 33 airberlin aircraft. Eight of the<br />

leased aircraft will go to Eurowings’ base in Cologne,<br />

seven to Stuttgart and four to Munich, the airline’s new<br />

base. “We will open Munich at the end of March with a<br />

network of 30 destinations”, indicated Garnadt.<br />

After Vienna, Eurowings opens a new European base in<br />

Palma de Mallorca this summer. “We are also working on<br />

the integration of Brussels Airlines into our Eurowings<br />

Group by next year, following Lufthansa’s acquisition of<br />

100% of the Belgian carrier,” Garnadt said. During the<br />

summer, new long haul destinations out of Cologne will<br />

serve Las Vegas, Montego Bay, Seattle and Windhoek<br />

among others.<br />

To further increase its quality of service, Eurowings<br />

is launching the programme “Make My Way” giving<br />

passengers more choice in their flight. “We aim to provide<br />

a fully digital customized experience, such as booking a<br />

holiday with us including flights and accommodation,<br />

the introduction of Wi-Fi on European flights, and<br />

proposing a flight pass on short haul destinations with<br />

guaranteed fixed fares on one-way ticket”, added Oliver<br />

Wagner, Eurowings CEO<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stands 207, 208 Hall 25 / Stand 156<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017

8 NEWS<br />

Turkey Expands<br />

Presence, Shows<br />

Culinary Flair<br />

Culture and cuisine headline a rich travel<br />

landscape at Turkey’s mega <strong>ITB</strong> stand<br />

Turkey is making a bold<br />

statement at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017<br />

with the largest stand of the<br />

fair that covers 3,079 square<br />

meters and 129 exhibitors.<br />

Showcasing the cultural<br />

diversity of Turkey’s diverse<br />

regions, from Marmara to<br />

Anatolia and Cappadocia,<br />

Turkish tourism marketers<br />

are exhibiting traditional<br />

handicrafts such as “Cam<br />

Sanatı” (glass blower art),<br />

“Hattat” (calligraphy art),<br />

“Ebru” (water sculpture art),<br />

or “Kazaz” (silver wire art),<br />

some created live at <strong>ITB</strong> by<br />

local artisans.<br />

But among the vibrant stalls<br />

at the expansive Turkish<br />

stand, culinary themes are<br />

a highlight among both<br />

the trade and the public,<br />

especially the Ganziep: City<br />

of Gastronomy booth – the<br />

ancient city is located in<br />

Turkey’s southeast Anatolia<br />

region - where chefs work<br />

overtime to produce local<br />

delicacies. These include a<br />

variety of pistachio-infused<br />

sweets, Maraş ice cream<br />

that is beaten and served<br />

in a cone from a traditional<br />

barrel, or typical Çay tea<br />

and Turkish mokkas.<br />

Turkey’s culinary theme<br />

will be extended to the<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Convention during<br />

the <strong>ITB</strong> Marketing and<br />

Destination Workshops <strong>Day</strong><br />

3, Gourmet Journeys In The<br />

Tourism Market: Culinary<br />

Destinations In Turkey (held<br />

on March 10, 16:15 - 17:15<br />

in Convention Hall 4.1,<br />

Room Regensburg).<br />

The session asks: What are<br />

the lessons learned from<br />

gourmet travel packages in<br />

the past and what potential<br />

is there to develop culinary<br />

tourism in Turkey?<br />

Culinary experiences are<br />

increasingly a motivator for<br />

travel decisions - good food<br />

and drink are important<br />

components of every<br />

holiday. Thus, there is no<br />

better time to promote a<br />

Turkish cuisine that is one<br />

of the world ‘s most diverse.<br />

Top Turkish chef Vedat<br />

Başaran from the restaurant<br />

Nar in Istanbul will also<br />

be on hand to discuss the<br />

special features of the<br />

Ottoman palace kitchen<br />

where traditional Turkish<br />

recipes were created over<br />

many centuries; while<br />

Istanbul celebrity chef<br />

Mehmet Gürs will also show<br />

off some pioneering Turkish<br />

fusion cuisine<br />

Hall 3.2 / Stand 201<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />


NEWS<br />

9<br />

Bees Get €20,000 from<br />

Arcotel Hotels Foundation<br />

@ <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

Your Party<br />

Invitation<br />

Trade visitors should have time<br />

for a final networking blast<br />

The ARCOTEL Hotels sustainability<br />

campaign “Give Bees a Chance” collected<br />

a total of €100,000 in donations in 2016,<br />

and part of this sum has been presented<br />

to the German Foundation for People and<br />

the Environment (Stiftung für Mensch und<br />

Umwelt) at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>.<br />

It has been two years that ARCOTEL<br />

Hotels and its guests have been saving<br />

bees. The sustainability campaign<br />

is a pioneering success that is being<br />

celebrated at the ARCOTEL Stand at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong>. The German Foundation for People<br />

and the Environment (Stiftung für Mensch<br />

und Umwelt) is the recipient of € 20,000<br />

for its initiative “Deutschland summt!”<br />

(“Germany is humming!”).<br />

The donations are going to support the<br />

campaign aimed at preserving bees, an<br />

important element of life. The project is<br />

asking people to plant bee-friendly plants<br />

in green spaces across Germany. The best<br />

projects will then be awarded. During the<br />

first day of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017, Dr Renate<br />

Wimmer, owner of the ARCOTEL Group,<br />

and Martin Lachout, CEO, presented the<br />

sum to the Foundation.<br />

The EUR 100,000 collected in the year 2016<br />

will be distributed among bee charities in<br />

the ARCOTEL countries Austria, Germany<br />

and Croatia. Cheques have already been<br />

presented to associations in Croatia and<br />

Austria. More will follow<br />

Hall 9 / Stand 210<br />

The Grand Finale of the 51 st <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> will be celebrated<br />

on Sunday night March 12, onsite at the Palais am<br />

Funkturm, and trade visitors are welcome to join the fun:<br />

admission is free for pass and ticket holders. The party<br />

promises a wild mix of performances, including the<br />

Caribbean merengue, Andalusian flamenco, German-<br />

Greek choral music<br />

from Polyphonia, and a<br />

45-minute dance show<br />

presented by partner<br />

country Botswana, as<br />

well as the opportunity<br />

to dance yourselves<br />

and indulge in some<br />

last-minute informal<br />

networking. Your<br />

host for the evening<br />

is award-winning<br />

German TV presenter<br />

Mary Amiri<br />

Palais am Funkturm<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017


11<br />

Pleasure Travel<br />

Is Our Name<br />

Genussreisen recognises the need<br />

for authenticity, personalisation<br />

and exclusivity<br />

Ross<br />

Hutchinson<br />

Contracts Manager,<br />

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays<br />

Beatrix Schell<br />

Managing Director,<br />

Genussreisen<br />

Jet2holidays<br />

Grows into New<br />

Regions with New<br />

Technologies<br />

Managing Director of Genussreisen – a German tour<br />

operator based in Munich - Beatrix Schell spoke to <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong> about what she is seeking at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017:<br />

Genussreisen is truly a specialist<br />

for authentic, money-can´t-buy<br />

experiences with regards to highend<br />

culinary tours mixed with<br />

the right portion of historical and<br />

cultural highlights for FIT´s and<br />

for groups. I am visiting the <strong>ITB</strong><br />

to meet new suppliers like hotels<br />

and DMC´s in those destinations<br />

where we already offer tours, but<br />

also in those countries to which<br />

we would like to expand with new<br />

products.<br />

Which destinations are you<br />

mainly interested in?<br />

Since most of our tours take<br />

place in Europe, I am of course<br />

looking for new travel ideas in<br />

these destinations. At the same<br />

time I am keen to discover new<br />

and fascinating destinations with<br />

magical places that combine<br />

culinary variety, authentic<br />

traveling experiences with<br />

exceptional hotels. This year we<br />

want to expand our portfolio and<br />

offer new tours towards South<br />

Africa, Argentina and Chile but<br />

also a few other destinations on<br />

the Asian continent.<br />

What general trends are you<br />

noting in terms of consumer<br />

demand?<br />

Exclusive journeys, specialised<br />

to travellers’ needs are more<br />

relevant than ever. The target<br />

group of travellers seeking<br />

high-end products does not<br />

define luxury based on material<br />

factors. It is all about memories,<br />

to experience something real,<br />

authentic and unforgettable<br />

on a premium quality level.<br />

Genussreisen already provides an<br />

assorted variety of authentic tours<br />

for gourmet food enthusiasts. Our<br />

company is active in the fastestgrowing<br />

travel segment according<br />

to the recent research results as<br />

per the Society of Consumer<br />

Research (GfK).<br />

How important is <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

as a source of business and<br />

inspiration for you, and why?<br />

The <strong>ITB</strong> is very important for our<br />

strategical development - many<br />

valuable and profitable business<br />

contacts will be developed at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong>’s networking events and<br />

meetings<br />

Ross Hutchinson,<br />

Contracts Manager for<br />

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays<br />

in Leeds in the UK, looks<br />

after Central and Eastern<br />

European cities for the<br />

company’s growing<br />

Jet2CityBreaks brand. We<br />

asked him what brings him<br />

to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>.<br />

The exhibition is a one stop<br />

shop for meeting all my key<br />

partners from across a variety<br />

of geographical destinations<br />

in preparation for the coming<br />

Summer season. While<br />

historically I’ve used the<br />

conference to meet hoteliers<br />

and agents, more recently my<br />

own role has evolved and now<br />

I’ll be spending more time in and<br />

around <strong>ITB</strong> Travel Technology<br />

halls. As a tour operator,<br />

Jet2holidays is moving forward<br />

from using only traditional<br />

static contracts, to bringing onboard<br />

the technologies to work<br />

dynamically with our suppliers.<br />

I’m now championing this in<br />

contracting, so <strong>ITB</strong> provides<br />

the perfect opportunity to meet<br />

our channel manager partners<br />

as well as looking for new<br />

opportunities in this area<br />

On a more personal note, one of<br />

the nicest aspects of <strong>ITB</strong> is the<br />

fact I get to see suppliers I may<br />

no longer directly work with. In<br />

my fifteen years working in the<br />

industry, I’ve done contracts in<br />

many places including Greece,<br />

Spain and Iceland. It’s always<br />

nice to get to bump into people,<br />

have a brief catch up, ask how’s<br />

business and more importantly<br />

how their families are. While I<br />

love to travel – I love the people<br />

and the different cultures I<br />

encounter more.<br />

What’s changing for your<br />

company this year?<br />

As a company, we’ve seen<br />

customer demand increase<br />

for our product substantially<br />

over the past few years. Our<br />

ATOL licence now allows us to<br />

carry 2.27 million passengers<br />

until 30th September which is<br />

a fantastic achievement. The<br />

most exciting thing about the<br />

demand for our product is it has<br />

allowed us to expand our bases<br />

from seven to nine. Although<br />

we were once considered only<br />

a Northern UK company, flying<br />

from London Stansted and<br />

Birmingham has changed all of<br />

that this year<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017

12 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN CONVENTION<br />

Florence Kaci<br />

Director, Sales, EMEA<br />

and European Market Specialist,<br />

Phocuswright Inc.<br />

Norm Rose<br />

Senior Technology<br />

and Corporate Market Analyst,<br />

Phocuswright Inc.<br />



AT <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN<br />

Category: eTravel Stage <strong>Day</strong> 2<br />




Category: eTravel Stage <strong>Day</strong> 2<br />

Millennials Driving Growth<br />

in Emerging Markets<br />

Emerging Tech and Payment<br />

Trends in Travel<br />

On 9 March, Florence Kaci,<br />

European market specialist<br />

with travel research industry<br />

authority, Phocuswright,<br />

presented key findings from<br />

recent European traveller<br />

research on <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>’s eTravel<br />

