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Sw Messenger STUDENTS

Sw Messenger STUDENTS WIDGET 28 The scene we saw in trailer when you are facing off first Hulk and then he comes out you are like yeah.. That’s like an iconic moments. Do you think it’s like a big moment in movie? Over the year how hammer change digitally practically on set ? Do you get tired sit there all day and just like convulse ? Like every day on set we just exploring the sorts of unknown and trying different things. it was cool when i saw the trailer I went oh wow that’s worked it was a great take. It sorts of changed sizes over the years and each director wants to make it little more this a little more that and then we did broke it in this . It was insane watching you with the haircut because you had had that long hair for so long. Literally convulsing I think part of it . it become the origin story part of a superhero.

STUDENTS WIDGET 29 Has it always been a wig or did you ever actually grow hair for Thor? For Thor 2 it was mostly my hair and a few sort of extensions. For Thor 1 and avengers it was wig and yeah I was happy to cut it off. When you are talking as Hulk do you actually lower your voice? MARK RUFFALO Yeah I do have to lower my voice to get into the physicality. What you did in Avengers when you took Loki and smashed him like a toy….. did you do the similar way to someone in this movie also? Yeah we did same thing where I go on a soundstage but with Loki the technology was so far behind that I did that in a paint room offset in just like 10 mins. Did you actually wear Robert Downey Jr.’s clothes in this movie? No but I picked the things that I thought would be the most like it.

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