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Term 2 | Issue #3

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Principal’s Report

Another smooth start to the term

with students commencing their

studies enthusiastically as we race

towards the end of semester one

Tall Ships

On Friday April 21 all Year 9 students

attended a terrific excursion to

Melbourne Docklands.

Barjarg Camp

The Advance class went on

an amazing adventure with the

people that brought laughter

and happiness out of us.

2017 Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 1

Principal’s Report

It is very hard to believe that we are almost in the

middle of Term 2 and we are talking about Winter

and how many shopping days until Christmas. Time

is flying by and working in schools, where we rely on

bells and dates makes the year seem to go faster!

We have had another smooth start to the term with

students commencing their studies enthusiastically

as we race towards the end of Semester 1 which

commences on June 19th, 2017.

“Another smooth start to

the term with students

commencing their studies

enthusiastically as we

race towards the end

semester one”


After over 20 years working at Reservoir High (or

under its various other names) we said goodbye to

one of our treasured staff. Ms Dimi Nicola. Dimi has

been our leading SEAL light for many years and was

largely responsible for the area becoming such an

important one for Reservoir High and its students.

Dimi’s interest in English and Humanities enabled

our students to excel and delight in her classes.

Dimi Nicola was an outstanding teacher who we shall

miss very much. We wish her well for the future and

trust that she will pop back and see us all soon.


After many tour groups during Term 1, Reservoir held

its annual Information and Evening Showcase in week

tw. This followed a very successful Open Morning

during our first week of term. Hundreds of prospective

students and their families arrived to see if what they

had heard about Reservoir High was true. I can proudly

say that our visitors were very impressed with what

they saw and heard. It was terrific to see so many of

our current students and staff talking with prospective

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 2

families about life at Reservoir and what it means to

be a Reservoir High student.

The Information Evening began with a SEAL

presentation presented for the first time by Ms

Giovanna Hill, our new SEAL Coordinator for 2017.

There was standing room only for the presentation

which took students and their families through what

it was like to be a SEAL student at Reservoir High.

Testing for the SEAL program took place on May

13th and from the list I have just seen there are many

more students undertaking the test than ever before.

I wish these students all the best for the future.

After the conclusion of the SEAL presentation we

went to the Performing Arts Centre and heard from

Mr Forbes (Year7 Coordinator and Junior School

Leader) about our transition processes and what to

expect as a new student at the school. Our students

also spoke about their first ten weeks at their new

school Ms Pizzey outlined our school uniform

policies with a group of aspiring models from Year 7

showing families what our uniform looks like.

After this our Key Learning Area Leaders and their

staff met with families and prospective students.

Each KLA area provided a unique interactive display

regarding the nature of their area. Prospective

students then voted upon their favourite display and

this year the Science KLA came out on top and won

the coveted trophy. Well done to Ms Amy Hutchings

(Science KLAL) and her staff for all they did to create

such a dynamic display. Many thanks must go to all

our student volunteers, staff and, of course Mr Darryl

Forbes for all his organisation and work with our local

primary schools.


Last time I wrote in our school newsletter we

were all excited about seeing Michael Russo

and Damian Seddon in their performances in the

hugely successful dance theatre piece at the ARTS

CENTRE. A large number of staff and students

saw the production and were overwhelmed by its

brilliance and in particular Damian and Michael’s

performances. Not only did the boy’s perform in the

show, they also featured in The AGE newspaper and

on television being interviewed by Danni Minogue

on The Project. Please see our website for clips from

the show and also The AGE article. Well done to

Michael and Damian who we are sure will be seen on

the Melbourne stage again very soon. Seeing them

up on stage at The Arts Centre was a very proud

moment for Reservoir High and, no doubt, the boys

and their families.

“Well done to Michael

and Damian... seeing

them up on stage at

The Arts Centre was

a very proud moment

for Reservoir High


Our school’s motto – DIVERSITY, EXCELLENCE AND

SUCCESS – is something that we live by each day.