Stage.<br />

At the conference, it was<br />

revealed that the global travel<br />

market is now at nearly<br />

US$1.3 trillion dollars, up<br />

substantially from $1.1 trillion<br />

just five years ago. But the story<br />

doesn’t end there. Innovation,<br />

demographics, and economic<br />

promise have caused record<br />

online travel gains. In less than<br />

20 years, online travel has<br />

grown from nothing to more<br />

than $500bn in 2016.<br />

More than 40% of all travel is<br />

now booked online globally for<br />

leisure/unmanaged business<br />

travel.<br />

In terms of online penetration,<br />

Europe is in the lead with nearly<br />

half of all travel booked online,<br />

followed by the US. But if you’re<br />

looking for growth – the next<br />

big wave – look no further than<br />

emerging markets, including<br />

China, India and Brazil. While<br />

developed markets make up<br />

three quarters of online travel<br />

revenue, they are projected to<br />

grow just 3% over the 2014-<br />

2017 period. Emerging markets’<br />

projection – 8%. And online<br />

emerging markets are expected<br />

to grow nearly four times as fast<br />

as developed ones.<br />

What’s driving this growth?<br />

We’ve all heard about<br />

millennials playing a key role<br />

in everything from the sharing<br />

economy, to hotel technology,<br />

to redefining loyalty.<br />

In three emerging markets,<br />

China, Brazil and Russia,<br />

millennials make up an<br />

inordinate percentage of the<br />

traveller population, compared<br />

to the US, France or Germany.<br />

And in India, two in three<br />

holiday travellers are young<br />

adults.<br />

For many of these travellers,<br />

their first digital interaction<br />

with brands is happening via a<br />

smartphone – a major contrast<br />

with markets like the US and<br />

Europe.<br />

Developing markets such as<br />

China, Brazil and Russia lead in<br />

smartphone penetration. Asia,<br />

for example, far surpasses the<br />

U.S. and Europe in terms of<br />

mobile online bookings<br />

The European payment landscape stands at a crossroads. While<br />

traditional forms of payment still dominate in most markets,<br />

travel suppliers and intermediaries across the region must<br />

embrace both traditional forms and emerging, often country -<br />

or region-specific payment methods, in order to be the engine<br />

for growth.<br />

Norm Rose, senior technology<br />

and corporate market analyst with<br />

travel research industry authority,<br />

Phocuswright, presented on 9th<br />

March at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>’s eTravel Stage<br />

about Europe’s payments landscape,<br />

outlining in particular the following<br />

trends:<br />

1. MOBILE<br />

Mobile technology continues to<br />

disrupt the travel experience, but<br />

has not yet impacted the European<br />

payment process.<br />

Only 8% of survey respondents<br />

currently support mobile payments.<br />

Another 14% do not currently support<br />

mobile payments. Some retailers,<br />

wholesalers and suppliers questioned<br />

whether mobile payments for travel<br />

is practical due to the high individual<br />

cost of travel components and low<br />

mobile booking penetration.<br />

Travel suppliers are more likely to<br />

offer mobile payments than retailers,<br />

which are typically smaller, with<br />

online travel agencies (OTAs) being<br />

the exception.<br />

Mobile payments will begin to take<br />

off in Europe when mobile bookings<br />

become a mainstream activity. Even<br />

though consumers are increasingly<br />

using mobile devices for travel<br />

planning, the majority of digital<br />

bookings continue to come from<br />

desktops.<br />


There is little (2%) acceptance of<br />

Bitcoin or other crypto currencies in<br />

Europe today, but Blockchain – the<br />

underlying technology that supports<br />

crypto currency – may have a more<br />

significant impact. Blockchain is<br />

an open, distributed, viewable and<br />

encrypted shared ledger. The data is<br />

encrypted in such a way that even<br />

though everything is being computed<br />

in plain sight, the underlying<br />

“meaning” of the information is<br />

completely obfuscated.<br />

2016 saw a tidal wave of interest in<br />

Blockchain with large companies<br />

launching an open-source Blockchain<br />

initiative. The embracing of Blockchain<br />

technology by large technology and<br />

financial companies will likely have<br />

an impact on the European payment<br />

process within the next three to five<br />

years<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />


<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN CONVENTION<br />

13<br />

Jon Barnett<br />

General Manager<br />

Goodwood Motor Circuit<br />

Rob Holmes<br />

Founder and Chief Strategist,<br />

GLP Films<br />




Category: <strong>ITB</strong> Destination <strong>Day</strong> 3<br />

Date: March 10, 2017<br />

Time: 10:45 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.<br />

Location: Hall 7.1a,<br />

Auditorium New York 1<br />





Category: eTravel Stage <strong>Day</strong> 3<br />

Date: March 10, 2017<br />

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.<br />

Location: Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage<br />

Global Mega Events<br />

Essentials<br />

Authentic Stories Make<br />

Successful Content<br />

Speaking at the <strong>ITB</strong> Convention on the subject “How<br />

To Create Global Mega Events For Enthusiasts” Friday<br />

10 March, Jon Barnett, General Manager of Goodwood<br />

Motor Circuit is well-placed to advise best practices,<br />

as he has helped transform the specialist destination<br />

of Goodwood, UK, into a successful ‘pilgrimage’ site.<br />

Barnett explained to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong> what impact<br />

his annual events – Goodwood Festival Of Speed and<br />

Goodwood Revival have had on the region’s economy:<br />

Goodwood as a whole<br />

contributes around £245million<br />

to the economy each year and<br />

employs 650 full time staff. We<br />

are very proud of that because<br />

estates have historically always<br />

been about supporting their<br />

community. Rolls Royce has a<br />

plant on the estate after Lord<br />

March persuaded them that<br />

being in England was good<br />

for them. They associate with<br />

Goodwood because they need<br />

to cement in people’s mind<br />

that they are a perfectly-made<br />

English motor car and they can<br />

bring their customers here all<br />

the time to demonstrate that.<br />

What is the secret in organising<br />

a mega-event that positively<br />

impacts a region?<br />

At Goodwood we have a great<br />

events teams that constantly<br />

strive to over deliver on content<br />

and experience. One of the most<br />

important qualities to have as an<br />

event organiser is attention to<br />

detail and we are renowned for<br />

our obsession for perfection at<br />

Goodwood. We also work very<br />

hard to ensure the customer<br />

journey is exquisite and that the<br />

negative impact on the region<br />

is minimised. Lastly, we have<br />

been entertaining people on a<br />

grand scale for over 300 years.<br />

Authenticity is key to all we do<br />

- if we can’t genuinely claim to<br />

be an authority on a particular<br />

subject, the chances are we<br />

won’t do it.<br />

What are the pitfalls to avoid?<br />

You need to make sure you<br />

claim a business area that is<br />

rightfully yours and that is in<br />

your DNA as a business. Do that<br />

beautifully and over-deliver<br />

on the customer experience,<br />

making them want to come<br />

back<br />

Having hosted its fourth annual Short Film Showcase at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> Thursday 9 th , which featured their best travel<br />

storytelling content so far, GLP Films leads a session entitled<br />

ROI Of Story Telling: Keys To Successful Content Marketing<br />

Campaigns (Digital Storytelling, Distribution, Case Studies<br />

& Beyond) Friday 10th. Speaking to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong>, Rob<br />

Holmes, Chief Strategist at GLP Films, expanded on what<br />

makes for successful content marketing:<br />

As well as our Short Film Showcase,<br />

we will also present the latest ROI<br />

Case Study from our award-winning<br />

film and share the best strategies<br />

and lessons for destination<br />

marketing. A compelling story is<br />

the most important ingredient -- a<br />

story that authentically connects<br />

your audience to your destination.<br />

Once you have a great story, you<br />

can use that story to meet key<br />

campaign goals like raising brand<br />

awareness or increasing website<br />

traffic and sales.<br />

What is one of the greatest<br />

challenges destinations are<br />

facing today?<br />

By 2030, international tourist<br />

arrivals are set to hit a staggering<br />

1.8 billion worldwide. Like any<br />

large global industry, tourism can<br />

devastate destinations when left<br />

to grow freely without strategy,<br />

management, or awareness of<br />

impact. Destination managers are<br />

now faced with the balancing act of<br />

promoting growth while ensuring<br />

the longevity and health of the very<br />

places that makes a destination<br />

attractive.<br />

What are some of the solutions?<br />

Strategic marketing campaigns can<br />

support sustainable destinations in<br />

a number of ways. Market lesserknown<br />

products and promote offseason<br />

travel to better disperse<br />

travellers and ease overcrowding<br />

issues. Also, educate travellers on<br />

the unique and authentic aspects of<br />

the region that will in turn empower<br />

local communities.<br />

What advice would you give<br />

to destinations looking to<br />

improve their content marketing<br />

strategies?<br />

Start with storytelling. The secret<br />

is destinations already have great<br />

stories -- culture, people, food, and<br />

environment. Authentic storytelling<br />

will elevate your destination,<br />

connect with your target audience,<br />

and help protect the assets that<br />

make your destination unique<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017


