6 months ago

How to pawn designer handbags

Learn how to pawn your designer bag for quick cash. Avoid the pitfalls of dealing with local pawn brokers by reading this helpful guide.

Step 2: Negotiate a Loan

Step 2: Negotiate a Loan Amount Once a value has been determined, an honest pawnbroker will offer you between 25 to 60 percent of what your handbag is worth. However, contrary to popular belief, pawn shops are willing to negotiate. The trick is to negotiate on the percentage and not the valuation of the bag.

Step 3: Pay Back Your Loan After you overcome your financial difficulties, make sure to pay back your loan promptly or you may risk losing your luxury bag forever. In the event that you can’t pay the entire loan amount, most upscale pawn shops will allow you to rollover your loan and only pay the current month’s interest.

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