Monthly Magazine of activities of Al Menah Shriners

Monthly Magazine of activities of Al Menah Shriners


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The Publication Committee

The Divan/Board of Directors

Potentate .. ................... Frank Hester

Chief Rabban .. .......... Horace Perkins III III

Assistant Rabban .. .........Randy Williams

High Priest & Prophet .. ......... Scott Jones

Oriental Guide .. .......... Donnie Drayton

Treasurer .. ....................... Wes Frye

Recorder ...................Robert Daniel

Editor ..................... Maurice Smith

Published monthly except June and July



*Charles Barham

*John E. E. Patton

*V. K. K. Stevenson

*John D. D. Whalley

*W. F. F. Hunt

* Jack Norman, Jr. Jr.

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*C. V. V. Cramb

*Oren A. A. Oliver

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Carl E. E. Barnes

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Jeff Head


** Deceased

Spring is here and warmer weather is on the way. If you are like me, I am ready

to be rid of the cold weather and look forward to warmer spring weather. If you

haven’t noticed we are working hard to make improvements to our landscaping and

some interior improvements as well. Most of these are the efforts of the Sheriff’s

Department who provides the labor and the generosity of several Nobles who are

donating materials and supplies. I would like to thank Chief Aide Ed Buckner, Deputy

Chief Aide “Boo” Harrington, Kitchen Committee Chairman Ronnie Brown and our

Building Committee Chairman Jim Campbell for helping with these projects.

Last month we had our first parade, St. Patrick’s Day in Erin, Tennessee. Nobles

I am so proud of the turnout from our units and clubs. Looking back from the front it

looked like we were stretched out for a half of a mile!! A special thanks to Houston

County Shrine Club for the great hospitality before the parade.

We would like to welcome the Daughters of the Nile, Dynasty Amenna Temple

# 164 to Nashville. After much hard work and dedication, the ladies of the Daughters

of the Nile are now their own temple. Congratulations to Donna Isbell who was

elected Queen and all the ladies who were elected to office.

The Potentate’s Ball is April 7 th & 8 th . We hope you come out and join us for this

special night.

Don’t forget to bring the kids and grandkids to the Easter Egg Hunt on April 15 th .

The Units and Clubs are geared up to make it a fun day for all.

On May 21 st we will be going to Lexington Hospital’s Grand Opening. We have

a bus chartered and you are welcome to ride along. The cost is $20.00 per person.

Please RSVP to the office to reserve your seat. If you have not had a chance to visit

one of our Hospitals for which we all work so hard for, this is your chance.

I would like to again welcome all the new Nobles that have joined Al Menah this

year. So far we have had 26 Master Masons join our fraternity and 25 Nobles have

been restored. We have initiated several of these new Nobles at Shrine Club meetings

and are willing to continue to do so. If you know of a Master Mason that is interested

in joining our fraternity, let’s get them on board. Give me a call and we will be glad

to come to your Shrine Club. The initiation fee is $100.00. Remember all you have

to do is “Ask a Master Mason to be A Shriner”.

Nobles and Ladies, thank you for all you do for Al Menah and our Shriners

Hospitals for Children.

Yours in the Faith,

Frank Hester


“Pride, Passion & Purpose”

From the desk of...


I would like to start be thanking

every Noble for what you do for

Al Menah and the hospitals.

Spring is here! Please come and

enjoy the events we are having

at the Temple.

We are having great crowds

at the Stated Meetings. All of

you new Nobles please try to attend.

Stated Meetings are the 3 rd Tuesday of each month.

Dinner begins at 6:00pm. We will be looking for you.

Please keep working on membership!

Chief Rabban

Horace Perkins, III


This past month, Beth and I had the


privilege of attending the Assistant

Rabban seminar in Tampa,

Florida. We learned a great deal

and are glad to share that this


group is excited and pumped

for the Imperial Session in

Nashville in 2019. Many of them

are planning to come to town

beforehand to check out hotels and our

attractions to plan their Potentate’s trips and the best

Imperial Session ever.