“At the Helm” of the World’s<br />

Biggest Hotel Group<br />

Exclusive Interview: Arne Sorenson – President & CEO –<br />

Marriott International<br />

Arne Sorenson is now at the helm of the largest lodging company in the<br />

world, having taken over the Starwood group. We asked him what the<br />

most challenging elements were of “managing the deal of the decade”?<br />

Arne Sorenson<br />

President & CEO – Marriott International<br />






2017<br />

Let’s put it in context. It is<br />

big. We are going to open a<br />

hotel a little bit more often<br />

than once every 16 hours in<br />

2017, which gives you the<br />

scale of the size of this, and<br />

of course we need to make<br />

sure that those hotels each<br />

open as close to flawlessly<br />

as possible, and that entails<br />

an extraordinary amount of<br />

work. It means motivating<br />

and empowering people<br />

who are set up around the<br />

world not from decisions<br />

that are made at the centre.<br />

I think when you look at the<br />

most important things for<br />

us to get right, obviously<br />

we need to get that day-today<br />

stuff right, in addition<br />

to the operation of the<br />

approximately 6,000 hotels<br />

we have operating today.<br />

But beyond that we have to<br />

make sure we pull together<br />

the loyalty programmes<br />

– Marriott Rewards and<br />

SPG - in a way that<br />

causes that community<br />

of almost 100-million<br />

unique members to like the<br />

programme as it evolves<br />

going forward and to<br />

intensify their loyalty to our<br />

portfolio of hotels.<br />

Why was it so important to<br />

acquire Starwood?<br />

It really starts with this<br />

loyalty programme. We<br />

obviously want to be able<br />

to deliver to our customers<br />

as broad a range of choices<br />

as they can, and we want to<br />

be able to say to them, “You<br />

really don’t need to look<br />

anywhere else when you<br />

are thinking about booking<br />

a hotel today”. We’ve got<br />

tremendous distribution in<br />

the luxury area, tremendous<br />

distribution in lifestyle,<br />

strong distribution in select<br />

service. As a consequence,<br />

no matter what you want<br />

to spend, no matter where<br />

you are going, no matter<br />

what kind of sensibility<br />

you want from the hotel,<br />

we have a place for you<br />

to stay. And we think we<br />

can create an ecosystem of<br />

loyal customers who look<br />

to us for their place to stay<br />

and look to us directly for<br />

booking their experience,<br />

sharing their experience,<br />

planning their travel… we<br />

want to be relevant in all<br />

those spaces. And we think<br />

by being bigger, by having<br />

that many more choices,<br />

by having that much bigger<br />

ecosystem of customers,<br />

we create something that<br />

is just that much more<br />

powerful than we could<br />

have done on our own.<br />

You were chosen as the first<br />

“non-family” president &<br />

CEO in the history of the<br />

company. What qualities<br />

were required to fill this<br />

role, and what attracted<br />

you to this position?<br />

I got to know Mr Marriott<br />

in 1992, and have been<br />

working with him regularly<br />

since 1996. He has taught<br />

me an extraordinary<br />

amount. In many respects,<br />

I think he’s forgotten more<br />

about the hotel business<br />

than I will ever know.<br />

But he remains a good<br />

partner, and I think as he<br />

got to a point where he<br />

needed to hand off the<br />

CEO role to somebody<br />

else, that relationship we<br />

had – the fact that I was<br />

a known quantity – were<br />

very comforting elements<br />

to him. I think beyond<br />

that, the things he has<br />

taught me and I believe<br />

to important would be<br />

an open-mindedness and<br />

a curiosity about trends<br />

in our business, threats<br />

to our business – and it’s<br />

about keeping your ears<br />

open and listening – both<br />

to folks internally and to<br />

competitors and to other<br />

forces that are happening<br />

in the marketplace. That<br />

open mindedness was<br />

very much a feature of his<br />

leadership style and I hope<br />

it’s one of mine. In addition<br />

to that, it is a job that<br />

requires an attentiveness<br />

to people. We all say this of<br />

course, but in no industry is<br />

it more true than in ours…<br />

we are a people business.<br />

We cannot deliver the kind<br />

of experience we want<br />

our guests to have except<br />

through our people.<br />

What are your thoughts<br />

about <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>?<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> is one of the globe’s<br />

principal gatherings of<br />

customers and travel<br />

companies – and an<br />

indispensable place to do<br />

business<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />




15<br />

Central Souq Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization<br />

The Emirate of Sharjah has<br />

long been a magnet for<br />

culture enthusiasts seeking<br />

a deeper understanding of<br />

the civilisation of the Arab<br />

region, both traditional and<br />

contemporary – and for good<br />

reason. From its fairs and<br />

festivals to its museums and<br />

universities, Sharjah truly<br />

holds its own as a cultural<br />

capital in the region and is<br />

already attracting travellers<br />

hungry for culture. No<br />

wonder that Sharjah was<br />

named the Islamisc Culture<br />

Capital in 2014 for its<br />

unparalleled contributions to<br />

the preservation of heritage<br />

and culture.<br />



Sharjah’s dedication to preserve its<br />

culture can be seen clearly through<br />

the traditional Arabian and Islamic<br />

architecture that characterises<br />

many of its landmarks. In an effort<br />

to shed light, quite literally, on<br />

that aspect, the emirate organises<br />

the now world famous Sharjah<br />

Light Festival, whereby landmarks<br />

across Sharjah bear threedimensional<br />

light displays for ten<br />

days each February.<br />

Combining local talents and<br />

internationally renowned artists,<br />

the festival attracts hundreds<br />

of thousands of visitors who<br />

come to be amazed by the<br />

spectacular illumination of the<br />

emirate’s inspiring architecture,<br />

rich civilization, history and<br />

monuments. The Sharjah Light<br />

Festival is continuing to grow in<br />

prestige as a highly anticipated<br />

cultural event in the region that<br />

will give holiday-makers more<br />

reason to travel to the Arabian<br />

Gulf.<br />


Away from architecture, Sharjah<br />

throws considerable weight<br />

behind art and literature, among<br />

other cultural activities. Every<br />

November since 1982, the<br />

emirate organises the Sharjah<br />

International Book Fair (SIBF), a<br />

10-day event that regularly attracts<br />

upwards of one million attendees<br />

annually (SIBF 2016 welcomed<br />

more than 2.31 million visitors,<br />

1,681 publishing houses from 60<br />

countries, with approximately<br />

1.5 million titles on display). One<br />

of the largest book fairs in the<br />

world, the SIBF is among the most<br />

prestigious in the Arab world and<br />

the most exciting literary event in<br />

the region. In 2013, the respected<br />

book industry publication “The<br />

Bookseller” named SIBF one of the<br />

top four books fairs globally.<br />

Also in the literary vein, the<br />

American University of Sharjah<br />

boasts an 11,000-square- metre<br />

library housing a staggering<br />

collection of 125,000 Englishlanguage<br />

books, as well as<br />

literature in other languages –<br />

chiefly Arabic.<br />

As for art, the Sharjah Art Museum<br />

is a three-storey exhibition space<br />

showing artworks and collections<br />

covering diverse mediums and<br />

techniques. The museum not<br />

only welcomes visitors daily<br />

from 8:00am to 8:00pm (4:00pm<br />

to 8:00pm on Fridays), but is free<br />

of charge. Throughout the year,<br />

the museum houses several<br />

temporary exhibitions and art<br />

events. The Museum’s Art Library,<br />

meanwhile, is home to over 4,000<br />

titles in Arabic, English, and other<br />

languages, along with visual and<br />

audio materials.<br />


Meanwhile, every April, Sharjah<br />

Heritage <strong>Day</strong>s celebrates and<br />

preserves the customs and<br />

traditions of the UAE with a number<br />

of cultural activities, workshops,<br />

displays, and entertainment.<br />

The annual event coincides<br />

with UNESCO’S celebrations of<br />

Heritage International <strong>Day</strong> during<br />

the month of April, and is aimed<br />

at reminding current and future<br />

generations of the rich traditions<br />

of the past by throwing light on<br />

long-established customs, arts<br />

and professions in the region.<br />

Sharjah Heritage <strong>Day</strong>s will appeal<br />

to tourists looking for an authentic<br />

expression of unique Emirati<br />

culture.<br />

The gulf city has also established<br />

a dedicated Calligraphy Museum,<br />

and holds the Sharjah Art Biennial<br />

once every two years (the 13th<br />

Sharjah: Arabia’s Culture<br />

Lovers’ Capital<br />

Travel trade illuminated by Sharjah’s<br />

cultural wonders at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

edition is set to take place in 2017),<br />

as well as the Sharjah Calligraphy<br />

Biennial.<br />

In over a decade of operation,<br />

the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum<br />

has collected over 300 works that<br />

adorn canvas, wood, paper and<br />

ceramics. The assortment includes<br />

historic paintings in the Kufic font<br />

and, most notably, the Al Hulia<br />

Al Sharifa by Iraqi calligrapher<br />

Ziad Al Muhandis (measuring<br />

280x300cm and considered the<br />

largest in the Islamic world)<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand 102<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017



Culture in Abu Dhabi<br />

The prestigious emirate has so much more to offer<br />

than the glitz and glamour of the city Hall 2.2 / Stand 200<br />

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture<br />

Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) is<br />

spearheading a large delegation of<br />

more than 50 of the emirate’s leading<br />

hotels, tour operators, attractions<br />

and destination management<br />

companies at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>, to help<br />

build on last year’s record number<br />

of visitors.<br />

Among TCA Abu Dhabi’s primary<br />

objectives at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> is to<br />

develop strong partnerships and<br />

marketing initiatives with leading<br />

tour operators to further grow the<br />

emirate’s presence internationally<br />

and leverage the destination’s<br />

cruise appeal while building<br />

awareness around the Authority’s<br />

global destination campaign.<br />

One of the key attractions for the<br />

emirate is that of culture, and<br />

visitors to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> will learn a<br />

great deal about the destination’s<br />

cultural attractions.<br />

Al Ain National Museum<br />

QASR<br />

AL HOSN<br />


OPENS TO<br />


TCA Abu Dhabi announced<br />

the opening of the Qasr Al<br />

Hosn Exhibition to the public<br />

on 8th March. The exhibition<br />

offers visitors a journey<br />

through the story behind Abu<br />

Dhabi, as well as the history<br />

of the region surrounding<br />

Qasr Al Hosn, and highlights<br />

the restoration and<br />

conservation development<br />

project that includes Qasr<br />

Al Hosn and its surrounding<br />

area. The Qasr Al Hosn<br />

master plan was launched<br />

on Monday by His Highness<br />

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed<br />

Al Nahyan, Crown Prince<br />

of Abu Dhabi and Deputy<br />

Supreme Commander of the<br />

UAE Armed Forces, and it is<br />

expected to be completed by<br />

2018.<br />

Moving through the various<br />

zones of this lasting cultural<br />

icon, Qasr Al Hosn Exhibition<br />

presents a rich collection of<br />

oral testimonies, historical<br />

photographs, and other<br />

materials that highlight the<br />

history of the region, and<br />

the vital role of Qasr Al<br />

Hosn within Abu Dhabi as a<br />

beacon of heritage, culture,<br />

and Emirati tradition. The<br />

exhibition also relates the<br />

extensive history of Abu<br />

Dhabi and the story of its<br />

development through to the<br />

modern era.<br />

The newly renovated<br />

cultural destination<br />

underpins the everlasting<br />

vision of late Sheikh Zayed<br />

bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the<br />

founding father of the UAE,<br />

and his invaluable initiatives<br />

to integrate culture into the<br />

identity of the emirate of Abu<br />

Dhabi. His vision inspired<br />

the concept behind the new<br />

design of the exhibition as<br />

an active hub for education,<br />

culture, and entertainment,<br />

as well as a window through<br />

time that presents both a rich<br />

history and a bright future.<br />

The exhibition includes<br />

nine exhibition zones that<br />

collectively narrate the 450-<br />

year old story of Abu Dhabi<br />

from its establishment to the<br />

present.<br />




TCA Abu Dhabi and Al Ain National<br />

Museum have organized a unique<br />

public tour for both residents and<br />

tourists alike to experience Emirati<br />

culture first hand. The tour, Travel<br />

Through Our Traditions, will run<br />

its first instalments on March 15<br />

and March 22. Visitors will be able<br />

to spend time with Emirati women<br />

and families in their homes and<br />

farms, giving them an insight into<br />

the traditions and customs of Emirati<br />

life. Travel Through Our Emirati<br />

Traditions aims to offer the larger<br />

UAE community intimate settings to<br />

know more about Emirati culture,<br />

customs and traditions.<br />

The tour will begin at 10am departing<br />

from Souq Al Jabra and will pass<br />

through the old central market,<br />

concluding at the Women’s market<br />

in Oasis Hospital. These markets<br />

and souqs represent the essence<br />

of traditional life in Al Ain and are<br />

known for products like Bakhour,<br />

Henna, and local Emirati clothes.<br />

Participations will also get a chance<br />

to visit the homes of Emirati women,<br />

and experience Emirati hospitality,<br />

while discussing tales of the past.<br />

The hosts will also discuss topics<br />

of daily life and symbols of Emirati<br />

Heritage including the traditional<br />

burqa, what it represents in Emirati<br />

culture, the role of Henna art and<br />

patterns in Emirati traditions; and an<br />

in depth look into traditional Emirati<br />

embroidery and how it is made<br />

Al Ain National Museum<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />




17<br />

<strong>ITB</strong>’s MUSEUMSWELT<br />

Showcases European<br />

Culture - and Football<br />

For the first time ever, <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017 welcomes<br />

