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Sandia Prep: 2016 - 2017 Annual Report

Sandia Prep's 2016-2017 Annual Report

8 Charles Springer &

8 Charles Springer & Molly Bell Carolyn Staples John & Mary Stiff Sam Stribling ’98 John & Cathy Suding Anita Summers ’75 Alex & Graciela Tackman Mike ’80 & Dacia Taday Paul & Mercy Tenorio The Kula Foundation John & Janey Thomas Brad & Teresa Throssell Jon & Stephany Toman C. A. Trauth, Jr. United Healthcare Robert & Giulia Urquhart Vanessa Vendros Venardos Galvin ’92 William Verrillo ’11 Michael & Denise Volkman Whitney Walker-Loveland ’03 Jason ’97 & Brooke Wall Kyle Weber ’97 Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign William & Kirsten White Erin Wideman Kevin & Abigail Wiggins Julie Witte ’87 Stefanie Montgomery Womack ’97 Joe Wosick Andy Young & Christina Valentine Rebecca Younger Woodward ’05 Angelina Zones GIFTS IN-KIND Ale Republic Brewery-Patrick Johnson ‘03 Anonymous April Camilli-Marker ‘93/Thirty-one Gifts Audi of Albuquerque Bill & Brenda Sinfield Bronson & Margaret Durán Cambro Construction Captiva Group-Anthony & Jane Fernandez Cathy Reed Crystal Springs David & Trisha Dworsky-Team 1st Technologies Dennis & Graziella Singelton Exhibit Solutions Gary ‘81 & Trish Bennett Graphic Connection Henry B. Schuyler Il Vicino & Canteen Brewhouse-Greg & Kathleen Atkin Irene Agostini Jackalope Jane Bowes Jessica Eaves Mathews Julie Ferguson Krys Nybeck La Cumbre Brewing-Laura Christopher Erway ‘96 Laura & David Sandison Leonard Garcia Linne Cornwell Michael ‘88 and Kiersten ‘91 Stockham Michael & Kathy Armijo Nick Meyers ‘96-Bandwith No Name Osuna Nursery Pam, Alex ‘05 & Noah ‘07 Nunnally Papa Murphy’s-Erik Willis Paul & Marilyn DuncanPete & Tracy Henderson Sheenan Winery-Elyce Tryon ‘01 Southern Distributing Sports Systems Susan ‘91 & Ethan ‘91 Epstein Three Dog Bakery-Jessica Korber Montoya ‘88 Tim & Lorraine Tourville Tim Fuller Todd ‘91 & Cristie Sappington ‘90 Sandoval Todd & Felicia White Tom & Michelle Vick Ultimate Team Sales Vic & Mary Jury William Colwell & Ericka Norris IN HONOR OF Helen, Gerald and Tom Curran The Coach Jack Curran Scholarship Fund Tom Broderick ‘95 Albuquerque Community Foundation Josh Harling ‘18 A New You Traning & Therapeutics Madison Summers ‘24 & Dylan Summers ’19 Timothy & Heather Summers Hunter ‘21 & Lincoln ‘22 DuLac Don & Kiyoko DuLac The Family of Sydney Pyles ’20 Geary Pyles & Stacey Scherer Luke Baca ‘20 Jerome Baca & Debbie Gonzales Parker Willis ’21 Charley Lowe Baruth ’97 David ‘07, Justin ‘09 & Mikey ‘15 Gangwish Irene Agostini Mary ‘12 & John ‘15 Michael Joseph & Margaret Michael Evan Robertson ’14 Perry & Donna Robertson Jennica Arko ‘14 Ernest Arko & Barbara Lebeck Matthew Stanasolovich ‘14 & Nicole Stanasolovich ’11 David & Marcy Stanasolovich Larry Hanley Dale & Martha Holmen Margaret Stebbins ’11 Dylan Spaulding ’99 Ben ‘10 & Hanna ‘12 Dexter Cathy Dexter Talia ‘06 & Dominic ‘12 Sanchez David Sanchez Rebecca Younger Yearwood ‘05 & Abigail Younger ‘11 Robert & Robin Younger John Sias ‘08 Don & Barbara Sias Sandia Prep Faculty Anonymous Family Bonnie Bell ‘21 R.Lynn & Bonnie Wilson Pete MacFarlane Kerin Jones ’81 Rob Vander Meer ’87 Phillip & Janelle Miller Johnson & the Sandia Prep Boys & Girls Track Team Jenny ‘01 & Adam ‘05 Pitchford John & Pam Pitchford Rick Wettin Matthew Loehman ’03 Coach Willie Owens Steve Smith ’95 Scott ‘17 & Abby ‘20 McRae Wendy Padilla Alice Stephens Thomas & Melissa Roberts Edward Roberts ‘10 & Joshua Roberts ‘05 Mr. George Emeny and Mr. Peter Fitzpatrick Alexander Gerber ’99 Albuquerque Vishnu Pillai ’13 Hailey Larson ‘17 & Jade Larson ‘21 Ronald & Rosemary Pistone Amali Gordon-Buxbaum ‘17 Diane Buxbaum Ellie Cook ‘21 Stuart & Jane Wilson Javier Braziel Robert Lynn & Janet Braziel Todd Kelgard & Caroline ‘22 Kjelgaard Lynnette Park Dr. & Mrs. Albert G. Simms II Lance & Katherine ‘01 Maurer Dayna Arkin Dennington ‘00 Brian & Dayna Dennington Connor ‘18 & Ian ‘20 Mauney Lannie & Percy Rogerson Katie Sharp ‘03 Cleve Sharp & Jan Bandrofchak Matt ‘03 & Kyle ‘05 Throssell Brad & Teresa Throssell IN MEMORY OF Ben Kivitz Ruth Kivitz Billie Johnson Larry Johnson C. J. Eaton Joy Eaton Dorothy Helen Young David Young Dr. Robert A. Holmes Gwen Holmes Grace Sinfield Lorraine & Don Fjelseth The Coach Jack Curran Scholarship Fund Harland K. Rieger Marcos & Tonna Burgos Jack, Helen, Gerard, and Thomas Curran The Coach Jack Curran Scholarship Fund Marie Sanchez David Sanchez Tom Meade Hugh & Margaret Bell Victor R. Jury, Sr. Bonnie Jury While we make every effort to be complete and accurate, occasionally a name may be omitted or misspelled. Please contact the Development Office at 505.338.3058 with any corrections. We sincerely regret any errors. Photo by: Treyjan Felipe ’17

