Monthly Magazine of activities of Al Menah Shriners

Monthly Magazine of activities of Al Menah Shriners


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P.O. BOX 78545 • NASHVILLE, TN 37207 • 615.226.7766 • 1.877.505.7764<br />

VOLUME 36 • NUMBER 4 • (PUBLISHED MONTHLY EXCEPT JUNE & JULY) • <strong>APRIL</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

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INSIDE<br />


ISSUE<br />

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Divan Messages<br />

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Potentate’s Grand Ball<br />

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Love To The Rescue<br />

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Center News<br />

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News From Lexington<br />

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Notices<br />

From the Editor<br />

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Upcoming Events<br />

Easter Egg Hunt<br />

Ladies Only<br />

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Vidalia Onion Sales<br />

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Sebastian The<br />

Superbuddy<br />

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Black Camel<br />

Lexington Dedication<br />


Al Menah Temple<br />

Oasis of Nashville<br />

Desert of TennessEE<br />

P.O.Box 78545 •• Nashville, TN 37207<br />

Phones 1.615.226.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

The Publication Committee<br />

The Divan/Board of Directors<br />

Potentate .. ................... Frank Hester<br />

Chief Rabban .. .......... Horace Perkins III III<br />

Assistant Rabban .. .........Randy Williams<br />

High Priest & Prophet .. ......... Scott Jones<br />

Oriental Guide .. .......... Donnie Drayton<br />

Treasurer .. ....................... Wes Frye<br />

Recorder ...................Robert Daniel<br />

Editor ..................... Maurice Smith<br />

Published monthly except June and July<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />


*Charles Barham<br />

*John E. E. Patton<br />

*V. K. K. Stevenson<br />

*John D. D. Whalley<br />

*W. F. F. Hunt<br />

* Jack Norman, Jr. Jr.<br />

*J. *J. Pink Lawrence<br />

*Albert Bennett<br />

*Ed R. R. Burr<br />

*Clyde R. R. Watson<br />

*J. *J. Harry Murphy<br />

*Marshall S. S. Whitley<br />

*Charles N. Rolfe<br />

*James J. J. White<br />

*Paul DeWitt<br />

*G. Cooper Holt<br />

*E. M. Kelly<br />

*J. *J. Coleman Hayes<br />

*Joseph Higgins<br />

*Donald R. R. Dunning<br />

*Ira E. E. Parker<br />

*J. *J. P. P. Foster<br />

*Martin S. S. Roberts<br />

*Gale Robinson<br />

*R. C. C. Derivaux<br />

*C. V. V. Cramb<br />

*Oren A. A. Oliver<br />

*J. *J. Nelson Bryan<br />

*Lee L. L. Gamble<br />

*Robert Battle<br />

*R. R. R. Clark<br />

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*William Raine<br />

*Fred H. Gay, Jr. Jr.<br />

*Hugh F. F. Smith, Jr. Jr.<br />

James A. A. Campbell<br />

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*W. B. B. Lawson<br />

*W. Bush Herbert<br />

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*Marshall Hotchkiss J. J. Dudley Phillips<br />

*Jess B. B. Templeton<br />

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*James F. F. Scalf, Jr. Jr.<br />

*James G. Stahlman<br />

*William B. B. Jones<br />

*J. *J. Clark Akers<br />

Jack C. C. Phelps<br />

*R. E. E. Baulch<br />

*David P. P. Brumfield<br />

*Thomas E. E. Doss<br />

*Zack S. S. Parrish, Sr.<br />

Kerbela Temple ‘28<br />

*Robert E. E. Newman<br />

*Maurice Weinberger<br />

George Cook<br />

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*O. Lynn Meek<br />

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Charles H. Williams<br />

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*Hilry H. Shaffer<br />

Dennis Belford<br />

*James N.<br />

David Vaughn<br />

Stansell<br />

Carl E. E. Barnes<br />

Mike Van Sant<br />

Jeff Head<br />

2<br />

** Deceased<br />

Spring is here and warmer weather is on the way. If you are like me, I am ready<br />

to be rid of the cold weather and look forward to warmer spring weather. If you<br />

haven’t noticed we are working hard to make improvements to our landscaping and<br />

some interior improvements as well. Most of these are the efforts of the Sheriff’s<br />

