Imprint September 2016


September September 2016 2016

Big Camp 2017

Recalibrate (January 6-14)

It’s happening soon and I know you can’t wait to be


Amazing speakers, good food, fun, friends, the fair day,

the beautiful Alpine village and most of all your special

time with God is waiting for you.

Once again all of our departmental leaders have prepared

an awesome program for young and old.

You can also be part of the first ever SNSW Billy Kart Derby

with racing catagories for all ages.

We can’t wait to see you there and we know you won’t be

disappointed to experience Big Camp 2017.

Don’t miss out! Apply online or fill out the form inside.

- Pr. Mike Faber (SNSW Conference President)

Camp Information

Please Note the following

Imprint is sent via the post so it is received in

every church on the same Sabbath. No church has

an advantage over another, regardless of whether

they are closer to or further away from the Conference

Office. If you would like to book chalet or dormitory

accommodation your application needs to reach the

office by October 14. All applications will be considered

on an “as needs basis”. You will be promptly notified if

you have been successful/unsuccessful so you can plan

for camp accordingly.

• All applications need to be submitted by November

28 in order to give sufficient time for catering,

site and activity preparation. Attendance numbers

are needed for Division leaders to order supplies for

crafts and activities prior to companies closing for the

Christmas break.

• Attendance numbers are needed to recruit

Volunteer staff in an acceptable ratio of staff to


• Office staff need preparation time for activity

passes and associated paperwork in relation to


• When planning to come to camp ensure to register

early so that events are able to be properly catered

for and everyone can participate.

• Camp is a great place where families can be led to Jesus

in a fun and relaxed environment and where we can be

and grow flourishing followers of Jesus.

• We hope you will join us for Big Camp 2017 and look

forward to receiving your application soon.


• In order to provide a safe environment for children and

families, and so everyone can be included in all activities

including the Village Fair, people must register their

intention to attend camp. Registration is obligatory

for all campers residing onsite or offsite, as well as

for day visitors.

• Offsite campers and day visitors to the camp will

be charged a camp facility fee of $20 per person at

registration. There will be no charge for children

from 0 to 5 years and there will be no charge for day

visitors attending on Sabbath.

• Onsite campers do not need to pay the additional

facility fee as the camp fee already contributes to the

use of the facilities.



Camp Set up: Camp set up occurs during the week

prior to camp and in order for staff to complete camp

set up safely and without interruption or delay, please

do not arrive before Friday, 6th January. If for some

reason this cannot be avoided, please contact the

Conference office on (02) 6249 6822.

Camp Registration: Camp registration commences

from 9.00 am on Friday 6th January. Please call at

the camp office to register and collect the registration



Camp Office: The camp office will be open from

9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily (except for Sabbaths) for all

administrative enquiries, payments, collection of

activity passes.


Offsite Campers and Day Visitors: If staying off

site or attending as a day visitor, please register prior

to Monday, 28th November, 2016, so everyone can be

included in numbers for all activities.




Dining Room: Plates and cutlery are provided for dine

in guests only. Please bring your own plates for take

away meals. Serving times are as follows:

Breakfast: 8:00 - 8:30 am, Lunch 12:30 - 1:15 pm &

Dinner 5:30 - 6:00 pm

Adventist Book Centre: The on-site book shop has

a large range of christian literature, bibles, games,

CDs, DVDs, groceries, Sanitarium products, Life Health

Foods and much more. Shop for some great bargains

or just enjoy browsing.

The Book Hour will be in the Big Tent on Sunday 8th

January at 9:30 am.

Chalet and Dormitory Accommodation: For OH&S

reasons and insurance purposes, you are requested to not

exceed the maximum number of people allowed in each

facility as listed below:

Camp Facilities


Chalet (9 bed): Maximum 9 people. Fully furnished,

two bedrooms curtained for privacy, 3 single bunks &

1 double bunk (linen not included), ensuite, kitchen

including stovetop, fridge, all kitchen utensils, TV, DVD,


For more information about upcoming

events please visit the SNSW

Conference Website or contact the us on:

(02) 6249 6822

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Associate Editor:

Luke Ferry


Camp Information







Dormitory (5 bed): Maximum 5 people. 2 bunk beds

& 1 single (linen not included), 1 shower unit, toilet,

vanity, under floor heating, bar fridge, table & chairs.

Dormitory (10 bed): Maximum 10 people. 5 bunk

beds (linen not included), 2 shower units, toilet, vanity,

kitchenette, under floor heating, bar fridge, table &


Caravans: Please include the length of your caravan

on the application form where indicated. - If you are

hiring a caravan please advise the owner that delivery/

pick up will not be accepted on Sabbath.

Tents: If you are planning to camp you are required

to bring your own tents and furnishings, there are no

Conference tents provided.

Part Week Bookings: Sorry, no part week bookings

will be accepted for any facility.

Refunds: Sorry no refunds are available.(This includes

accommodation, meals and activities)


Conference App

Camp Conditions

This is a Christian camp and therefore your conduct,

dress and deportment should be in harmony with

Seventh-day Adventist principles.

We want camp to be a great experience and a safe place,

so we encourage all those onsite to observe the conditions






Child Protection: For the safety and protection of

all children at camp, it is a requirement that children

attending the Beginners/Kindy area be cared for at all

times including program times by their parent/carer/

guardian as there will not be staff provided for this

purpose. The requirement for the Primary program is

that parent/carer/guardians must sign the child in and

out of each event.

Fires: Open fires are NOT permitted on the Camp


Drug Free Zone: The Adventist Alpine Village

requires that no alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs are to

be brought on to the camp ground.

Conference leaders reserve the right to ask people who

do not abide by this regulation to leave the grounds.

Vehicle Access: Please park only in the designated

car parks as all access roads must be kept clear for

emergency vehicles.


Speed Limit: Please observe the 10 kph speed

restriction at all times throughout the camp ground.


Noise: Please be considerate of your camping

neighbours and observe quiet time from 11.00 pm -

6.00 am.



Pets: No pets are permitted on the camp ground.

Bicycles: Campers are welcome to bring push bikes

to camp, however, for your own safety BIKE HELMETS



Download the SNSW

Conference App to receive all

the latest news and updates

from Big Camp.

Big Camp 2017


Kendra Haloviak - Big Tent (Main Speaker)

Kendra Haloviak Valentine, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Biblical Studies in the H. M. S.