MUSEUMSWELT [World of Museums], a stand<br />

representing 123 museums from Germany,<br />

Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain and<br />

Switzerland. The internet portal museum.de.<br />

inspired the idea of uniting a diverse array of<br />

European museums in one single <strong>ITB</strong> location.<br />

Founded in 2008,<br />

museum.de allows cultural<br />

institutions from all over<br />

the world to publish their<br />

exhibition information,<br />

pictures, news and audio<br />

guides for free. “We<br />

want to give museums<br />

an opportunity to better<br />

communicate with visitor,”<br />

explains Uwe Strauch, who<br />

runs the project. “A major<br />

issue for museums is to<br />

be able to communicate<br />

internationally or even<br />

beyond their own region.<br />

They mostly lack financial<br />

resources to do so and our<br />

initiative at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> is to<br />

give them an opportunity to<br />

reach a global audience.”<br />

Located in Hall 10-2,<br />

visitors are welcomed by<br />

an impressive landscape of<br />

museums, with postcards<br />

showing pieces being<br />

exhibited in the 123<br />

participating institutions.<br />

“Response has been very<br />

good from museums,<br />

especially as we charged<br />

a minimal fee for their<br />

presence,” says Strauch.<br />

There are also real<br />

exhibition objects<br />

being shown at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

MUSEUMSWELT, the<br />

highlight being the 2014<br />

Uwe Strauch<br />

CEO,<br />

Museum.de<br />

FIFA World Cup trophy<br />

that is normally held in the<br />

German Football Museum<br />

in Dortmund.<br />

Hall 10.2 / Stand 112<br />

26 New Books<br />

Help Germany Discover<br />

Lithuania’s Culture<br />

When Lithuania and the other Baltic states<br />

first received special attention at the<br />

international Leipzig Book Fair in 1997,<br />

only 5 Lithuanian authors’ books published<br />

in German were presented. This month, in<br />

the 2017 edition, there 26 books are at the<br />

epicentre of this celebration, which attracts<br />

book lovers from around the world. They<br />

will serve as 26 windows onto Lithuania’s<br />

cultural historical landscape, which will<br />

soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary,<br />

and 26 invitations for German readers to<br />

brighten and enrich their mental map of<br />

a country they share so much in common<br />

with.<br />

A broad cultural program has also been<br />

planned that emphasises Vilnius’ traditions<br />

as a multilingual, cosmopolitan city and<br />

explores Lithuania’s relationships with its<br />

Polish, Russian and German neighbours.<br />

The country’s cultural links to Germany<br />

will also be at the centre of attention<br />

during Lithuania’s presentation at Leipzig,<br />

including the figures of Thomas Mann and<br />

Johannes Bobrowski and the cultural and<br />

historical legacy of Eastern Prussia.<br />

There are about 50 events planned for<br />

the book fair and the Leipzig Reads<br />

(Leipzig liest) festival, including readings,<br />

discussions, and debates on relevant<br />

political issues<br />

Hall 18 / Stand 126<br />

Press Conference at Lithuanian Embassy in <strong>Berlin</strong> last week.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017



19<br />

Sharjah: A Quintessential<br />

Family Destination<br />

Gulf coast destination sets sights on families with a<br />

broad offering<br />



The Sharjah Commerce and Tourism<br />

Development Authority (SCTDA)<br />

is currently running its “Sharjah,<br />

My Family Destination” campaign,<br />

which aimed to introduce new<br />

tourism offers and packages for<br />

families visiting Sharjah. A key pillar<br />

of the Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021<br />

that aims to attract more than 10<br />

million visitors within the next five<br />

years, the campaign underscores<br />

the emirate’s core commitment to<br />

families in its tourism strategy.<br />

Indeed, all members of the family<br />

are guaranteed to find something<br />

to their liking in the emirate, from<br />

dazzling shows and carnivals to<br />

enchanting parks and wild desert<br />

landscapes, more than a dozen<br />

museums covering art, calligraphy,<br />

Islamic civilisation, natural history,<br />

heritage, science and aviation, as<br />

well as scenic man-made lagoons<br />

and an array of cultural and<br />

edutainment locations.<br />

Families also have a financial<br />

incentive to visit Sharjah. “For<br />

instance, families can get up to<br />

16-20% discount rate on hotel<br />

accommodations,” said SCTDA<br />

Chairman Khalid Jasim al-Midfa.<br />


Tourists can enjoy Sharjah’s pristine<br />

family-friendly beaches on the<br />

Gulf coast. When Europe is in the<br />

midst of its gloomy winter, Sharjah<br />

basks in a warm 27 degrees celsius,<br />

offering the perfect atmosphere<br />

for exploring the outdoors, where<br />

families can enjoy plenty of<br />

activities in charming locations<br />

such as Al Majaz Waterfront, Al<br />

Qasba, and Khalid Lagoon.<br />

The Wasit Nature Reserve is a<br />

recently-opened wetland that offers<br />

educational and cultural classes<br />

and facilities such as observation<br />

platforms. Meanwhile, the Al<br />

Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation<br />

Centre provides unique<br />

opportunities for children and<br />

adults to have fun while learning<br />

about environmental preservation<br />

and nature.<br />

Right in the middle of Sharjah City,<br />

the newly opened Al Noor Island<br />

combines nature, art and culture<br />

in fascinating ways, including the<br />

futuristic Butterfly House, which<br />

mesmerises both adult and children<br />

with its showcase of 500 exotic<br />

butterfly species brought from East<br />

Asian countries. The island also<br />

allows children to unleash their<br />

energies in a dedicated playground.<br />

Connecting all these attractions<br />

together is a 3,500 meter long<br />

walkway dotted with light<br />

installations, trees, miniature<br />

gardens as well as art and<br />

culture; while a boat dock allows<br />

transportation to and from Al Majaz<br />

Waterfront, Al Qasba and The Heart<br />

of Sharjah.<br />


“What makes Sharjah particularly<br />

attractive is that it offers an<br />

authentic Arab atmosphere<br />

complemented by sophisticated<br />

infrastructure and modern facilities,<br />

making it one of the most favoured<br />

family destinations,” said Midfa.<br />

“Families visiting the emirate find<br />

it easy to supplement their time on<br />

the beach with other activities, such<br />

as cultural and sporting events as<br />

well as shopping and recreation.”<br />

With family tourism representing<br />

12.5% of the global tourism market,<br />

according to SCTDA, it’s no wonder<br />

that Sharjah is looking to broaden its<br />

appeal in this segment. “We are also<br />

focused on driving up investment<br />

and further development in tourism<br />

attractions that not only enhance<br />

the emirate’s economy but also the<br />

overall tourist experience,” added<br />

Midfa.<br />

Visitors can also relax with their<br />

families in any of the near 55 parks<br />

in Sharjah. Al Montazah Park, a<br />

126,000-square-metre theme park<br />

features pulsating rides plus Al<br />

Montazah Adventures, that offers<br />

a selection of gladiator-inspired<br />

obstacle courses.<br />

Also for the outdoorsy and<br />

adventurous, the emirate offers<br />

water sports, snorkelling and diving<br />

activities on its east coast, where<br />

families have the option to either<br />

camp on the beach or stay in any of<br />

the hotels that line the coast.<br />

A shoppers’ paradise, the emirate<br />

is home to a host of modern malls,<br />

many of which include<br />

massive entertainment centres<br />

for children: Sahara Centre, for<br />

example, houses an indoor family<br />

entertainment park – Adventureland<br />

– complete with an Aztec- and<br />

Mayan-inspired interior, as well<br />

as electronic games and rides,<br />

including an indoor roller coaster<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand 102<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017



Europa Park Flies<br />

to New Heights<br />

Record-breaking visitor numbers and new attractions<br />

promise much for Germany’s best theme park<br />

German theme park Europa<br />

Park had a very successful<br />

2016, as owner Roland Mack<br />

pointed out “With over 5.5<br />

million visitors, we once<br />

again look back on a record<br />

year for our company.”<br />

2016 was also marked<br />

by investments of more<br />

than €20million “and more<br />

than 100 new jobs have<br />

been created as a result at<br />

Europa Park, along with 150<br />

apprenticeships for young<br />

people,” said Mack, adding<br />

“The occupancy rate of the<br />

themed hotels remains very<br />

high: the number of overnight<br />

guests and duration of stay<br />

has increased steadily.”<br />

At the Europa Park stand,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017, the key<br />