Department who provides the labor and the generosity of several Nobles who are<br />

donating materials and supplies. I would like to thank Chief Aide Ed Buckner, Deputy<br />

Chief Aide “Boo” Harrington, Kitchen Committee Chairman Ronnie Brown and our<br />

Building Committee Chairman Jim Campbell for helping with these projects.<br />

Last month we had our first parade, St. Patrick’s Day in Erin, Tennessee. Nobles<br />

I am so proud of the turnout from our units and clubs. Looking back from the front it<br />

looked like we were stretched out for a half of a mile!! A special thanks to Houston<br />

County Shrine Club for the great hospitality before the parade.<br />

We would like to welcome the Daughters of the Nile, Dynasty Amenna Temple<br />

# 164 to Nashville. After much hard work and dedication, the ladies of the Daughters<br />

of the Nile are now their own temple. Congratulations to Donna Isbell who was<br />

elected Queen and all the ladies who were elected to office.<br />

The Potentate’s Ball is April 7 th & 8 th . We hope you come out and join us for this<br />

special night.<br />

Don’t forget to bring the kids and grandkids to the Easter Egg Hunt on April 15 th .<br />

The Units and Clubs are geared up to make it a fun day for all.<br />

On May 21 st we will be going to Lexington Hospital’s Grand Opening. We have<br />

a bus chartered and you are welcome to ride along. The cost is $20.00 per person.<br />

Please RSVP to the office to reserve your seat. If you have not had a chance to visit<br />

one of our Hospitals for which we all work so hard for, this is your chance.<br />

I would like to again welcome all the new Nobles that have joined Al Menah this<br />

year. So far we have had 26 Master Masons join our fraternity and 25 Nobles have<br />

been restored. We have initiated several of these new Nobles at Shrine Club meetings<br />

and are willing to continue to do so. If you know of a Master Mason that is interested<br />

in joining our fraternity, let’s get them on board. Give me a call and we will be glad<br />

to come to your Shrine Club. The initiation fee is $100.00. Remember all you have<br />

to do is “Ask a Master Mason to be A Shriner”.<br />

Nobles and Ladies, thank you for all you do for Al Menah and our Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children.<br />

Yours in the Faith,<br />

Frank Hester<br />

Potentate<br />

“Pride, Passion & Purpose”