Our students know that we have high expectations

in regards to their work, but also in regards to the

kindness and support of each other. Is it Fair? Is it

Kind? Is it Safe are mantras which support our motto

throughout the school. Each year we commence

with our Fair Go Sport Athletics Day to revisit diversity

and acceptance of everyone. This is followed by our

Year 7 students seeing a tremendous play called The

Hurting Game which explores relationships in our

world of cyberspace including Facebook, Snapchat

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 3

and the other forms of social media. Classes then

discuss these issues after the play. The production

fits snuggly with the work of our Peer Support

Program and extends into our work in Year 9 when

our Respectful Relationships program commences.


It was my pleasure to be invited by Ms Angela

Neophytou to hear the class present their talks on

Ancient Greece this week. A hint of nervousness

could be felt in the room as I arrived. However this

talented class quickly got into the groove and spoke

passionately about their fascination for Ancient

Greece. I knew little about how women were treated

in these ancient times, nor about the literacy levels, or

the means of warfare and management of slaves. It

was a wonderful class to visit and I enjoyed my time

there very much! Happy to be invited again anytime!!


This title took me back to a humorous TV series

in the 1980’s or was it the 90’s – Welcome Back

Kotter. However this has nothing to do with our

Year 9 Student Connor Koops. Last term Connor

had the experience of a lifetime at the Alpine

School for Leadership and has returned this term

to relative normality at school and home. Connor

had an amazing time at the school and has returned

to Reservoir with lots of ideas and plans which he

hopes to include in our up and coming International

Week. I recommend you read his fascinating article

in this newsletter and Welcome Back Connor!

“I hope all our Year

10 students enjoyed

their week of Work


PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 4


It has been an interesting week in regards to the

support we have experienced from our local

community. You will already know that our student

cross the very busy Plenty Road intersection and

tram stop with the utmost care. We are, also, very

pleased to have the support of two, sometimes

three, Lollypop men and women who do all they can

to support those crossing this very busy road. We

also have three staff on Yard Duty every morning

and night. Despite our vigilance there are still a

number of drivers who pass our school with total

disregard of the 40 kmp speed limit. Overnight, on

Tuesday, a member of the public – not the Principal

– placed several signs around our crossings to try

and encourage drivers to take more care as they

drive past our school during morning drop off and

afternoon pick up times. I also rang the Epping

Highway Patrol to encourage a more obvious police

presence around the school. Thank you to the

overwhelming number of drivers who do respect

the speed limit at these times. A special thanks to

everyone who supports the safety of our students

during these peak times.


I would like to wish all of our Year 10 students all the

very best for the Work Experience adventures. As I

write this article, I am also madly signing the relevant

documentation for students who will spend their

week working in the medical profession, enjoying

the delights of hospitality, working with four legged

animals, , floristry, Ministry of Dance, Ecological

Services, legal profession, child care, teaching,

web-design, and sales – to name but a few of the

experiences our students will experience.

Many thanks to our parent community, local

businesses, students and their own families for

assisting our students to experience such a wide

range of work experience opportunities. Without the

support of all you, our students would not have these

unique opportunities to discover life outside of the

classroom. Special thanks should go to our dedicated

Career’s Team – Ms Maria Gasbarro, Ms Giovanna

Hill and Mr Peter Devine. For months they have been

guiding and assisting our students to make the

right decisions regarding their work experience and

ensuring that all the necessary legal requirements

are adhered to. We hope every one of our Year 10’s

benefited from their week of work.


This week all families should have received

information about our 2018 China Tour. This is our

second tour, the last being held in 2016 when 26

students and four staff explored this fascinating

country and enjoyed spending time with our Sister

School – Tianjin Muzhai Middle School. From Beijing

to Shanghai by bullet train, plane and coach. Our

first student meeting was held on May 17th at

lunchtime and our first family meeting is being held

on May 22nd at 6.30 in our library. The first tour was

sensational and we expect nothing but a repeat

of this success in 2018. If you have not yet had the

chance to read the itinerary, please do so soon. We

look forward to seeing students and their families on

May 29th, 2017 at 6.30pm.