Richards Divinity School at La Sierra University in Riverside, California. She has served as a pastor in

Ohio, Michigan and Maryland, and taught at Adventist colleges and universities in the United States and

Australia. She completed her doctoral studies at the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley with a dissertation

on the hymns of the book of Revelation. She has authored numerous articles in her field including

“The Book of Revelation” in The Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics (Baker Academic, 2011). Recent

publications include Signs to Life: Reading and Responding to John’s Gospel (Signs Publishing, 2013),

and Worlds at War, Nations in Song: Dialogic Imagination and Moral Vision in the Hymns of the book of

Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2015).

Kendra has been teaching at La Sierra University since 2002. In 2009 she met Gil Valentine while guest

lecturing at Avondale College, near Sydney, Australia, and they were married in 2010. During the past

four years, Gil and Kendra have enjoyed becoming grandparents to Bronte and Hayden Valentine, whose

parents, Lincoln and Janine, live in New York. They are also proud of Andrew, the oldest son in the family,

who is working on a Ph.D. in economics at the University of New South Wales.

Brendan Pratt - Morning Seminar

Brendan is currently the pastor to pastors for Australia (Ministerial Association Secretary AUC). He is

married to Amanda, an author, and dad to three boys Brad, Ben and James. He has a reptile room under

his house and is nearing completion on a PhD that explores consumerism and faith development.

John Brereton - Morning Seminar

John Brereton grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, getting involved in drugs at an

early age and coming close to death on more than one occasion. God used a book! And

now John has worked in the Literature Ministry for over 30 years in more than 20 countries

and currently he is the Publishing Director for the South Pacific Division.

Steve Piez - Early Morning Worship/Concert

Steve Piez is a musician, teacher, historian, administrator and pastor. He

was born in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea and spent most of his childhood

on the shores of the Gazelle Peninusula.

On leaving school, Steve spent 12 years in the building trade. He is a

licensed plumber and has a lasting interest in self-sufficient gardening,

stonemasonry, cabinet-making and renovating 19th century cottages.

At the age of 31, Steve began theological studies and on completing

his degree became involved in Aboriginal ministry. He subsequently

completed postgraduate qualifications in education followed by a Masters

(honours) degree specialising in Australian Indigenous history and

the impact of Adventist missions in WA.

After working a number of years as the administrator of Karalundi Aboriginal

Education Centre, Steve returned to his childhood home of Lae,

Papua New Guinea, where he was employed as the national director

of Seventh-day Adventist Schools. He has now completed 10 years as

national director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries.

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Steve is also an accomplished guitarist and has a number

of recordings to his credit. He has travelled extensively

and has supported local and international artists

such as Don Burrows, Reg Lindsay, Silverchair and Status


Steve currently lives in Melbourne with his wife Kym,

and has two daughters and two sons.


Camper/Day Visitor Details:

Camp Registration Form 2017

Office Only

First Name: _____________________________ Surname: __________________________ Church: _______________ Date Received

Email: __________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Postcode: _______________________________ Phone: ________________________ Payment

Camping Preferences

Receipt No.

I would like the same site as last year: o Yes o No Site No. _______

I would like a campsite near: ____________________________________________________________

o I need a site near the amenities for: health / aged / disability / mobility reasons (please circle) Date Mailed

Are you planning to bring a boat? o Yes o No (Note: Those with boats will be allocated a site near each other)



Allocated Site

PC’Van no

Day Visitors

No. Facilities Price $ PTent no

Powered Caravan site. Max Length: 24ft $270 $ UPC’Van no

Powered Tent site $270 $

UPTent no

Unpowered Caravan site. Max Length: 24ft $180 $

Chalet no

Unpowered Tent site $180 $ 5B Dorm no

Chalet - 9 Beds $900 $ 10B Dorm no

Dorm - 10 Beds $650 $

Dorm - 5 Beds $450 $

Total: $


For offsite campers / day visitors only: (This is a contribution to go towards the costs of running camp)

A Facility fee of $20 per person applies (Children 0 - 5 are free)

Cost $20 per person (over age of 5) $

No of attendees Day Visitor cost per person Total Cost

Camp Attendees











Please record the name, age group of all adults and children, as per the age groups listed below:

Beginners: (0-2 yrs) Kindy: (3-5 yrs) Primary: (6-9 yrs) Junior: (10-12 yrs)

Teen: (13-16 yrs) Youth: (17-30 yrs) Adult:

Given Name Surname Age Group

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Camp Activities 2017

Activity Price Number Cost First Name

Activity Price Number Cost First Name

PRIMARY Active Pass (save $20) $65 $

YOUTH Activity Pass (save $20) $

Individual Activities:

Individual Activities:

• Laser Force & Movie Night (Monday) $20 $

• Sport and Rec Centre (Monday) $25 $

• Yarrangobilly Cave Trip (Tuesday) $35 $

• Go Carts (Tuesday) $20 $

• Go Karts & Jumping Castle (Wednesday) $20 $

• Adventure Games (Thursday) $10 $

• Free Time (Friday)

• Four Wheel Driving Incls Lunch (Wednesday)

- Passenger $25 $

- Driver $15 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Primary: $

• Watersports (Thursday) $30 $

JUNIOR Active Pass (save $25) $130 $

• Banquet (Thursday Evening) $25 $

Individual Activities:

• Breakfast (8 mornings) $15 $

• Go Carts (Monday) $20 $

• Laser Force & Sport & Rec (Tuesday) $25 $

• Watersports (Wednesday) $25 $

• Thredbo Day Trip (Thursday) $85 $

• Free Time (Friday) $0

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Youth: $

ADULT Activity Pass (save $15) $105 $

Individual Activities

• Sport & Rec Centre (Monday) $25 $

• Water Sports (Tuesday) $20 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Junior: $

• Laser Force (Wednesday) $20 $

TEEN Active Pass (save $25) $120 $

• Mountain Biking (Thursday) $35 $

Individual Activities:

• Watersports (Includes Lunch) (Monday) $35 $

• Water War 1 (Tuesday) $20 $

• Go Carts (Friday) $20 $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Adults:

• Sport and Rec Centre (Wednesday) $30 $

• Go Karts and Laserforce (Thursday) $35 $

• Banquet (Thursday Evening) $25 $

• Free Time (Friday)

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13) TOTAL for Teen: $

Meal Orders 2017 Page 11


Meal Orders need to be no

later than - November 28, 2016

We are unable to take meal orders during Camp


Day / Meal

Wednesday 11th January



Breakfast $10.00

No. of



Day / Meal

Friday 6th January



No. of



Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Dinner $14.00

Sabbath 7th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Sunday 8th January

Breakfast $10.00

BBQ Lunch Village Fair No. Attending (FREE)

Dinner $14.00

Monday 9th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Tuesday 10th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Thursday 12th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Friday 13th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Sabbath 14th January

Breakfast $10.00

Lunch & Dessert $16.00

Dinner $14.00

Sunday 15th January

Breakfast $10.00

Subtotal (2nd column) $

+ Subtotal (1st column) $

TOTAL for Meals $

Dinner $14.00

Subtotal (1st column) $

(Transfer TOTAL to PAYMENT OPTIONS page 13)

Self contained kitchen and eating area

Looking for a place to cook your meals at camp?

