Monthly activities for Al Menah Shrine

Monthly activities for Al Menah Shrine


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VOLUME 36 36 • NUMBER • NUMBER 4 8 • • (PUBLISHED MONTHLY EXCEPT JUNE JUNE & JULY) & JULY) • <strong>OCTOBER</strong> APRIL <strong>2017</strong><br />

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<strong>OCTOBER</strong> 6-8, <strong>2017</strong><br />


Al Menah Temple<br />

Al Menah Temple<br />

Oasis of Nashville<br />

Desert Oasis of Nashville<br />

TennessEE<br />

Desert of TennessEE<br />

P.O.Box 78545 • Nashville, TN 37207<br />

P.O.Box Phones 785451.615.226.7766<br />

•• Nashville, TN 37207<br />

Phones 1.877.505.7766<br />

1.615.226.7766<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

The Publication Committee<br />

The Publication Committee<br />

The Divan/Board of Directors<br />

Potentate The . ................... Divan/Board of Directors Frank Hester<br />

Chief Potentate Rabban .. ................... . Horace Frank Perkins Hester III<br />

Assistant Chief Rabban Rabban .. ..........Randy Horace Perkins Williams III III<br />

High Assistant Priest Rabban & Prophet .. .........Randy . Scott Williams Jones<br />

Oriental High Priest Guide & Prophet ............ . ......... Donnie Scott Drayton<br />

Jones<br />

Treasurer Oriental Guide ......................... . Donnie Wes Drayton Frye<br />

Recorder Treasurer .. ...................Robert Wes Daniel<br />

Frye<br />

Editor Recorder ..................... ...................Robert Maurice Smith Daniel<br />

Editor Published ..................... monthly except June Maurice and July<br />

Smith<br />

Published www.almenahShriners.org<br />

monthly except June and July<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />



