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a runaway kid who is hardly ten years If Kishan is on the verge of leaving the Adult Sadhus, who have camped at the<br />

Lost & found camp<br />

It is the faith-shattering bureau of “Lost<br />


At the “Lost & Found Centre” we came<br />

Bhole baba & shuklaji<br />

40 year old, is a pilgrim. He spends time<br />

old. He is here for a different reason: It’s<br />

world and entering into ascetic existence,<br />

Agni Akhada to do Satsang and Bhajan;<br />

& Found People” that truly puts all our<br />

across parents Mamta Devi and Sonu<br />

visiting temples and meeting great minds.<br />

his time to make money! Or to become<br />

then Baba’s destiny is pulling him into<br />

their spiritual discourses and discussions<br />

beliefs in question. Here people keep<br />

who have lost their three-year-old son<br />

He loves sharing a “Chillum” – smoking<br />

somebody? He befriends a milkman, a<br />

the world. A wandering hermit, he had<br />

go on through day and night amidst the<br />

pouring in, day and night, to look for<br />

SANDEEP. We keep following them as they<br />

of sacred marijuana in earthen pipe.<br />

policeman and a couple of Sadhus. He<br />

renounced the world long time ago.<br />

Ganja smoke-clouds!<br />

their loved ones who are lost among<br />

search for their missing son. After about<br />

He believes that Bob Marley could have<br />

says he is an orphan. Is he really an<br />

But his destiny changed one day when<br />

the millions of people. About seventy<br />

three or four nights, the mother breaks<br />

been a Sadhu. He also thinks Babas and<br />

orphan? Where is his home? Does he<br />

he discovered a new born baby at the<br />

thousand loudspeakers are linked to this<br />

down. Father loses all hope. They’ve not<br />

Sadhus are adapting to modern time.<br />

not fear the massive crowds? Ultimately,<br />

doorsteps of his hut. He first searched<br />

bureau announcing the names of missing<br />

been eating and sleeping since more than<br />

That’s why now there are Sadhus called;<br />

Kishan thinks he would like to become a<br />

for the baby boy’s parents but as no one<br />

persons around the clock.<br />

a week… will they find their son? Is it God<br />

Pilot Baba, iPad Baba, Visa Baba and even<br />

Sadhu or a Sinner like a Don in Mumbai’s<br />

showed up to claim the boy; Baba was<br />

who is testing them? Will there be happy<br />

Obama Baba!<br />

Mafia. So we follow him around to witness<br />

obliged to take the role of baby’s father<br />

reunion? Or would their son become part<br />

what would be his final decision - to<br />

and mother. Three years since, Baba is<br />

of those five percent of people who are<br />

become a Mafia Don or Sadhu?<br />

being pulled into the worldly life as he<br />

never found!<br />

nourishes the baby. He is being forced to<br />

learn the ropes of modern Indian society;<br />

child care, education, career.

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