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5TH GRADE — 6TH GRADE Teach kids God’s truth and help them to grow in Christ’s grace. The second two years of T&T continue to help kids grow in Christ’s grace while preparing them to walk faithfully with God through any challenge. Lessons focus on who God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are and how they impact our lives. Also answered are How do I know the Bible is real? and How can I grow spiritually? STEP 1: GOSPEL MESSAGE Every fifth- and sixth-grader begins the year with this guide that features the plan of salvation. Kids complete this before receiving their uniform. STEP 2: SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT T&T Ultimate Challenge Start Zone Entrance Booklet 78342 KJV 78369 NIV 1984 78351 NKJV 92970 ESV $3.49 pkg. of 10 Get fifth- and sixth-graders excited about their place in God’s plan with handbooks just for them! Contains challenges, extra-credit sections and helpful info for parents. A B Learn More About T&T Shop Online Request More Info Call (866) 292-6227 A T&T Ultimate Challenge Book One $42.99 pkg. of 5 80522 KJV 80549 NKJV 80565 NIV 1984 93098 ESV $10.99 each 80514 KJV 80531 NKJV 80557 NIV 1984 93080 ESV B T&T Ultimate Challenge Book Two $42.99 pkg. of 5 80581 KJV 80602 NKJV 80629 NIV 1984 93114 ESV $10.99 each 80573 KJV 80590 NKJV 80611 NIV 1984 93106 ESV

©2008 Awana ® Clubs International is awarded this certificate for by Church ________________________________________ Date________________________________ Signed ______________________________________ Signed________________________________ STEP 3: BELONGING Older T&T kids get their own unique uniform and award system designed specifically with their ages and interests in mind. C T&T Ultimate Challenge Uniform Award this jersey-style uniform upon completion of T&T Start Zone. Kids personalize it with awards earned throughout the year. Some shirts will have the previous logo (shown on page 12) on them. 79357 Youth small 79396 Adult small 79417 Adult large 98996 Adult XX-large 79361 Youth medium 79409 Adult medium 79425 Adult X-large 99004 Adult XXX-large 79370 Youth large $15.99 each D T&T Ultimate Challenge Award Emblems Kids can earn any combination of the 16 emblems by completing Challenges from the two handbooks. $3.29 pkg. of 5 79863 2 Timothy 79880 Challenge 79994 Capital T 79871 Falling Rocks 79898 Ephesians $2.99 pkg. of 5 79919 God Loves You 79960 Star 80004 Footprint 79935 Paw Print 79978 Streamwood 80012 UC $1.99 pkg. of 5 79901 Favorite Verse 79943 Dog Tag 79986 X-ing 79927 Border Patrol 79951 First Aid 79863 79994 79871 79919 79880 79935 79898 79960 79978 80004 80012 79901 79927 79943 79951 79986 STEP 4: RECOGNITION Let your T&T kids know you’re proud of them and encourage them to continue growing spiritually. D C E LEADERS The resources your leaders need to teach T&T T&T Role Book This easy-to-read role book provides the essentials you need to serve in T&T. 97931 Softcover 11831 E-book $6.99 each T&T Pocket Guide This booklet is filled with simple advice for successfully leading children in grades 3-6 through Awana. 94790 $4.99 pkg. of 5 T&T Ultimate Challenge Leader’s Guidebook Requirements and Answers This reference tool clearly outlines information in each section of the two handbooks and provides helpful teaching tips. 79492 $6.99 each H I E Certificate of Award When you want to honor T&T kids, here’s your do-it-all award. 57525 $3.49 pkg. of 10 F Challenge Award and Pin Award those who complete any three third- through 12th-grade handbooks or studies, including all associated activities. 79572 $11.99 set G Timothy Award and Pin Give this award to those who have completed any four third- through 12th-grade handbooks or studies, including all associated activities. 79599 $18.99 set F G Large Group Time Contains 30 large group lessons — including a list of needed supplies and creative ideas — that correspond to the T&T handbooks. H 80910 T&T Ultimate Challenge Lessons 1 I 82535 T&T Ultimate Challenge Lessons 2 $10.29 each 14

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