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*William<br />

F. Smith, Raine<br />

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Hotchkiss<br />

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Templeton<br />

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Clark G.<br />

Akers<br />

Stahlman<br />

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Akers<br />

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E. Doss<br />

Kerbela<br />

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Temple<br />

E. E. Doss<br />

‘28<br />

*Maurice<br />

Kerbela Temple<br />

Weinberger<br />

‘28<br />

*S.<br />

*Maurice<br />

N. Allen<br />

Weinberger<br />

*W.<br />

*S. B.<br />

N. Hager<br />

Allen<br />

*O.<br />

*W.<br />

Lynn<br />

B. B. Hager<br />

Meek<br />

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*O. Lynn<br />

Norman<br />

Meek<br />

*James<br />

*Jack Norman<br />

J. Vaughn<br />

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H. Smith<br />

J. J. Vaughn<br />

*Fred<br />

*C. H.<br />

C. Smith<br />

Laskey<br />

*Ivo<br />

*Fred<br />

A.<br />

C. C.<br />

Burton<br />

Laskey<br />

*T.<br />

*Ivo<br />

W.<br />

A. A.<br />

Bray, Burton<br />

Jr.<br />

*James<br />

*T. W. R.<br />

Bray,<br />

Cox<br />

Jr. Jr.<br />

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*James<br />

R.<br />

R. R.<br />

Jarratt<br />

Cox<br />

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Sumpter<br />

R. R. Jarratt<br />

Anderson<br />

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*Hugh<br />

*J. Sumpter<br />

W. Robertson<br />

Anderson<br />

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*Hugh<br />

T. Gossett<br />

W. Robertson<br />

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C.<br />

T. Carr<br />

Gossett<br />

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T. Carr<br />

Hayes<br />

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Lee<br />

T.<br />

Bennett<br />

T. Hayes<br />

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E. Bennett<br />

Davis<br />

*Raymond<br />

*Orris E. E. Davis<br />

H. Leathers<br />

*Hilry<br />

*Raymond<br />

H. Shaffer<br />

H. Leathers<br />

*Hilry H. Shaffer<br />

*James N.<br />

Stansell<br />

*James N.<br />

Stansell<br />

2<br />

*John E. Patton<br />

*John<br />

*John E.<br />

D.<br />

E. Whalley<br />

Patton<br />

Jack<br />

*John<br />

Norman,<br />

D. D. Whalley<br />

Jr.<br />

*Albert Bennett<br />

Jr.<br />

*Clyde<br />

* Jack Norman, Jr.<br />

*Albert<br />

R. Bennett<br />

Watson<br />

*Marshall<br />

*Clyde R. R. S.<br />

Watson<br />

Whitley<br />

*James<br />

*Marshall<br />

J. White<br />

S. S. Whitley<br />

*G.<br />

*James<br />

Cooper<br />

J. J. White<br />

Holt<br />

*J.<br />

*G.<br />

Coleman Cooper Hayes<br />

Holt<br />

*J.<br />

*Donald<br />

*J. Coleman<br />

R. Dunning<br />

Hayes<br />

*J.<br />

*Donald<br />

P. Foster<br />

R. R. Dunning<br />

*J.<br />

*Gale<br />

*J. P. P. Foster<br />

Robinson<br />

*C.<br />

*Gale<br />

V. Cramb<br />

Robinson<br />

*J.<br />

*C.<br />

Nelson<br />

V. V. Cramb<br />

Bryan<br />

*J.<br />

*Robert<br />

*J. Nelson<br />

Battle<br />

Bryan<br />

*Jerry<br />

*Robert<br />

N. Battle<br />

Tate<br />

*Fred<br />

*Jerry<br />

H. N.<br />

Gay, Tate<br />

Jr.<br />

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*Fred A.<br />

H. Campbell<br />

Gay, Jr. Jr.<br />

*Claude<br />

James A. A.<br />

G. Campbell<br />

Southall<br />

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B. Lawson<br />

G. Southall<br />

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Robinson<br />

Lawson<br />

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Phillips<br />

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Jenkins<br />

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F. Scalf, Jenkins<br />

Jr.<br />

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*James F. F. B.<br />

Scalf,<br />

Jones<br />

Jr. Jr.<br />

Jack<br />

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C. Phelps<br />

B. B. Jones<br />

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Jack C. C. P.<br />

Phelps<br />

Brumfield<br />

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S.<br />

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Parrish, Brumfield<br />

Sr.<br />

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Newman<br />

Sr.<br />

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Cook<br />

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Toler<br />

Graham<br />

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Parker<br />

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McNaney<br />

Ham<br />

Charles<br />

James L. L.<br />

H. Ham<br />

Williams<br />

William<br />

Charles D.<br />

H. Jones<br />

Williams<br />

John<br />

William<br />

L. Weaver,<br />

D. D. Jones<br />

III<br />

Gale<br />

John<br />

B.<br />

L. L.<br />

Robinson<br />

Weaver, III<br />

Joe<br />

Gale<br />

Bell<br />

B. B. Robinson<br />

Ronny<br />

Joe Bell<br />

L. Greer<br />

Charles<br />

Ronny L. L.<br />

E. Greer<br />

Cardwell<br />

J.<br />

Charles<br />

Franklin<br />

E. E. “Jay”<br />

Cardwell<br />

Scalf, III<br />

J.<br />

Conley<br />

J. Franklin<br />

Dykes<br />

“Jay” Scalf, III<br />

David<br />

Conley<br />

Smith<br />

Dykes<br />

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Cain<br />

Smith<br />

*Mike<br />

Jim Cain<br />

Martin<br />

Johnny<br />

*Mike Martin<br />

Dudley<br />

David<br />

Johnny<br />

Wantland<br />

Dudley<br />

Melvin<br />

David Wantland<br />

Meadows<br />

Dennis<br />

Melvin Belford<br />

Meadows<br />

David<br />

Dennis<br />

Vaughn<br />

Belford<br />

Carl<br />

David<br />

E. Barnes<br />

Vaughn<br />

Mike<br />

Carl E.<br />

Van<br />

E. Barnes<br />

Sant<br />

Jeff<br />

Mike<br />

Head<br />

Van Sant<br />

* Jeff Deceased<br />

Head<br />

** Deceased<br />

Where does the time go? It is already Fall and the year is going by fast. We have<br />

had many great events and functions this year and many more to come.<br />

Thanks to all the Nobles and Ladies that attended the Southeastern Shrine<br />

Association Convention and congratulations to those than competed in<br />

competitions and won Trophies. I would also like to congratulate Scott Jones on<br />

being elected President of the Southeastern Clown Association, Harry Dunn for<br />

being elected Commander of the Southeastern Legion of Honor, Bob Sylvia for<br />

being elected 1st Lieutenant Commander of the Southeastern Legion of Honor<br />

and Josh Waynick for being elected 1st Vice President of the Southeastern Provost<br />

Guard.<br />

A big thank you goes to Eddie Hill and the Directors Staff for hosting the<br />

Directors Staff Golf Tournament last month. And also thanks to James Ham and<br />

all those that helped make the Ladies Golf Tournament a successful and fun day for<br />

the Ladies.<br />

We had a good turnout for the Fall Ceremonial last month. I would like to thank<br />

all those that helped in the degree work and Arch Presentation and also to the<br />

Directors Staff for the fun. And A huge thanks to Ronnie Brown and the Kitchen<br />

Committee for preparing the meal and also to the Ladies for seeing that the new<br />

ladies were welcomed. As always, we appreciate your support. I would like to<br />

offer a special thank you to Imperial Sir Jim Cain for his help throughout the day.<br />

Be sure and welcome all the new Nobles and their Ladies to Al Menah Shrine and<br />

encourage them to be active and have fun.<br />

The Car Show was also last month and I would like to thank all those that<br />

participated, sold sponsorships and bought sponsorships. We appreciate all the<br />

units that came out and supported this event. A special thanks to Keary Fleenor and<br />

his committee for all their hard work that made this a success.<br />

This month is our 75th Annual Al Menah Shrine Circus October 6th thru the<br />

8th. This is our main fund raiser for next year and we need the Nobles to please<br />

purchase your Nobility Tickets. We will have hospitality upstairs as usual and look<br />

forward to seeing everyone at the Circus!!<br />

The Fall Party is October 21st and it will be Pirates of the Caribbean theme. There<br />

will be a chili and soup cook off and we encourage you to bring a finger food to<br />

share and it is BYOB. Our very own DJ John Whitaker will be providing the<br />

music. There will be prizes for the cook-off, best costume and for best unit area<br />

decorations. Doors open at 5:30 and the fun begins at 6:00, ARGHHH!!<br />

Nobles and Ladies thank you for all you do and your support of Al Menah<br />

Shrine and the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children.<br />