Mark Jessup

Principal, Reservoir High


PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 5

The Alpine School

During all of term one, instead of doing a normal term

at school, I went to the Alpine Campus of the School

for Student Leadership program. The program runs

once a term for the entirety of the term, teaching

skills such as teamwork, leadership, self-awareness

and decision making, and is available to all year

nines. During the term I did many rewarding and

unforgettable things, such as multiday hiking, bridge

building, raft building, presentations to primary

school students, and going to nearby towns such

as Omeo and Bright to help run gardens and teach

primary school students.

The school itself is at Dinner Plain, near Mt Hotham,

a small alpine village near the mountain. It snows

during term two and three, and luckily even though

I went during term one and during summer, it still

managed to snow on one day. The area is surrounded

by mountains, Mt Loch and Mt Feathertop, the third

and second highest mountains in Victoria. In fact, I

joined a few other students to climb up to the top of

Feathertop, and the views were amazing.

When it was all over, I came home with new learning.

My experience at The Alpine School has taught me

that a positive attitude is the key to doing well and

that things aren’t always as bad they seem While I

was there I also spent much time working with and

cooperating with others, to achieve common goals

and to learn new lessons. Even though I was the

only one from my school I still had heaps of support

from my peers and from the teachers that taught us

at the school. Overall my time at The Alpine School

was a great opportunity to learn new skills and find

my potential, and one that I would recommend to

anyone who would be willing to take up this once in

a lifetime opportunity. I would like to thank Reservoir

High for giving me the opportunity to go to The

Alpine School.

Above: Connor Koops 9D

THE ALPINE SCHOOL Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 6

Lord Of

The Flies

Term one at Reservoir High saw our students meet

the cast of Kinky Boots but, more importantly, two of

our Year 12 students became stars in their own right

on the stage. They performed in the internationally

acclaimed dance production of Lord of the Flies.

Michael Russo and Damian Seddon undertook a

series of lengthy auditions for the production and

as a result were selected to perform at Melbourne’s

State Theatre in the Arts Centre.

Many staff and students saw the show and they were

blown away by the talent of Michael and Damian

who performed in front of packed houses with

professional dancers and also a number of amateur

dancers from schools across the state. Reservoir

High was the only school to have two students

performing in the production.

Media coverage for this production was widespread.

Damian and Michael were featured in The Age

newspaper in a lengthy article about the production

and they were interviewed by Dani Minogue on

The Project. Please see the links below to Reservoir

High’s new FACEBOOK page to see the article and

also the television story.

Above: Michael, Damian and Danni Minogue together…

The Project! Take a look on Thursday.


Below: See Michael and Damian… in a feature article

page 8 and 9.

LORD OF THE FLIES Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 7

LORD OF THE FLIES Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 8

Matthew Bourne’s Lord of the

Flies offers local schoolboys

a baptism of savagery

Dance has long been associated with tragic

narratives – Swan Lake and the dying swan, Giselle

and her broken heart, the dance of death in The

Rite of Spring – usually mournfully enacted in

pastoral idylls, fairytale settings. Even in the most

contemporary takes of the darkest stories there’s a

sense of familiarity.

But not in the hands of iconoclastic choreographer

Sir Matthew Bourne.

Best known for his career-defining (and West End

and Broadway record-breaking) interpretation of

Swan Lake – an all-male cast, swans that are actual

birds rather than dainty women cursed by an evil

sorcerer, a gay love affair – Bourne has spent two

decades creating cinematic dance works from the

most unexpected of inspirations. He’s interpolated

into dance Edward Scissorhands, a version of Bizet’s

Carmen loosely based on the novel The Postman

Always Rings Twice (The Car Man), reimagined

Cinderella in London during the Blitz and transposed

Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray into the

world of modelling and celebrity.

