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A graphic designer is a person who carried out the activity of design. She/he is an innovator and has the ability to deliver unique and creativity in their pursuit. They are being hired by the most of the Product Packaging Design Companies in order to provide a platform for their skill.


PREFACE In this competitive world, it has become really difficult for the enterprise or corporate to attract customer preference and gain a competitive advantage over their core competitors. There are many ways to do that, but the most efficient and effective are the Product packaging. Many companies around the globe face constraints, such as lack of innovation in product packaging or default packaging practices etc. So, for every problem, we provide one solution, where we duly care the need and requirement of the enterprise which could effectively solve the design related issue. There are mainly two important factor which have adverse effect on the companies products: • External Factor (not in hand of the management and have to adapt the change. Example: Political and Economic factor) • Internal Factor (in the grip of management and can be control and improved. Example: Product Packaging)

PRODUCT PACKAGING DESIGN: Product Packaging design is the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages which also protect the products for distribution, storage, sale and use. Basic fact about Product Packaging: It is most important part of any enterprise who are selling products or any tangible goods. It's become important for every enterprise that there product design and labeling should be unique and standard. It has been recorded that about 70% of the products are sold at the point of purchase. Thus, they hire or appoint the best product packaging design companies by the help of which they are able to sell the product at the point of purchase. It become really important for the company to employ or hire the best and modern designing companies.

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