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BIS 261 DeVry Final Exam

12. (TCO 5) King

12. (TCO 5) King Manufacturing is developing a new sales order system. During the analysis phase, the fact-finding activity to which the analysis team should plan to devote the most time and effort is: 13. (TCO 1) The purpose of an agenda is to define: 14. (TCO 1) If an initial low-level process intervention by a facilitator does not succeed in getting the group back on track, the facilitator should: 15. (TCO 1) During a meeting on security requirements for a new website, the team is unable to reach a decision because the corporate security policy was recently changed and no one is sure exactly what the new policy says. What should be the facilitator’s response? 16. (TCO 1) What should be the meeting facilitator’s response the first time that members of the group are late in returning from a break? 17. (TCO 2) A project agreement helps to eliminate unnecessary conflict within a virtual team because it: 18. (TCO 2) The enabler for traditional teams to operate virtually is: 19. (TCO 2) Leiber International is developing a new financial information system. The team to gather requirements for the new system includes members from Leiber’s offices in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. As the team leader, you want to hold a meeting in which you present PowerPoint slides with objectives for the new system; demonstrate the operation of the old system to illustrate some problems; and then brainstorm with the whole team to generate ideas for the new system. The best communication tool to use for this example would be: 20. (TCO 2) McCaffrey Aviation, an international air-cargo firm, is developing a new logistics system. The team to gather requirements for the new system includes members from Los Angeles, Mumbai, Berlin, London, and Rio de Janeiro. You have an initial draft of the requirements, and you want to share this draft with the entire team and enable them to change and add to it. You expect that there will be frequent changes and additions by multiple people over the next several weeks. The best tool for the team to use in collaborating on this document is: 21. (TCO 6) A concept that allows subclasses to share the characteristics of their superclasses is called ____. 22. (TCO 6) A relationship between a “sports team” and the players, coaches, and sponsor would be described as what kind of relationship? 23. (TCO 6) A(n) ____ provides an overview of all of the use cases for a system. 24. (TCO 6) In the following class diagram for a help desk system: each Customer is associated with: 25. (TCO 6) Based on the following use case diagram for a help desk system: when an Agent closes an incident, as part of this process, he or she also: 26. (TCO 7) ____ testing tests individual code modules or methods before they are combined with other modules or methods. 27. (TCO 7) Niven Consulting is developing a new mobile app that consultants can use to enter their billable hours from their smartphones. The project is now entering the implementation phase and programmers are about to start coding the software modules. The project manager wants to make sure that each module works correctly by itself before it is added to the official project code library. The type of testing that should be used to provide this assurance is: 28. (TCO 7) Orwell Brothers Construction is developing a new budgeting system using an iterative development process. At the end of each iteration, the team wants to identify any unresolved issues that should be worked on during the next iteration. To do this task, the team should conduct __________ at the end of each iteration. 29. (TCO 7) Pournelle Products is planning to launch a new e-commerce website. A large segment of the company’s customer base consists of aging baby boomers with less than perfect eyesight and hand-eye coordination. The marketing director is concerned about whether these customers will be able to read the text on the site, and is worried that some might find the navigation scheme confusing. This situation indicates a need for _________ testing.

30. (TCO 8) Quality assurance (QA) activities during analysis concentrate on ____. 31. (TCO 8) If a system was analyzed and designed with object-oriented techniques, developers prepare test cases for each ____. 32. (TCO 8) Reynolds Realty has experienced problems with bugs in their production systems, so they are reorganizing their software testing process. In this reorganization, primary responsibility for performing acceptance testing should be assigned to: 33. (TCO 8) Your employer, Stephenson Services, requires a formal inspection of all official documents at the end of each phase of a project, before moving on to the next phase. At the end of the analysis phase, you have been asked to serve as a critic for the inspection of the use case diagram and use case descriptions. During the inspection, you should: 34. (TCO 3) HRSoft, LLC develops and sells custom human resources management (HRM) solutions for mid-sized businesses. The company has been using a structured systems development approach, but is considering switching to agile methods. You have been asked to discuss the suitability of this change. HRSoft’s systems use reliable, proven technology. Customers often have trouble defining their needs in advance, so there are often changes to requirements while a project is underway. The HR field is heavily regulated, and systems must be certified to comply with state and federal labor laws, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, and other regulations. HRSoft is a small company with an entrepreneurial culture that operates in a moderately competitive industry. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of agile software development methods for HRSoft. Describe three advantages and three disadvantages, writing at least one complete sentence about each advantage and each disadvantage. Your answer should be at least one paragraph of at least six complete sentences. 35. (TCO 4) Two competing companies, Alphaware and Betaware, are each planning to develop a new information system. Alphaware has a strong, experienced project management team in place, but is planning to use a complex technology that has never before been applied to this type of system. Betaware has a young, inexperienced project management team, but they will be working with a well-understand technology that the company has used successfully for similar systems in the past. Which company has the higher chance of success, and why? Write a paragraph of at least four complete sentences, explaining your answer in terms of research on project success and failure factors. 36. (TCO 5) You are a business analyst at a company that sells office supplies on the Web, working on a project to develop a new order-tracking system for the website. You are planning to hold a Joint Application Design (JAD) session to gather information for the analysis phase of the project. Describe a plan for the JAD session, including who should attend, where it should be held, what equipment and tools should be available, and how the session should be conducted. Your answer should be one or more paragraphs containing at least six complete sentences. 37. (TCO 1) You are facilitating a meeting to decide on requirements for a new supply chain management system. During a discussion of how to qualify new vendors, Gina from the engineering department says, “That reminds me of the time that I needed a special chair for my bad back, and I couldn’t get it because the vendor wasn’t on the approved list! Here’s what happened . . . ” Several other participants roll their eyes, and two people pull out cell phones to check their messages. Describe how you will deal with this as the facilitator, including what you will do the first time that it happens, and how your response will change if Gina persists in returning to her story. Describe at least three different levels of interventions that you will use, with two complete sentences about each level of intervention. Your response should be one or more paragraphs containing at least six complete sentences. 38. (TCO 2) You are leading a 12-member team to develop requirements for a new inventory control system for an international company. The team includes representatives from several countries in which the company’s manufacturing and distribution facilities are located. Describe three challenges that you expect to arise because the team is geographically distributed rather than co-located, and the measures that you plan to take to overcome these challenges. For each challenge, write at least one sentence describing the challenge, and at least one sentence stating how you plan to overcome it. Your answer should be one or more paragraphs containing at least six complete sentences. 39. (TCO 6) Here is a class diagram for a computer store inventory system: Describe the problem domain class model represented by this diagram. In your description, identify the name of each class; the attributes of each class; and the relationship type and multiplicities of each association between classes. Your answer should be one or more paragraphs containing at least six complete sentences. 40. (TCO 7) You are drafting a test plan for a new online stock-trading system for a major brokerage house. Trades are time-sensitive, so it is extremely important for the system to process transactions rapidly even when trading volume

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