Yours in the Faith,<br />

Frank Hester<br />

Potentate<br />

“Pride, Passion & Purpose”

From the desk of...<br />

From the desk of...<br />


HIGH A BIG PRIEST thank AND you to PROPHET the fabulous <br />

<br />

Al Menah Clowns for doing<br />


I hope everyone had a great month. I would what HIGH they PRIEST do best…. AND Clowning PROPHET around <br />

at the TN State Fair<br />

like to thank all the Nobles and their ladies from September 8 – 17. The clowns presented their skits to the<br />

who bought Ringmaster Club shirts. It was public and created smiles and laughter with children of all ages!<br />

a success! We sold over 100. Great job Clowns and Clownettes also worked the Monster Trucks event<br />

from that committee, Chairman Randy on Friday and Saturday nights. Good times was had by all that<br />

Slapak and members: Joe Anderson, Dan attended! Thank you – Al Menah Clowns and Clownettes!<br />

Clark, Bobby Crotts, Jimmy Crotts, Bob We added some worthy nobles to Al Menah Shriners during<br />

DeBerry, Donnie Drayton, Chris Johnson, the Fall Ceremonial on September 23. Thanks to everyone<br />

John Kerr, Fred Lysak, Jack Patterson and that helped with bringing a new noble in to Al Menah and with<br />

Bobby Sircy. I thank you from the bottom the presentation of the men and ladies programs. The Fall<br />

of my heart! Al Menah is lucky to have 5 board Ceremonial was in memory of Mike Martin, PP. We are all<br />

members of the Shriners Hospital Board. Tim Mason, Randy committed to increasing our shrine membership… by bringing<br />

Slapak and Jack Patterson are on the Cincinnati Board, and David in new nobles and their ladies to our <strong>2017</strong> Fall Ceremonial,<br />

Wantland and Chris Johnson are on the Lexington Board. When you this shows our commitment to the fraternity and philanthropy.<br />

see these Nobles, please thank them for what they do!<br />

Thank you for your commitment! Let’s keep them coming…<br />

The Al Menah Car Show was on September 30 and was a fun<br />

Chief Rabban<br />

event! Lots of hard work by Keary Fleenor and the committee<br />

Horace Perkins, III<br />

for this event.<br />

The Al Menah Circus will be live on October 6-8 at<br />


Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Good times will be had by all<br />

Did “YOU” Know...<br />

attended, hard work by all the members of the committee, and<br />

You can now, Pay Your ... Regular delicious hospitality nonetheless. Thanks for all the support and<br />

Membership, Lifetime Membership, attendance at the circus. Please, remember to support the circus<br />

Associate Membership Dues, further by paying your circus tickets of $48.00 to the office as<br />

even make a Temple or Hospital soon as possible. This is our big fundraiser event of the year for<br />

Donation. You can also pay for the fraternity! Thanks.<br />

your <strong>2017</strong> Shrine Circus tickets. The Clown Auction is coming soon in October! Get ready<br />

WOW ! ! ! Just go www. for some catfish and fixings…. We hope to see you involved in<br />

almenahshriners.org, when the page an upcoming Al Menah event soon!<br />

comes up “CLICK” the tab.. Renew<br />

High Priest and Prophet<br />


Membership. <br />

Thats all its takes.<br />


<br />

Are you getting the Al Menah EMAIL<br />

Scott Jones<br />

BLAST? Every Sunday an email is sent out about<br />

upcoming Temple, Units, and Clubs Events & Meetings. Also<br />


from time to time you will receive an EMAIL about a Nobles’<br />

Passing, changes in a scheduled event, Shrine Hospital Info or<br />

an upcoming deadline. If you are not getting this info, call the<br />

office or send an email to temple@almenahshriners.org and<br />

request to be added.<br />

Helping Kids be Kids ...”That’s Why I Wear a FEZ”<br />

Assistant Rabban<br />

Randy Williams<br />


Fall is in the air along with the VOLS<br />

football season!<br />

SESA was well attended and Al Menah<br />

was well represented in Warner<br />

Robbins, GA by the Al Menah Clowns,<br />

Legion of Honor, Motor Corps., and<br />

Provost Guard. Appreciate all of your<br />

hard work, dedication and time that it<br />

took to prepare for competition. We all<br />

enjoyed the wonderful hospitality!<br />

Just sitting here on the front porch trying<br />

to think of something to say that would<br />

convey the wisdom and profound<br />

judgement that comes with serving<br />

as Oriental Guide..... Well so much<br />

for that...<br />

See you guys at the circus and<br />

remember our Chief Rabban Horace<br />

Perkins has ordered that there will<br />

be no water guns or cream pies at the<br />

circus this year. I don’t guess it would be<br />

wise to stand around Horace any time soon<br />

Oriental Guide<br />

Donnie Drayton<br />

3<br />

3<br />




Shriners Hospitals for Children ® is proud to announce the launch of its new mobile<br />

app, SpineScreen. The app allows families to perform a preliminary spine check<br />

on children, in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.<br />

SpineScreen is a free app developed by the orthopaedic specialists at Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children. With SpineScreen you can:<br />

