September/October/November Burr 2017

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Junior Sailors

On July 21, Junior Sailors showed off their

seamenship racing around the Lighthouse. In

the morning race, Lucy Millones won first

place, followd by Tyler Schoudel, and Paige

O’Hoppe won third place. The afternoon

race was won by Grady Millones with

Sebastian DeAngelis coming in second.

l-r: Tyler Schoudel, Lucy Millones and Paige O’Hoppe l-r: Grady Millones and Sebastian DeAngelis

2017 Beach Camp Gallery

The Burr


Volume 29, Number 5 SeptemberNovember 2017

In This Issue

2 Social Events for Fall

4 Bridge Results

5 House – Eyes to the Sky

6 2017 Golf Champs

12 Tennis Season Finals

18 Fall Venue Dates

19 Management Report

20 Summer’s Junior Activities


SeptemberNovember 2017

December – January

2015 - 2016

Club Events for Fall

September 7th, Thursday

Ladies Night out

in the Emmet Room

6:30 p.m.

It’s the Men’s Member-Member Stag Night,

so why not enjoy an evening in the Emmet Room with specially

priced cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and your girlfriends! Sign for drinks

and Reciprocal Chits

are welcome!

$15 per person

Dress: Club Casual

September 24th, Sunday

Father Daughter Dinner Dance at

the Beach Club

5:00 p.m.

Bring your dancing shoes, because Wee Burn is hosting our sixth

annual Father Daughter Dinner Dance! This annual Father Daughter

Dinner Dance! This will be a night to remember featuring a DJ to get

the party started and keepsake photo from the evening. If Dad is not

able to attend, please feel free to bring another special friend, such as

a grandfather, uncle or godfather.

$55 for Adults / $40 for Children

Portion of proceeds to benefit a local charity.

Dress: Jacket Required

To Make Your Reservations

for Events

At Main Club,

Please Call the Front Desk 655-1477

At Beach Club, Please Call 866-1655

or go online at

In order to accommodate as many

members as possible for dinner, please

remember to call as early as possible

if you are unable to fulfill

your reservation.

October 14th, Saturday


6:30 p.m.

Bratwurst and more! Come celebrate the

arrival of Autumn while enjoying traditional

German beer, food & fun.

Dress: Club Casual

October 15th, Sunday

Stags & Young Bucks

5:00 p.m.

Calling all Dads, Grandads, Uncles and Godfathers of young

men ages six and up. Gather together for a fun evening and

enjoy a delicious dinner and exciting entertainment.

Dress: Jacket and Tie Required


Volume 29, Number 5

Enjoy More Events

October 20th, Friday

Knudsen Vineyard

Wine Dinner

Details to follow

October 29th, Sunday

Children’s Halloween

Costume Party

4:00 p.m. Activities

5:00 p.m. Buffet Dinner

Mark your calendars for this much anticipated event

featuring all of your children’s Halloween favorites such as

spooky crafts, spine-chilling dancing, yummy sweet treats,

a hayride on the golf course and much more!

$40 for Adults

$30 for Children

Dress: Costumes encouraged for all!

November 23rd, Thursday

Thanksgiving Day

12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Reservations

Enjoy a beautiful day with family and

friends at the Club while giving thanks.

$55 for Adults

$35 for Children 5-11 Years Old

$10 for Children 4 and Under

Dress: Jacket & Tie Required

Plan Your Calendar

Save the Date

December 2nd, Saturday

Christmas Dinner Dance

6:30 p.m. – Details to follow

December 6th, Wednesday

Holiday Luncheon

12:00 p.m. – Details to follow

December 10th, Sunday

Family Christmas Dinner

with Santa

4:30 p.m. – Details to follow

December 15th, Friday

Christmas Cocktail Party

6:30 p.m. – Details to follow

November 26th, Sunday

Children’s Gingerbread

House Party

4:00 p.m.

Indulge yourself in Wee Burn’s holiday

favorite by building your very own Gingerbread House

with your whole family! Buffet Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m.

Reservations are required by Wednesday, November 22nd so that

we can arrange for Gingerbread Houses for all the children!