message for the industry<br />

concerns new attractions<br />

at the destination in South<br />

West Germany. Project V –<br />

an innovative world-class<br />

flight simulator ride - has<br />

seen the biggest single<br />

Project V Gondel<br />

Yas Island<br />

at Your Fingertips<br />

Already the UAE’s premier entertainment<br />

destination, with its Ferrari World themepark,<br />

Formula One circuit and waterpark,<br />

plus the forthcoming SeaWorld Abu Dhabi<br />

and Warner Bros World, Yas Island has<br />

refined its product with a new mobile app.<br />

The Yas Island App is designed for locationbased<br />

exploration of the island and helps<br />

users plan their visit whether prior to arrival<br />

or while on-site. The app is customisable,<br />

so users can filter experiences by mood<br />

and favourites, and it enables experiencesharing<br />

on social media.<br />

Gerardo Llanes, Executive Director, Yas<br />

Island Destination Management, said,<br />

“Each day we aim to revolutionize the way<br />

people plan and enjoy their experiences<br />

investment in the history<br />

of Europa Park. Potentially<br />

Europe’s largest Flying<br />

Theatre, the experience<br />

promises to be an intense<br />

adventure as customers fly<br />

on a simulated fantasy ride<br />

around Europe’s famous<br />

landscapes, with their<br />

senses bombarded by wind,<br />

water and scent effects. A<br />

pioneering combination<br />

of thrill-ride and cinematic<br />

simulation, Project V is<br />

scheduled to be operational<br />

in June 2017. More tangible,<br />

but a little less immediate, is<br />

the Water Adventure Resort<br />

– a 46 hectare extension to<br />

the park, full of indoor and<br />

outdoor water experiences,<br />

due to open in 2019.<br />

With the continued success<br />

of Germany’s Mercedes<br />

Formula One team, the<br />

Monaco motorsport<br />

exhibition should become a<br />

favourite with the majority<br />

domestic visitors, while<br />

families can expect the<br />

usual mixture of rides,<br />

attractions, shows, hotels<br />

and restaurants when the<br />

summer season starts in less<br />

than a month, on April 1<br />

Hall 6.2b / Stand 202<br />

with us. Yas Island’s new identity deserves<br />

an equally world-class digital platform<br />

base; we believe this channel will enable<br />

us to connect with every type of visitor, and<br />

satisfy each of their unique needs through<br />

customizable and compelling high-tech<br />

features.”<br />

Hall 2.2b / Stand 200<br />


Home page Travel Professionals<br />

Evolution of<br />

AccorHotels<br />

Digital Group<br />

Booking<br />

Solution<br />

for Tourism<br />

Professionals<br />

Travel agents, tour operators and coach<br />

operators are gaining new advantages<br />

this year with AccorHotels’ dedicated<br />

group booking platform. Deployed in<br />

2014, the platform offers online booking<br />

of one-off groups from 15 to 60 people (8<br />

to 30 rooms).<br />

The online group<br />

rate platform offers<br />

customers not only<br />

visibility and instant<br />

availability and<br />

group rates, but also<br />

allows the tourism<br />

professionals to ask<br />

their options directly<br />

online in the hotel<br />

system and thus obtain<br />

a guaranteed rate. A<br />

large number of tourism<br />

professionals now<br />

use the system. Since<br />

its launch, more than<br />

25,000 applications<br />

have already been<br />

processed.<br />

WHAT’S NEW?<br />

Customers can now<br />

place options on any<br />

one of the 900 hotels<br />

or apply for quotations<br />

from up to 900 others,<br />

in all market segments,<br />

and in more than<br />

300 destinations<br />

worldwide.<br />

This year, a new<br />

packaged offer with<br />

half board, including<br />

accommodation in<br />

single, double and<br />

twin rooms, breakfast<br />

and dinner, is offered<br />

at attractive rates,<br />

indicated 405 days in<br />

advance.<br />

With the launch of the<br />

new Travel Professional<br />

website late in 2016,<br />

AccorHotels now offers<br />

excellent visibility for<br />

group promotional<br />

offers.<br />

According to<br />

AccorHotels, since<br />

the launch of this<br />

booking platform, the<br />

results have doubled,<br />

as theirs is the only<br />

channel to propose this<br />

solution. With their new<br />

half board offer, the<br />

AccorHotels group thus<br />

delivers what it terms<br />

a “complete digital<br />

tool” for professional<br />

customers<br />

Hall 9 / Stand 214<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />




21<br />

LGBT Travel<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> remains the most active promoter of<br />

diversity in tourism<br />

With improved exposure, more space and more exhibitors, thanks in part<br />

to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> commitment, the LGBT travel segment has gained global<br />

recognition and is very much a permanent feature of the world’s largest<br />

travel show.<br />

LGBT travel has been present<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> for many years<br />

and has grown over time<br />

with the fair. For this 2017<br />

edition, the LGBT Pavilion<br />

has been relocated to Hall<br />

21b, featuring a wide range<br />

of new exhibitors, including<br />

global brands such as app<br />

provider Hornet (well-known<br />

among gay communities),<br />

the Belmond Hotel Group<br />

but also the State of Illinois<br />

Office of Tourism as well as<br />

Aspen Snowmass, the cities<br />

of Benidorm and Valencia<br />

in Spain as well WorldPride<br />

Madrid 2017. A new<br />

Presentation Corner has been<br />

created where exhibitors can<br />

showcase their latest LGBT<br />

products.<br />

“We receive increasing<br />

interest from destinations<br />

and from the travel trade to<br />

participate. For example, we<br />

welcome this year for the<br />

first time the South American<br />

LGBT Travel Association. We<br />

already have four strategic<br />

partners-Argentina, <strong>Berlin</strong>,<br />

Florida and Vienna- which<br />

support our efforts to<br />

promote LGBT travel. We<br />

are also trying to encourage<br />

Taiwan to look at ways to<br />

work closely together. I<br />

am proud to say that <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> offers now the largest<br />

gathering in the world of<br />

LGBT-related travel services”,<br />

explains Rika Jean-Francois,<br />

Commissioner, <strong>ITB</strong> Corporate<br />

Social Responsibility.<br />

The LGBT Pavilion is also<br />

offering a range of conferences<br />

and presentations on LGBT<br />

travel themes. A series of<br />

lectures in Hall 21b focus on<br />

various themes such as the<br />

world’s first travel campaign<br />

by the city of Fort Lauderdale<br />

integrating transgender<br />

models, on successful<br />

business models exploiting<br />

this market, and on LGBTfriendly<br />

destinations. On<br />

March 8, Clark Massad,<br />

vice president, IGLTA, Peter<br />

Jordan, founder of Gen C<br />

Traveller, and Isabel Garaña,<br />

regional director for Europe,<br />

UNWTO, presented a preview<br />

of the coming study on “New<br />

Horizons for LGBT Travel:<br />

a Preview of the UNWTO-<br />

IGLTA Global Report on LGBT<br />

Travel”.<br />

“We are here for the first time<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> as we want to<br />

encourage the users of our<br />

app to move into a more<br />

sophisticated experience. We<br />

do include an extensive guide<br />

looking at events and places<br />






in 300 locations, while our<br />

Hornet Stories include travel<br />

features. <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> is the<br />

perfect place to communicate<br />

with the world”, explains<br />

Sean Howell, President and<br />

Founder of Hornet<br />

Hall 21b / Stand 214c<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017

22 REGION<br />


© Max Bosio<br />



Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic<br />

Tourism Growth in the<br />

Americas Remains Solid<br />

Despite political events which in the short term could affect<br />

travel trends to and from the Americas, fundamentals<br />

remain positive for the continent<br />

Are the Americas’ tourism<br />

destinations at a turning<br />

point in 2017? There are both<br />

positive and negative elements<br />

likely to influence the evolution<br />

of visitor arrivals to those<br />

markets over the months to<br />

come.<br />

Last year, preliminary figures<br />

from the UNWTO pointed to a<br />

growth in the Americas of 4%<br />

in total arrivals, increasing by<br />

eight million to 201 million,<br />

consolidating results from<br />

the last two years. From<br />

that number, North America<br />

continued to have the largest<br />

market share within the<br />

continent with close to 66%<br />

of all arrivals. However, North<br />

America recorded the slowest<br />

growth within the region at<br />

3.6%.<br />

According to IPK World Travel<br />

Trends Report, released at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> 2017, prospects look<br />

good for the Americas with<br />

nuances to be introduced<br />

linked to specific markets.<br />

Europe’s outbound arrivals last<br />

year to the Americas declined<br />

by 1% and could remain flat<br />

in 2017. Reasons behind the<br />

stagnation are the strong<br />

Dollar compared to the Euro<br />

or to the Pound. On a year-toyear<br />

basis, the Euro weakened<br />

by 11.5% since January 2015<br />

and by 4% compared to March<br />

2016. On a year-to-year basis,<br />

the pound’s slide reached<br />

10.5%.<br />

IPK reports South America<br />

(+7%) and Central America<br />

(+6%) led results between<br />

January and September 2016,<br />

followed by the Caribbean<br />

(+4%). In North America<br />

(+4%), Canada and Mexico in<br />

particular are benefiting from<br />

more US outbound travel but<br />

inbound travel to the USA has<br />

been held back by the strong<br />

dollar.<br />

Asian demand to the Americas<br />

however will probably be<br />

the least affected by political<br />

turbulence. Last year, Asian<br />

demand to the Americas grew<br />

by 11% according to IPK,<br />

especially as the continent is<br />

perceived as generally a safe<br />

destination for travel. Canada<br />

is for example considered<br />

worldwide as one of the safest<br />

destination to visit.<br />

If the strong US dollar acts as a<br />

deterrent factor for Europeans<br />

to travel, it however stimulates<br />

intra-Americas travel<br />

movements. US outbound<br />

within the Americas was up by<br />

7% according to IPK research.<br />

US travellers are likely to<br />

generate a positive impact on<br />

the evolution of tourism in the<br />

Caribbean, Central and South<br />

America. To be monitored<br />

however is the future of travel<br />

movements between the USA<br />

and Mexico<br />



ARGENTINA HALL 23B / 206<br />

ARUBA HALL 22A / 104<br />

BAHAMAS HALL 22A / 122<br />

BARBADOS HALL 22A / 115<br />

BOLIVIA HALL 23A / 108<br />

BONAIRE HALL 22A / 103<br />

BRAZIL HALL 23B / 209<br />

CANADA HALL 3.1 / 491<br />

CHILE HALL 23B / 204<br />

COLOMBIA HALL 23A / 101<br />

COSTA RICA HALL 22B / 211, 211A<br />

CUBA HALL 22A / 110<br />

CURAÇAO HALL 22A / 105<br />

DOMINICA HALL 22A / 123<br />


HALL 22A / 100, 100B<br />

EL SALVADOR HALL 22B / 213<br />


GUATEMALA HALL 22B / 202<br />

HONDURAS HALL 22B / 204<br />

JAMAICA HALL 22A / 102<br />

MARTINIQUE HALL 22A / 125<br />

MEXICO HALL 22B / 201<br />

NICARAGUA HALL 22B / 203<br />

PANAMA HALL 22B / 212<br />

PARAGUAY HALL 23B / 202<br />

PERU<br />

HALL 23A / 110, 110A<br />

PUERTO RICO HALL 3.1 / 405<br />


HALL 22A / 120C<br />

SURINAME HALL 23A / 109<br />

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO HALL 22A / 114<br />

URUGUAY HALL 23A / 107<br />

USA HALL 3.1 / 380<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />



REGION<br />

23<br />

Marcela<br />

Bacigalupo<br />

Tourism Minister,<br />

Republic of Paraguay<br />

Paraguay: the Heart<br />

of South America<br />

Nature, culture and gastronomy are the<br />

key attractions of this emerging South<br />

American destination<br />

Speaking to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong>,<br />

Marcela Bacigalupo, Tourism<br />

Minister of the Republic of<br />

Paraguay, explained how she<br />

hopes to leverage <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

to make the country a betterknown<br />

tourist destination:<br />

At <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> 2017, Paraguay hopes<br />