From the desk of...<br />


I would like to start be thanking<br />

every Noble for what you do for<br />

Al Menah and the hospitals.<br />

Spring is here! Please come and<br />

enjoy the events we are having<br />

at the Temple.<br />

We are having great crowds<br />

at the Stated Meetings. All of<br />

you new Nobles please try to attend.<br />

Stated Meetings are the 3 rd Tuesday of each month.<br />

Dinner begins at 6:00pm. We will be looking for you.<br />

Please keep working on membership!<br />

Chief Rabban<br />

Horace Perkins, III<br />


This past month, Beth and I had the<br />


privilege of attending the Assistant<br />

Rabban seminar in Tampa,<br />

Florida. We learned a great deal<br />

and are glad to share that this<br />


group is excited and pumped<br />

for the Imperial Session in<br />

Nashville in 2019. Many of them<br />

are planning to come to town<br />

beforehand to check out hotels and our<br />

attractions to plan their Potentate’s trips and the best<br />

Imperial Session ever.<br />

As always, the Irish Day parade and fellowship in<br />

Erin was most enjoyable.<br />

We are excited to share that several new Nobles have<br />

been created since the beginning of the year.<br />

Hope to see everyone at the Potentate’s Ball and be<br />

sure to bring your children, grandchildren, and even the<br />

neighborhood kids to our always fun Easter Egg Hunt<br />

on Saturday, April 15.<br />

Keep in mind that our paper sale is fast approaching<br />

as well and with that our opportunity to raise money for<br />

our kids and share awareness of our awesome fraternity.<br />

Assistant Rabban<br />

Randy Williams<br />


We had a great turn out for the St.<br />

Patrick’s Day Parade in Erin, TN.<br />

I would like to give a big thank<br />

you to the Nobles of Houston<br />

County Shrine Club and our<br />

Brothers of Wisdom Lodge for<br />

an outstanding breakfast for the<br />

parade participants.<br />

The Paper Sale is fast approaching<br />

and we need all Nobles to help raise funds for our 22<br />

Shriners Hospital’s for Children. If you are not in a<br />

unit or club and need somewhere to work, just call<br />

the office or any Divan member and we will get you<br />

in contact your area representative.<br />

Remember the sick…. Give them a call or go visit<br />

them and always keep them in your prayers.<br />

High Priest and Prophet<br />


Scott Jones<br />


Good Day, Nobles!<br />

I will have you know that I have<br />


just returned from the Fount of<br />

All Knowledge, having been<br />

endowed with true wisdom,<br />

knowledge, and profound<br />

understanding. In other words,<br />

I went to Tampa and they talked<br />

about membership.<br />

On a serious note, I would appreciate it<br />

if you would join me in honoring 3 of our own: John<br />

Anderson, Leo Claytor, and Joe Stroud. These men<br />

have contributed a large part of their time to transporting<br />

our patients to and from the hospitals. Between them,<br />

they’ve made more than 400 trips and spent countless<br />

hours caring for our children. Please take the time to<br />

stop them, thank them, shake their hands, and let them<br />

know their service did not go unnoticed.<br />

Oriental Guide<br />

Donnie Drayton<br />

33<br />

3<br />


Unforgettable, A Black Tie Affair<br />

Potentate’s Grand Ball<br />

Honoring<br />

Illustrious Sir Frank Hester and Lady Tracy<br />

Hospitality – Friday, April 7, <strong>2017</strong>, 4:00pm<br />

The Clarion Hotel<br />

211 North First Street, Nashville, TN<br />

Reception – Saturday, March 8, <strong>2017</strong>, 11:00am<br />

Presentation at 1:00pm<br />

The Clarion Hotel<br />

211 North First Street, Nashville, TN<br />

Ball Transportation to begin at 4:00pm (Social Hour & Pictures)<br />

Grand Procession: Promptly at 5:30pm<br />

Dinner: 6:00pm<br />

Ball: 8:00pm<br />

First bus back to the hotel: 10:00pm/ Last bus back to the hotel 11:30pm<br />

After Glow at The Clarion Hotel<br />


Hi Supporter,<br />

In honor of National Doctors' Day, we'd like to share your words of gratitude for the incredible<br />

doctors who work at Shriners Hospitals for Children ® … so we've created an online quilt to<br />

display encouraging messages from you and other Shriners Hospitals friends!<br />

Please say "thank you" to our wonderful medical staff for the amazing work they do.<br />

National Doctors' Day was established by an act of Congress to recognize physicians for their<br />

contributions to our country — and, Supporter, our doctors are daily miracle workers for families<br />

with children suffering from severe burns, spinal cord injuries, cleft lip and palate, orthopaedic<br />

challenges and a host of rare disorders.<br />

And thanks to all the generous help we receive from you and other supporters, our talented<br />

physicians are able to deliver all this care to children regardless of the families' ability to pay.<br />

So please join me in celebrating our remarkable medical staff for the life-changing work they do!<br />

Go to https://lovetotherescue.org/quilt/ and leave your encouraging square.<br />

With gratitude,<br />

Chris L. Smith<br />

Chairman, Board of Directors<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children ®<br />