$45 for Adults

$40 for Children

Dress: Club Casual

SeptemberNovember 2017



Recent Duplicate Bridge Results

June 22, 2017


1. Belinda Metzger – James Metzger

2. David Mordy – J. Gail Schulze

3. Kathie Rowland – Brooke Megrue


1. Meredith Dunne – Susan Kipp

2. Betty Pascal – Molly Morgan

3. Jean Thoma – Steve Thoma

June 29, 2017


1. Thyra Elliott – Ursula Forman

2. Mary Richardson – Betty Hodgman

3. Joan Hoben – Penny Glassmeyer


1. Brooke Megrue – Kathie Rowland

2. Marilyn Tjader – Carol Davidson

3. Jean Thoma – Karen Barrett

July 6, 2017


1. Lynn Reilly – Joan Bergen

2. Joan Hoben – Penny Glassmeyer

3. Kris Freres – Susan Nix


1. Meredith Dunne – Susan Kipp

2. Jean Thoma – Steve Thoma

3. Bonnie Markowski – Janet McClutchy

July 13, 2017


1. Lois Karcher – Mary Ellen McGuire

2. Belinda Metzger – Barbara Johnson

3. Mary Beach – Dorothy Scott


1. Meredith Dunne – Susan Kipp

2. Karen Barrett – Doug Thompson

3. Mary Richardson – Barbara Moore

July 20, 2017


1. Martha Hathaway – Doug Thompson

2. Mary Richardson – Betty Hodgman

3. Lynn Reilly – Joan Bergen


1. Janet Soskin – Susan Mayo

2. Karen Barrett – Ann Piper

3. Meredith Dunne – Susan Kipp

July 27, 2017


1. Belinda Metzger – Barbara Johnson

2. Mary Richardson – Betty Hodgman

3. Lois Karcher – Mary Ellen McGuire


1. Karen Barrett – Doug Thompson

2. Penny Glassmeyer – Joan Hoben

3. Betty Pascal – Molly Morgan

August 3, 2017


1. Lois Karcher – Mary Ellen McGuire

2. Joan Hoben – Penny Glassmeyer

3. Lynn Reilly – Joan Bergen


1. Jean Thoma – Karen Barrett

2. Meredith Dunne – Susan Kipp

3. Betty Pascal – Molly Morgan

August 10, 2017


1. Lynne Reilly – Joan Bergen

2. Belinda Metzger – Barbara Johnson

3. Linda Cleveland – Doug Thompson


1. Susie Harrison – Ann Piper

2. Meredith Dunne – Susan Kipp

3. Kathie Rowland – Brooke Megrue


Volume 29, Number 5


Eyes to the Sky

Members enjoyed a rare treat at the Beach Club on August

21st. One of the biggest astronomical events of the year,

with eyes to the sky, they followed the path of the Solar


While the totality of the eclipse was visible on

a narrow path across the U.S., good weather

and a few clouds made this day a special one.

The next total solar eclipse will be on April

8th, 2024 in the United States. An opportunity

to experience a total eclipse as day turns to

darkness in our northeastern skies.

SeptemberNovember 2017 5


2017 Wee Burn Club Championships

The Men’s Club Championship proved to be exciting once

again in 2017. Thirty-two men set out with high hopes on

Saturday, July 22nd, to be the new Club Champion. Our

2016 two time defending Champion, Barry Durfee, was

exempt from qualifying but was present practicing and

viewing his competition.

The first matches began on Sunday, July 23rd. The winners

of the morning matches went on to play an afternoon match,

as well. The Semi-Finals were heavily contested between

Barry Durfee vs. Peter Moritz and Blake Swiggett vs. Jack

Klingman. The upset of the tournament, that helped set the

stage for the 36 Hole final, was Peter Moritz defeating our

defending champion Barry Durfee 2&1. Moritz’s opponent

in the championship match was Blake Swiggett, a Junior to

be at Darien High. There was a lot of back and forth early

on in the match, and after the first 18 holes, Blake Swiggett

found himself 3UP. Blake continued to build his lead and

found himself to be the 2017 Wee Burn Club Champion

just a couple of weeks after his 16th Birthday.

The final of the match was an 8&7 victory, and Blake is

our youngest Club Champion since Tommy Dunleavy in

2012. Congratulations to Blake Swiggett and thank you to

everyone who competed and made the club championship

as exciting as ever!

Peter Moritz and Blake Swiggett

Sam Wiley and Blake Swiggett with trophy

In 2017, we also filled a First Flight of 8 players. Our First

Flight Championship match was contested between the 14

year old Sam Ives, and Adrian Easterbrook. Congratulations

to Adrian Easterbrook on claiming the championship.