The Australian premiere of his ground-breaking

adaptation of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies has

a production like no other. Not only has he created

the world’s first dance interpretation of Golding’s

fable of innate human savagery (in which not a

single villain is necessary to convey a sense of evil),

he’s combining professional dancers and untrained

boys and teenagers, many of whom have never

danced before.

Bourne’s Lord of the Flies is produced through

the charitable arm of his production company,

Re:Bourne, which he established to help nurture the

next generation of dancers and choreographers (and,

he says, audiences). Formed in 2008, the company

holds community workshops and dance events,

and, with Lord of The Flies, provides the opportunity

for untrained young dancers to perform alongside

professionals in a full-scale production.

The concept had its genesis in 2011 when Bourne

was approached by the Scottish Arts Council

to create a work to give boys from lower socioeconomic

areas around Glasgow the chance to work

with professionals.

“It was about trying to

source young people who

maybe hadn’t even been

to the theatre before.”

Boys who don’t go to drama school, have no dance

experience, who maybe think dancing is for girls.

Bourne immediately thought of William Golding’s

iconic 1954 novel. He’d read the book as a teenager

but what he most remembers is the Peter Brook film

from 1963.

“The starkness of it,” he says. “It felt very real and

the performances were really natural. I remember it

almost felt like watching a documentary and that’s

why it came to the fore when this idea came up.”

And if anything’s going to attract teenage boys to

dance, it’s surely Lord of the Flies: dark, savage, raw.

Extract from The Age, by Kylie Northover

Read the full article available via the Age Website

Source: The Age (

LORD OF THE FLIES Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 9

Junior School Report

Term 2 Week 5 Interim Reports

Term 2 Interim Reports will be available shortly

through Compass and we encourage all parents and

guardians to read the report with your child. If you

are experiencing difficulties accessing your child’s

report, please contact Mrs Tammy Baines on 9466

0900, otherwise students can log in to their compass

portal and bring up the report themselves.

Year 7 & 8 Student of the Month – March

Congratulations to the following students who were

awarded Yr 7 & 8 Student of Month recipients for

March. Thank you to all staff who nominated.

7A Pearl Brookman & Yoedhzer Nidup

7B Brian Lauterbach & Gabrielle Laguerre-Aupaa

7C Harrison Davies & Patrick Brown

7D Amelia Norton, Harry Beeton, Charlotte Carter

7E Marcus Chan, Terry Ngo & Mia Vadala

7F Calie Russell, Calvin La & Samuel Atkinson

8A Jasmeet Dehal & Paria Norouzi

8B Holli- Rose Schipkie & Keely McDonald

8C Seth Dixon & Melonee Hope

8D Sweeney Marshall & Thamilini Thavachelvan

8E Amron Edelbi & Charbel Daoud

Yr 7 & 8 Swimming

All Year 7 & 8 students are currently participating in

their Swimming units at Reservoir Leisure Centre.

Students have been enjoying the sessions which

have focused on stroke technique and water safety.

The unit will finish with students experiencing the

skills and game of water polo. Well done to all the

students who are participating in the program.

Yr 7 Health Play

All Year 7’s recently watched an Anti Bullying play

‘The Hurting Game’ as performed by two wonderful

actors from a professional theatre company. The Year

7’s really enjoyed the play which focused on many

modern day issues facing children and teenagers

in modern society. The play fits in perfectly with

our Respect Ambassador Program (RAP) being

conducted in Health classes during Term 2.

Please contact the Junior school at any time should

you have any concerns, feedback or queries.

Kind regards

Junior School Team

Mr Darryl Forbes – Year 7 Coordinator

Ms Ros Pizzey – Year 8 Coordinator

Mrs Tammy Baines – Office Manager

JUMIOR SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 10

Year 7 Health Play

On Friday the 28th of June, our Year 7 students

were lucky enough to see the immersive and

action packed Health play, “The Hurting Game”,

by Brainstorm Productions. The students were

entranced by the technological style of the

performance and how Samantha and Jimmy

navigated issues like bullying, cyber safety,

harassment, rumours, body image, peer pressure,

resilience, self-esteem, alcohol and positive

relationships. The Year 7 students (and teachers)

filled our Performing Arts Centre with laughter

and discussed their feelings with the cast after the

show. Thank you to Ms. Gray for organising such a

memorable experience.