to attract the attention of the<br />

German public, presenting its new<br />

differentiating touristic routes, the<br />

Ruta de la Caña (Sugarcane Route)<br />

and the Ruta de la Yerba Mate (Mate<br />

Route), which show the authentic<br />

traditions of Paraguay, within a<br />

sustainable community development<br />

policy. Other routes like the multidestination<br />

routes of the Jesuitical<br />

missions, of the Chaco and Pantanal<br />

regions, birdwatching and adventure<br />

tourism will be presented as major<br />

axes of our tourism product. Another<br />

important focus is the promotion of<br />

our traditional gastronomy. During<br />

the five days of the fair, we will be<br />

offering a variety of typical dishes at<br />

our stand for you to sample.<br />

How important is tourism as part<br />

of your economy and what are the<br />

projections?<br />

The tourism sector in Paraguay<br />

has enormous potential and is<br />

currently one of the main drivers<br />

of the economy. Recent tourism<br />

income has shown a stable growth,<br />

triggering important investments in<br />

construction and the improvement<br />

of hotels, the diversification of<br />

gastronomy and other products that<br />

enhance the competitiveness of the<br />

sector. In 2015, money generated<br />

from incoming tourism increased<br />

from $283million to over $480million.<br />

This jump can be explained by the<br />

improvement of border controls and<br />

the positioning of Paraguay in the<br />

world, having hosted large events<br />

and promoting tourism at major fairs<br />

and though international media cooperation.<br />

How are your source markets<br />

evolving, and who are you targeting<br />

for the future?<br />

Within the European continent the<br />

major focus markets are Spain and<br />

Germany, as since the start of direct<br />

flights with Air Europe, tourism from<br />

both countries has risen.<br />

One of the pillars on which Paraguay<br />

is focusing is the development of<br />

the meeting industry, on which the<br />

National Secretariat of Tourism<br />

is working closely with the private<br />

sector.<br />

What are the main USPs of Paraguay<br />

when it comes to tourism?<br />

Paraguay offers tourists an authentic<br />

experience. Around main pillars such<br />

as nature, culture and gastronomy,<br />

as well as our shopping facilities,<br />

we hope that tourists fall for the<br />

authenticity of the country, making<br />

the visitors take home a portion of<br />

the Guaraní spirit, triggering the urge<br />

to come back. Paraguayans carry the<br />

pulse of hospitality - it’s for a reason<br />

that they call us the Heart of South<br />

America<br />

Hall 23b / Stand 202<br />

Alejandro Castro,<br />

Chief Marketing Director of the Costa Rica Tourism Institute (ICT) and<br />

Mauricio Ventura,<br />

Tourism Minister of Costa Rica<br />

Costa Rica:<br />

Sustainable and<br />

Diverse, 365 <strong>Day</strong>s<br />

of the Year<br />

Central American destination<br />

pioneers ecotourism as a route to<br />

social progress<br />

In the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development,<br />

Costa Rica is setting new standards for tourism<br />

founded on environmental and social sustainability.<br />

Indeed, the Central American nation recently<br />

won a UNWTO Award for Innovation based on a<br />

Social Progress Index measuring the well-being of<br />

individuals living in tourism destinations.<br />

In this vein, Mauricio Ventura,<br />

Tourism Minister of Costa<br />

Rica, and Alejandro Castro,<br />

Chief Marketing Director of<br />

the Costa Rica Tourism<br />

Institute (ICT), delivered a<br />

press conference at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

on ‘Costa Rica - sustainable<br />

and diverse 365 days a year’.<br />

“This is part of our DNA,”<br />

Castro told <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong>,<br />

adding that Costa Rica was<br />

arguably the world’s first<br />

destinations to build a travel<br />

industry around ecotourism.<br />

With Costa Rica’s updated<br />

Sustainability Certification<br />

Program (CST) 2.0, Castro<br />

said that “visitors can be<br />

completely confident that<br />

they are going to a property<br />

that benefits the environment,<br />

society, and the economy.”<br />

Protecting the environment is<br />

fundamental in what Castro<br />

called “a very concentrated<br />

destination” that includes<br />

around 5% of the world’s<br />

biodiversity. “We also have<br />

a lot of cultures that are<br />

merged in this country,” he<br />

added. “Having all sorts of<br />

environments and cultures<br />

and different tastes allows<br />

tourists to experience many<br />

things within the same<br />

destination. You can visit an<br />

active volcano, have a mud<br />

bath, hot springs and then<br />

relax at the beach.”<br />

It’s no wonder that Costa<br />

Rica boasts one of the<br />

highest average stays in the<br />

world at 13.1 days – among<br />

European source markets it’s<br />

even higher, with a 17 day<br />

average<br />

Hall 22 / Stand 211<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017

24 REGION<br />


Petra Cruz<br />

Director of Dominican Republic’s Tourism<br />

Ministry for Europe<br />

Dominican<br />

Republic Drives<br />

Sustainability<br />

Jamaica to<br />

Host UNWTO<br />

Conference<br />

on Sustainable<br />

Tourism<br />

Petra Cruz is the director of Dominican Republic’s Tourism Ministry<br />

for Europe and is at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> to promote the Caribbean Island’s<br />

commitment to this year’s sustainability and eco-tourism theme.<br />

She started off by telling <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>News</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> about the Dominican<br />

Republic’s rich natural heritage.<br />

Edmund<br />

Bartlett<br />

Jamaica’s Minister of<br />

Tourism<br />

At <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> we are presenting the<br />

diversity of our wonderful Caribbean<br />

Island. The main focus in the<br />

International Year of Sustainable<br />

Tourism for Development will be<br />

on sustainability and eco-tourism.<br />

The Dominican Republic offers<br />

extreme contrasts with tropical<br />

forests, mountains, waterfalls, varied<br />

vegetation, intriguing history and rich<br />

culture. The beauty of our country<br />

has been protected in the form of<br />

30 national parks, reserves, marine<br />

sanctuaries and many other resorts<br />

that focus on maintaining a healthy<br />

relationship with the country’s natural<br />

ecosystems.<br />

This year we have two special<br />

presentations on Friday, March 10,<br />

concerning these sustainability<br />

topics from Fabian Ritter, a biologist<br />

and member of Whale and Dolphin<br />

Conservation, and Elmar Mai, a<br />

biologist and journalist. Among<br />

other things, they will showcase the<br />

northeast Samaná peninsula, where<br />

the highlight is the whale watching<br />

season - every year between January<br />

and March, up to 5,000 humpback<br />

whales migrate to Samaná bay in<br />

order to mate and give birth to their<br />

calves.<br />

How is the broader Dominican<br />

Republic travel market performing?<br />

The Dominican Republic is the<br />

number one long-haul destination<br />

in the Caribbean region. Nearly six<br />

million tourists visited the Caribbean<br />

island in 2016, which is 6.4 percent<br />

more than the previous year - the<br />

revenue generated by tourism in 2016<br />

amounted to more than six billion<br />

euros. Moreover, 55 hotel projects<br />

have been realised in the past three<br />

years.<br />

The guest number increase is, among<br />

other things, due to our expanding<br />

tourism offer and infrastructure<br />

expansion. For example, thanks<br />

to the new Boulevard del Atlántico<br />

highway on the Samaná peninsula in<br />

the northeast of the island, the most<br />

important places are connected: Santa<br />

Bárbara de Samaná, Las Terrenas, El<br />

Limón and Las Galeras.<br />

Meanwhile, the new cruise terminal<br />

Amber Cove in Puerto Plata, which<br />

opened at the end of 2015, ensured<br />

the arrival of 121 cruise ships. And<br />

due to the strong demand for luxury<br />

holidays, many new hotels are<br />

opening and being built. For instance,<br />

the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Santo<br />

Domingo will open in late 2017 with<br />

400 luxurious hotel rooms<br />

Hall 22b / Stand 209<br />

In November 2017 Jamaica will be at the centre of public<br />

debate about change and development in the tourism<br />

industry. Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund<br />

Bartlett, is proud to host the UNWTO, Government of<br />

Jamaica and World Bank Group Global Conference on<br />

Jobs and Inclusive Growth: Partnerships for Sustainable<br />

Tourism for Development. The conference will be part of<br />

the UNWTO’s “International Year of Sustainable Tourism<br />

for Development”.<br />

Secretary General of the UNWTO, Taleb Rifai shared that<br />

the conference will kick-start discussions to create on-the<br />

ground activities to develop tourism across the globe from<br />

such partnerships. “We keep talking about the need for<br />

public-private partnerships, but we fail to translate that<br />

on the ground in any effective manner. Minister Bartlett<br />

together with Ibrahim Osta,‎ Chief of Party for Building<br />

Economic Sustainability through Tourism at Chemonics<br />

International, will together cooperate in making and<br />

designing this very important meeting in Jamaica towards<br />

the end of this year,” said Secretary General Rifai.<br />

Hon. Edmund Bartlett added, “We look forward to<br />

showcasing our destination but more so within the<br />

context of sustainability and the building of public-private<br />

partnerships. The event is of great historical importance<br />

because it signals the first time that the UNWTO will stage<br />

a world conference on tourism in the Caribbean or the<br />

Americas overall.”<br />

The event will be staged from November 27 to 29 at the<br />

Montego Bay Convention Centre, St. James<br />

Hall 22a / Stand 102<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />



REGION<br />

25<br />

Joëlle Desir<br />

Director General,<br />

Martinique Tourism Committee<br />

Austin’s New<br />

Hotels Feed<br />

Convention Zone<br />

Martinique’s New<br />

Direct Flights From<br />

Munich<br />

From surfing to rum, the French Caribbean<br />

island now more tempting than ever<br />

Speaking to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong>, Joëlle Desir, Director<br />

General, Martinique Tourism Committee, explained<br />

how her team and representatives of the Chamber<br />

Of Commerce are using their presence at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

