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Safe Handling Policy

Safe Handling

Safe Handling Policy (April 2017) Article 3 The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all decisions and actions that affect children. Rathmore Primary School has a primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of our pupils. All teachers promote good behaviour within their class and receive training in behaviour management strategies. Procedures There may be times when a member of staff may have to decide between using reasonable force or standing back and allowing colleagues or pupils to face a potential danger. There will always be an element of personal judgement in these decisions. However, it is reasonable to expect a member of staff to engage in some risk where there is evidence of danger to others. Staff should not put themselves in personal danger to protect property. Reasonable force/ safe handling can be used by a teacher or other authorised person. It should be limited to emergency situations and used only as a last resort when all other behaviour management strategies have been exhausted and where: action is necessary in self defence or because there is imminent risk of injury to another pupil or person; there is a developing risk of injury to another pupil or person, or significant damage to property; a pupil is behaving in a way that is compromising good order and discipline. Definition of Reasonable Force The minimum force necessary to prevent a pupil from physically harming himself, herself or others or seriously damaging property, but used in a manner which attempts to preserve the dignity of all concerned. 1