Kind Regards

Ms. Cathleen Zahra

Outdoor, Physical Education,

Health & English Teacher

“The Year 7

students (and

teachers) filled

our Performing

Arts Centre with


JUNIOR SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 11

Middle School Report

We are well and truly entrenched into Term 2 and all

Middle School students should be aiming to finish

the semester strongly in anticipation of achieving the

best possible results for Semester 1.

Our Year 9’s participated in Naplan testing during

week 4 commencing Tuesday May 9 through until

Thursday May 11. All students will receive a timetable

in coming days. The results provide the school with

important data to then enable teachers to cater the

curriculum to best meet students’ needs.

Our Year 10’s headed out for their week of work

experience beginning Monday May 15th. This a

wonderful opportunity to understand work life in a

field of interest.

“All students will

receive a timetable

in coming days. ”

Our Middle School students were shown data

relating to their interim reports, this gave all of us

insight into how students performed in comparison

to the cohort. This data will be presented after each

report cycle throughout the year.

All Middle School students have the opportunity

to participate in our Winter sports program with

AFL, Soccer, Netball, Basketball and Badminton

teams entered.

MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 12

The School Production is also beginning to

take shape and performance dates will be

revealed shortly!

One final request from the Middle School staff

with the colder weather upon us. We ask families

to ensure their children are in the correct uniform.

We do not allow hoodies or other such garments.

The school now has a new and improved jacket, with

extra insulation at the same price as the old jacket

and school scarves can be purchased to keep out

the winter chill.

Any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact one of

the Middle School team.

Tammy Dimarco

Sub School Office Manager

Nick Vass – Year 10

Elaine Guerra – Year 9

“Our year 10’s head out

for their week of work

experience beginning

Monday May 15th”

Important Dates

for Year 10:

Year 10 Exams

June 9 – 15

MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 13

Year 9 Tall Ships Excursion 2017

On Friday April 21 all Year 9 students attended a terrific

excursion to Melbourne Docklands. The students

braved the very wet weather, but fortunately the

heavens were kind to us when we really needed it.

Students experienced a sail on a replica of an original

sailing ship that was important in Melbourne’s founding

history – The Enterprise. They got to steer, hoist sails

and explore the interior of the craft. One brave teacher

even climbed the rigging. Unfortunately, students

needed to be over 18 to do this.

As well as this voyage Year 9’s do a field work

assignment that meets curriculum requirements:

mapping and considering the viability of this part of

the urban experience.

“Students experience

a sail on a replica of

an original sailing ship

that was important in

Melbourne’s founding

history – The Enterprise.”

A large group of students viewed the city from the

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. This was an

optional extra, which was greatly enjoyed.

It was great that the weather held and wasn’t too hot. It

is a credit to students and our hardworking Humanities

staff that the day was such a success.

P. Cattapan

Humanities Coordinator

MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 14

Senior School Report

Six weeks of Term 2 already over. Before we know it

the word exam will be a common thing heard in the

classrooms for senior students. Even though the start

of Term 2 gave us shortened weeks due to public

holidays, a great deal has happened here at the school

in and out of the classroom. Numerous excursions have

taken place and plenty of assessment tasks have been

completed by the students.

I would like to remind parents the importance of

obtaining a medical certificate if a student is absent.

This is a must if the student has missed a SAC as the

medical certificate will grant them the time they missed

to complete the SAC either on a Tuesday or Thursday

after school. Failure to provide a medical certificate

will result in the student losing that time and if it was

the only time the class is working on the SAC they will

receive 0 for that task. If the student is not meeting the

outcome they will be required to complete the task to

demonstrate their understanding of the outcome it’s

linked to. Students must have an approved absence

rate above 90% to pass any unit 1 or 3 subject. However,

even with approved absences if the student’s in class

attendance rate is too low they risk the teacher not

being able to say they have satisfied the outcomes.