2017 to spread the word about Martinique:<br />

“We are an island full<br />

of different qualities –<br />

authenticity, nature, beaches,<br />

culture, people, gastronomy<br />

– and we are at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

to contact TO & TAs, and<br />

mainly to tell the industry<br />

that we have a new direct<br />

Condor flight from Munich to<br />

Fort-de France. This means<br />

Germans will no longer<br />

have to connect via France.<br />

It is important to stress the<br />

increasing accessibility of<br />

our island – especially as we<br />

know Martinique’s varied<br />

appeal is full of exactly what<br />

the average German likes in<br />

a holiday - two weeks, with<br />

adventure and nature and<br />

sunshine.<br />

How would you describe<br />

Martinique’s USP?<br />

What differentiates us from<br />

the other Caribbean islands<br />

is our authenticity – we have<br />

kept our real identity, our<br />

culture and flavour. It is a<br />

French island, so you have<br />

this mix of cultures, and the<br />

French Touch extends to<br />

our gastronomy: we have<br />

the local root vegetable,<br />

the yam, but cooked with<br />

French gourmet flair. Across<br />

the other islands, the food<br />

is usually the same, but on<br />

Martinique it is different. The<br />

French influence also means<br />

our security is very strong. It<br />

is an island full of beautiful<br />

nature, but also appealing for<br />

sport and adventure tourism.<br />

We host a major international<br />

surfing competition – the<br />

Martinique Surf Pro, in April.<br />

What kind of accommodation<br />

is on offer?<br />

We have a range of<br />

accommodation options; we<br />

have small boutique hotels,<br />

Club Med, and larger luxury<br />

hotels, but we don’t have the<br />

really big all-inclusive hotels<br />

like the Dominican Republic<br />

– we want our guests to go<br />

out of the hotel and meet real<br />

authentic people, to sample<br />

the island in person, to eat<br />

fish with the locals, and visit<br />

our distillery making the best<br />

rum in the world!<br />

Hall 22a / Stand 125<br />

While Austin, Texas is a city known<br />

for its music and nightlife, city<br />

officials are doing everything they<br />

can to make the city a great place<br />

for meetings and conventions.<br />

According to Julie Chase, VP &<br />

CMO of the Austin Convention and<br />

Visitors Bureau, a large number<br />

of new upscale hotel properties<br />

are feeding a buzzing central<br />

convention and business zone.<br />

“The entire area around the hotels<br />

is being transformed into what we<br />

are calling the innovation zone<br />

downtown”, she says. For instance,<br />

IHG opened a joint project in Austin<br />

in 2016 with the new Indigo hotel<br />

on Red River Street on one side,<br />

and the Holiday Inn Express on the<br />

other.<br />

In this vein, the Archer Hotel is<br />

a “Texas chic” property located<br />

in northwest Austin at Domain<br />

Northside, the exciting final phase<br />

of this fashion, dining, and nightlife<br />

destination. It joins several other<br />

high-end hotels in the area. Archer<br />

Hotel. In addition, the Fairmont,<br />

opening in September 2017, will be<br />

the biggest hotel in Austin, with a<br />

bridge connecting the property to<br />

the convention center. The Hilton<br />

will also have a direct connection<br />

via bridge, while Marriott will be<br />

opening a new hotel in the same<br />

zone. The Four Seasons Hotel for<br />

its part is going through a full refit.<br />

Meanwhile, Condor has announced<br />

it will renew direct summer flights<br />

from Frankfurt to Austin in 2017,<br />

extending its offer by two months<br />

– this time beginning in May,<br />

as opposed to June, and ending<br />

October rather than September. A<br />

new terminal is also due to open<br />

at Austin Bergstrom airport. “The<br />

airport itself is very different from<br />

others in the US, as live music has<br />

been a distinguishing feature there<br />

ever since the ‘Music in the Air’<br />

programme was launched in 1999,<br />

just after the airport opened,” says<br />

Chase, adding that what started as<br />

two performances per week has<br />

grown to 23 shows weekly in six<br />

different venues throughout the<br />

airport<br />

Hall 3.1 / Stand 211<br />

HOTEL ROOMS IN AUSTIN (estimated projections)<br />

2016 2017 2018 2019<br />

Downtown 8,568 10,359 10,763 11,725<br />

Citywide 37,041 37,041 37,445 38,407<br />

Real Texas barbecue<br />

served at the legendary Ironworks<br />

adds to the Austin experience.<br />

© Cleverdis<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017

26 REGION<br />


Miami Goes the<br />

Whole Nine Yards<br />

New hotels, new air routes, new<br />

cruise terminal… the U.S. tourism<br />

Mecca is booming<br />

The big story is more hotel product. We<br />

continue to evolve as a global luxury<br />

destination. We now have a thing<br />

called, “Miami First”. So, whether it’s<br />

the new East Hotel in downtown Miami<br />

– the first East Hotel outside of Asia, or<br />

the Faena on Miami Beach – the first<br />

Faena product outside of Argentina,<br />

or the first Atton hotel outside of South<br />

America – in the Brickell (downtown)<br />

district, there are new properties at all<br />

price points all over Miami.<br />

Almost every other month we are<br />

opening new direct air services.<br />

Miami’s is the only airport in the United<br />

States now served by more than 100<br />

airlines - up to 109 at the moment.<br />

In the past year, MIA welcomed six<br />

new international nonstop routes:<br />

Bimini, Bahamas; Cologne, Germany;<br />

Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway;<br />

Paramaribo, Suriname; and Varadero,<br />

Bill Talbert<br />

CEO, Greater Miami Convention<br />

and Visitors Bureau<br />

With the Super Bowl due to be played in Miami in 2020, tourism<br />

infrastructure is set to go the whole nine yards as well! We asked<br />

Bill Talbert, CEO of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors<br />

Bureau what’s new in this respect…<br />

Cuba. Future flights include Wow air<br />

– April 5th (from Reykjavik) and Aer<br />

Lingus – (from Dublin -launching<br />

September 1, 2017).<br />

Meanwhile, at the end of 2017, the<br />

Brightline high speed rail connector<br />

will open its first link – Miami via Fort<br />

Lauderdale to Palm Beach. The service<br />

will ultimately connect Miami and<br />

Orlando.<br />

What’s happening in the cruise sector?<br />

We’re still, and always will be the<br />

“Cruise Capital of the World”. <strong>News</strong> here<br />

is that Royal Caribbean cruise lines is<br />

just embarking upon construction of a<br />

new US$250m terminal in Port Miami,<br />

that will be home to their newer and<br />

larger ships<br />

Hall 3.1 / Stand 305<br />

Downtown Miami... on the sea too!<br />

Savannah, Georgia<br />

Goes Multilingual<br />

A new tourism app has made this<br />

Southern city even more welcoming<br />

Savannah, Georgia already<br />

has a reputation as one<br />

of the “world’s top ten<br />

friendliest cities” (according<br />

to ‘Conde Nast Traveler’) but<br />

now the city is extending its<br />

Southern charm to visitors’<br />

pockets, with the arrival of<br />

the ‘Savannah Experiences’<br />

mobile app. Produced by<br />

local developer Tour Buddy<br />

Apps and built on the<br />

Tour Buddy platform, the<br />

application includes points<br />

of interest, maps and audio<br />

tours presented in Spanish,<br />

German, French, Italian,<br />

Portuguese, Chinese and<br />

Japanese. Approximately<br />

10% of Savannah’s 13.7<br />

million visitors each year<br />

are from outside the U.S.<br />

and Joseph Marinelli,<br />

President, Visit Savannah<br />

says it was important<br />

to make the destination<br />

accessible to this audience.<br />

“With Savannah’s rising<br />

popularity domestically and<br />

internationally, plus the<br />

growth at SCAD (Savannah<br />

College of Art And Design)<br />

and the Georgia Ports, we<br />

see more foreign travellers<br />

to our city than ever before.<br />

Providing tools like these<br />

only helps to make their<br />

experience the very best<br />

that it can be.”<br />

Savannah’s attractions<br />

range from beautiful historic<br />

parks and picturesque<br />

beaches to delicious local<br />

food and kid friendly<br />

museums; the GPS-enabled<br />

app guides visitors to their<br />

nearest chosen experience,<br />

and gives relevant<br />

information in seven foreign<br />

languages. There are also<br />

specialized sections on Civil<br />

War and the city’s design<br />

history. Visit Savannah also<br />

has dedicated webpages<br />

in the same languages<br />

on their website; visitors<br />

to these pages can read<br />

about Savannah’s lodging,<br />

restaurants and tours in<br />

their language, as well<br />

as see a list of some of<br />

the area’s most popular<br />

attractions<br />

Hall 3.1 / Stand 331<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />



REGION<br />

27<br />

Georgia on my Mind<br />

U.S. state makes list of National<br />

Geographic Traveler’s “Best of the World”<br />

Destinations for 2017<br />

© Jeff Clark<br />

© Georgia Tourism Travel<br />

Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Tourism<br />

division announced today that Georgia has been selected<br />

as one of National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s 21 “Best<br />

of the World” Destinations for 2017. The highly-coveted<br />

annual list was featured in the January 2017 issue of the<br />

magazine, which put the spotlight on Georgia’s rich music<br />

and live music heritage.<br />

It was perhaps no coincidence<br />

that Georgia Tourism proclaimed<br />

2016 the “Year of Georgia Music”<br />

and focused its marketing on<br />

the state’s rich music heritage,<br />

world-class venues and unique<br />

festivals. National Geographic<br />

Traveler took notice and called<br />

Georgia a site for great American<br />

music. A few of Georgia’s iconic<br />

music destinations noted by<br />

the magazine include Macon,<br />

Dahlonega, Athens and Atlanta.<br />

THE YEAR<br />




TO BRING<br />




AS A MUSIC<br />


“We are thrilled that National<br />

Geographic Traveler editors<br />

picked Georgia to be featured<br />

on this highly-coveted list,”<br />

said Kevin Langston, deputy<br />

commissioner of tourism at the<br />

Georgia Department of Economic<br />

Development. “The Year of<br />

Georgia Music was a catalyst<br />

to bring greater awareness to<br />

Georgia as a music destination,<br />

and our inclusion in “Best in<br />

the World” as a site for great<br />

American music will surely attract<br />

even more visitors from around<br />

the globe.”<br />

According to National Geographic<br />

Traveler, the selection process<br />

for the sixth annual list was<br />

competitive and involved<br />

nominations from National<br />

Geographic Traveler’s worldwide<br />

network of editors, writers, and<br />

explorers. The destinations<br />

were all chosen by the Traveler<br />

editors and fall into one of three<br />

categories – Cities, Nature, or<br />

Culture. The list includes other<br />

notable travel destinations<br />

including Finland, Cloud Forests<br />

in Ecuador, Moscow and Madrid.<br />

For trade show visitors looking to<br />

connect with the Georgia Tourism,<br />

look out for its booth in hall 15.1,<br />

stand 103<br />

Hall 15.1 / Stand 103<br />

A Year To Remember<br />

For North Carolina<br />

Muscle cars, celestial events,<br />

anniversaries and PGA Golf – the Old<br />

North State has a busy 2017 planned<br />

As a destination, North Carolina already successfully<br />

leverages its culture, mountains, beaches, forests and<br />

cities to make tourism one of its largest industries. In 2015,<br />

domestic travellers spent a record $21.9billion across the<br />

state, a 3% increase over 2014. 54.6 million people visited<br />

North Carolina in 2015, which sees it ranked sixth, nationally,<br />

in visitation. The Southern state – known affectionately as<br />

The Old North State – can expect an upsurge this year as it<br />

has a range of events and special occasions in 2017.<br />

The world’s first museum solely<br />

dedicated to the classic Ford<br />

Mustang car is due to open in<br />

Concord this Autumn, a fitting<br />

attraction for the state that<br />

is nicknamed the Home Of<br />

NASCAR thanks to Charlotte<br />

Motor Speedway. Before that, a<br />

solar eclipse will reach totality<br />

over the Great Smoky Mountains<br />

on August 21. Both events<br />

could provide a significant pull<br />

for tourists new to the state,<br />

likewise the return of the PGA<br />

Championship to North Carolina<br />

in the summer for the third time<br />

in its 101 year history.<br />

An eclectic mix of anniversaries<br />

also align in 2017, including:<br />

40 years of the legendary<br />

hiking route, the Mountains-<br />

To-Sea Trail; 200 years of<br />

Bald Head Island Lighthouse<br />

– ‘Old Baldy’ the state’s oldest<br />

standing lighthouse; 50 years<br />

of the Baldwin-Reynolds House<br />

Museum Of American Art,<br />

which houses one of the finest<br />

collections of art in the country;<br />

and 30 years since the cult film<br />

‘Dirty Dancing’ made Lake Lure<br />

an iconic movie location. Events<br />

commemorating each of these<br />

will also boost inbound tourism<br />

from a range of sectors. Another<br />

major attraction celebrating<br />

North Carolina’s rich heritage<br />

is due to open Memorial <strong>Day</strong><br />

weekend – the H2OBX Waterpark<br />

near Kitty Hawk will be the<br />

largest commercial attraction on<br />

the Outer Banks and is themed to<br />

recognise the impact of aviation<br />

pioneers the Wright Brothers, on<br />

the site where they successfully<br />

flew the first aeroplane in 1903.<br />

This perfect storm of eyecatching<br />

attractions and events<br />

will, tourism agency Visit North<br />

Carolina hopes, deliver another<br />

record-breaking year for<br />

tourism.<br />

Hall 3.1 / Stand 331<br />

People on the Trail<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017


Hall 12 / Stand 101<br />

©Tourismusverband Elbe-Elster-Land e.V. (Huschga)<br />




Northeast Germany’s Brandenburg<br />

region recorded a record result in 2016<br />

with nearly 12.9 million overnight<br />

stays, an increase of 2.9% compared<br />

to the previous year. “This is a<br />

great result,” said Albrecht Gerber,<br />

Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic<br />

Affairs. “It proves that Brandenburg is<br />

becoming increasingly attractive as a<br />

tourist destination thanks to modern<br />

infrastructure, sustainable offers and<br />

the hard work of all stakeholders.” This<br />

is despite some uncertainty regarding<br />

security in this and other German<br />

regions in 2016.<br />

According to a 2016 Brandenburg<br />

tourism survey by market and<br />

consumer research organization, GfK,<br />

69 percent of the guests questioned<br />

rated their Brandenburg stay “very<br />

good”, an increase of 3%. Half of the<br />

guests said they would “definitely come<br />

back” (+2 percent). And 72 percent will<br />

definitely recommend their holiday in<br />

the Brandenburg region (+3%).<br />

Within Brandenburg, the fertile<br />

waterways of the Elbe-Elsterland<br />

(+9.5%), the Spreewald (+9.2%) and the<br />

Dahme-Seenland (+7.9%) recorded the<br />

strongest growth in visitor numbers,<br />

while Spreewald (+8.7%) also recorded<br />

one of the highest rises in overnight<br />

stays<br />

Spotlight on Brandenburg<br />

Potsdam: high culture and history less than an<br />

hour from <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

The multi-faceted tourism potential of the lush,<br />

lake-dotted plains of the Brandenburg region<br />

surrounding <strong>Berlin</strong> is taking centre stage<br />

within the extensive Germany destinations<br />

stand at <strong>ITB</strong>. The jewel of the region is the<br />

city of Potsdam, home of Frederick the<br />

Great’s Sanssouci Palace and the surrounding<br />

manicured parks that contain several royal<br />

palaces and monuments.<br />

Within Potsdam, an exhibition at Babelsberg<br />

Palace from late April to mid-October<br />

2017 will celebrate the landscape architect<br />

and garden designer Prince Pückler, who<br />

designed the stunning parks of Babelsberg in<br />

accordance with classical English landscaped<br />

gardens. Babelsberg Palace will open its<br />

still unrenovated interiors, affording visitors<br />

fascinating views through the large windows<br />

onto the restored terraces, Babelsberg Park<br />

and Potsdam’s park landscape.<br />

Regina Zibell, head of International Media<br />

Relations for Brandenburg Tourism Marketing,<br />

told <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong> that Potsdam’s proximity<br />