Men’s Club Championship Bracket

The 2017 Ladies’ Club Championship featured a full field

of 8 qualifiers. Qualifying scores determined seeding and

our defending Champion, Amanda Sload was unable to

compete this year. After two rounds of matches, the 36

Hole championship match was set up, Julie Whiting (2013

Champion) would play Susan Orr. Oh what a match it

turned out to be! After the first 18 holes, Julie Whiting held

a 1UP lead, and after 29 holes found herself 3UP on Susan.

The final 7 holes proved to be very exciting, with Susan Orr

playing them in 1 Under Par, and coming back to win the

2017 Ladies’ Club Championship 1UP. Congratulations to

Susan Orr, winning her first Club Championship here at

Wee Burn!

Amy Carver and Susan Orr with trophy


Volume 29, Number 5

The 2017 Ladies’ Club Championship (continued)

9 Hole Junior Championship

Sixteen Juniors in total competed in the 2017 Nine

Hole Junior Championship. Divisions were broken

down by age; White Tees, Gold Tees, Blue Tees, and

Junior Girls. Congratulations to our winners Charlie

von Stade (White Tees), Peter McLean (Gold Tees),

Christopher & Ryan Thurlow (Boys Blue Tees), and

Sophie Bell (Girls Blue Tees).

Charlie von Stade

Amy Carver, Susan Orr and Julie Whiting

The consolation bracket was set after the first

round of matches were complete.

The consolation championship was contested

by Tiernan Cavanna and Jane Nedder, with

Nedder coming out on top. Congratulations

to Jane Nedder on winning the consolation


Tiernan Cavanna and Jane Nedder

Junior Golf

The Junior Golf Program at Wee Burn enjoyed

great success in 2017. With each junior only

being counted one time, there were over 160

juniors enrolled in various clinics.

Congratulations to the 15 juniors who earned

their Bag Tag in 2017:

Carson Beck, Will Benson,

Teddy Christensen, Sebi DeAngelis,

Hugh Demark, Jamie Demark,

Linc Durfee, Aiden Elders,

Amelia Lancaster, Briggs McGuckin,

Charlie Schwind, James Schwind,

Conor Sini, JR Struk and Logan Struk

Peter McLean Christopher Thurlow Ryan Thurlow Sophie Bell

18 Hole Junior Club Championship

The 18 Hole Junior Club Championship follows a match play format

over the course of 3 days. The championship match featured Fritz

Nottebohm vs. Hayden Puff. Congratulations to Fritz Nottebohm on

winning the Junior Club Championship in 2017!

Fairfield Junior Interclub

Congratulations to the Wee Burn Junior Interclub team on winning the

2017 Junior Interclub!! Great playing by all who participated in Interclub

events: Porter Barnett, Baker Beck, Jackson Bell, Ryan Genovese, Carter

Hagen, Preston Hidy, Sam Ives, Luke Johnston, Elliott Lancaster, CJ Lia,

Matthew Lia, Grant Noble, Fritz Nottebohm, Hayden Puff, Calvin Smith,

& Blake Swiggett.

Fairfield Junior Interclub Winners: Preston Hidy, Hayden Puff, Blake Swiggett and

Calvin Smith

SeptemberNovember 2017 7


Men’s Golf

Governor’s Trophy

The Governor’s Trophy competition is individual Match

play off of the lower handicap of the two players. The flight

consists of sixteen players. The finals will be played between

John McKittrick, and two time champion Jefferson Myers.

Senior and Super-Senior Championship

The matches for the Senior and Super-Senior Championship

are scheduled individually, starting June 7th – September 7th.

At the time of this publication, the finals of the tournament

have yet to be completed. The Senior division showdown is

between Peter Gonye and Todd Robbins. The Super-Senior

division finals will feature David McCollum against Eric


Men’s August Member-Guest

Fourteen foursomes competed on August 11th for the

August One Day Member-Guest tournament. Low Gross

winners, shooting a score of 69 were: Steve Matthews,

Jim Coale, Billy Simpson and Martin Kurtz. The Low Net

Winners, with a score of 57, were: John Heron, Tim Brown,

Dan Brickman and Peter Todd


The format of the Men’s Taintor is match play with two-man

teams, playing Better Ball of Pair at full differential off the

low handicap player. The first team to reach the championship

match is Chris Alpaugh/Foster Smith, while the remaining

semi-final match is between the teams of EN Cutler/

Jim Kellogg vs. Lou Gesualdi/Ed Kryitz. The Championship

match of the Taintor is to be completed by September 14th.