As always, the Irish Day parade and fellowship in

Erin was most enjoyable.

We are excited to share that several new Nobles have

been created since the beginning of the year.

Hope to see everyone at the Potentate’s Ball and be

sure to bring your children, grandchildren, and even the

neighborhood kids to our always fun Easter Egg Hunt

on Saturday, April 15.

Keep in mind that our paper sale is fast approaching

as well and with that our opportunity to raise money for

our kids and share awareness of our awesome fraternity.

Assistant Rabban

Randy Williams


We had a great turn out for the St.

Patrick’s Day Parade in Erin, TN.

I would like to give a big thank

you to the Nobles of Houston

County Shrine Club and our

Brothers of Wisdom Lodge for

an outstanding breakfast for the

parade participants.

The Paper Sale is fast approaching

and we need all Nobles to help raise funds for our 22

Shriners Hospital’s for Children. If you are not in a

unit or club and need somewhere to work, just call

the office or any Divan member and we will get you

in contact your area representative.

Remember the sick…. Give them a call or go visit

them and always keep them in your prayers.

High Priest and Prophet


Scott Jones


Good Day, Nobles!

I will have you know that I have


just returned from the Fount of

All Knowledge, having been

endowed with true wisdom,

knowledge, and profound

understanding. In other words,

I went to Tampa and they talked

about membership.

On a serious note, I would appreciate it

if you would join me in honoring 3 of our own: John

Anderson, Leo Claytor, and Joe Stroud. These men

have contributed a large part of their time to transporting

our patients to and from the hospitals. Between them,

they’ve made more than 400 trips and spent countless

hours caring for our children. Please take the time to

stop them, thank them, shake their hands, and let them

know their service did not go unnoticed.

Oriental Guide

Donnie Drayton




Unforgettable, A Black Tie Affair

Potentate’s Grand Ball


Illustrious Sir Frank Hester and Lady Tracy

Hospitality – Friday, April 7, 2017, 4:00pm

The Clarion Hotel

211 North First Street, Nashville, TN

Reception – Saturday, March 8, 2017, 11:00am

Presentation at 1:00pm

The Clarion Hotel

211 North First Street, Nashville, TN

Ball Transportation to begin at 4:00pm (Social Hour & Pictures)

Grand Procession: Promptly at 5:30pm

Dinner: 6:00pm

Ball: 8:00pm

First bus back to the hotel: 10:00pm/ Last bus back to the hotel 11:30pm

After Glow at The Clarion Hotel


Hi Supporter,

In honor of National Doctors' Day, we'd like to share your words of gratitude for the incredible

doctors who work at Shriners Hospitals for Children ® … so we've created an online quilt to

display encouraging messages from you and other Shriners Hospitals friends!

Please say "thank you" to our wonderful medical staff for the amazing work they do.

National Doctors' Day was established by an act of Congress to recognize physicians for their

contributions to our country — and, Supporter, our doctors are daily miracle workers for families

with children suffering from severe burns, spinal cord injuries, cleft lip and palate, orthopaedic

challenges and a host of rare disorders.

And thanks to all the generous help we receive from you and other supporters, our talented

physicians are able to deliver all this care to children regardless of the families' ability to pay.

So please join me in celebrating our remarkable medical staff for the life-changing work they do!

Go to https://lovetotherescue.org/quilt/ and leave your encouraging square.

With gratitude,

Chris L. Smith

Chairman, Board of Directors

Shriners Hospitals for Children ®

P.S. Our doctors, who have dedicated their careers to helping children, will see all the comments left by

supporters like you, giving them a real boost. Thank you for your words of support and for everything

you do for Shriners Hospitals for Children!





What a amazing March! This year

just keeps getting better.

Captain Vernon “Jingles”

Blackburn and Lady Trisha

planned a date night for the

Clowns at Chaffin’s Barn on the

11th , and I must say we had a

great time. The meal was superb,

and the play was wonderful.

On the 18th we had a most

wonderful turn out of Al Menah

Temple at Erin for the annual St.