• Learn the signs of scoliosis and treatment options available<br />

• Perform a preliminary spine check on your child at home<br />

• Schedule calendar reminders for annual screenings<br />

The app is available now for free download on the App Store and Google Play.<br />


Early detection is key with scoliosis, and SpineScreen gives parents a quick way to<br />

routinely monitor their child’s spine. As this is strictly an initial check for possible<br />

signs of scoliosis, it should be followed up by a doctor’s examination to determine<br />

if your child has scoliosis. Information provided on the SpineScreen app and<br />

scoliosis resource portal does not replace the advice of a medical professional.<br />

Learn other tips and treatment options with the free SpineScreen mobile app or<br />

on the Shriners Hospitals for Children scoliosis resource portal.<br />


Meet Crimson Chambers, Patient Ambassador from<br />

Shriners Hospitals for ChildrenÒ - Cincinnati!<br />

Help us give Crimson the experience of a lifetime at the<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Shriners Hospitals for Children Open!<br />

Shriners Hospital for Children – Cincinnati is proud to nominate patient ambassador Crimson<br />

Chambers as our representative at the <strong>2017</strong> SHC OPEN. Crimson was chosen as one of 22 patient<br />

ambassadors throughout the country to represent the hospital network at the tournament, where she<br />

will serve as a standard bearer throughout the weekend. It is a rare “inside the ropes” opportunity<br />

that allows patients to carry the scores of professional golfers and show the world how Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children has helped transform their lives!<br />

Last July, Crimson's family survived a home fire. Although everyone made it out, 14 year old Crimson<br />

was burned on more than 30 percent of her body with second and third degree burns. After several<br />

surgeries and intense physical therapy, Crimson is learning to live her new life as a burn survivor.<br />

She is still receiving treatment for scar management, which will continue for the next few years.<br />

An Arab, Alabama native, Crimson’s favorites pastimes include rooting for the University of<br />

Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team, make-up special effects, reading, writing and spending time<br />

with her parents and siblings, Cody and Graylyn.<br />

Crimson also attended Camp Ytiliba this summer. She loved the experience and made life-long<br />

friendships. With her positive attitude and outgoing personality, she proved to be a great role model<br />

as well, and hopes to be a junior counselor when she is older.<br />


donate.lovetotherescue.org/crimson-chambers<br />

“The purpose of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open is to not only bring PGA Tour golf to Las<br />

Vegas, but to more importantly, to bring awareness to the great work of Shriners Hospitals for<br />

Children and the work those hospitals do to help transform the lives of children with orthopedic<br />

conditions, burns, cleft lip and palate and spinal cord. Injuries” – Adam Spering, executive director<br />

to the SHC Open.<br />


Shriners Assistance for Hurricane & Earthquake victims<br />

Shrine leadership have received inquiries from around the world as to how<br />

Shriners can help provide relief to Masons and Shriners who have been impacted<br />

by recent Hurricanes & Earthquake.<br />

In determining how to provide effective and meaningful help to Shriners and<br />

Masons in these areas, Shriners International has determined that the best and most<br />

effective way to provide financial assistance is to use the charitable arm of the<br />

Masonic Services Association of North America (“MSA”) which has been<br />

specifically established for the purpose of obtaining tax deductible donations and<br />

to effectively distribute and account for the funds provided to Masons and Shriners<br />

who receive assistance. You should know that the entire gross donation will be<br />

sent to the affected jurisdiction. MSA deducts nothing for administrative expenses<br />

or expenses of any kind. Therefore, when you give $100.00, $100.00 goes to that<br />

relief area!<br />

Here’s how you can give:<br />

Make checks payable to “MSA Disaster Relief Fund” and send them to:<br />

Masonic Service Association<br />

3905 National Drive, Suite 280<br />

Burtonsville, MD 20866<br />

Please write on the memo portion of the check, "Florida Disaster Appeal",<br />

“Mexico Disaster Appeal” or "Texas Disaster Appeal" to be sure that the<br />

money is specifically designated for the relief of that states Masons.<br />

Click here to donate via PayPal or credit card.<br />

Our friends in Puerto Rico were also impacted. Below is an update from Shrine<br />

leaders in Puerto Rico. (Al Rai’e Saleh Shriners (San Juan, PR)) We are all<br />

doing fine. The surrounding islands got the worst part. We are helping Masons and<br />

Nobles that came this week to hospitals here. We identified one Mason and we are<br />

taking good care of him. He was surprised for all we have being doing to him -<br />

Clothes, towels, blankets even did his laundry. Our Shriners are doing a good job.<br />

Our thoughts and prayers are with ALL those affected by the Hurricanes &<br />

Earthquake.<br />


Nobel’s, at Shriners Hospitals for Children ® , we are changing lives every day by doing<br />

everything we can to make kids better.<br />

Paralympians, athletes, philanthropists, musicians, scientists ...<br />

These are just a few of the things our incredible patients at Shriners Hospitals for Children can<br />

call themselves. We call them inspirations.<br />

Our patients inspire us every day to continue the high-quality, compassionate care we are<br />

known for, and we need YOU to help us give them the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME at the<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Shriners Hospitals for Children Open ® in Las Vegas!<br />