Take the opportunity to use the self contained

kitchen and dining area at the end of the dormitories.

This facility includes:

• Multiple Work stations,

• Ovens, Stoves

• Microwaves

• Fridges

• Cooking Utensils

• Indoor and Outdoor eating area

If you are able, we would encourage you to bring

your own cooking untensils so you are able to

prepare your meals.

This facility is open to everyone at Big Camp.

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SNSW Billy kart Derby 2017

Entry Form

Welcome the First SNSW Billy kart Derby! Get a group of Friends together and create your own kart from

recycled materials. categories for each age group. The team in each age group with the most points will win!!

Age Groups:

• 5-8 years

• 9-11 years

• 12-15 years

• 16-18 years

• 19 and Over

Team Name:

Points Awarded For:

• Most Creative Billy kart

• Most Creative Team Dress

• Fastest Time

Billy karts to be Constructed

Entirely of recycled


Entry Fee:


Words of advice.....

“If you have everything under control you are not moving fast enough”

- Mario Andretti - former motor racing champion

Age Group:


Contact Number:

Team Members

First Name


See over page for full terms and conditions

South New South Wales Billy kart Derby 2017

Terms and Conditions




Start 5-8

1 mtr push zone

Start 9-11

5 mtr push zone

Compulsory Jump

Start 12-15

10 mtr push zone

Start 16 +

Age Categories – Drivers-Passenger

• 5-8 years

• 9-11 years

• 12-15 years

• 16-18 years

• 19 and over


Maximum of 6 people Can on a team this can include

adults in each age category. However the Adult

must not be a Driver or passenger if they are

participating in age category below 18 years of age

Construction Materials

Must be constructed out of recycled materials, no

new parts!

Construction and Design

Construction and design may be performed by any

members of the local church for all age categories.

Billy Cart can be suitable for one occupant only or

two occupants, a driver and passenger. These can

sit in front and behind or side by side.

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• Safety is paramount

• Track length will vary for different age categories.

• Helmets must be worn by Driver and Passenger.

• Knee guards and elbow guards must be worn by

Driver and Passenger.

• Protective clothing such as long sleeves and

long trousers should be worn by Driver and


• Team members may push start Billy kart.


The course will be a pre-set down hill course adjusted

for each age category. It will consist of

straights, chicanes, jumps and berms.


Prizes are awarded to the team with the most points

in each age group category on the day.

Points are awarded for the following:

• Most creative Billy kart

• Most creative Team members dress

• Fastest time from Start to Finish

Page 12


Please Note:

• Full payment for your FACILITIES MUST accompany your application.

• The facility fee applies only to off site campers and day visitors.

My payment includes:

Page 8 TOTAL for Facilities: $

Page 8 TOTAL for Facility fee: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Primary Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Junior Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Teen Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Youth Activities: $

Page 9 TOTAL for Adult Activities: $

Send applications to:

Camp Secretary,

SDA Church (SNSW Conference)

PO Box 800

Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: 02 / 6249 6822

Fax: 02 / 6247 5059


Page 10 TOTAL for Meals: $


r Cheque enclosed [Make cheques payable to SDA Church (SNSW Conference) Ltd.]

r E-giving (

Date Paid: / /

Mark your payment Big Camp 2016. Please note: Select SNSW Conference otherwise if you select your

local church, the payment will be made into your local church account instead of the Conference account.

If you are unsure, call the Conference Office on 6249 6822.

r Credit Card: r Visa r MasterCard

Expiry: /

Name on card:


Please Note: We regret we cannot accept applications from people under 18 years of age. Any person under the

age of 18 must be supervised by a person who is at least 21 years of age and occupying the same site or an adjacent

site for the duration of the camp. Please arrange your chaperone early before you submit your application.

q I am under 18 years of age and require a Chaperone.

Chaperone Arrangements

I nominate __________________________________________ (full name of Chaperone) as my Chaperone.

Signature of Chaperone _______________________________ Contact Phone No. ____________________


If you would like to volunteer some of your time to assist during camp, in areas such as Cleaning, Dining Room Duties,

ABC, or Departments, please indicate below.

Surname: ________________________ Given Name: _______________ Contact Phone: ________________

Area/s of Interest: ____________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Days:


Multiplying Disciple Makers

Written By Pr Glenn Townend

South Pacific Division President

(Graphics and design by Introvic team VIC. Used by permission)

If you want a large harvest you have to sow

lots of seed. Sowing little leads to a small

harvest, Harvest size is proportional to the

amount of seed sown and the nurture and

care given... Part two of our series looking at

practical ways we can share Christ

I remember the first time my Dad

allowed me to grow some radishes in

his vegetable garden. I planted them

in a row one afternoon after school.

The next afternoon I checked them,

but saw no growth. I did the same the

next afternoon but soon lost patience.

The third afternoon after planting, I

dug up a portion of the row – only to

find the seeds had little white roots

growing down into the soil. There

was change I just had not been able to

see it immediately. My Dad eventually

discovered my lack of patience!

Jesus told a parable, recorded in

Mark 4:26-29 that tells how seeds

grow all by themselves, and humans

don’t know how.

The Seed

The gospel is the powerful seed of

God that must be planted in receptive

hearts for real discipleship to

emerge. Jesus went from synagogue

to mountain field to homes, teaching

and preaching God’s message

(Matthew 9:35,36). The good news of

Jesus is the seed.