Low Gross Winners: Jim Coale, Steve Matthews, Billy Simpson and

Martin Kurtz

Men’s July Member-Guest

Twenty-three teams of four competed in the 2017 July

Member-Guest. The format was One Best Ball of Four, Gross

and Net at 80% handicap. The low Gross winners, shooting

a score of 67 were: Gordon Aysseh, David Hickey, Jeff Kelly,

and Jay Crowley. The low Net winners, shooting a score of 58

and winning in a scorecard playoff were: Peter Benedict, Bart

Breakstone, Archie Foster and Jeff Rutledge.

Low Net Winners: John Heron, Tim Brown, Dan Brickman and

Peter Todd

Low Gross Winners: David Hickey, Gordon Aysseh, Jay Crowley and

Jeff Kelly


Low Net Winners: Peter Benedict, Bart Breakstone, Archie Foster and

Jeff Rutledge.

Volume 29, Number 5

Ladies’ 9 Golf

FIMS (Fairfield Interclub Match Series)

The FIMS matches consist of teams from Wee Burn, Innis Arden, CC of New Canaan, Woodway CC,

CC of Darien, and Greenwich CC. The Wee Burn ladies won the FIMS series in 2017!

Congratulations to FIMS competitors!

Wee Burn FIMS Winners: Betsy Becker, Goody Gray, Phoebe Lamdin, Barbara Close, Pam Martin, Mary Moore and Eileen Smith

Ladies Play for Pink

Play For Pink

Play for Pink was held on Wednesday, June 21st. Seventy

two participants, from both the L9 and L18 group, and

their guests joined forces to contribute to this worthy

cause. $11,055 was raised, of which 100% went to the

Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Eileen Smith, Lynn

Reilly and Sandy Ward co-chaired this event.

The L9 group has had a very active summer, with the

following results:

Upcoming Events

Ladies’ 9 Club Championship and Senior Club

Championship – August 30

Ladies’ 9 Closing Day – September 20

Ladies’ 9 SWWINGRS – October 4

Flag Tournament Winner

Sandra Reardon & Mary Woods

Five Club Tournament:

Gross: Mary Lou Meyer; Net: Mary Woods

Back 9 Team Tournament

1st – Kim Goodwin & Joan Martzolf;

2nd – Sheila Nottebohm & Kate Balanoff

Handicap Club Championship

1st Place – Lisa Dale; 2nd Place – Kate Balanoff;

3rd Place – Ciara Thurlow

Thank you to all the ladies

who chaired the 9 holers, and

each event for a great season!

SeptemberNovember 2017 9


Ladies’ 18 Golf

Ladies Taintor

The format of the Women’s Taintor is Match play between

teams of two, played off of the low handicap in the group.

The field is comprised of eight teams, based on qualifying.

The 2017 Taintor was won by Phoebe Lamdin & Lynn Reilly,

and the runners-up were Patty Young & Cindy Oakford

Mixed Member Play

Independence Day Mixed-Member Tournament

Eighty-eight participants made up the field for the 2017

Tournament. The team of George & Susan Wyper and Dick

& Cornelia Thornbugh won the Low Gross Prize with a score

of 72. The team of Darrell & Robin Harvey and Jamie &

Anne Sharpe won the Low Net Prize with a score of 56.

Phoebe Lamdin and Lynn Reilly

July Member-Guest

The Ladies’ 18 group hosted their July Member-Guest on

Tuesday, July 25th. The format of the day was One Best Ball

of the Foursome on the par 4’s & 5’s and two best balls on

the par 3’s. Taking home the Low Gross Prize was the team

of Whitney Lancaster, Jane Nedder, Mo Minicus and Ciara

Thurlow. The Low Net winners were Julie Whiting, Holly

Hough, Betsy Becker and Roseanne Olsen.

Low Gross: Cornelia and Dick Thornbugh and Susan and George Wyper

Low Net: Jamie and Anne Sharpe and Darrell and Robin Harvey

Low Gross Winners: Ciara Thurlow, Mo Minicus, Jane Nedder and

Whitney Lancaster

Low Net Winners: Julie Whiting, Betsy Becker, Holly Hough and

Roseanne Olsen


Summertime Mixed Member & Member-Guest Twilight

The July 21st Mixed Twilight event featured an Aloha

themed golf event. This event is always popular and has

a separate competition on each nine to accommodate all

players. This year’s tournament featured a stableford scoring

system. On the Front Nine, the low net winners were Chip

Schroeder & Brook Megrue and John & Susie Harrison,

low gross winners were Gary & Kaitlin Kniffen and Jim &

Kim O’Hoppe. The Back Nine low net winners were Marty

& Johanna Brennan and David & Mardi Durkin, low gross

winners were John & Whitney Lancaster and Colin &

Louisa Ives.

