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Design the Experience - Product Leaflet

How does it work? Making

How does it work? Making your brand irresistible doesn’t just happen by chance, it’s a science. At Beyond Brand, we break your transformational journey down into three key phases: Discovery, Design and Delivery. Through these, we help you understand where your business is today, show you what’s possible, and then help you deliver those results. But don’t just take our word for it, our framework has been tried and tested on the likes of John Lewis, RBS, Mercedes, LV=, Audi, Direct Line Group and Jaguar Land Rover. We apply a unique seven step methodology to all three phases, examining: Purpose, Audience, Approach, Channels, Offer, Advantage and Evolution. Each of these areas work together like the cogs of a fine Swiss watch, driving customer experience forward in an exciting and compelling way. 1 Discovery >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Des

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Deliver An Amazing Experience in 2017 Whitepaper
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