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SNSW has held many great summer camps over the years. In

fact, some of the most formative experiences of my own faith

development took place at these camps. It was a privilege to

work alongside a passionate and dedicated team to make this

year’s camp a huge success!

We were blessed to have 48 Juniors and Teens at this years

JET camp. Activities included white water rafting, watersports,

go karts, God’s Kitchen Rules cook off, raft wars

sponge fight and inflatable laser force. One of the highlights

was the brand new waterslide “the Hunjey” made especially

for camp by our awesome AAV team (the place to be!). It

was a great way to wash off the mud from the Go karts, however

for some reason you still walked away covered in mud!

The evening worships were a real highlight with our special

guest speaker Phil Yates challenging those in attendance to

go to the Next Level with Jesus.

There was also a nightly chapter drama, which followed a

story of a brother and sister who were drawn into a virtual

world where a Great Controversy based theme played out.

On Sabbath afternoon everyone participated in a big treasure

hunt, which ended with everyone placing a special token and

some personal reflections in a time capsule ready for next


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Jet Camp/ SNSW Youth

The hope is that this time capsule will become a bit of a

camp tradition and will be a way of reflecting upon the

personal and spiritual growth that takes place in our camper’s

lives from year to year.

Plans are already underway for next year’s JET camp

to make it even more amazing! I am confident that God

works in a special way through these camps and it will be

exciting to see what He has in store in future!

- Hayden Petersen

(Youth Director)

Jet Campers and Staff 2015

Youth Week of Spiritual Emphasis

Albury Youth taking the Up & Go Challenge

Youth Week of Spiritual Emphasis (YWOSE) 2015 was a

real blast! The trip featured the Up & Go Challenge, which

thanks to Sanitarium saw over 1000 Up & Go drinks be

given out at the 8 different locations in which the event

took place.

The tour commenced at Bowral on Friday the 20th of

March. It had been arranged with council to run the event in

the local park, however due to rain we were forced to setup

and run out of Bowral SDA church hall. An energetic turnout

of around 20 young people (a number of which were

brought along by their peers) joined in with the activities.

On the 21st of March the Up & Go Challenge travelled to

Canberra. In the morning we ran a quiz at the Canberra National

SDA church in which Up & Go featured as a prize,

and in the evening the event was hosted at Canberra Christian


The Up & Go Challenge was well received in Narromine

with around 100 kids waiting for us when we arrived on

Wednesday the 25th. This was probably our biggest turn

out with a number of kids coming in off the street to participate

in the activities.

A large turnout in Narromine to try the Up & Go Challange

We setup and ran the Up & Go Challenge in Carrington Park

in Young on Thursday the 26th. Our timing was perfect as we

started just as the local primary school, which was situated

across the road finished! Around 80 kids participated in the

activities, which included a group that had planned a birthday

party in the park that day. They were thrilled when a jumping

castle popped up right beside them and not only was it free,

but we were giving out Up & Go for coming along and having

a go!

Friday the 27th saw us in Griffith at the local SDA church. A

number of local church members brought their friends along

and we had around 50 kids in attendance.

Saturday the 28th saw us visit Wagga in the morning to run a

repeat Up & Go quiz before shooting across to Albury for the

final event, which was setup and run in the Border Christian

College Multipurpose building.

All up, around 500 people participated in the Up & Go Challenge

over the course of the week.

- Hayden Petersen

(Youth Director)

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From the General Secretary

Change isn’t always easy

Change isn’t always easy. Moving away from a place

you’ve called home for nearly 20 years is not easy. Being

a PK (pastors kid), I know what its like to move from

one city to another frequently, and when I was asked to

consider the role of General Secretary for the South NSW

Conference, memories of moving came flooding back.

However, the welcome that Gaylene & I have received

since relocating to Canberra has made this change enjoyable.

We’re still to experience a winter, (I’m told it gets

cold….), and in the led up to that season, autumn has been

sensational, with vibrant colours bursting out across the

area. New places to visit, meeting new people, experiencing

another part of Australia has all made the change

worthwhile. I’m still learning aspects of the role and have

appreciated the support I have received from those I have

been involved with.

January seems a distant memory now, and Big Camp was

where it started for me. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet

with as many attendees as possible and I’m looking forward

to Big Camp 2016.

Calvin & Gaylene at Jindabyne Big Camp 2015

Planning has commenced and

the program is shaping up to be

a blessing. Mark January 15 –

23 2016 on your calendars or in

your diaries for Big Camp 2016.

More details will be shared soon.

...the welcome that Gaylene &

I have received since relocating

to Canberra has made this

change enjoyable.