If your son/daughter is wanting to pursue a career in

the Medical, Dentistry or Health Science field they will

need to sit the UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and

Health Sciences Admission Test) which takes place on

July 26 (which is during Term 3). However, the registration

process for this closes on June 2nd which is 1 week

away. If your child is considering this career path I would

suggest they come and speak to the careers team or

myself for further information.

As we are starting to enter a busy and stressful time

in the senior school, if your child is feeling anxious or

stressed about anything (school or life outside RHS)

please encourage them to come and speak to myself or

any teacher they feel comfortable talking to. It’s perfectly

normal during Term 2 and 3 for the pressure to build

and we want to help the students release it calmly. An

important point about stress is having a balanced life.

Students need to have time to rest and relax and engage

in non-school activities to help ensure they don’t burn out.

Sleeping at least 8 hours a night will really help them and

give their brain time to recharge for the next day. Studying

or doing homework till beyond midnight is not a healthy

pattern and students should switch off around 10pm at

the latest.

Enclosed in this report are pictures of our students doing

well in and out of the classroom.

Kind Regards,

Senior School Team

Lorraine Cross – Office Manager

Nina Rossini – Year 11 Coordinator

Ken Sinderberry – Year 12 Coordinator

SENIOR SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 15

Advance Camp to Barjarg

On the 20th of March, the 2017 advance class went

on an amazing adventure with people who brought

laughter and happiness out of us. We were going on

a 5-day journey of self-discovery and fun. On the day

of our departure, we left with a bang. We stopped

half way at this vintage looking town called Yea.

From there we were put into our groups and started

orienteering. It was a very competitive race between

the groups since this was important in the total score

which would be added up at the end of the camp.

After tiring ourselves, we hopped back on the bus

and continued to drive. There we sang energetically

and soon arrived in Barjarg. From then it began…

during the first day, we had an activity rotation. They

were all about teamwork and getting to know one

another because we were a mixed class. One of

the key moments I remember was bridge building.

It made us feel responsible and excited when we

completed the task.

On the second day we were originally going to do

the bike ride and walk but due to weather conditions

we all went on a walk instead. The walk was pretty

average at the start but later on it started to spit…

then it started to rain! I think half of us still got soaked

even though we wore rain jackets. We kept walking

“The 2017 advance

class went on an

amazing adventure

with the people that

brought laughter and

happiness out of us.”

in the rain until we took shelter and had lunch. After

we had lunch we walked back to the bus, it was

raining for about ten minutes then the sky started to

clear. On the way back we saw a lot of cows! After the

walk we stopped at Mansfield for about two hours to

have lunch. After that we left Mansfield and headed

back to Barjarg. We took showers and headed to the

recreation room. It was probably one of the best parts

of the camp. We played pool, table tennis, fuse ball

and we watched movies!

On Wednesday we went to the lake and participated

in multiple activities. Some examples of the activities

were raft building, being pulled by a speedboat,

relay race, boat race, team puzzles and hoola hoop

MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 16

obstacles! After we had dinner most of had a shower

and started to set up our tents. Finally we went to cook

our dinners on our trangias. Let’s say, the rest is history.

The official bike riding and walking took place on

Thursday. We headed out early in the morning after

waking up worn-out and exhausted after we slept

on cold earth the whole night. Walking with tired

eyes, we made our own breakfast and packed our

own lunch. Then came the 30 minute drive to the

destination in which we began our journey. Separated

yet again the two groups headed off again. The bikers

had an obstacle waiting ahead for them which ended

up in dirt, muddiness and pain. But what a sense of

achievement after our training sessions after school!

On the other hand, the walkers came back nice and

refreshed by the breath taking view that appeared

before them on Golden Mountain. From there we

went up and down slopes and finally reached the bus

where we met the bikers and hour later. When night

came, we were met with a decent dinner. Around 8

we started our trivia which was amusing. This was

followed with the hat competition and red faces.