P.S. Our doctors, who have dedicated their careers to helping children, will see all the comments left by<br />

supporters like you, giving them a real boost. Thank you for your words of support and for everything<br />

you do for Shriners Hospitals for Children!<br />


CeNter<br />

NeWS<br />

Clowns<br />

What a amazing March! This year<br />

just keeps getting better.<br />

Captain Vernon “Jingles”<br />

Blackburn and Lady Trisha<br />

planned a date night for the<br />

Clowns at Chaffin’s Barn on the<br />

11th , and I must say we had a<br />

great time. The meal was superb,<br />

and the play was wonderful.<br />

On the 18th we had a most<br />

wonderful turn out of Al Menah<br />

Temple at Erin for the annual St.<br />

Patrick’s Day parade. The Fabulous<br />

Al Menah Clown Unit had 19<br />

clowns in make up! Way to start<br />

this year off right Clowns.<br />

March 31 st we head to Canton<br />

GA. for Mid-Winter and April 1st<br />

is competition. We’re all excited<br />

to bring back some trophies from<br />

Georgia, and to visit with brother<br />

Shriners there.<br />

April 8th is the Potentate’s Ball<br />

let’s have a great turn out to support<br />

Illustrious Frank Hester, and<br />

fellowship with our many guests<br />

that will be visiting our<br />

Temple.<br />

6<br />

April 15 is the Easter Egg hunt.<br />

We will be putting on our best<br />

makeup for the kids as they enjoy<br />

the many activities, and visit from<br />

the Easter Bunny.<br />

Brethren we have many sick,<br />

and many who need prayers. May<br />

we always be mindful of them in<br />

our devotions to God. May He<br />

bless them , heal them, and comfort<br />

them<br />

James “Puzzles” Chambers<br />

Secretary<br />

Lou Becker<br />

Legion of Honor<br />

What a beautiful parade we had in<br />

Erin, TN for St Patrick’s Day. All<br />

of you who<br />

came looked sharp and did a good<br />

job interacting with the crowd.<br />

Also Momma would have been<br />

proud of that breakfast, thanks to<br />

the Houston County Shrine Club<br />

and I loved seeing all that Irish<br />

green.<br />

The Saturday before St Patrick’s<br />

Day the Legion of Honor posted<br />

colors for the Hooligans at Al<br />

Menah. Another Irish green event<br />

and our guys did a great job there<br />

too.<br />

Remember the Easter Egg Hunt<br />

on April 15, <strong>2017</strong>. We all need<br />

to come out and support this and<br />

bring children. The Legion of<br />

Honor is tasked with assisting<br />

in the “Child Identification Program”,<br />

better known as “Chip”.<br />

We should arrive by 8:00am for<br />

instructions and we need as many<br />

of you as we can get to assist with<br />

this great and helpful program.<br />

We installed a new member in<br />

February. Noble James David<br />

Andrews is now a proud member<br />

of the Legion of Honor and we are<br />

proud to have him. Let’s all get<br />

acquainted and make him feel welcome<br />

as he begins to get involved<br />

in our activities.<br />

You may also be eligible to<br />

become a member of the Legion<br />

of Honor if you are a shriner and a<br />

military veteran. Ask any member<br />

for an application, I think you will<br />

be glad you did!<br />

Please continue to pray for our<br />

military men and women in harms<br />

way, all those less fortunate, the<br />

children and our hospitals.<br />

May God Bless,<br />

Roy Lindsey<br />

Commander<br />

Provost Guard<br />

The Erin parade is behind us for<br />

another year. We had a good turn<br />

out and I think everyone had a<br />

great time.<br />

The Provost Guard drill team is<br />

practicing getting ready the competition<br />

at Dixie in Panama City in<br />

May.<br />

The paper sale time is almost<br />

here so let make this a good year<br />

for the paper sale.<br />

Secretary<br />

Ken Loftis

Motor Corps<br />

Motor Corps Spring is finally<br />

here!!!<br />

“Life is something we all share,<br />

Just like oxygen, in the air.<br />

The way we live it,<br />

is up to us,<br />

With a negative<br />

or with a plus.<br />

Life is something,<br />

we should cherish,<br />

We never know,<br />

when we’ll perish.<br />