Page 14 | 15 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Jesus dealt with our issues which

inhibit our desire to live forever

(Ecclesiastes 3:11). God loves

humans and allowed His Son to

condescend and be one, to show

us God’s love in human flesh (John

1:1-4,14-18, 3:16). And Jesus not

only identified with us, He overcame

the sin that separates us from God (1

John 3:5, Hebrews 4:12). He also paid

the penalty of our evil by dying for all

human sin (Romans 5:8, Ephesians

1:7). But a dead man can’t save us

– Jesus conquered that obstacle too

(1 Corinthians 15:1-7,15-17). Now

He ministers His grace and justice

for us (Hebrews 4:16) and will one

day return to earth to restore us to

To Be and Grow Flourishing Followers of Jesus

“Just becuase we can’t see it...

Doesn’t mean change is not happening”

our original perfect and eternal state

(John 14:1-3, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-

18). Without sowing this story, this

seed, into people’s prepared hearts,

there will be no change or growth.

The supply of seed is limitless and

unlike the seed for various plants

today, there is nothing wrong with

it; it is eternal (1 Peter 1:23). Within

each seed there is an unexplainable

but majestic life-giving power which,

under the right circumstances, will

cause the seed to spring to life.

Sowing the Seed

So how do we sow the seed?

We can start by introducing small

spiritual happenings into our

conversations. ‘I went to a small

group during the week’ or ‘I went

to church on Saturday’. We can slip

into the conversation things God

has done in our lives, giving Him

credit – answers to prayer, changes

in lifestyle and attitude. Or sharing

a more detailed story at a time when

people are willing and interested - My

bike-riding friends were willing to

listen to how God changed my son’s

life – as we huffed and puffed up a


People like real-life stories. So share

a real-life story of what God is doing

in your life – it is very powerful.

Eventually people may want to take it

further - to hear how Jesus became

important in your life. The apostle

Paul told his dramatic story twice

(Acts 24:10-21, 26:2-23). Each time

he briefly told what his life was like

before Jesus (not glorifying the past),

then he told how he met Jesus (not

everyone’s ‘meeting’ is as dramatic

as his!) and then he described what

difference Jesus made to his present

told the story of how Jesus changed

his life and the whole community

came out to see Jesus the next time

He visited (Mark 5:19,20, 7:31- 8:10).

Besides sharing your personal

testimony (Revelation 12:10) the seed

is sown when we share the good news

about Jesus. This can be done by

inviting people to read the Gospels

together and then perhaps having

a short Bible study based on asking

open-ended questions. Or giving out

Bible tracts, sending the Signs of the

Times magazine to a friend, handing

out ‘Beyond’ DVDs, or through social

media, putting up posts or blogs

on your personal internet sites or

sending Bible texts by SMS to family

and friends.

Churches sow the seeds in Sabbath

School classes from babies to adults,

through Bible or Prophecy Seminars

or public evangelistic meetings. The

corporate church sows seeds through

the network of Seventh-day Adventist

Schools, Hope Channel, Adventist

World Radio and local FM stations.

These are all ways of scattering seed

which will grow and bring a change if

people’s hearts are receptive.

Cultivating the Plant

Although the plants grow all by

themselves, the farmer does keep an

eye on them. He can water, fertilize

and weed to ensure that the plants

have the best possible chance of

producing a good crop. In disciple

making we call this ‘cultivating the

plants’. People growing in Jesus

need guidance, nurture and care from

others who are on the discipleship


Often after Jesus had prepared the

soil and planted the seed in one place,

He moved onto other places to do

the same (Mark 1:36-39). However He

would then revisit the places He had

previously been to, to further nurture

and develop the people’s interest. He

would eat with them, ask questions

about their understanding of the Bible

(Mark 2:16, 14:18, Luke 7:34),

teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1-

8). But He did not make their spiritual

development dependent on His being

physically with them all the time.

Heeven challenged the disciples to

go and do what He was doing (Matthew

10 and Luke 10).

A growing disciple should be able

to put into practice what he is

discovering. Besides prayer, Bible

reading and witnessing, he can

learn to practice other spiritual disciplines,

such as giving, reflecting on

nature,dealing with temptation and

suffering and Sabbath keeping.

Cultivating people is best done

personally but small groups and

Sabbath School classes, Sabbath

lunches, picnics and church socials

are all good places where Church

people can work together to develop

other disciples. Corporately,

Adventist Schools and media can

provide cultivating resources and

experiences for people.

The Gospel is powerful – it does

change lives when sown into receptivehearts,

but every one of us needsthe

on-going cultivating that otherdisciples

of Jesus can bring to us

aswe face life’s challenges.

- Pr Glenn Townend

Rwanda Mission Report

It was my privilege to take part in the huge

Rwanda 2016 evangelistic program. When I

learned of it, it was already a month past the

registration date for speakers, but the Lord

opened doors, and by faith we went through.

I flew out via Qatar on the May 10th, and

was assigned to the northern city of Musanze

(formerly Ruhengeri). There were some 130

overseas speakers, 15 of whom were in Musanze,

and we were a small part of a huge

nationwide program, where more than 2300

evangelistic programs were run simultaneously.

Practically every church, and numerous

non-church sites, had a speaker (most of

them local members). The target was 60,000

baptisms (inflated to 100,000 in church media

by mistake!).

It was my first trip back to Rwanda since I left

in 1989. The dchanges in 27 years have been

amazing. The main language has moved from

French to English, and I no longer recognised

the capital city, Kigali. I was blessed to meet

nine of my former students while there.

Pr. Richardson baptising

We preached every evening, and also Sabbath

mornings, using power point programs

prepared in Kinyarwanda, the national language.

Most of us preached in English, translated

into Kinyarwanda.

My site was open air. It was attached to a new

“daughter” church with only 300 members,

and they didn’t have a church building yet.

The field was full of loose volcanic rocks, and

walking around could be precarious!

Every evening there were choral items, a

health talk, and the preaching service. Although

I had a bad cough the entire time I

was there, the Lord enabled me to preach

freely, though I caught up on coughing when

I was back at the hotel each night!

Group baptised by Pr. Richardson

On the last Sabbath (24th), there was a huge nationwide baptism. From my site, 41 were baptized; we joined with

several other sites in a creek on the northern edge of town, where 4 other pastors and I together baptized 1,600 people

in two hours. Nationwide, over 98,000 were baptized, with a number to come. “This is the Lord’s doing, and it is

marvellous in our eyes.”