Finally came the “official” award ceremony where

everyone had a good laugh. Mr Marcus focused on

our challenges at the camp, as well as inside jokes

and gave gifts accordingly. We ended the day with

warm memories and happy thoughts, this also lead

to our good sleep for the last night…

The past 5 days together in the camp made it hard

to leave. We used our morning to take photos and

walk around the area to hopefully never forget this

wonderful opportunity and treasure it for eternity. At

around 11, the tyres of the bus set off and we officially

left Barjarg. Successfully stopping at Yea for lunch

we then arrived at school, helped unpack, and said

our goodbyes and went on our separate paths home…

“Examples of the

activities were raft

building, pulled by

a speedboat, relay

race, boat race, team

puzzles and hoola hoop


We did several activities with our groups within

the campsite.

Written by Brendon, Cathy, Sunni, Anna, Kirsten

and Jasper (and Mr Marcus)

Mr Marcus driving the speedboat at a gentle pace, enabling

the students behind to have a fun experience.

MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 17


Last holiday I had the privilege of watching two of my

dance students (Michael Russo and Damian Seddon)

perform at Arts Centre Melbourne in the professional

production, ‘Lord of The Flies’. Both dancers attended

workshops at school and at the Ministry of Dance as

part of the audition process. I would like to take this

opportunity to congratulate them on achieving a place

in the cast and our other two students (Michael Cooper

and Steven Glasby) who made it into the final call back.

This was a unique and very special dance production to

be a part of, a very rare opportunity for an all male cast

of both professional and emerging dancers to perform

together onstage. Both students say it is something they

will never forget and they learnt huge amounts about

dance and performing. I need to thank Outer Urban

Projects who made the workshops (which our school

hosted) possible and gave the boys an opportunity they

would otherwise never have had.

Tehyali Malone, Damian Seddon, Simone Etheve and

graduating students Victoria Canning and Marindi Jarrett

of Reservoir High are part of the creative team for Outer

Urban Projects Major Work, ‘Vessel’, directed by Irine

Vela. Vessel will run from 20th-23rd September, 2017

at the Fairfax Theatre in the Arts Centre Melbourne.

These dancers are working with choreographers Demi

Sorono, Thomas E.S. Kelly and Nebahat Erpolat. All 5

dancers attended rehearsals for Vessel during the school

holidays and are paid for their dance work.

Frances Abou-Ghalioum and Steven Glasby spent 3

days in a Chunky Move Intensive dance class made

free to Outer Urban Projects through their partnership

with Chunky Move. ‘Vessel’ dancers from Reservoir High

also have access to free dance classes at Chunky Move

through the partnership, too.

Outer Urban Projects run free dance classes at our

school and in other venues in the north they run free

tutorials in dance, voice and rap/hip hop as part of their

Zone2 Tutorial Program. Outer Urban Projects provide

pathways for students to get involved and work in

the performing arts industry. For the past 3 years

their partnership with City of Melbourne has created

a unique opportunity for ongoing paid work for

dancers at Reservoir High (R-Fam) through the City of

Melbourne’s public outdoor dance workshops – First

Friday Dance Club.

In March 2017, R-fam were involved in community flash

mob dance project, Fun Run, presented by Arts Centre

Melbourne and All The Queens Men. Outer Urban

Projects employed 20 dancers from Reservoir High and

surrounding schools in a public flash mob performance

involving over 450 participants from 22 schools,

community, cultural and recreational organisations

from across Melbourne. Dancers performed in 3

performances including at the Arts Centre Melbourne,

First Friday Dance Club and Moomba Festival.

“Outer Urban Projects

employed 20 dancers

from Reservoir High and

surrounding schools in a

public flash mob”

Reservoir High dancers (R-Fam) continue to work and

train on Outer Urban Projects in paid gigs and events

with their ‘Urban Events Social Enterprise’. This year

Victoria Canning is doing an accredited Performing

Arts/ Business traineeship with Outer Urban Projects

and their partner Arts Ready.