Live each and every<br />

single day,<br />

Smell the flowers,<br />

stop and play.<br />

Life is something,<br />

we’ve been blessed,<br />

Choice is yours,<br />

choose your quest.<br />

Follow your passions,<br />

and you’ll be fine,<br />

With the right attitude,<br />

you will shine!”<br />

April 15 Easter Egg Hunt<br />

Al Menah Shrine Center<br />

April 15 Motor Corps Dinner<br />

Outing –6:30 pm<br />

Cherokee Steak House<br />

and Marina<br />

450 Cherokee Dock Rd<br />

Lebanon, TN<br />

Happy Easter to All!!<br />

Till next time,<br />

Journalist<br />

“Fat Rabbit”, PC<br />


Hendersonville Shrine Club<br />

Spring time is a busy time of the year<br />

for Al Menah Shriners. We have the<br />

Potentate’s Ball, Paper Sale, Easter<br />

Egg Hunt, Onion Sales and our parades.<br />

The Potentate’s Ball is Saturday,<br />

April 8 th at the Temple.<br />

Our Paper Sale is May 4 th – 7 th . I<br />

am praying for good weather and a<br />

good sale. We all know the obligation<br />

we took to work the Paper Sale<br />

if we can for the benefit of our kids<br />

and our Hospitals. We all know<br />

this is our biggest fund raiser of the<br />

year. If you live in our area and can<br />

help sell papers on any of the days<br />

mentioned, call me: Boyd Parnell<br />

at 615-598-1339. I will find you a<br />

place to work. We need your help.<br />

Our club will be selling Vidalia<br />

onions again this year. If you want<br />

to buy or help sell the onions, give<br />

me a call. We expect to get the onions<br />

in around May 10 th , depending<br />

on weather.<br />

If you live in our area and don’t<br />

belong to a Shrine Club, come<br />

on down for some good food and<br />

fellowship. Our next meeting is<br />

Monday, March 24 th . We meet at<br />

the Black-Eye-Pea, 164 East Main<br />

Street in Hendersonville. We meet<br />

at 6:00pm for fellowship and food<br />

and our meeting starts at 7:00pm.<br />

In closing, remember our Hospitals<br />

and our kids, those who have<br />

lost loved ones, those who are sick<br />

and unable to attend our meetings,<br />

our troops and our temple. Keep<br />

them all in your prayers.<br />

God Bless America.<br />

Boyd C. Parnell<br />

President<br />

Williamson County Shrine Club and<br />

Motor Division<br />

By the time you see this article our<br />

club will be getting organized for<br />

the paper sale. It will be May 4-5-<br />

6&7. I hope you plan to help! This<br />

is what we are all about, bringing in<br />

Dollars for the Shriners Hospitals<br />

for Children. Remember, we can<br />

sell Plaques all year long. We have<br />

lots of Plaques and stickers so just<br />

let us know how many you need?<br />

Our WCSC Motor Division attended<br />

the Erin St. Patrick’s Day<br />

Parade last Saturday. Don’t forget<br />

about the Franklin Rodeo Parade<br />

coming up on May 13. We will<br />

have breakfast hospitality at Hiram<br />

Lodge beginning at about 9:00am.<br />

The line up is at 11:00am with the<br />

parade beginning at High Noon.<br />

We hope you can come be in the Parade<br />

this year.<br />

If you don’t belong to a club already,<br />

come on down and visit with<br />

us on the third Thursday at Logan’s<br />

Steakhouse – 6:00 pm. We are<br />

looking for new members. You can<br />

visit us and see if you might want<br />

to join? Please remember to thank<br />

God every day for the freedom we<br />

enjoy in this Great Country!<br />

Shriners Help Children!<br />

Butch Mays<br />

Ambassador<br />


Shriners Hospitals for Children attains 4-star Charity<br />

Navigator rating!<br />

Dear Friends and Supporters,<br />

I am proud to announce that Shriners Hospitals for Children has once again<br />

attained the highly coveted 4-star Charity Navigator rating for demonstrating<br />

strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.<br />

Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that Shriners Hospitals for Children exceeds<br />

industry standards and outperforms most charities. This exceptional designation<br />

from Charity Navigator sets Shriners Hospitals for Children apart from its peers<br />

and demonstrates to the public our trustworthiness...only a quarter of rated<br />