- Pr. Colin Richardson

Page 16 | 17 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

To Be and Grow Flourishing Followers of Jesus

Reaching the Community

Some of my friends from the gym

were asking me about health

and cutting down on animal products,

so I had a taste testing session

at home one morning where I had

a variety of veggie delight products

cooked up plus a range of non dairy

milks (including sanitarium soy, coconut

and almond coconut milk).

I also had some plant based dips

and a range of sugar free desserts

which came out of the revive cafe

cookbook series.

The girls loved it, and since then they’ve been putting comments

on face book about how their kids love the veggie delight

products and coconut almond milk. One of the girls

has even been inspired to use her coffee machine to make

dandelion tea instead of coffee so she can go off caffeine! I’m

amazed at what God can do through simple means!

Ladies tasting the products

Products to taste

I invited one of the friends who came that day to

church and when she gets back from holidays in

a couple weeks she said she’d come! So please

pray for her and the others (and for me that I can

be used even more!).

- Donna Tonkin (Griffith Church)

Back to Tonga

Beautiful beaches with crystal clear water

hy have you never visited

“Wus on the island of Vava’u?

The people there are waiting for

you.” This was the question and

plea of Pastor Unaloto Moala while

doing training with the Tongan pastoral

team in February this year.

Mizpah School

I knew I had to go back and visit the

bothers and sisters of our Tongan

sister conference on the island of


Our 37th wedding anniversary was

coming up and as my wife and I always

do something special on that

occasion we decided to celebrate in

Tonga. Why not combine days of vacation

with a bit of work we thought

and booked a flight to Vava’u.

Tasmanian Fly and Build team

What a beautiful island, unspoiled by tourism, with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and inhabited by the most

loving and caring people.

As we arrived we were invited for an evening meal at Mizpah School and were surprised to meet 11 Tasmanians who

spent two weeks fixing up our small Adventist School in Vava’u. I was totally overwhelmed when I learned that half of

the Tasmanian team were Non SDA’s who dedicated time, money and love to the people of Vava’u in order to bring

their school back into shape.

The island of Vava’u is a poor island. People live off the land and are hardly in possession of money, which makes it

incredibly difficult to pay for building material.

A pastor’s monthly wage in Tonga is about 700 pangas, which is equivalent to about 400 Australian dollars.

While visiting the local pastors I was shocked about the poor state of housing conditions the pastoral families have to

live in. The houses rot away, are full of mildew, have water leaks in almost every room and the floor is not safe to walk

on. I was told that on one occasion a pastor’s wife fell through the floor and hurt herself.

Page 18 | 19 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Tonga Mission

Pastors house in bad condition

Pastors one bedroom house for a family of five

I was deeply moved and decided that we have to help

our sister conference in taking up an offering at our 2017

Big Camp. In order to build 2 pastors houses we need

to raise about $ 25000 and I believe that we can do this.

The Tasmanian fly and built team has promised to help

us build those houses and will also do some fundraising.

If we have builders in our conference who would love to

dedicate two weeks of their time to help us build two

houses for the pastors on the island of Vava’u please

contact us at the Conference office.

We would also need a number of other volunteers

who would be willing to form a fly and build team in


If you would like to donate money to support our small

building project for our Tongan sister conference on

the island of Vava’u you are welcome to make donations

at any time.

- Pr. Mike Faber

SNSW Adventist Singles Network

Retreat Weekend - November 4-6, 2016

Youthworks Shoalhaven Conference Centre (439 Koloona Drive, Cambewarra NSW)


Come along to the first ever Singles Retreat in SNSW. Plan now

to join us for a great weekend of fellowship and to forming new



Total Costs for the weekend are $130. This includes all meals

and accommodation. Options to attend part of the weekend

also available please contact Christine for more details

The theme for the weekend is “Reaching Out” and we are excited

to have Pr. Tony Moala and David Syme come and speak

with us.

More Information

Further information regarding the program, what to bring and

payment of fees will be emailed to you once your contact details

received. Please contact Christine Sosnovsky for more information: or phone: 0403 519 878

Conference News

New Conference Website and App



Lands Tour

Celebrate the 500th

anniversary of Luthers

95 theses launching the

Protestant Reformation

Visit the significant locations in the

development of the Reformation in

this 5 ½-week tour through Italy,

France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech

Republic, England and Scotland.

Follow the fascinating

God-inspired story

Tour departs Australia and

New Zealand mid May 2017

For further enquiries

contact tour leader

Pr Russel Stanley

0405 181 047

Sponsored by the Australian Union Conference

New Conference Website

In August the new website for the SNSW Conference was completed.

The new site has been optimized for mobile and tablet access to make

the site easier and more accessible to use. The SNSW Youth website has

been merged together with the new Conference website.

In addition to new Conference website a Conference App has been created.

The app is a modification of the existing SNSW Big Camp app,

which has been a success at the last two Big Camps. The new Conference

App contains Big Camp information as well as quick access to the

e-Giving website, Imprint Magazine, Youth Newsletter upcoming conference/youth

events and church contact details.

By improving and opening up new channels of communication we hope

to engage all age groups across our large conference, sharing information

and news in a timelier manner.

Download the app today!

- Luke Ferry

Assistant Editor Imprint Magazine

Conference News

SNSW Conference App Features

The SNSW Conference Apps features include:

• Easy access to e-giving site for online giving

• Information and contact details for all departments that are

run within the SNSW Conference

• Register for Youth/Conference Events (including Big Camp)

• Receive notifications/reminders about upcoming Conference

& Youth Events

• Easy access to local church information (Church Addresses,

worship times & pastoral contact details)

• The latest edition of the Imprint Magazine

• The latest newsletter from the SNSW Youth Department

• Big Camp information and live updates

• Big Camp/Grey Nomad Presentations

When you download the app be sure that you check the type of

notifcations you wish to recieve. This can found by going to:

Notifications Icon (Top Left) > Settings (Top Left ) >

Select Types of Notifications you would like to receive

Conference News

Where do my Offerings go?

