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2017 COD Award Program

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FERNANDO ALCAUTER President, Michoacana Mexican Market LLC The young entrepreneur Fernando Alcauter was born in Chicago Illinois and moved to Columbus Ohio in 1999, where he was raised and where he was taught to be devoted to his work. In 2008 he graduated from Westerville South High School. Fernando did not have the same future waiting for him as many of his schoolmates, whom were preparing for college. Unlike many young students, Fernando had to make a choice between continuing his education, or integrating in the growing family business, the local supermarket chain La Michoacana Mexican Market. The decision was not only tough because of the family pressure, but also because he was the youngest of the brothers and had the most education, so the expectation was high. He opted to join the family business when Las Michoacana Mexican Supermarket was a chain of nine locations in Columbus and one in Dayton. This is where his entrepreneurial career began. The initial stages were not easy, nor was he simply given a title. Fernando had to face many obstacles along the way, starting out by being the owner’s son, but having to fulfill the duties of cashier, cook, server, meat cutter, and even in janitorial. His father made him department manager in 2012, and in 2014 he took over general management in the largest one of the Supermarkets, located on Morse Road. The six years of devotion to the Supermarket business forced him to gain experience in all areas related to the business, and this brought better opportunities. Self-motivated, and self-taught in many areas of management, and with the support of his family and other managers, Fernando surpassed his other siblings, and upon his father’s retirement, he took over the position of President of Michoacán Market LLC. With this new title came many changes, a rejuvenated business structure, and the necessity for difficult decisions that have allowed the expansion of the business. Fernando is also a big advocate of the Hispanic Community and he has demonstrated appreciation for the support of the family business by giving back as much as possible. He is constantly involved in social, religious and sports festivals, and has a hands-on approach to contributing to non-profit efforts via time, resources and money. He has also made the time to devote to his own companies, Nando’s Investments and Gilnando’s Properties. He lives on his father’s advice of “any goal you propose upon yourself you can achieve with dedication, honesty and good work ethic”. We need to reach that happy stage of our development when differences and diversity are not seen as sources of division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration. PIONEER AWARD WINNER Josefa Iloilo

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