Patrick’s Day parade. The Fabulous

Al Menah Clown Unit had 19

clowns in make up! Way to start

this year off right Clowns.

March 31 st we head to Canton

GA. for Mid-Winter and April 1st

is competition. We’re all excited

to bring back some trophies from

Georgia, and to visit with brother

Shriners there.

April 8th is the Potentate’s Ball

let’s have a great turn out to support

Illustrious Frank Hester, and

fellowship with our many guests

that will be visiting our



April 15 is the Easter Egg hunt.

We will be putting on our best

makeup for the kids as they enjoy

the many activities, and visit from

the Easter Bunny.

Brethren we have many sick,

and many who need prayers. May

we always be mindful of them in

our devotions to God. May He

bless them , heal them, and comfort


James “Puzzles” Chambers


Lou Becker

Legion of Honor

What a beautiful parade we had in

Erin, TN for St Patrick’s Day. All

of you who

came looked sharp and did a good

job interacting with the crowd.

Also Momma would have been

proud of that breakfast, thanks to

the Houston County Shrine Club

and I loved seeing all that Irish


The Saturday before St Patrick’s

Day the Legion of Honor posted

colors for the Hooligans at Al

Menah. Another Irish green event

and our guys did a great job there


Remember the Easter Egg Hunt

on April 15, 2017. We all need

to come out and support this and

bring children. The Legion of

Honor is tasked with assisting

in the “Child Identification Program”,

better known as “Chip”.

We should arrive by 8:00am for

instructions and we need as many

of you as we can get to assist with

this great and helpful program.

We installed a new member in

February. Noble James David

Andrews is now a proud member

of the Legion of Honor and we are

proud to have him. Let’s all get

acquainted and make him feel welcome

as he begins to get involved

in our activities.

You may also be eligible to

become a member of the Legion

of Honor if you are a shriner and a

military veteran. Ask any member

for an application, I think you will

be glad you did!

Please continue to pray for our

military men and women in harms

way, all those less fortunate, the

children and our hospitals.

May God Bless,

Roy Lindsey


Provost Guard

The Erin parade is behind us for

another year. We had a good turn

out and I think everyone had a

great time.

The Provost Guard drill team is

practicing getting ready the competition

at Dixie in Panama City in


The paper sale time is almost

here so let make this a good year

for the paper sale.


Ken Loftis

Motor Corps

Motor Corps Spring is finally


“Life is something we all share,

Just like oxygen, in the air.

The way we live it,

is up to us,

With a negative

or with a plus.

Life is something,

we should cherish,

We never know,

when we’ll perish.

Live each and every

single day,

Smell the flowers,

stop and play.

Life is something,

we’ve been blessed,

Choice is yours,

choose your quest.

Follow your passions,

and you’ll be fine,

With the right attitude,

you will shine!”

April 15 Easter Egg Hunt

Al Menah Shrine Center

April 15 Motor Corps Dinner

Outing –6:30 pm

Cherokee Steak House

and Marina

450 Cherokee Dock Rd

Lebanon, TN

Happy Easter to All!!

Till next time,


“Fat Rabbit”, PC


Hendersonville Shrine Club

Spring time is a busy time of the year

for Al Menah Shriners. We have the

Potentate’s Ball, Paper Sale, Easter

Egg Hunt, Onion Sales and our parades.

The Potentate’s Ball is Saturday,

April 8 th at the Temple.

Our Paper Sale is May 4 th – 7 th . I

am praying for good weather and a

good sale. We all know the obligation

we took to work the Paper Sale

if we can for the benefit of our kids

and our Hospitals. We all know

this is our biggest fund raiser of the

year. If you live in our area and can

help sell papers on any of the days

mentioned, call me: Boyd Parnell

at 615-598-1339. I will find you a

place to work. We need your help.

Our club will be selling Vidalia

onions again this year. If you want

to buy or help sell the onions, give

me a call. We expect to get the onions

in around May 10 th , depending

on weather.