How SNSWC Tithe was used in 2015

Tithe to support world church Field Expense Evangelism

Departmental Expense Annual ConvenMons Expense Schools & Conference AdministraMon Exp

1% 18%





Net Tithe Received $2,432,427 - Net Expenditure for which Tithe can be used $3,175,098 - Shortfall $742,671

13 Sabbath Offering

Twenty five percent to nominated World Mission projects (refer to back of lesson pamphlet) and

seventy five percent to the World Mission Budget

Adventist Media Network

Bible correspondence courses, Dial-a-Prayer, Search TV ads, Signs Ministry, Net Adventist Ministry,

Music Ministry, letter box card supply, public relations, marketing, communications - Adventist

Media Network

Adventist World Radio

AM, FM radio, internet broadcasting, 10/40 window outreach - General Conference

Annual Sacrifice

Un-entered territories/people groups, church plants - General Conference

Appeal Expense

To assist in covering the costs of supplies for the ADRA Appeal - Local Conference

Australian Union Conference Offering

Projects and institutions such as Mamarapha College, DVD projects

- Australian Union Conference

Page 22 | 23 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Conference News

South Pacific Division

Avondale College and Pacific Adventist University in alternate years - South Pacific Division

Camp Mission Offerings/Pledges

Pacfic Island projects as allocated by the South Pacific Division

Christian Services for the Blind

Collect biannually (even numbered years) to provide services to the hearing and sight impaired.

Disaster Famine Relief

To assist ADRA Australia respond to suffering in the wake of disasters both here and overseas -

ADRA Australia


Where this is collected within a Local Conference it is allocated to assist in the funding of their

education operations - Local Conference


Development of health, temperance and life-style projects - shared 50/50 with Local Conference

and the South Pacific Division

Local Church

Outreach, church ministries, utilities, repairs and maintenance, Sabbath School expenses, worship

resources, local church school support, insurance and more - Local Church

Local Conference

Specific projects including new churches, evangelism, youth camp development, camp meetings,

guest speakers, regional meetings - Local Conference

Mission Extension

Capital expenditure projects in the Union Missions - South Pacific Division

Pacific Island Mission Advancement

The support of pastors in the Mission Territories - South Pacific Division


Assist in the printing and supplying of the Record to members in the South Pacific Division- Adventist

Media Network

Sabbath School, Birthday/Thank You & Investment

Allocated for mission programs and projects in the World Divisions - General Conference

World Mission

Inter-Division employee budgets, unusual opportunities, and mission budgets, distributed for

world-wide mission programs and projects - General Conference


Youth volunteer projects and evangelism collected biannually (odd numbered years). Funds are

allocated by Local Conference and Missions for specific youth projects - South Pacific Division

Conference News

Director for ADRA Services

In our last edition of Imprint we advised you of Douglas Kieltyka

having accepted a position with ADRA Ethiopia and Sarina

Taituave taking over his role on a part time basis.

New Signage

Unfortunately shortly after her appointment as Director of

ADRA Services Sarina was unable to continue in that role for

personal reasons.

Presently we are working with ADRA Australia on a solution

how to best service our conference.

- Pr. Mike Faber


The SNSW Conference CFO wishes to acknowledge the following

anonymous tithe amounts:

22/6/2016 - $2,000.00

22/6/2016 - $950.00

22/6/2016 - $800.00

New sign at Conference Office

In May a new signage was placed at the front

of the conference office.

This is in response to the initiative by James

Standish (former SPD Director of Communication

& Public Affairs) to develop an Adventist

Church brand for Australia.

- Pr. Mike Faber

Jindabyne Camp for the Deaf October 28-31, 2016

Are you Deaf, hard of hearing, an Auslan, NZSL or BSL signer? If so, this camp is just for you.

Esther Doss

Enjoy fellowship, worship and fun at the Adventist Alpine Village, a sunny retreat

in the Australian Alps, with guest presenter Esther Doss, a CODA with ASL as her

fi rst language. All meetings will be AUSLAN and spoken English.

Accommodation is in comfortable shared chalets, fully catered with personal options.

Cost $300, early bird $250 (by August 1)

For more information and to register online,

go to

or SMS Lindy on 0409 711 346

(outside Australia +61 409 711 346)



This camp is operated by the SDA Deaf Church

Down Under, in cooperation with Christian

Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired.

Page 24 | 25 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Conference News

SNSW Womens Retreat

One hundred and fifty one ladies who attended the Womens Retreat weekend

record number of around 150 women met at Jindabyne on the

A last weekend of May to attend the South New South Wales 2016

Women’s Retreat.

Lanelle Cobbin led our worship with messages encouraging us to renew

our vision of God, to revitalise our desire for a connection with

Him, to see the bounty of His blessings every day, to count the ways

He loves us and to know that every good and perfect gift comes

from Him. She encouraged us to sit at Jesus’ feet more and more

and to know that “from the fullness of His grace we have all received

one blessing after another.” (John 1:16)

Lanelle also challenged us to not only receive the blessings God so

freely bestows, but to also BE the blessing.

Teen girls who attended the retreat weekend

In a first for SNSW, a program was provided for the teens. Twentyfive

young ladies attended their special worship times under the

leadership of Karly Fraser.

This year also saw the largest number of Aboriginal women attend.

These ladies came from Wallaga Lake and Narromine.

The AAV Team were just amazing in the way they provided for us

and looked after our needs at the retreat. How blessed we are to

have this facility, to enjoy Gods presence with us in a place where we

can feel His presence in the things around us.

Ladies, plan to be part of the 2017 Women’s Retreat on the last

weekend of May, 26th-28th! The Wagga Wagga ladies have good

things in store for us.

- Wendy Hergenhan

Women’s Ministries Director SNSW Conference

Aboriginal ladies and friends enjoying the

retreat weekend

SNSW Youth


Chosen was an absolute blast! Every day was jam packed

with meetings and activities that really wore us out... In

a good way!

The talks we listened to were so inspiring and encouraging

to be an active member in our churches, at school or at

work and even with our families at home, putting God first

in all we do and having the faith and courage to go where

he sends. Every one of the South New South Wales teens

really got involved with the whole program.

From praying over the special guests to being a part of the

drama team and giving 100% in PT (personal training) they

all connected and bonded really well with each other and

all the other teens from around Australia.

So much growth in such little time no one wanted to go

home. It was such a blessing to be given the opportunity

to go to ‘Chosen’. It was a week that we will never forget.