Internet enquiries and word of

mouth from satisfied customers

have resulted in more people

knowing about our camp and

wanting to come and experience


Our Conference Board of Directors took time out for a retreat

in April and spent the weekend of April 10-12 at Adventist

Alpine Village in Jindabyne. Our time together was

refreshing and also provided an opportunity for learning

and development with Mr Warrick Long, Head of Business

at Avondale College, spending time on the church

structure when it comes to our incorporated and unincorporated

entities. The learnings will assist the Directors in

their responsibilities during their work for the conference.

There are many things to be thankful for in our conference

and I am reminded of Paul where he writes in 1 Thessalonians

16 – 18, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in

everything give thanks”, NKJV.

We can rejoice on the plans God has for us, be thankful for

His leading in our lives and pray, that God will continue to

bless our conference.

Approval finally arrived for the camp kitchen extension at

AAV. This addition will be added to the western end of the

lodge and will provide space for cooking by small groups

accessing AAV throughout the year.

Stan and Russ along with their wives, Bron and Shirley are

working hard to make, “AAV the place to be”’ and bookings

have been steadily increasing since the start of this


- Calvin Drinkall

(General Secretary)

Around the Churches/Schools

Baptism in Dubbo Church

Jesus said: “... There is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of

God over one sinner who repents.”

Dubbo church was rejoicing on Sabbath the 21st of March when

our friend Arpit Dabhi was baptised. It all started five years ago

when brother Geoff Nicholson, an electrician by trade, completed

a job at Arpit’s house and spontaneously invited him to our


Arpit Dabhi (left) with Pr Bogdan (right)

When Arpit visited for the first time, one of our young couples

from church, Andrew and Karina Day befriended him and his

two children. Shortly after Arpit attended evangelistic meetings

and from then on continuously visited our church services and

received bible studies. We praise God for Arpit, our new brother

in Christ!

- Pr Bogdan Petrovic

Wodonga English Concert

On Wednesday March 25, Wodonga

SDA community church had the

privilege to have Naomi Striemer,

a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter

renowned speaker and best

selling author from USA perform at

their church venue.

Naomi came to share her music and

her testimony of how God led her

from a life of fame and fortune to a

BCC Pathfinders

Photo courtesy of Border Mail

Recently a Border Christian College

story entitled “Pathfinders a natural

- Pr Dragan Kanazir

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Andrew & Karina Day (Left), Arpit Dabhi (Middle),

Pr Bogdan Petrovic with wife Ljubica Petrovic

(Right) Children of befriended families (front)

life of ministry. Local church members

and visitors from the community

decided to come on a weekday to enjoy

spiritual music and a powerful testimony

at the jam-packed Wodonga

church. Naomi is also an Ambassador

for Compassion Child Sponsorships

and Hope Channel.

choice for youngsters” was placed in the

Border Mail (a local newspaper). It was reported

that about 25 Border Christian College

students are reaping the benefits of the

school’s pathfinder group that started over

60 years ago with the Albury Seventh-day

Adventist Church.

Mr Chris Hawken, the director of Albury

Pathfinders said that the main aim of this

group was to give students a taste of the

great outdoors through camping, abseiling,

hiking and canoeing. Pathfinders also

raise money by delivering phone books

throughout Albury and in the coming

months from Bright to Porepunkah.

Naomi Striemer

Mr Hawken said it gives youngsters

within the club from the

ages 10-17, confidence and leadership

skills. One of the pathfiners

Bree Sredojevic who is 14

joined pathfinders because she

enjoyed being outdoors. To find

out more information regarding

pathfinders check out the website


- Melissa Smead

(Marketing Director BCC)


Narromine Christian School

ANZAC Day 2015

Every year Narromine Christian School marches in

our town’s local ANZAC march. This year we were

extremely privileged to be able to form a guard of

honour at the war graves while the war veterans laid

wreaths. One of our students was also chosen to ride

in a jeep with a war veteran during the march. Sixty of

our eighty two students represented our school beautifully

during this important event and many community people

commented on our student’s great behaviour and how smart

they looked in their uniforms.

- Debbie Robertson

(Principal NCS)

New Classrooms

Our new classrooms are finally finished

and we have moved in! Our

K-2 students (and their teachers)

have loved moving into their new

classrooms and having their own

‘learning space.’

The classrooms not only look fantastic

on the outside but have been

planned beautifully to provide not

only classroom space but much needed

storage and terraced steps that also

double as a stage for presentations

and performances.

