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MDANTSANE NEW COMERS CORNER Age:26 Real Name:Godiraone Ocupation:Musician Location:Ramotswa Label Signed under:Independent Genre:Kwaito Mdantsane has been doing music for quite a long time,he was first recording with a music group named Amacresh,in 2008 they recorded an album Town Terror and didnot do well because of lack of proper funding and investments. In 2010 the group split and Mdantsane continued working with his former group mate Mouver and due to circumstances,the duo/combination did not work well.Now Mdantsane comes again as a solo with his new project Sheba Phambile,meaning focus,(donot loose sight or vision of your goal)The single was recorded at Flow More records in Ramotswa.

FREDDIE FIZZ THE BUZZ Freddie Fizzle AKA FM Rizzle ,real name Freddie Martucci from Trenton,New Jerzey. He lives in the edge of Trenton Surbubs in United States,he started doing music with a hardcore punk band named Victimized when he was 12 and in 1997 he got up with a band called Another Nothing,which was signed to an indepedent label in Philadelphia and they got a distribution deal with Wanner Distribution.They released their first CD called NEW BREED.The crew was getting a lot of buzz in United States and one day cruizin around in a friend’s car enjoying the benefits of their hard work,the love and support they were getting by that time,they got into a tragic accident where he lost his friend who was also his band member.Freddie was hospitalized (he was lucky to survive).He sustained Traumatic Brain Injury TBI & multiple brain trauma.He lost every thing by the snap of a finger(his music career came to a halt and his health in a jeorpardy).Year 2017, he met up with another producer/rapper with a name Halo and they recorded a song called Sezame Street to raise funds for a stroke rehab in Philadelphia.Besides music ,FM Rizzle is involved with an American TV Show named Mixtape Nation which airs on Philly’s WMCN & Webisodes,it airs to 2.7million households on the country”s 4th largest market.On his rise, Freddie is now working on his solo project FORCING FLOWERS TO BLOOM. He is a father and also engaged.His skills are amazingly off the hook and he has a charming ,styling voice he sings with together with a fantastic word play on his raps.I had a chance to listen to a few of his joints and i was highly impressed by th amazing talent and also the naming of his songs is fabulous.IT SEEMS LIKE HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING Story Written By Pako Mokgaotsane

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