- Huston Ford

SHRED IT Snow Camp

Left to Right: Jafi Williams-Mariner, Jared Heckendorf, Bridie

Hutchinson, Jesse Thompson-Jones, Georgia Cox, Bethany

Herford, Shannon Thompson-Jones (mentor) and Huston

Ford (mentor)

The annual Shred IT ski camp saw one

hundred youth from South NSW,

Greater Sydney and Tasmanian conferences

come together to enjoy a weekend

of worship, soci- al interaction and

of course snow!

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect

weather this year as conditions up on the

mountains were incredible!

Shredding it up on the mountain

The worship program over the weekend

involved youth directors and ministers

from all three conferences sharing a focus

on who we are as Adventists. We were

also blessed with a special item from the

Griffith Youth who made up a good proportion

of the numbers for the camp with

over thirty young people in attendance!

Word about Shred IT is getting around

with the other conferences who weren’t

there this year wanting in! 2017 is going

to be a year not to miss, the whole of the

AAV has been booked out in anticipation

of young people coming from all around

Australia to worship God and enjoy the

beauty and joy of his creation (snow +

gravity = awesome!).

Worship together on Saturday Morning

Page 26 | 27 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

- Hayden Petersen

SNSW Youth

Youth Rallies

Youth rallies are an opportunity

for young people from

around South NSW to gather

together to worship and have

fun. In 2016 these rallies have

been happening regionally as

well as the annual conference

wide rally in Canberra. Earlier

in the year Bateman’s Bay was

host to the Coastal Youth Rally

at which a number of youth

from Moruya took the lead.

In June we saw the Western

Youth Rally take place in Narromine

where the team of youth

there made sure that everyone who attended was

blessed by hospitality and a well put together worship

program. One feature of the Western Youth

Rally was seeing a number of ‘seasoned’ youth sing

a special item encouraging those who were new to

attending youth rallies to realise that friends met

here were friends forever. The day at Narromine was

finished strong with a games night in the hall which

saw youth running and laughing and knocking each

other off chairs (accidentally of course!).

Most recently young people from around the conference

gathered for the Conference Wide Youth

Rally in Canberra. Over 150 people turned up and

worshipped together with music being led by Robbie

Fatt and a team of musicians from Wahroonga.

Pr Chris Stanley presented on the theme ‘Legacy’

where he encouraged youth to make a difference

in the world by adding their weight to the mission

of the church, every small part makes a huge difference

when we all work together for God. The youth

were treated to a delicious hot lunch followed by an

afternoon program where testimonies were shared.

Regional Youth Rally in Narromine

Griffith Youth singing at the Conference Wide Youth Rally

The day wasn’t complete without a social event

which was held at Canberra National Church. This

was a night of fun and games with youth forming

teams to compete for gold in a mini olympic night!

Our final youth rally for the year will be taking place

on October 15th at Wodonga Adventist Church.

Young people from the Albury/Wodonga area are

busy making preparations for this, as is Jeremy Taituave

who will be presenting on the day!

If your youth group is keen to host one of our regional

youth rallies in 2017, please contact the conference

youth director to find out more!

Worship team from the Conference Wide Youth Rally

- Hayden Petersen

Church News

Bega knits for Africa

Eleven Bega church ladies and friends have knitted over 100

colourful baby jumpers. Each one is unique, reflects the

knitter’s creativity and was knitted with love. Some ladies went

the extra mile and added matching beanies, bootees, singlets.

This quarter’s jumpers will be sent to ETHIOPIA and distributed

through ADRA by SNSW church members Doug and Sherryn


Bega ADRA knitting group aims to meet once a quarter at a

church member’s home for morning tea, lunch, a movie and a

day of knitting and fellowship. During this time the group’s next

project is chosen and the knitters continue their work at home.

Bega ladies busy knitting jumpers

Church member, Rachel, is originally from Zimbabwe and that is where our next lot of jumpers are headed. They will

be distributed over there through her home church’s Dorcas ladies.

Another church member, Heather, from Cooma, is a day-care mum. She involved her 3 and 4 year old charges from the

community in the project by inviting them to bring wool from home and watch her knit up ‘their’ jumper. The children

loved learning about Africa, sharing and helping others less fortunate than themselves.

- Janet Kieltyka

Youth revival meeting in Griffith

From July 1 – 9, Pr. Ben Tavao from Cannington WA

presented powerful messages to our young people

in Griffith on the two Sabbath and during the week.

Each night 70 -85 youth and adults were richly blessed

by the messages presented.

Church N

Many church members also brought their friends to

the program. The meetings were entitled “Growing

the Kingdom” and the messages showed practical

ways of growing the kingdom of God within us. Pr.

Ben also showed us how we can reach out to the community

and how to make the church a safe place for all

wounded people, a place where one can find the love

and hope in Christ among loving people.

Years ago Pr. Ben gave his life to Christ while living

in Griffith and felt the call of God to serve Him in full

time ministry.

Griffith Youth preparing an item for the friday night program

- Pr. Jim Tonkin

Baptism at Griffith Church

On Sabbath April 30, Luisa Tamala and Sese and Elizabeth Faiumu

joined the Griffith Seventh day Adventist Church through baptism.

At the end of the service others stood up and made a decision to be

baptized on the first Sabbath in August. Praise the Lord!

- Pr. Jim Tonkin

Page 28 | 29 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Luisa Tamala (L) Sese Faiumu (C)

Elizabeth Faiumu (R)

Church News

Baby dedication in Tumut

Our Conference President Pr. Michael Faber was pleased to

dedicate Jamie and Esther’s youngest daughter Myles King

on the 7th of May.

Not one to miss an opportunity Pr. Faber taught the young

people of Tumut what it means to be a part of this special

service and how they can help protect young Myles.

To dedicate a child in our church means that we are all interested

in helping out where we can. Our guarding angels

need our help to look out for the little people in our

Church. It is up to us to give them the best start and the

best possible picture of Jesus.


- Pr. Tharren Hutchinson

Baby dedication in Wagga

The dedication of our Liliana came on a Sabbath with

a lot more music then just the hymns of the day. Tham

& Liz Tshambangu and family celebrated and enjoyed the

music ministry of Endless Praise as a bonus to their daughters

dedication on the 30th of April. What a lovely way to

spend Sabbath praising God and then sharing lunch together

with family and friends.

This day also brought the ministers of Wagga together

for Sabbath. Pr. Jeremy and Pr. Tharren were delighted

to be a part of this great occasion and joined with other

members a special item for the family. Pr. Jeremy also

enjoyed holding the cute and quiet Liliana for a short time.