If you live in our area and don’t

belong to a Shrine Club, come

on down for some good food and

fellowship. Our next meeting is

Monday, March 24 th . We meet at

the Black-Eye-Pea, 164 East Main

Street in Hendersonville. We meet

at 6:00pm for fellowship and food

and our meeting starts at 7:00pm.

In closing, remember our Hospitals

and our kids, those who have

lost loved ones, those who are sick

and unable to attend our meetings,

our troops and our temple. Keep

them all in your prayers.

God Bless America.

Boyd C. Parnell


Williamson County Shrine Club and

Motor Division

By the time you see this article our

club will be getting organized for

the paper sale. It will be May 4-5-

6&7. I hope you plan to help! This

is what we are all about, bringing in

Dollars for the Shriners Hospitals

for Children. Remember, we can

sell Plaques all year long. We have

lots of Plaques and stickers so just

let us know how many you need?

Our WCSC Motor Division attended

the Erin St. Patrick’s Day

Parade last Saturday. Don’t forget

about the Franklin Rodeo Parade

coming up on May 13. We will

have breakfast hospitality at Hiram

Lodge beginning at about 9:00am.

The line up is at 11:00am with the

parade beginning at High Noon.

We hope you can come be in the Parade

this year.

If you don’t belong to a club already,

come on down and visit with

us on the third Thursday at Logan’s

Steakhouse – 6:00 pm. We are

looking for new members. You can

visit us and see if you might want

to join? Please remember to thank

God every day for the freedom we

enjoy in this Great Country!

Shriners Help Children!

Butch Mays



Shriners Hospitals for Children attains 4-star Charity

Navigator rating!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am proud to announce that Shriners Hospitals for Children has once again

attained the highly coveted 4-star Charity Navigator rating for demonstrating

strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that Shriners Hospitals for Children exceeds

industry standards and outperforms most charities. This exceptional designation

from Charity Navigator sets Shriners Hospitals for Children apart from its peers

and demonstrates to the public our trustworthiness...only a quarter of rated

charities achieve this distinction!

The reason this 4-star designation is so powerful is because

it distinguishes us from more than 1.5 million American

charities. Charity Navigator distinguishes charities like ours

for being an efficient and transparent organization. This

gives donors greater confidence in the charitable decisions

that they make. In addition, this year, Shriners Hospitals for

Children was ranked the 91st largest charity in the world by

The Chronincle of Philanthropy and the 53rd largest charity

in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine.

Thank you for your continued support.

For the children,

Dale Wallenius,MA, CFRE

Director of Philanthropy

Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center


Paper Sale Donation from Kroger

On Monday, 7/18 Potentate Jeff Head and members of the Williamson

County Shrine Club were with Kroger Management at their Belle

Meade store where they presented a $1,000.00 to us for the Shrine

Hospitals for Children. The Kroger Manager was an acquaintance of

Scotty and Teresa Travis who put this together for the Al Menah Shrine

Hospitals for Children Paper Sale.

This is a portion of a message from Phyllis Berry, wife of this

Kroger Store Manager, Michael Berry.

Let me tell you, our son was a Shrine Hospital patient

and we are forever grateful The experience was an

awakening in humanity. The care was phenomenal. The

friendship my family made. The support from the men in

your fraternity was phenomenal. We thank you for all you

and your members do for children across the country.


Phyllis Berry


Butch Mayes, WCSC



Did you know...

We are sending the monthly Shriner out in the

weekly email blast and only printing it quarterly?

It is included in the email blast that is sent out each

Sunday. This email list is also a way to let you

know of events or the death of our nobles which

are occurring between monthly meetings. We

have asked people who are ok with receiving the

Shriner in digital print to OPT-OUT of receiving

the printed version.

Please respond to the office with:

1. Please remove me from the printed

mailing list. I am okay receiving the

Shriner digitally.

2. Please add me to the email list.

This email list also includes the digital copy

of the Shriner. You can also opt out of the

quarterly mailing list since you will get it each

week if you want.

Please call the office (615-226-7766) or send an

email to april@almenahshriners.org with your

change(s) if needed.

(see blue arrow).