Give Now<br />

Twenty-three patient ambassadors were chosen to represent their local hospitals at the<br />

tournament, walking 18 holes each day while carrying the scoring standards for professional<br />

golfers as they compete in the tournament, and making memories that will last a lifetime.<br />

Please check out our patients’ stories and donate TODAY to help us send them to the <strong>2017</strong><br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children Open and show the world how Shriners Hospitals have helped<br />

transform their lives!<br />

As part of their participation in the tournament, their inspiring stories will appear in the<br />

tournament program, and their information will be shared on the Golf Channel, which will<br />

televise the tournament internationally, reaching over 900 million homes across 240 countries<br />

and territories worldwide!<br />

Because of generous supporters like you, our patients will have the experience of a lifetime.<br />

Thank you for supporting our patients. We hope their stories of commitment, determination, and<br />

courage inspire you to make a generous gift today!<br />


Notices..............................................................................<br />

In Reponse...<br />

From the widow of Carl Johnson who wrote poem<br />

To Be A Shriner published last month in the Shriner.<br />

From: “Audrey C. Johnson”<br />

Subject: Re: To Be A Shriner.<br />

Thank you so much for sending me this information.<br />

It gave Carl so much joy to share the poem<br />

with the Shrine club and on several occasions some<br />

who missed the meeting that nite asked him to<br />

bring them to another meeting. He loved the outstanding<br />

Williamson County Shrine Club and the<br />

leadership we are so blessed to have. This is another<br />

example of the wonderful fellowship that exists<br />

in this very special organization. He would be so<br />

pleased you honored him by placing this in The<br />

Shriner Magazine.<br />

You all made such a difference in both our lives.<br />

Audrey<br />

<strong>OCTOBER</strong> <strong>2017</strong><br />

OCT 6-8<br />

OCT 14<br />

OCT 21<br />

OCT 28-29<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2017</strong><br />

