Cavigar - Catalogo Arredamenti BAR 2020 - EN

Cavigar - Catalogo Arredamenti BAR 2020 - EN

Cavigar - Catalogo Arredamenti BAR 2020 - EN


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Enjoy Your Shop

Cavigar takes care of the entire process of design of businesse

premises and corporate spaces and to deliver a perfectly

unctional, ready-to-use product.

Each project is an inventive realization in order to offer to our

client an original, exclusive which is unique in its genre.

The design process of the business space is taken care of by one

of the experts from the Design Department. It starts with a briefing

with the client to allow the expert to understand from the very beginning

the client’s specific needs. Then we proceed with an inspection of the

premise that will host the business to propose to the client the best

design solution and furnishing according to the available space, budget

and client’s specific necessities.

The design process proceeds with the deployment of the most up to date

interior design software so that it is possible for us to show to the client a

detailed step by step 3D preview of the project (rendering). This allows the

client to evaluate the final result in all its details before the beginning of the

actual building process starts: the premise’s exterior, internal layout,

furnishing and organisation.

After the client has approved the entire plan of work, a quote is made which

encompasses all the work necessary to realise the proposed project. After the

client’s approval of the quote, the very phase of realization can begin. Cavigar

cooperates with trustworthy and qualified ed partners from the following sectors:

• building

• electric systems

• hydraulic systems

• carpentery




By relying on Cavigar the business’s owner/client can expect to cooperate with a

partner who has a gained a long and valuable experience in the sector of interior

decoration and organisation of businesses’ premises. Cavigar offers customised

and turnkey furnishing solutions building the client’s necessities into a

functional working environment with high aesthetic value.

The Design Department is made up of professionals specialising in the field of

architecture, building, and interior design. Such professionals work closely to

the client who is given the possibility to evaluate the several possible furnishing

solutions in a 3D realistic rendering beforehand.

The layout, organisation and the premise’s interior decoration have to conform

to the specific space’s requirements with regard to location and dimension but

also to the customer’s needs and price policy/budget. Together with the client,

Cavigar analyses the objectives that the client aims to achieve with the business

in order to create a furnishing solution which can effectively contribute to the

customer’s business targets.

The Design Department prepares all the details for the premise’s furnishing and

decoration, always following the most up-to-date techniques of interior design.

All the design details, such as lighting and colour scheme, are taken care of

according to the client’s tastes and specifications.

As a result, all venues designed by Cavigar are exclusive and inimitable

creations. The final outcome is a working environment consistent with the

client’s requirements and business objectives by means of an innovative design

whose value is bound to last a lifetime.


Cavigar offers to the shopkeeper financial and fiscal consulting to provide

complete assistance that goes beyond the merely technical aspects of the

project. In case of renovation of a premise or purchase of new equipment, the

administrative personnel is able to support the client’s investment choices,

analysing the project’s opportunity cost and considering the market situation.

Once the monetary amount required by the investment in relation to the client’s

budget is understood, the investment will take place according to one of these

alternatives: self-funding, capital increase, mortgage or leasing.

Cavigar’s administrative personnel are available to find the best financial

solution for the client to make the investment.

A further service to which the client can have access with Cavigar is fiscal

consulting. The client can rely on a competent and trustworthy partner with

regard to the fulfilment of fiscal and tax provisions that relate to the

management of a business.


One more service provided by Cavigar in the sector of shops and businesses’

furnishing is that of providing the necessary equipment to the production and

conservation of food and drinks, such as display racks, hot and cold counter

windows, refrigerators and refrigerating stalls and all the essential accessorizes

to guarantee the complete functionality for bar, restaurant, (gastronomy) or any

other shop specialising in the food industry.

Cavigar offers a ready-to-use service, taking care of the equipment’s instalment

and maintenance, according to each individual warranty, as agreed with the

client on the basis of the client’s needs.


Via Bigarello 1

46032 Castelbelforte (Mn)


Ph : 0039 037642668

Fax : 0039 037642072



81543 München


Cell.: +0039 3395036606



6862 Lugano


Cell.: +0039 3395036606


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