Volume 29, Number 5

Summertime Mixed Member & Member-Guest Twilight photos

Front Nine, Low Gross: Jim and Kim O’Hoppe, and Caitlin and

Gary Kniffen

Front Nine, Low Net: Sue and John Harrison, and Brook Megrue,

Chip and Susan Schroeder

Back Nine, Low Gross: Louisa and Colin Ives, and Whitney and

John Lancaster

From the Caddie Corner

Back Nine, Low Net: David and Mardi Durkin, and Johanna and

Marty Brennan

The Annual Bill Thomas Caddie/Member Tournament was

contested on Friday, August 4th with a field of 68 players

on hand. Prior to the event, the Caddie Committee, under the

chairmanship of Dr. Michael Moore, held the interviews for the

caddie candidates for the Bertram T. MacMannis college scholarships.

A total of 22 caddies and staff members were recipients, along

with 5 children of Wee Burn employees. UConn-bound Brad

Papp was the recipient of the inaugural Chuck Gulden Memorial

Scholarship, Ryan Restivo at the University of Rhode Island was

given the prestigious Jim Bowling Award.

Caroline McMullen, a rising junior at Laurelton Hall, was

named the Bill Thomas Caddie of the Year for her superb

effort in representing the principles so important to Mr.

Thomas: dedication, service, and integrity. Congratulations

to Caroline and all our scholar-caddies!

Caroline McMullen, Caddie of the Year

Finally, our thanks to the membership of Wee Burn, whose ongoing generosity has allowed countless caddies to pursue

their higher education. As always, this day is not possible without the tireless effort of Tammy Carney, who coordinates

all the candidates’ applications and prepares the award letters. And, of course, the members of the Caddie Committee,

Messrs. Ardery, Gramps, Brown and Moore, who remain steadfast in their belief in our mission: to develop young people

of solid character and citizenship.

SeptemberNovember 2017 11


Kellogg-Calderwood Win the 2017 Ladies Tennis Member-Guest

On June 19th Christine Kellogg and her guest Katharine

Calderwood won the 2017 Ladies Tennis Member-Guest.

They defeated Lucy Fiore and guest Barb Smith in the final

match. Kellogg and Calderwood won four matches. They

played solid and aggressive tennis from start to finish, taking

the lead in every match.

The eventual champions beat Lynn Byrne and Mo Minicus in

one semifinal, while Fiore-Smith defeated Val Cruice and guest

Amanda Dolan in the other semifinal.

Big thanks go to our host Val Cruice who did an unbelievable

job on this sold out event!!!

Reprieve Draw

(l-r) Liz Cruz, Lucy Fiore, Barb Smith, Katharine Calderwood, Christine

Kellogg and event host Val Cruice

Consolation Draw

(l-r) Finalists Barb Kulesz (Guest) and Barbra Bell; Winners Sue Weaver

and Lizzie Walsh (Guest)

Consolation Reprieve Draw

(l-r) Winners Meghan Martucci (Guest) and Ashley Burr; Finalists Lisa

Godvin (Guest) and Evan Clark

(l-r) Finalists Mary Sankey (Guest) and Florence Langford; Winners

Kathryn Baruch (Guest) and Jenifer Dance

Ruckman and Woodruff win Ladies

Tennis Friendly Member-Guest

On June 20th we held our 2nd inaugural Ladies Friendly

Member-Guest and it was a HUGE success!!!

Maureen Ruckman and Tori Woodruff came out victorious

after round robin play and defeated Caroline Montero and

Kate McGuire in the final match.

All 24 ladies in attendance made it an extremely fun night,

enjoying good food and plenty drinks. Big thanks to

Kristine Gould and Liz Dwyer for hosting this fun event!!!

(l-r) Finalists Kate McGuire (Guest) and Caroline Montero; Winners

Maureen Ruckman and Tori Woodruff (Guest)


Volume 29, Number 5


Florence Langford and Sue Weaver Win Ladies Friendly Pro-Am

The year 2017 marks the second ever mostly female tennis Pro-Am event in all of Fairfield and Westchester counties.

On Tuesday, July 11th all members who participated were paired with female pros from Wee Burn staff and other

local area clubs.