NOV 3-4<br />

NOV 4<br />

NOV 10-11<br />

NOV 11<br />











Ladies Only!<br />

Thank you to all the Ladies that came out last month<br />

and showed your guessing skills. We also had a<br />

wonderful time playing “Family Feud”. Congratulations<br />

to Valerie Wilson and Rachel Whitaker for<br />

high points.<br />

We hope you have your calendars marked for the<br />

Ladies Extravaganza coming up on November 4th.<br />

If you need any flyers to hand out or have an interested<br />

Vendor, please let us know. Be sure to invite<br />

your neighbors, family, friends, and ladies groups<br />

and come on out. There will be entertainment and<br />

refreshments as well.<br />

Our next scheduled Ladies Nite will be October<br />

17th. We will have an introductory Self Defense<br />

class hosted by two former police officers with Royal<br />

Range at no charge. Please dress casual and comfortable<br />

and we hope you will come out and join us.<br />

Ladies it is very important that we know how to protect<br />

ourselves, especially this day and age. If you<br />

are interested in participating in a full self-defense<br />

class for a nominal fee on a separate day or evening,<br />

please let me know by email (tracy@seiwh.com) or<br />

text. Time and space does not allow us to offer this<br />

in the Vision Building on Stated Meeting night.<br />

Don’t forget to bring your 50/50 money and we<br />

will have door prizes! Dinner with the men will begin<br />

at 6:00pm at the Shrine Center. We look forward<br />

to seeing you soon. Thank you!<br />

Lady Tracy Hester<br />

615-308-3920<br />


Current Parade Schedule:<br />

Date Town Type Line Up Step Off Start Location<br />

5-Nov Hendersonville, TN Veteran’s 1:00 2:00 Drakes Creek Park<br />

18-Nov Murfreesboro, TN Veteran’s 10:00 11:00 VA TN Valley Healthcare<br />

25-Nov Manchester, TN Christmas 5:00 6:00 TBA<br />

2-Dec Portland, TN Christmas 4:30 5:30 Victor Reiter Parkway<br />

9-Dec Granville, TN Christmas 1:00 2:00 TBA<br />

9-Dec Hartsville, TN Christmas 9:00 10:00 Corner Market<br />

9-Dec Millersville, TN Christmas 12:00 1:00 TBA<br />

Membership Notice<br />

Our goal is 100 New Nobles<br />

and 100 Restorations.<br />

<strong>2017</strong> Membership Chairman<br />

Sam Isbell (sisbell@eml1.com or<br />

615-579-0765) & Co-Chairman<br />

Dale Pewitt (dalepewitt@comcast.<br />

net or 615-533-6714) are soliciting<br />

our help and support. Will you<br />

help us find new Nobles?<br />

One of the ways you can be<br />

active in this effort is to sign up to<br />

be a virtual mentor for our candidates.<br />

There are candidates waiting<br />

to hear from us. We need a<br />

few good men!<br />


CeNter<br />

NeWS<br />

Clowns<br />

I have to say we fared well at the<br />

Tennessee State Fair this past month.<br />

We entertained all ages with skits, and<br />

had a great turn out of Clowns.<br />

Al Menah’s first Circus was in 1944,<br />

and that same sparkle in the children’s<br />

eyes can be seen every year since the<br />

first night we began. The Clowns have<br />

been practicing skits and plan on being<br />

there in full force to be sure that age<br />

old tradition is met with the grand<br />

expectancy of what we do.<br />

As the Circus moves on it’s time for<br />

the Clown Auction Oct. 14th. Who’s<br />

going to be the big bidder this year?<br />

Nothing like a bidding war to jolt a little<br />

laughter.<br />

May we never get caught up in<br />

the fun, and laughter to forget the<br />

seriousness of our work as Shriners.<br />

Our Hospitals and Children are<br />

counting on us. So, let’s make our time<br />

count for them.<br />

James “Puzzles” Chambers<br />

Secretary<br />

Director’s Staff<br />

What a great car show this year and also<br />

a BIG welcome to our new members<br />

who took part in this past ceremonial!<br />

Fall is here and there are plenty<br />

of activities coming up. Be<br />

sure to attend our fall party<br />

12<br />

October 21st it is a pirate theme. Come<br />

dressed to impress to win the costume<br />

contest.<br />

Of course, the circus was a success<br />

and we thank all that helped make it a<br />

fun weekend for the cause.<br />

The holidays will be upon us soon<br />

as well. Keep an eye out for dates to<br />

attend our holiday events and share in<br />

fellowship.<br />

For now and as always we give our<br />

thanks and gratitude for those who serve<br />

our country and keep us safe. We send<br />

out prayers to any sick members in our<br />

unit and temple and we thank God for<br />

the opportunity to provide our special<br />

services as time to children in need.<br />

Cordially,<br />

Randy D. Byram<br />

Hello Mountaineers. Here we are<br />

approaching the fall of the year with<br />

many things on our plates.<br />

MEMBERSHIP---Have you done<br />

your very best to get a new Shriner?<br />


ready it’s almost here and our center<br />

needs all our help. Boys, that means to<br />

get them dollars sent in for them tickets.<br />

In closing, our circus is October<br />

6th thru 8th. We will need you to<br />

mark those days as needed to help<br />

our Shrine Center. We need a good<br />

turnout. Let’s show um how them<br />

Mountaineers help out.<br />

Pray for our Shrine children,<br />

our Shrine Center and our Troops in<br />

harms way across this troubled world.<br />

God Bless,<br />

Danny Wyatt, Captain<br />

Legion of Honor<br />

Our trip to Warner Robins, GA for<br />

SESA was fantastic. I’m sure it was<br />

enjoyed by all who attended. Al Menah<br />

Legion of Honor took a first place<br />

trophy for In-Line Inspection under<br />

the direction of Noble Steve Singleton<br />

and a second place trophy in Parade<br />

Marching under the direction of Noble<br />

Wayne Steele.<br />

We were honored to have our<br />

Potentate Frank Hester and his Lady<br />

Tracy join us at the SESA LOH banquet.<br />

Also, we were sorry that Noble Gene<br />

Hunter could not attend SESA due<br />

to his Lady Jo Ann having health<br />

problems. Please keep her in your<br />

prayers.<br />

Our Past Commander Harry Dunn<br />

was promoted to SESA Legion of Honor<br />

Commander for <strong>2017</strong> – 2018 and our<br />

past Commander Robert E. (Bob) Silva<br />

was promoted to SESA First Lieutenant<br />

Commander.<br />

We represented Al Menah at the “Ole<br />

Timers” Parade in LaVergne on Sept.<br />

9th. We were the only Shrine unit in<br />

the parade with the exception of one<br />

Clown and seven Parade Marshals.<br />

We were proud to participate in the<br />

“POW/MIA Wreath Laying Ceremony”<br />

at the Traveling Vietnam Veterans Wall<br />

in Clarksville on Sept. 15th. Then we<br />

were back in Clarksville on the 16th<br />