to <strong>Berlin</strong> make it highly accessible. “The best<br />

thing is it can be reached within 40 minutes<br />




AT <strong>ITB</strong><br />

The Ottobock Science<br />

Center <strong>Berlin</strong> has been<br />

present for several years at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> generating huge<br />

interest from trade visitors.<br />

The center is consequently<br />

present again at the <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

/ Brandenburg Exhibition<br />

stand- organised jointly<br />

with the visit<strong>Berlin</strong><br />

tourism web portal.<br />

This year, the message<br />

is about accessibility in<br />

life with an exhibition<br />

“Discover what moves us”<br />

in the centre located in<br />

the vicinity of Potsdamer<br />

Platz. “Accessibility is a<br />

subject which demands<br />

more attention and public<br />

awareness”, explains<br />

Elisabeth Quack, Director<br />

of the Science Center<br />

NEW 270° SPATIAL<br />




Success has been huge<br />

for the Brandenburg Gate<br />

Museum, a multimedia<br />

show which is like a<br />

time-trip over 300 years<br />

in <strong>Berlin</strong>. Next to the<br />

360° multimedia movie<br />

plunging visitors into<br />

the eventful history of<br />

the German capital, the<br />

museum has launched its<br />

“immersive Showroom<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong>”, a 500-sqm space<br />

with the largest freely<br />

programmable fixed<br />

installation of media<br />

technology in Germany.<br />

The unique presentation<br />

system with cuttingedge<br />

technology converts<br />

individual presentations<br />

and image films into an<br />

impressive 270° spatial<br />

experience<br />

from <strong>Berlin</strong>, or 20 minutes by regional train,”<br />

she said. “It’s ideal for a day-trip from <strong>Berlin</strong>,<br />

but of course we would love you to stay longer.”<br />

Potsdam is also home to another Brandenburg<br />

Gate which is three years older than its <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

counterpart; while the city known as <strong>Berlin</strong>’s<br />

‘posher sister’ provides a panorama of culture<br />

and history where vistors can take a break<br />

from the high energy of <strong>Berlin</strong><br />



WITH IGA 2017<br />

From 13 th April to 15th<br />

October 2017, <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

will play host to the<br />

International Garden<br />

Exhibition (IGA) - the<br />

largest garden festival in<br />

Germany. It will be the first<br />

IGA hosted in <strong>Berlin</strong> as<br />

the capital city of a unified<br />

Germany. The massive<br />

park east of town - in<br />

the district of Marzahn-<br />

Hellersdorf - expects to<br />

welcome over two million<br />

guests both from Germany<br />

and Europe. Visitors will<br />

stroll through landscapes<br />

representing the world’s<br />

biodiversity and art of<br />

gardens<br />

© SINAI Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />


© Thomas Keller<br />


WHERE<br />

TO GO<br />

IN<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong><br />


Barberini Museum – Rococo Casket<br />

for Modern Art Treasures<br />

Last January, Potsdam enjoyed a kind of architectural miracle with the return of the 1771-1772<br />

rococo Palace Barberini, destroyed during World War II. Carefully reconstructed, the elegant<br />

castle is now home to the Barberini Museum, which programs exhibitions of modern art, as<br />

highlighted by Ortrud Wetheider, the Museum director. We asked her to tell us a little more<br />

about the museum.<br />

Ortrud Wetheider<br />

Director, Barberini Museum<br />

A new cultural institution is born in Potsdam with<br />

the opening of Museum Barberini, hosted in the<br />

reconstructed Palais Barberini, built in 1771/1772 in<br />

Potsdam historic centre. Visitors will find three temporary<br />

exhibitions from Old Masters to contemporary art with a<br />

focus on impressionism, coming mostly from the collection<br />

of Hasso Plattner, the museum’s founder and patron. The<br />

temporary exhibitions are enriched by major loans from<br />

international museums and private collections.<br />

People visiting <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> rarely think of including a tour<br />

to Potsdam. Why should they change their mind?<br />

Because, even if they may already know Potsdam with<br />

its castles and gardens there is now a brand new cultural<br />

attraction where world class art is expecting visitors.<br />

What about your current exhibitions?<br />

The Impressionism exhibition: The Art of Landscape<br />

running from January 23 to May 28, 2017 shows for<br />

the first time works of artists such as Claude Monet,<br />

Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Gustave Caillebotte mostly<br />

coming from private collections.<br />

The Museum displays some very interesting art pieces<br />

from the former East Germany.<br />

We are proud at Museum Barberini to own paintings from<br />

the former East Germany. With our museum opening,<br />

two galleries are dedicated to works from many artists<br />

from the former GDR such as Bernhard Heisig, Stefan<br />

Plenkers or Wolfgang Mattheuer. Its bronze sculpture<br />

Century Step found a permanent home in the garden of<br />

the Museum Barberini. The Museum Barberini will in fact<br />

showing Behind the Mask: Artists in the GDR in the fall<br />

of 2017 which will present highlights of that collection.<br />

Who should come to visit your museum?<br />

The spectacular reconstruction of the historic building<br />

in its original dimensions and by using traditional<br />

techniques for the sandstone facade is an amazing effort<br />

of Potsdam city to recreate its lost city centre. Combined<br />

with the outstanding artworks of the opening exhibition,<br />

this makes a perfect short trip to Potsdam after a busy<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> show!<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017

30<br />

Hospitality<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GO<br />

IN<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong><br />


Sleep like the Stars<br />

Live like a film star is how the 4* Hollywood Hotel<br />

introduces itself. The hotel’s main connection to<br />

the silver screen is its owner, Artur Brauner –<br />

the renowned Polish film producer. The hotel<br />

is located on Kurfürstendamm, <strong>Berlin</strong>’s answer<br />

to the Champs-Élysées, and is the first hotel in<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> to describe itself as a movie hotel.<br />

Hollywood Media Hotel<br />

Kurfürstendamm 202, 10719 <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

Tel: +49 30 889 10-0<br />

Fax: +49 30 889 10-280<br />

info@fi lmhotel.de<br />

Metro: S Savignyplatz S5 S7 S75 S9<br />

Restaurants<br />



In the ‘fabrics’ restaurant at the nhow hotel,<br />

star designer Karim Rashid’s digipop design<br />

meets a contemporary international cuisine.<br />

This culmination of creativity is a feast for the<br />

eyes and a culinary delight for the senses. The<br />

restaurant offers a spectacular view of the Spree<br />

River and the Oberbaum bridge.<br />

Chef Christian Drewitsch has been at the nhow<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> since 2010, and concocts a blend of<br />

French and German cuisine, insisting on the<br />

freshest produce. Food also becomers a veritable<br />

experience with molecular cuisine – producing<br />

“hot & cold” effects! A special highlight is the<br />

monthly “rock and roll” menu. For €45 including<br />

wines the guest receives an unusual combination<br />

of German and French haute cuisine in the spirit<br />

of the nhow <strong>Berlin</strong>.<br />

Fabrics restaurant<br />

Stralauer Allee 3, <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

Tel: +49 (0)30 290 299 0<br />

www.nhow-berlin.com/en/<br />

Metro: S+U Warschauer Str. S5, S7, S75, U1<br />

Tram: M10<br />

Clubs<br />

E4 CLUB<br />

In the centre of <strong>Berlin</strong>’s nightlife, with an unique<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> Club scene atmosphere, the E4 Club<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> offers an unforgettable club experience<br />

for every party guest! Every weekend, thousands<br />

of party people meet at E4 Club and dance until<br />

the sun rises with a beautiful view over <strong>Berlin</strong>.<br />

Characterized with the typical <strong>Berlin</strong> Club Sound,<br />

every party guest will enjoy the night!<br />

Every Friday & Saturday, doors open 11 pm.<br />

E4 <strong>Berlin</strong> Nightclub<br />

Eichhornstrasse 4, 10785 <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

Directly at Potsdamer Platz<br />

Information & Reservation<br />

Tel: +49 (0)176 6172 2602<br />

jw@e4-berlin.de<br />

Museums & Exhibitions<br />




Friedrich Kiesler (1890 – 1965), later Frederick<br />

Kiesler, was an architect, artist, designer, set<br />

designer and theoretician. The idea of the total<br />

art work was characteristic for his work and<br />

to this day inspires artists in all genres. Kiesler<br />

questioned common categories and gave them<br />

new content.<br />

Thus, he created a cinema where the ceiling<br />

was also part of the projection surface, an office<br />

with a floating desk and ergonomic seating. His<br />

electro-mechanical set that he designed for<br />

Karel Čapek’s play W.U.R. delighted the <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

avant-garde – including Hans Richter, Theo<br />

van Doesburg, László Moholy-Nagy and El<br />

Lissitzky.<br />

The focus of the exhibition is on Kiesler’s<br />

transdisciplinary creative work in painting<br />

and sculpture, architecture and design, theatre<br />

and film and in the theoretical discussion.<br />

His vision of an interaction between work of<br />

art, room and viewer become visible in his<br />

revolutionary exhibition concepts, including<br />

one that he designed for Peggy Guggenheim’s<br />

Surrealist Gallery.<br />

Friedrich Kiesler with his model for an “Endless<br />

House”, New York 1959<br />

11 March 2017 – 11 June 2017<br />

Wed-Mon: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm<br />

Online-Tickets: www.gropiusbau.de/tickets<br />

Martin-Gropius-Bau<br />

Niederkirchnerstraße7<br />

10963 <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

Tel : +49 30 254 86-0<br />

www.gropiusbau.de<br />

Metro: U & S Potsdamer Platz U2 S1 S2 S25<br />

© The Irving Penn Foundation, Condé Nast Publications, Inc.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • Friday 10 th March 2017<br />


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