charities achieve this distinction!<br />

The reason this 4-star designation is so powerful is because<br />

it distinguishes us from more than 1.5 million American<br />

charities. Charity Navigator distinguishes charities like ours<br />

for being an efficient and transparent organization. This<br />

gives donors greater confidence in the charitable decisions<br />

that they make. In addition, this year, Shriners Hospitals for<br />

Children was ranked the 91st largest charity in the world by<br />

The Chronincle of Philanthropy and the 53rd largest charity<br />

in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine.<br />

Thank you for your continued support.<br />

For the children,<br />

Dale Wallenius,MA, CFRE<br />

Director of Philanthropy<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center<br />


Paper Sale Donation from Kroger<br />

On Monday, 7/18 Potentate Jeff Head and members of the Williamson<br />

County Shrine Club were with Kroger Management at their Belle<br />

Meade store where they presented a $1,000.00 to us for the Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children. The Kroger Manager was an acquaintance of<br />

Scotty and Teresa Travis who put this together for the Al Menah Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children Paper Sale.<br />

This is a portion of a message from Phyllis Berry, wife of this<br />

Kroger Store Manager, Michael Berry.<br />

Let me tell you, our son was a Shrine Hospital patient<br />

and we are forever grateful The experience was an<br />

awakening in humanity. The care was phenomenal. The<br />

friendship my family made. The support from the men in<br />

your fraternity was phenomenal. We thank you for all you<br />

and your members do for children across the country.<br />

Sincerely<br />

Phyllis Berry<br />

Fraternally,<br />

Butch Mayes, WCSC<br />


Notices..............................................................................<br />

Did you know...<br />

We are sending the monthly Shriner out in the<br />

weekly email blast and only printing it quarterly?<br />

It is included in the email blast that is sent out each<br />

Sunday. This email list is also a way to let you<br />

know of events or the death of our nobles which<br />

are occurring between monthly meetings. We<br />

have asked people who are ok with receiving the<br />

Shriner in digital print to OPT-OUT of receiving<br />

the printed version.<br />

Please respond to the office with:<br />

1. Please remove me from the printed<br />

mailing list. I am okay receiving the<br />

Shriner digitally.<br />

2. Please add me to the email list.<br />

This email list also includes the digital copy<br />

of the Shriner. You can also opt out of the<br />

quarterly mailing list since you will get it each<br />

week if you want.<br />

Please call the office (615-226-7766) or send an<br />

email to april@almenahshriners.org with your<br />

change(s) if needed.<br />

(see blue arrow).<br />


Upcoming Events<br />

(as of this publication)<br />

<strong>APRIL</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

MARCH <strong>2017</strong><br />

April 7 Potentate Ball Hospitality<br />

Fri/Sat 3/3-4 York Rite Festival<br />

April 8 Potentate’s Ball<br />

Fri 3/17 ST. PATRICK’S DAY<br />

April 15 Easter Egg hunt<br />

Sat 3/18 St. Patrick’s Day Parade,<br />

April 21-22 Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

Erin, TN<br />

April 28-29 Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

Wed/Thu 3/22-23 Grand Lodge<br />

April 29 AMT Hillbilly Gathering<br />

Mon-Fri 3/27-31 Paper Sale Caravan<br />

<strong>APRIL</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

MAY <strong>2017</strong><br />

Fri 4/7 Al Menah Potentate’s<br />

May 4-7 Paper Sale<br />

Ball Hospitality, Clarion Hotel<br />

May 11-13 Fun Fest<br />

Sat 4/8 Al Menah Potentate’s Ball<br />

May 21 Hospital Day - Lexington<br />

Thu 4/13 Maundy Thursday,<br />

Grand Lodge<br />

Sat 4/15 Easter Egg Hunt, 10:00 a.m.<br />

Sun 4/16<br />

EASTER<br />

Ladies Only!<br />

Spring is FINALLY here and we are so excited about<br />

Fri/Sat 4/21-22 Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

Fri/Sat 4/28-29 Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

the upcoming events. We hope you will come join us as<br />

you are able. As of this writing, preparations are being<br />

made for our Potentate’s Ball and it’s going to be an exciting<br />

night. We look forward to seeing you there for an<br />

“Unforgettable, Black Tie Affair”.<br />

We again would like to invite each lady to come<br />

out and join us on the Noble’s Stated Meeting night<br />

each month, the third Tuesday at 6:00pm. This month’s<br />

meeting will be on April 8th. We will have 50/50, door<br />

prizes and lots of other Fun! We hope you will come<br />

join us.<br />

We are working on some projects to support the<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children Lexington and Cincinnati<br />