for the “Veterans Appreciation Parade”.<br />

They treated us with a breakfast before<br />

and hospitality afterwards. It was a good<br />

couple of days and a great parade.<br />

Remember the Legion of Honor<br />

will be involved with the Ladies<br />

Extravaganza on 4th Nov. We will be<br />

selling breakfast foods, coffee, donuts,<br />

biscuits, etc. We will also sell soft<br />

drinks, sweet tea, etc. Please come with<br />

your wives, you will enjoy it. It’s not just<br />

for Ladies!!!<br />

We still need a couple of new<br />

recruits. If you are a military veteran<br />

and a shriner, ask any of our members if<br />

you may be eligible to become a proud<br />

member of the Legion of Honor.<br />

Let’s keep our hospitals, the<br />

children, doctors, nurses, police,<br />

firefighters, all 1st responders and our<br />

men and women in the military in our<br />

prayers please.<br />

Thank you and may God bless,<br />

Roy Lindsey<br />


Provost Guard<br />

Congratulations to Al Menah Provost<br />

Guard drill team. They went to S.E.C.A.<br />

and won two more trophies. Second<br />

place in the completion and Third place<br />

in Uniform Inspection. These guy’s<br />

deserve a big hand.<br />

The Ceremonial is September<br />

23, Car show September30th and the<br />

Circus is 6th thru 8th of October. Busy<br />

season is getting started so lets all get<br />

out and help with the Circus.<br />

Secretary<br />

Ken Loftis<br />

Motor Corps<br />

Summer is gone and Fall is upon us,<br />

with old Dad Winter close behind!<br />

That means it is time to get in gear<br />

for the Circus, for multiple group<br />

gatherings and lots of seasonal parades!<br />

Do your part! Get involved! Plan for it!<br />

Make a difference, not excuses!<br />

Just like the seasons of each year,<br />

CHANGE happens. Some changes<br />

happen over time, some happen<br />

sooner rather than later, some<br />

happen immediately, but like it or<br />

not, CHANGE happens. If you aren’t<br />

willing to change, then how can you<br />

grow? Don’t fight it, don’t stand in the<br />

way of it. It’s sad what this world has<br />

come to...sad indeed!<br />

“Plans are nothing; planning is<br />

everything.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower<br />

“The secret of CHANGE is to<br />

focus all of your energy not on fighting<br />

the old, but building on the new.” ~<br />

Socrates<br />

Till next time,<br />

“Fat Rabbit”, PC<br />

Journalist<br />

Shrine Club News<br />

Hendersonville Shrine Club<br />

Nobles, Circus time is here. Starting<br />

Friday October 6th and running<br />

through the 8th. We need volunteers<br />

to help at the Circus. If you can help,<br />

call April Dimond at the Temple office<br />

at 615-226-7766 and she will direct<br />

you from there. We all know how<br />

important the Circus is to our Temple<br />

budget for 2018. Ticket sales and<br />

Circus Ads are so important. Nobles, if<br />

at all possible, when you get your Circus<br />

tickets, send the Temple a check. If you<br />

can’t pay in full, send a small donation<br />

to the Temple. These profits are used to<br />

fund our day to day expenses for 2018.<br />

Future 2018 Potentate Horace Perkins<br />

can perform magic, but not miracles.<br />

On Saturday, October 21st, we are<br />

having our Fall Party at the Temple.<br />

Start now making your plans for a<br />

fantastic evening.<br />

The Hendersonville Shrine Club<br />

would like to invite all the Nobles are<br />

their ladies in our area to join us at our<br />

next meeting on Monday, October 23rd.<br />

We meet at the Black-Eye-Pea, 164 East<br />

Main Street in Hendersonville. We<br />

meet at 6:00pm for food and fellowship<br />

and at 7:00pm we start our meeting.<br />

Invite a friend to join you at our next<br />

meeting. We need new members and<br />

new ideas.<br />

In closing, remember our sick and<br />

those who have lost loved ones, our kids<br />

and be with the doctor that provides<br />

their care, our troops that protect us,<br />

keep all of these in your prayers.<br />

Boyd Parnell<br />

President<br />

Williamson County Shrine Club<br />

OK, all these articles are about alike<br />

alerting you to the upcoming events<br />

and important stuff going on. Let’s<br />

understand what the Shrine is by<br />

reading:<br />

The Shriners Creed<br />

Shriners believe in God and that He<br />

created man to serve His purposes,<br />

among which is service to others in His<br />

name.<br />

We believe that care for the less<br />

fortunate, especially children who suffer<br />

from burns and crippling diseases, is our<br />

institutional calling.<br />

We are patriots, each willing to serve<br />

his country with fidelity and courage.<br />

We cherish independence under law and<br />

freedom with responsibility.<br />

We honor family. We respect our<br />

parents, wives and children. We should<br />

instill in our children the tenets of this<br />

creed, and the heritage from which it<br />

emanates.<br />

As individuals we pledge ourselves to<br />

integrity, virtue and nobility of character.<br />

Our intentions will be honorable, our<br />

relations will be trustworthy and our<br />

spirits forgiving of each other.<br />

As brothers we offer each other<br />

fraternal affection and respect. Together<br />

we will support each other in adherence<br />

to this creed, so that we and our<br />

communities will be the better because of<br />

our fraternity and its principles.<br />

As Shriners we look beyond ourselves<br />

to serve the needs of others, especially<br />

children who cannot help themselves.<br />

We believe Shriners Hospitals to be the<br />

world’s greatest philanthropy, and we<br />

covenant with each other to support<br />

its “temples of mercy” with spirit, time,<br />

talent and means.<br />

All Shriners and their Ladies are<br />

invited to visit WCSC on the third<br />

Thursday of each Month, 6:00 pm at<br />

Logan’s Steakhouse. We have great<br />

speakers at the meetings and a good<br />

time. Let’s remember to keep those<br />

who have lost loved ones and our sick<br />

list in your prayers. We thank God<br />

every day for this great Country of ours.<br />

Butch Mays,<br />

WCSC Ambassador<br />


Paper Sale Donation from Kroger<br />

On Monday, 7/18 Potentate Jeff Head and members of the Williamson<br />

County Shrine Club were with Kroger Management at their Belle<br />

Meade store where they presented a $1,000.00 to us for the Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children. The Kroger Manager was an acquaintance of<br />

Scotty and Teresa Travis who put this together for the Al Menah Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children Paper Sale.<br />