- Pr. Tharren Hutchinson

Wagga Adventurers Club resumes

Baby dedication of Myles King

Baby dedication of Liliana Tshambangu

Pr. Hutchinson with the Juniors

It is never to late to start and in May Adventurers did in

Wagga Wagga.

The Junior Sabbath School gave us a couple of heartfelt

special items before the main service to remind us all that

if we place what we have in God’s hands, great things can

and will happen and the most special gift is Salvation.

This was a warm up for a lot of excitement and activity

after lunch, as the young people found their new classes

Juniors leading out up the front of church

from Little Lambs to Helping Hands. WOW, there is energy

to burn and a lot of fun to be had at Adventurers.

With interactive stories, and bookwork we can’t wait to

start our first honours together. We are happy to support

them because we know that one day they will be

the leaders of our Church. Adventurers is a great investment

for our future.

- Pr. Tharren Hutchinson

Church/ADRA News

Baptism at Wallaga Lake

Presentation of bible at Narooma

Jessica Beasley (middle) being baptised by

Pr. Dragan Kanazir

On Sabbath afternoon of 25 June 2016, Jessica Beasley

was welcomed into the Wallaga Lake church through


The service was held at the Bega church, as the weather was

too cool for an outdoor baptism. Many people from Wallaga

and Bega churches witnessed the beautiful event, which was

followed by a fellowship afternoon tea.

Jessica is enthusiastic about her relationship with God and

is contagious in her Christianity. May God bless her abundantly

with all that He has promised. Jessica’s reading was

Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Jessica would like to take this opportunity

to thank everyone who supported her on her special

day in hospitality, music and just being there.

- Julie Nagle

Oil Presser for Africa

You might remember

that at our last camp

meeting we did fundraising

(auctions) for ADRA.

The purpose was to

sponsor an oil presser for


Leena Campbell (Right) with Cherrie Sanford

Recently, Narooma High School (NSW) AECG

(Aboriginal Education Consultative Group)

President - Wallaga Lake church member - Leena

Campbell presented Cherrie Sanford with the AT-

SIM (Aboriginal Torres Strait Islands Mission) Bible.

This presentation was in acknowledgement of

Cherrie’s tireless work with Wallaga Lake members

and their children for the past decade/s.

Cherrie’s role is to support Aboriginal children and

young people to be successful through education.

The Bible will be in Cherrie’s office where the children

can access it in their times of need.

- Julie Nagle

Douglas Kieltyka our former

Director of ADRA

Services who is now serving

ADRA in Ethiopia has

informed us that the oil

presser has been purchased

and is located in

the eastern province of


- Pr. Mike Faber

Page 30 | 31 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

Oil Press in Action

Schools NewsYour

Big changes to a little school

and we are very excited about it! One of these changes

is our brand new 4 classroom demountable! It was back

in the late 80’s that our little school added the original 2

classroom demountable.

This came as one large room that was then configured into

two rooms to allow for a library and classroom. It served

the school very well for approximately 20 years with many

changes in use and colour!

New classrooms at Canberra Christian School

Through answered prayers and a supportive conference

in SNSW Canberra Christian School has grown

from 29 students in 2014 to 91 children in the early

learning center and 88 students in the primary school

by August 2016. God has blessed our little school and

we are grateful for the constantly increasing numbers of

students and for our committed staff members.

Considerable changes are occurring at the moment

A church service with a difference

So this year when our school once again needed more

space we looked to add an additional demountable.

However, due to the age and asbestos materials in the

old building the school and SNSW conference decided it

would be a better idea to remove the old demountable

and replace the entire structure with 4 new classrooms.

Over a matter of weeks the old building was demolished

(with much excitement from the children watching) and

the new one was delivered and constructed in place. It

was sad to see the old one go, but when we saw the four

new classrooms arrive everybody felt extremely grateful

and very blessed. The new classrooms will be used for

our second Pre-Kindy class, and three school classrooms.

- Bree Hills

Principal | Canberra Christian School

mind attending FUSE.” Ever so often we hear these kind of

gold comments from the attendees. And it’s great to hear

it from a tough Aussie bloke who doesn’t attend church.

Kids and parents are excited for the next FUSE program

and we hear them asking, “When’s the next FUSE? My

kids are pestering me, asking me all the time!”

FUSE goes from 7pm-8pm, it’s a short and simple, yet

meaningful service and it finishes off with food and fellowship.

People usually stay around until 9:30pm and we have

to tell them, “The shop is closing!”

Friday night program FUSE in action

Narromine Christian School started a once a month

Friday night “church” for the non-churched families

who send their kids to NCS. We chose the name “FUSE”

for this Friday night service. It has a meaning to spark a

light and be a light in the Narromine community. This

service has blessed many families who attend. Every

time more than 100 people have been turning up with

the majority being non-churched families. The highest

attendance was over 130 people and we were struggling

to fit everybody in the small chapel room.

We have been hearing very positive comments: One father

commented, “I’m not a churchy person but I don’t

FUSE is organized by the dedicated staff of NCS (they all

turn up to help out the program, even the part time staff).

Many attendees contribute towards the food and every

time we have in abundance of it. One of the parents who

runs a local Chinese restaurant generously donates three

or four large BBQ trays filled with spring rolls and goodies.

FUSE has been a great success at NCS because of

the generous contributions made by all the people who


We’d like to praise our God for giving us this opportunity

to shine His light through the school and it’s our prayer

that many would come to know Jesus as their Lord and


- Pr. Jimmy Watanabe

NCS School Chaplain

Plan now to come on the trip of a lifetime through Spain and Portugal

in May and June, 2017.

The land of bullfights and flamenco dancing has always

been a favourite for travellers. Great places to stay —

and see the lands where Hannibal passed through,

and where Moors stayed for centuries and

left their mark on its architecture.

See the great places of Madrid, Oporto, Lisbon and

Barcelona, but also see places like Cadiz, where

Columbus left on two of his voyages to America,

A delightful place like Ronda — as well as Segovia,

Sintra, Gibraltar, Granada and, of course, Barcelona

where everyone wants to go.

Then at the end join us for a seven-day cruise

through the western Mediterranean.

Plan now to make this trip of a lifetime!

Contact Harold Harker on (02) 4385 8282 or

email for more!

Trip of a Lifetime.indd 1

4/08/2016 10:44 am

Register now at:

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