throughout <strong>2017</strong>.<br />

We are still collecting travel size board games i.e.<br />

Sorry, Trouble, Clue, Yahtzee, Connect Four and also<br />

card games i.e. Uno, Skip-Bo, etc. throughout the<br />

month of April. These items can be brought to the Ladies<br />

Meeting, temple office or given to any of the Divan<br />

Ladies.<br />

Currently donations are being accepted to sponsor<br />

Shrine patients to attend Burn Camp at Camp Ytiliba.<br />

The cost is $350 per week, per patient. We have already<br />

had one generous Noble and Lady provide a check to<br />

send one patient and we are hoping to send at least two<br />

more. What better cause than to be able to provide<br />

smiles to our Shrine patients.<br />

And don’t forget about our Easter Egg Hunt<br />

coming up on April 15th. Be sure to bring<br />

your kids, grandkids and friend’s kids for an<br />

“Egg-citing” time!<br />

Thank you!<br />

Lady Tracy Hester<br />


Its Onion Time at Al Menah!<br />

Units and Clubs may use this form to provide information for ordering<br />

Onions Units for this fundraiser.<br />

Remember – Deadline for your orders is <strong>APRIL</strong> 18 th .<br />

Don’t miss this fundraising opportunity for your Unit or Club,<br />


Noble’s use this form for taking your Onion orders.<br />



love<br />

Scentsy will donate $8 from the sale<br />

of each Sebastian the Superbuddy<br />

and Love Heals Warmer to Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children ® .<br />

Learn more at<br />

Scentsy.com/BeASuperbuddy<br />



Suited up and ready to save the day, Sebastian<br />

is here to send Love to the rescue ® on behalf<br />

of Shriners Hospitals for Children.<br />

Includes one Scent Pak.<br />

LOVE HEALS $35*<br />

6" tall, 25W<br />

shrinershospitalsforchildren.org<br />

14<br />

*Cannot be purchased using Half-Price Host Rewards, Perpetual Party<br />

Rewards or in Combine & Save.

NOTICe:<br />

ALL communications<br />

for the Shriner<br />

should be sent to<br />

editor.amsc@gmail.com<br />


Jerry N. Williams<br />

12/07/1942 - 02/22/<strong>2017</strong><br />

Westmoreland, TN<br />

Nobles Visited By<br />

The Black Camel<br />

John M. West<br />

04/23/1951 - 03/01/<strong>2017</strong><br />

Gallatin, TN<br />

al MENaH TEMplE<br />

A.A.O.N.M.S.<br />


P. O. Box 78545<br />

NASHVILLE, TN 37207<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

Nonprofit<br />

Organization<br />

U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />

Nashville, TN<br />

Permit No. 1731<br />

Harold E. Carter<br />

07/02/1949 - 02/23/<strong>2017</strong><br />

Lobelville, TN<br />

Clyde Daugherty<br />

04/10/1937 - 02/23/<strong>2017</strong><br />

Tullahoma, TN<br />

Donald C. Warden<br />

03/27/1929 - 03/12/<strong>2017</strong><br />

Brentwood, TN<br />

Joe H. Moore<br />

03/23/1928 - 03/23/<strong>2017</strong><br />

Springfield, TN<br />

Wallace L. Thompson<br />

05/30/1932 - 02/23/<strong>2017</strong><br />

Waverly, TN<br />

DEADLINE FOR <strong>APRIL</strong> MAY <strong>SHRINER</strong> IS IS MAR <strong>APRIL</strong> 15TH 19

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