Ladies’ Doubles Club Championship

B Draw

Junior Carnival

(l-r) Champions Jennifer Millones and Christa Struk; Runner-up Caroline Montero and Jen Stocker

SeptemberNovember 2017 13


Junior Member-Guest

The 2017 Junior Member-Guest was held on

Sunday, June 25th at the Beach Club and we

had a very strong turnout.

Forty four children played in the event

divided into three categories: orange

ball, green dot ball and yellow ball.

A big thank you to Barbra Bell for hosting

the event and putting together amazing

favors for each participant. There were

plenty of smiles on all of the kid’s faces

throughout the entire tournament!

Parent - Child Tournament

The Parent-Child Tournament took place

on Saturday, July 8th. On a beautiful

afternoon at the Beach Club, twenty two

teams competed across three age categories:

10 & under, 11-12, and 13 and over.

The level of play was very high in every

age category and included big winners and

long rallies. On occasion, children offered

advice to their parents, which put smiles on

everyone’s faces. A big thank you to Melissa

Noonan for hosting this great event!

Parent-Child Participants

Winners Orange Division: Quinn Mullin

and Wes Scallen

Winners Green Division: Sebastian DeAngelis

and Charlie Ruvinsky

Winners Yellow Division: Macy Millones and

Danny Wachira

Runner Ups Orange Division: Brian McCarthy

and Ryan Thurlow

Runner Ups Green Division: Paige Parisi and

Kate Nemec

Runner Ups Yellow Division: Dillan Aysseh

and Alex Bowman

(l-r): 13+ Age Category Champions Bryan and

Andrew Kelley; Runners Up Cameron and Andy



(l-r): 11-12 Age Category Champions Liz and

Will Koons; Runners up Luke and Jennifer


(l-r): 10 & Under Age Category Runners up Wells

and Carson Beck; Champions Harris and Tiernan


Volume 29, Number 5

Junior Club Championships

The Junior Club Championships took

place on the July 15-16 weekend at

the Beach Club. Junior tennis players

competed in four age categories in

singles and doubles. From the early

rounds many matches were close,

requiring tie-breaks to decide outcomes.

The camaraderie remained high

throughout the weekend. Thanks to

all participants and congratulation to

the champions. Thanks to Jennifer

Millones for hosting the event.

(l-r): U14 Girls Singles Champion Macy Millones;

Runner up Cameron Cavanna

(l-r): U12 Girls Singles Champion Isa Packard;

Runner up Cassidy McKee

(l-r): U12 Girls Doubles Champions Isa Packard

and Annie Genovese; Runners up Scarlett Kniffen

and Kate Edwards

(l-r): U10 Girls Singles Champion Lucy Millones;

Runner up Sophie Haas

(l-r): U17 Boys Singles Champion Andrew Kelley;

Runner up Charlie Johnson

(l-r): U14 Boys Singles Champion Andrew Kelley;

Runner up Kyle Haas

(l-r): U12 Boys Singles Champion Luke Anderson;

Runner up Jamie Demark

(l-r): U10 Boys Singles Champion Aidan Elders;

Runner up Ryan Thurlow

(l-r): U14 Boys Doubles Champions Luke

Johnston and Fritz Nottebohm; Runners up

Kyle Haas and Will Johnson

(l-r): U12 Boys Doubles Champions Sebi

DeAngelis and Will Benson; Runners up Jamie

Demark and Grady Millones

(l-r): U10 Boys Doubles Champions Ryan and

Christopher Thurlow; Runners up Grady Millones

and Aidan Elders

SeptemberNovember 2017 15


Ladies Team Night

Ladies Team Night

Professional Tennis Exhibition

The 4th of July celebration at Wee Burn

included tennis exhibition before the fireworks.

Olfa Dhaoui & Oliver Plaskett squared off

against Liz Cruz & Anton Mavrin. It was a

pro-set match to 8 games that featured power

serves, precise groundstrokes, and angle volleys.

The crowd appreciated good points with the

applause as the match reached the tiebreak at

7-7. In an entertaining tiebreak, Olfa & Oliver

eventually prevailed 7-5. Thanks to all spectators

cheering on your tennis professionals!

Junior Tennis Carnival

The Summer Junior Tennis Season started

with the Carnival at the Beach Club. On

Saturday, June 3rd, seventy five children

attended the Kick-off Party. Fun games,

relay races, and contests were accompanied

by chocolate chip cookies, Gatorades, and

music. The juniors had a lot of fun and are

now ready for the tennis season! Thanks to

Rachel Zarghami for hosting the event.

USPTA Certification Workshop

Our Director of Tennis Patricio Misitrano

conducted an USPTA certification

workshop on August 4th at the Main Club.

