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The Book of Enoch the

The Book of Enoch the shaking of Heaven. 60.5 And the Holy Michael said to me: “What sight has disturbed you like this? Until today has the day of His mercy lasted and He has been merciful and long suffering towards those who dwell upon the dry ground. 60.6 And when the Day, and the Power, and the Punishment, and the Judgment come that the Lord of Spirits has prepared for those who worship the Righteous Judgment, and for those who deny the Righteous Judgment, and for those who take His name in vain - and that Day has been prepared. For the chosen a covenant, but for the sinners a visitation.” 60.7 And on that day two monsters will be separated from one another, a female monster whose name is Leviathan, to dwell in the depths of the sea, above the springs of the waters. 60.8 And the name of the male is Behemoth who occupies with his breast an immense desert named Dendayn on the east of the Garden where the chosen and the righteous dwell. Where my great-grandfather was received, who was seventh from Adam, the first man whom the Lord of Spirits made. 60.9 And I asked that other Angel to show me the power of those monsters, how they were separated on one day, and thrown, one into the depths of the sea and the other on to the dry ground of the desert. 60.10 And he said to me: “Son of man, you here wish to know what is secret.” 60.24 And the Angel of Peace who was with me, said to me: “These two monsters, prepared in accordance with the greatness of the Lord, will feed them that Punishment of the Lord. And children will be killed with their mothers and sons with their fathers. 60.25 When the punishment of the Lord of Spirits rests upon them it will remain resting so that the punishment of the Lord of Spirits may not come in vain upon these. Afterwards, the judgment will be according to His 76

The Book of Enoch mercy and His patience." 61.1 And in those days, I saw long cords given to those Angels and they acquired wings for themselves, and flew, and went towards the north. 61.2 And I asked the Angel, saying: “Why did these take the long cords, and go?” And he said to me: “They went so that they may measure.” 61.3 And the Angel who went with me, said to me: “These will bring the measurements of the righteous, and the ropes of the righteous, to the righteous, that they may rely on the name of the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever. 61.4 The chosen will begin to dwell with the chosen, and these measurements will be given to faith, and will strengthen righteousness. 61.5 And these measurements will reveal all the secrets of the depths of the Earth, and those who were destroyed by the desert, and those who were devoured by the fish of the sea, and by animals, that they may return and rely on the Day of the Chosen One. For no one will be destroyed in front of the Lord of Spirits, and no one can be destroyed.” 61.6 And all those in the Heavens above received a command, and power, and one voice, and one light like fire was given to them. 61.7 And Him, before everything, they blessed, and exalted, and praised in wisdom. And they showed themselves wise in speech and in the spirit of life. 61.8 And the Lord of Spirits set the Chosen One on the throne of his glory, and he will judge all the works of the Holy ones in Heaven above, and in the Balance he will weigh their deeds. 61.9 And when he lifts his face to judge their secret ways according to the word of the name of the Lord of Spirits, and their path according to the way of the Righteous Judgment of the Lord Most High, they will all speak with one voice and bless, and praise, and exalt, and glorify, the Name of the 77

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