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LEARN TO THINK, LEARN TO LEAD… Culturally Experiential education comes to life through local and long distance field trips. Atlanta offers students countless opportunities to explore historical, cultural, and educational venues. Experiential education comes to life through local and long distance field trips affording all students the opportunity to reach beyond the confines of the classroom. The learning experience is enriched through visits to the High Museum, the Atlanta Zoo, the State Capitol, Jekyll Island, the opera, and the Atlanta Ballet. All middle and upper school students begin the school year with an overnight retreat to solidify spiritual and social bonds across the grade levels.

LEARN TO THINK, LEARN TO LEAD… At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, there are countless ways students can explore the arts. Visual, literary, and performing arts all provide an opportunity for expression and growth. Morning announcements are streamed live from our state-of-theart video production studio. Artistically A love of the arts takes root in childhood. Fine art instruction begins in kindergarten and builds a foundation for continued study throughout middle and upper school. Fall and spring musical performances showcase students in both music and drama while the annual Night of the Arts includes a presentation of visual and performing arts. From an understanding of art history and technique, to music appreciation and instrumentation, students work with various mediums and dimensions to explore the diverse world of the arts. Whether in weekly chapel, choral and band performances, or area competitions, the arts play a major role in the culture of the Academy.

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