Upcoming Events

(as of this publication)

APRIL 2017

MARCH 2017

April 7 Potentate Ball Hospitality

Fri/Sat 3/3-4 York Rite Festival

April 8 Potentate’s Ball


April 15 Easter Egg hunt

Sat 3/18 St. Patrick’s Day Parade,

April 21-22 Scottish Rite Reunion

Erin, TN

April 28-29 Scottish Rite Reunion

Wed/Thu 3/22-23 Grand Lodge

April 29 AMT Hillbilly Gathering

Mon-Fri 3/27-31 Paper Sale Caravan

APRIL 2017

MAY 2017

Fri 4/7 Al Menah Potentate’s

May 4-7 Paper Sale

Ball Hospitality, Clarion Hotel

May 11-13 Fun Fest

Sat 4/8 Al Menah Potentate’s Ball

May 21 Hospital Day - Lexington

Thu 4/13 Maundy Thursday,

Grand Lodge

Sat 4/15 Easter Egg Hunt, 10:00 a.m.

Sun 4/16


Ladies Only!

Spring is FINALLY here and we are so excited about

Fri/Sat 4/21-22 Scottish Rite Reunion

Fri/Sat 4/28-29 Scottish Rite Reunion

the upcoming events. We hope you will come join us as

you are able. As of this writing, preparations are being

made for our Potentate’s Ball and it’s going to be an exciting

night. We look forward to seeing you there for an

“Unforgettable, Black Tie Affair”.

We again would like to invite each lady to come

out and join us on the Noble’s Stated Meeting night

each month, the third Tuesday at 6:00pm. This month’s

meeting will be on April 8th. We will have 50/50, door

prizes and lots of other Fun! We hope you will come

join us.

We are working on some projects to support the

Shriners Hospitals for Children Lexington and Cincinnati

throughout 2017.

We are still collecting travel size board games i.e.

Sorry, Trouble, Clue, Yahtzee, Connect Four and also

card games i.e. Uno, Skip-Bo, etc. throughout the

month of April. These items can be brought to the Ladies

Meeting, temple office or given to any of the Divan


Currently donations are being accepted to sponsor

Shrine patients to attend Burn Camp at Camp Ytiliba.

The cost is $350 per week, per patient. We have already

had one generous Noble and Lady provide a check to

send one patient and we are hoping to send at least two

more. What better cause than to be able to provide

smiles to our Shrine patients.

And don’t forget about our Easter Egg Hunt

coming up on April 15th. Be sure to bring

your kids, grandkids and friend’s kids for an

“Egg-citing” time!

Thank you!

Lady Tracy Hester


Its Onion Time at Al Menah!

Units and Clubs may use this form to provide information for ordering

Onions Units for this fundraiser.

Remember – Deadline for your orders is APRIL 18 th .

Don’t miss this fundraising opportunity for your Unit or Club,


Noble’s use this form for taking your Onion orders.




Scentsy will donate $8 from the sale

of each Sebastian the Superbuddy

and Love Heals Warmer to Shriners

Hospitals for Children ® .

Learn more at




Suited up and ready to save the day, Sebastian

is here to send Love to the rescue ® on behalf

of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Includes one Scent Pak.


6" tall, 25W



*Cannot be purchased using Half-Price Host Rewards, Perpetual Party

Rewards or in Combine & Save.


ALL communications

for the Shriner

should be sent to



Jerry N. Williams

12/07/1942 - 02/22/2017

Westmoreland, TN

Nobles Visited By

The Black Camel

John M. West

04/23/1951 - 03/01/2017

Gallatin, TN




P. O. Box 78545







Nashville, TN

Permit No. 1731

Harold E. Carter

07/02/1949 - 02/23/2017

Lobelville, TN

Clyde Daugherty

04/10/1937 - 02/23/2017

Tullahoma, TN

Donald C. Warden

03/27/1929 - 03/12/2017

Brentwood, TN

Joe H. Moore

03/23/1928 - 03/23/2017

Springfield, TN

Wallace L. Thompson

05/30/1932 - 02/23/2017

Waverly, TN


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