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Belive or not magazine by karlo and patricio

What is inside a Dark

What is inside a Dark Hole? There are many theories about what´s inside a Dark Hole but one of the must credibles is thatyour reality divides in two posible chances the first one Will burn your body in an instant but in the other one you would get to the other side of the Dark Hole. The Dark Holes dosn´t last for ever there´s a point where starts irradiating all it´s máximum mass so it auto compress and disapears. So ….. What do you think about the Dark Holes? This is whrere my article ends. by :Karlo

Videogames make you agressive? Some sientifics had discovered a new type of addicion mainly on youth people even if you play with messure or not violent games affect your danger perception. There have been cases when kids get so immrese in the videogame univere that when they loose they start getting so angry that they start hitting everything , alo there has been a case of a 17 years old kid that murdered his own family because he thougth that he was in a videogame . Youth`s violence has deecreased since 2000`s

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