This is a portion of a message from Phyllis Berry, wife of this<br />

Kroger Store Manager, Michael Berry.<br />

Let me tell you, our son was a Shrine Hospital patient<br />

and we are forever grateful The experience was an<br />

awakening in humanity. The care was phenomenal. The<br />

friendship my family made. The support from the men in<br />

your fraternity was phenomenal. We thank you for all you<br />

and your members do for children across the country.<br />

Sincerely<br />

Phyllis Berry<br />

Fraternally,<br />

Butch Mayes, WCSC<br />


When you support a campaign like Birdies for Charity,<br />

you bring hope and healing to children, regardless of the<br />

families’ ability to pay.<br />

In addition, we have secured a multi-year agreement<br />

continues our existing sponsorship of an official PGA<br />

TOUR FedEx Cup event in Las Vegas, Nevada and will<br />

see our activation grow throughout the tournament<br />

broadcast and on-site experience.<br />

While we continue to grow our Standard Bearer Ambassador program which<br />

will see each of your hospitals represented during the 3rd and final round of the<br />

tournament, we are also creating additional programs associated with the<br />

event. Birdies for Charity® provides an opportunity for donors and supporters of<br />

our organization to win a trip to Las Vegas for the Ultimate V.I.P getaway. Click<br />

here for your chance to enter for the chance to visit the 2018 event and meet our<br />

tournament champion.<br />

As you know, the Shriners Hospitals for Children ® Birdies for Charity<br />

fundraiser is underway, and I hope you have already made your best guess for a<br />

chance to win amazing prizes!<br />

We’re so excited about this fun, new way for you to show your support for<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children. To us, it’s more than just a game of golf.<br />

At this time, here are the top five hospitals that have received the most<br />

donations so far in the challenge:<br />

Tampa<br />

Philadelphia<br />

Houston<br />

Galveston<br />

Greenville<br />

Don’t see your favorite hospital listed? Ramp up your donations! Now through<br />

November 1, <strong>2017</strong>, golf fans nationwide can guess the number of birdies that will<br />

be recorded during the <strong>2017</strong> Shriners Hospitals for Children Open while<br />

supporting life-changing care for kids.<br />

Don’t forget to tune in to the Golf Channel telecast November 2-5!<br />


Chief Rabban Horace Perkins<br />

invites you to become an<br />

Elite Member of the <strong>2017</strong> Ringmaster Club<br />

Contact: Horace Perkins 615-943-5913<br />

Randy “Slappy” Slapak 615-474-1610<br />

Dan Clark 615-596-7269<br />

Men’s Membership—$150.00<br />

Includes: Ringmaster shirt, Ringmaster cap, 4 Shrine Circus tickets for<br />

VIP Ringmaster seating and 1 entry to the Ringmaster Club Breakfast on October 7th.<br />

Ladies’ Membership—$125.00<br />

Includes: Ringmaster Shirt, Ringmaster tote bag, 4 Shrine Circus tickets for<br />

VIP Ringmaster seating and 1 entry to the Ringmaster Club Breakfast on October 7th.<br />

Name________________________________________________________________<br />

Address______________________________________________________________<br />

City_______________________________State___________Zip_______________<br />

Phone_____________________Email____________________________________<br />

Man’s Shirt Size: (circle one) Small Med LG XL 2-XL 3-XL 4-XL<br />

Lady’s Shirt Size: (circle one) Small Med LG XL 2-XL 3-XL 4-XL<br />


Amount Paid:________________ Method of Payment:__________________ Date Paid:_______________<br />

16<br />



NOTICe:<br />

ALL communications<br />

for the Shriner<br />

should be sent to<br />

editor.amsc@gmail.com<br />


Nobles Visited By By<br />

The The Black Camel<br />



11/8/33 – 9/15/17<br />


LUTTS<br />

11/28/33 – 8/26/17<br />

Nonprofit<br />


Organization<br />

A.A.O.N.M.S. A.A.O.N.M.S. PAID<br />

U.S. POSTAGE<br />


P. O. Box 78545 1354 BRICK CHURCH PIKE<br />

P. O. Box 78545<br />

NASHVILLE, TN 37207<br />

NASHVILLE, TN 37207<br />

Nashville, TN<br />

Permit No. 1731<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

Nonprofit<br />

Organization<br />

U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />

Nashville, TN<br />

Permit No. 1731<br />


P.O. BOX 78545 • N<br />

VOLUME 36 • NUMBER 1<br />

INSIDE<br />

THIS<br />

ISSUE<br />

PAGE 2<br />

Potentate’s<br />

Message<br />

•<br />

Al M<br />

PAGE 3<br />

DEADLINE FOR NOVEMBER <strong>SHRINER</strong> IS <strong>OCTOBER</strong> 20th Divan<br />

Messages<br />

PAGES 4<br />

Notices<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Chief R<br />

Horace Pe<br />

Lady T<br />

PAGE 5<br />

From Lady Tracy<br />

Dedication<br />

Ceremony<br />

PAGE 6-7<br />

Unit News<br />

PAGE 7<br />

Membership Notice<br />

High Priest<br />

Scott Jones<br />

PAGE 11<br />

Message From<br />

PR Chairman<br />


Black Camel<br />

Imperial Session

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