“I hold a special place in my heart and attribute a portion of my personal and professional successes to my prep experience.” Alex Gerber ’99 Alex Gerber ’99 began working in commercial real estate while he was a junior at Southern Methodist University. “Post 9/11, the job market in DFW was not great, so I wanted to make sure I had a leg up on a career before finishing school.” After SMU, Alex developed more than three million square feet of shopping centers in Texas and Oklahoma. In 2009, he co-founded Cobalt Real Estate Services, LLC and acts as the COO of Cobalt with offices in DFW, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. He also serves as the chairman of the board of BBGB Commercial Real Estate which manages and owns commercial real estate throughout Texas. Alex continues to have business ties to home, providing consulting services to Albuquerque based Titan Development for their Texas assets and serves as President for TST Realty LLC. Alex and his wife Tierney, live in San Antonio with their two boys, Holden, 4 and Preston, 2. In addition to Alex coaching his son’s tee ball team, the Gerber family enjoys running, swimming, biking, skiing, hunting, and fishing. Alex competed in the 2016 Ironman U.S. Championships and plans to compete again in April. He was recently accepted to become a USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coach and will provide free coaching to wounded warriors and/or former military. He also qualified for the Olympic Distance Triathlon Nationals and will compete in Nebraska this summer. Our ’99 grad values his Prep experience and recently made his first gift to Sandia Prep’s Annual Fund. “I hold a special place in my heart and attribute a portion of my personal and professional successes to my Prep experience. I valued the curriculum, exposure, diversity, structure, and the Prep “family.” It is with great pleasure that I contribute to the fund in hopes it can impact a student similarly. My boys will attend a private school in San Antonio with similar values, and as a parent I strive to provide them with the best opportunities possible. Having been at Prep, my standards are high, and it is difficult to find a comparable school.” It’s no surprise that Ms. Sarah Wilson lists these as her favorite hobbies: being outside, hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, gardening, and traveling to different places. She has been a staple of Sandia Prep’s Outdoor Leadership Program and, of course, an integral part of the science and geology curriculum. “I am a fortunate person because I live what I teach. Through many summer courses, connections with professors at UNM, and my own travels I have experienced first-hand many of the topics I cover in my geology classes.” Students in Ms. Wilson’s classes are often out in the field in order to experience what they are learning. She feels it is one of the best parts of teaching. “Watching a student finally put all the pieces together and have an understanding of a concept is always a moment to cherish as a teacher. Being a lifelong learner is also a huge part of being a passionate teacher.” Ms. Wilson earned her undergraduate degree at the University of New Mexico and worked on her master’s degree at the New Mexico School of Mining and Engineering. She also spent many summers taking courses in different areas of science, most of which were geology focused with many of hours of field work. Ms. Wilson first came to Prep as a parent; her son Bryan graduated from Prep in 2009. We are thankful she decided to become part of the science faculty and continually share her passion for geology with our students. She has spent countless hours with students inside and outside the classroom and says some of her best Prep memories are being out in the Ojito Wilderness with her ninth-grade students “traveling through geologic time.” 9