Our school provides the venue and we facilitate and

promote classes and events but these training and

work opportunities in the performing arts through our

partnership with Outer Urban Projects are priceless.

For more information on Outer Urban Projects visit:

For ticket info on Vessel visit (???????)

DRAMA Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 18

Diversity and the drama

teacher – Kinky boots

meets Reservoir High

As recently elected president of Drama Victoria, I

was asked to write an article about myself in order

to share my passion for teaching in the field of the

Performing Arts. Like every other hard working

Drama/Theatre Studies teacher in the country, it

takes a tremendous amount of stamina to keep

devising and producing stimulating and engaging

activities and performances so that our students can

thrive as creative individuals. People often ask me

(as did my current pre-service teacher the other day

after watching me navigate through a challenging

Year 8 English/Drama class) where I get ‘all that

energy’ from. My never ending source of enthusiasm

and energy comes from the kids themselves.

Effective, dedicated Drama teachers learn as much

from their students as they do from us. We have the

privilege of seeing them from a different perspective

as we work through their multi layered insecurities,

their boisterousness, their ambiguous attitude towards

self and others, as they engage in exploring the

world and their place in it through the disciplines that

Drama teaching offers them. I have been fortunate

and privileged to teach in a culturally diverse school

for so many years and have learnt to recognize the

protective barriers students put up and they need to

be both respected whilst at the same time addressed

if the creative process is to flow unimpeded. One of

the most important lessons to learn is to know how

far you can go with a student, without causing any

discomfort, to guide them towards their full potential

as intelligent and valued individuals.

Our school principal Mark Jessup, a great supporter

of the Performing Arts and enthusiastic lover of

the theatre, after seeing the show Kinky Boots and

realizing that we shared the same values, managed to

secure 50 free tickets primarily for our students who

would not normally have the chance nor the funds

to go to the theatre. The lead actor was so moved

by our endeavours that he brought an entourage of

actors and backstage crew with him to partake in

the opening ceremony of our Fair Go sports day. Our

students danced and chanted as colourful balloons

were released into the air. The team from Kinky Boots

stayed on to partake in some of the sporting events,

the lead actor winning the race with his team, lunging

with great ease as his long legs strutted across the

field. Endless selfies and discussions later, they left

moved by us and we by them. It was a truly moving

experience that we will all remember for a long time.

Nina Rossini

DRAMA Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3

Page 19

International Student Report


At Reservoir High, staff are continually striving to

engage our students in a variety of activities, to assist

in their learning and also to prepare them for life

beyond their school years.

The Year 12 Health and Human Development course

includes students learning about various diseases

that have seen a huge increase over the past few

years, such as Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Mellitus. Students then explore the nutrients in food

that can act as protective or risk factors in protecting

against or increasing the risk of disease.


FOR TERM 2, 2017

We are pleased to welcome two new international

students to our Reservoir High community.

Helia Najjaran Tousi has completed intensive English

language studies at Collingwood English Language

School and now joins us in Year 8. Rachel Nguyen

is joining our Year 10 cohort and has just completed

her intensive English language studies at Melbourne

Language Centre.

I would like to especially thank our sub-school

coordinators, teachers, program support aide and our

extremely welcoming RHS students for allowing both

girls to smoothly transition over the past few weeks. It

can be a very difficult time settling into a new school

but your small actions, such as helping a new student

find a classroom or saving a place for them beside

you in class, can make all the difference in making

new students feel welcome and valued.

To assist students in learning each of the nutrients

and their function for health in the body, we cooked

a chicken and vegetable stir-fry in class. As each

ingredient was added, students analysed which

nutrients could be found in the food and what

function that nutrient provided in the body. This

was an easy way to fully engage students and will

hopefully assist them in their SAC revision.

Ms Christine Farrugia

Year 12 Health Teacher

“I’d like to remind

parents the importance

of obtaining a medical

certificate if a student is


Thank you to you all,

Ms Farrugia

International Student Coordinator

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT REPORT Reservoir High Newsletter | Term 2, Issue 3 Page 20

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