9 months ago

Troll Bashing Summer 2015

Liz Reeve Yes some brew

Liz Reeve Yes some brew and I'll will be on my legs again! Susan Siefers HoneyBun > I'll dance on him to tenderize 'til you come back Auntie Liz! Liz Reeve Thank you HoneyBun! Liz Reeve I need a drink!!! Wormhole Bistro *SC Cooper bwings out da tway wif da Quinceys bwews on it* Liz Reeve Oh that well bring my strength back again! Vicky Wagner McKenzie Mmm yes. OMCeilingCat Quincey's purple brew. Liz Reeve Yes good old Quincey's brew... Vicky Wagner McKenzie Just whistle while you bash And cheerfully together we can tenderize these trolls. So hum a merry tune It won't take long when there's a song and friends to help Liz Reeve The merry bashing women sing along! Vicky Wagner McKenzie Well you may just need ear plugs. I can't carry a tune but I do live singing. Liz Reeve The bashing will drown the singing, Vicky! Wormhole Bistro Me got sum kold drinks fur eberyone heer!

Lunca Susanna i'll have a cola Johanna Duffek-Kowal Would there be some cold beer, too, by chance? Wormhole Bistro No, Mama, da beer be heer intentshanullee! Vicky Wagner McKenzie Mmm what about brew and fruity cocktails? Wormhole Bistro *SC Cooper* We gots pwenty dem heres tu Auntie Vicky. Wormhole Bistro *Quincey looks up from bashing* I have some good brew in the shed - let me finish this and I'll being it out Wormhole Bistro Shad bes still da bashin dis twoll bes da tuff one dis times...smash smack bam thump whack Wormhole Bistro *SC Cooper* Yu gives him da what fur dere Shad. Lunca Susanna shad should be a baseball player Wormhole Bistro *SC Cooper* Shad duz bash like da pwo.

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