Many experienced Tennis Professionals,

including directors of tennis at neighboring

clubs and former ATP and WTA players

attended. As part of the test, applicants

taught group and private lessons and many

member took advantage of the free lessons.

(l-r): ) Anton Mavrin, Liz Cruz, Olfa Dhaoui,

and Oliver Plaskett

Junior Tennis Carnival Participants

C Team Interclub Champions!

It is official: our ladies C Team is the

2017 interclub champions! They

defeated Tokeneke 6-0 without losing a

single set to clinch the winner’s trophy

and also bragging rights for the rest of

the year. The Wee Burn Ladies C Team

were undefeated with a team record of

8-0-1 and an overall match record of

48-6. Six of those team wins were by

a clean sweep. Congratulations on an

impressive season!

Spectators watching the match

Parents watching their children play

The following C Team players participated

in matches during the season:

Co-captain Laurie Bessey, co-captain

Jennifer Hill, April Barker, Katie

Benson, Johanna Brennan, Keiley Fuller,

Holly Galper, Jane Hetherington, Jen

Hyde, Eila Johnson, Susie Lindenberg,

Sue McLean, Caroline Montero, Lisa

Rintoul, Sarah Ritchey, Maureen

Ruckman, Meghan Shanley, Jen Stocker,

Lisa Tuttle, Carlyle Upson, Allison Van



Volume 29, Number 5

Platform Tennis

The Platform Tennis Committee and Staff are

looking forward to an exciting 2017-18 Platform

Tennis season.

Whether you are a seasoned player or beginner, you

will find programs that will satisfy your needs. Clinics

and events will be offered for juniors and adults for a

wide variety of levels. Our Director, Anton Mavrin, will

be supported by Eric Langenkamp, who is returning for

the second year, and a new addition Mirian Cruz. Full

schedule of activities go is available on the Wee Burn

website under the Platform Tennis tab. If you have any

related questions please call (203) 621-1028 or email at

Opening Evening

The Opening Day welcomes all Wee Burn Members

for some drinks and hors d’voeuvres at the Platform

Tennis Facility. It will take place at 7:30 p.m. on

Friday, October 13th. Those interested in playing can

jump on the courts for some casual matches. First

round of drinks and hors d’oeuvres are on the Club.

Event hosts are Jane Nedder and Paul Harding.

Callaway Cup

Save the date, Saturday October 21st, and sign up for

the Callaway Cup Tournament hosted at Wee Burn.

The Callaway Cup honors Wee Burn’s long-time

platform tennis professional, Bob Callaway, the

Platform Tennis Hall of Famer. Club players of all

levels are encouraged to participate in the tournament.

There will be good competition, fun atmosphere and

great cocktail party to finish the day. With 3 matches

guaranteed, this tournament is a great way to sharpen

your game for the season.

FCPTL Finals

On March 3rd, 2018 Wee Burn will host Men’s FCPTL

finals for the fourth consecutive year. Over 100 teams

will compete across 7 divisions at most clubs around

Fairfield, culminating in 7 finals at Wee Burn. Member

play will be available on limited basis but we encourage

everyone to come down to watch some great paddle in

all the divisions and support our teams

playing for the titles.

Ladies Information

Our Ladies program will kick off on Monday, October 2nd with

2 weeks of pre-season camps. Detailed schedule is sent over the

email and available online.

Team practices will begin on Monday, October 16th. If you are a new player

interested in playing, please call (203) 621-1028 or email at paddle@ to determine your practice time.

Wee Burn Ladies compete in Fairfield County Women’s Platform

Tennis League and Darien/New Canaan League.

FCWPTL begins on October 19th and our Club is represented by 5 teams

from Division 1 to Division 8. The match day is Thursday with

9:30 a.m. start. We would like to thank the team captains and

wish them good luck this season: Annie Baurmeister (WB1),

Mary Alptekin (WB2), Hallett Parisi (WB3), Stacey Smith (WB4),

Lisa Britton (WB5).

Darien/New Canaan League start date is TBD. It has 1 Division and

the match day is Tuesday with 9:15 a.m. start. This year, Lucy Fiore

will join Elena Whidden as the co-captain of the team. Big thanks

to the co-captains and best of luck this season.

Men’s Information

Wednesday Night Paddle will kick off on October 4th. It is If you are

interested in joining the distribution list call us at (203) 621-1028

or email

Men’s pre-season camps will begin on Monday, October 2nd. Detailed

schedule has been sent over the email and is available online.