- Debbie Robertson

(Principal NCS)


Border Christian College

Video Production

Border Christian College came alive on the 27th of

March 2015 when Grigg Media was invited to do a video

production to market and showcase Border Christian College

and to encourage the community to come and have

a tour.

The Video Production has been shown at the Albury Cinema

in the April holidays over a three week period and will

be running at the Albury Cinema in the July school holidays

also for a period of three weeks. The Border Christian

College Video Production is also being shown on

Southern Cross Channel 10 TV station in between shows

such as Master Chef, Project, Jamie’s, Ten News, Living

Room & Bondi Vet.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

You can view the video production of Border Christian

College on either You tube or on the Border Christian College


- Melissa Smead

(Marketing Director BCC)

Everest. Many balloons were made, stories shared, singing

and giving. The week ended with a commitment from

almost every primary student to follow Jesus to the top!

Secondary Campus shared worship from the fantastic

High School Worship Team, who put in lunchtime practices

and countless hours of effort preparing. There were

also special presentations and drama, daily prayer time,

community building and icebreakers, all student led and

teacher supported.

Border Christian Colleges Week of Spiritual Emphasis

(April 4-8) was filled with excitement, joy, sharing and

learning new purpose as we climb the highest mountains

of life with Jesus. Primary was blessed with sharing from

the Balloon Man Pr Daron Pratt, and about the stories of

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I’m impressed with the way BCC operates as a team and

continues to develop as a community. As parents and pastors

we are so thankful for the commitment students and

staff have shown to the spiritual life of the school. I believe

that we are finding new purpose as a school community

as we look up, stand up, stand out and be magnificent

for Christ Jesus!

- Pr Andrew McCrostie

(BCC Chaplain)


ADRA in News in SNSW

Great things are happening in our conference, ADRA projects

are expanding and there are more planned to occur

over the coming months. What an avenue of blessing these

have been to the Churches and local communities. It is

such a joy when I get to speak to the volunteers about their


On behalf of ADRA Australia I would like to thank you

for the passion and the value that is added to the programs

from your involvement. I understand that most of you do

not volunteer to receive any recognition or thanks, but volunteer

because you believe in the Adventist message, practical

ministries and serving as part of discipleship.

Interestingly enough, our ADRA programs and projects are

not just filled with Adventist members but involve those

from other denominations and also community members

with no Church affiliation, all who have a heart for serving.

I would like to recognise and say thanks to our volunteers.

Thank you to all those who are involved in daily service,

with large amounts of time and effort put forth into running

and leading successful programs. Thank you to those

volunteers who contribute on a weekly basis and give of

themselves to serve others. Thank you to the volunteers

who donate their time and energy when called upon.

Thank you to the volunteers who brave the ADRA Appeal

and thank you to the volunteers who donate resources and

funds to an integral part of the SDA Church. I believe that

all of what is happening in SNSW would not be possible

without each one of you and with the involvement of each

new volunteer, greater things start to happen.

One way you can support our local ADRA programs is to

have a good clean out of your house. Our Op-shops are

Southern Illawarra ADRA Community Pantry van

desperately in need of quality used items, ranging from

furniture, clothes and bric-a-brac. If you have large items

or large amounts of goods to donate, please call your

ADRA op-shop first before delivery. ADRA op-shops are

located in Albury, Wodonga and Braddon.

KNOCTOBER is approaching again and it is time to start

thinking about how many supplies your Church would like

to order. Appeal time can be a daunting process but it is

ADRAs largest fundraising appeal. It also is a great way to

meet the community and let them know that the Adventist

Church is making a difference. In the current economic

climate, particularly after the foreign aid cuts, your support

is really valued.

I like to imagine what ADRA would look like locally if

each one of us volunteered in some capacity. Even for

those that do not believe they are capable of doing so, we

are always in need of your prayers.

Thanks again to all our current and soon-to-be ADRA volunteers,

supporters and promoters.

- Douglas Kieltyka

ADRA Director SNSW

Mussau Memories

“Mussau Memories” is the story of

Pioneer Missionaries Arthur & Nancy

Atkins from 1928-1942.

If you would like to purchase a copy

($20 including postage) please contact

Geoff Atkins on (03) 53542542.





Geoff Youlden

Gary Kent

Charissa Fong

Dannielle Synot

Lyle Southwell

Christiana Leimena




18-25 OCTOBER 2015

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Learn your Bible like never before...

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Winmalee Christian Conference Centre, Blue Mountains

Grey Nomads Camp 2015

October 5 - 10

Adventist Alpine Village, Jindabyne

Guest Speakers: Pr Andrew Kingston & Dr Allan Lindsay

Registrations now open. For more details visit:


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