Starting October 15th, Men’s Clinics will be offered on Sundays at

12:00 p.m. and Mondays at 7:00 p.m. The participants will work

on technique, positioning, and point play strategy.

Wee Burn fields six Men’s Team in the FCPTL. If you are interested in

playing please call us at (203) 621-1028 or


Junior Information

The 2017-18 season will be exciting for junior players of all levels.

We use coaching techniques where skills come faster and easier,

while having a lot of fun. The goals of the program are to provide

a high level of instruction, promote sportsmanship, and generate

enthusiasm for the game. The program includes clinics, lessons, as

well as social and competitive events.

Our Sunday program with instructional clinics will begin on

October 15th, followed by the weekday clinics starting October

16th. The age breakdowns and times are available on the Junior Activity

Page on the Wee Burn website.

And remember - Platform Tennis is a great sport that will allow

your children to stay active outside in the winter while developing

complex racquet skills.

SeptemberNovember 2017 19


Gun Club

Bowling Lanes Open Tuesday October 3rd

Ladies Clinic

Tuesday, October 3rd 9:30

Ladies Clinic

Wednesday, October 4th 9:30

Tuesday Ladies Bowling Begins

Tuesday, October 10th 9:30

Wednesday Ladies Bowling Begins

Wednesday, October 11th 9:30

Ladies Opening Luncheon

Wednesday, October 11th 12:00

Men’s Clinic

Tuesday, October 12th 7:30

Sunday Couples “A” League

Sunday, October 15th 3:30

Tuesday Night Ladies

Tuesday, October 17th 7:30

Men’s League Begins

Thursday, October 19th 7:30

Sunday Couples “B” League

Sunday, October 22nd 3:30

Ladies Member Guest

Sunday, October 24th 6:30

If anyone is interested in Bowling in one of our

Leagues, please email:

Bowling Co-Chairs

Sandy Ward –

Gail Reynolds –

Tuesday Ladies

Hester Smith –

Phoebe Lamdin –

Tuesday Night Ladies

Mari Monahan –

Wednesday Ladies

Deb Goll –

Men’s League

Chris Burt –

Scott Ruckman –

Couples League

Sheree Frank –

Dave Frank –


18 9 6


Wee Burn Gun Club to open 2017-2018

season on October 7th

Once again Wee Burn will offer some of the best

clay shooting in the area, with top notch facilities,

safety, training, fun shooting, camaraderie and


An ample supply of loaner guns means you don’t

need to have your own shotgun to enjoy shooting at

Wee Burn. Our experienced, friendly shooting staff

welcome shooters of all levels. Juniors need to be at

least 12 years old and accompanied by an adult.

Wee Burn will host the West Point Cadet Skeet and

Trap team for a match on November 19th, always a

season highlight.


Volume 29, Number 5

Management Report

SeptemberNovember 2017

Sad though we are, that summer is drawing to a close, we can take solace in the

fact that the Beach Club remains open for dinner for two weeks after Labor Day,

with the last dinner taking place on Saturday, September 16. Take advantage of the

cooler evenings and join us for dinner there, and then enjoy our new menus as we

head into fall up at the main club, where we will continue to serve outside as long

as weather permits.

When we return to the main club, we plan to test the use of iPads for order taking

in the Emmet Room. This should ultimately lead to more expeditious service, but

please bear with your server as we “beta test” the system to work out any kinks with

our point-of-sale software provider. In addition, we will soon be adding the ability

to make dining reservations from the website and/or your mobile device. As soon as

that facility is enabled, you will receive an email with information about how to use it.

As fall approaches we certainly encourage you to think about your plans for the

holiday season. If you plan to host an event, whether it be a large Christmas party

or a private luncheon, we encourage you to call as soon as possible so that we can

reserve the date for you.

Shooting, bowling and platform tennis are only a few short weeks away from the

start of their respective seasons, and there is still lots of time left to play golf and

tennis. It’s really a terrific time of year with lots taking place, and we hope everyone

takes advantage of all the club has to offer.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at your club soon and often!

Warren Burdock

General Manager

In Memory

Our condolences to the family and many friends

of our longtime members

July – Mrs. Kendrick Wilson

Mrs. Charles M. Travis, Jr.

Mr. Charles E. Bradley

We would like our members to know that we are available

to send out immediate email notification of the passing of

a member, should the family desire. We will not publicize

this news without the consent of the family.

Please contact Warren Burdock at 655-1477

SeptemberNovember 2017 15

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