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A MYTH, A THOUGHT Gods, creatures, dream built places, traitors, heroes, blood forged warriors, conformed the pillar of human beliefs from antique times. Society tried to found an answer to everything thEY WEREN’T ABLE TO CONTROL AND understand, something capable of leading a new born race that was first introduced to their unknown home. Mythology was the key. Every myth represents aN specific, unique moment and feature from the cultures history; deep down each civilizations way to see various life aspects, we can now appreciate the reflection from those customs in the Norse sagas or Greek monuments. The world saw many mythical beings born and perish, many great civilizations rise and fall, great heroes being formed in fierce battles, legendary deeds and quests accomplished, monstrous beasts, and much more intriguing and rich lore stories that are now kept in old and almost forgotten texts. Mayans, Vikings and Greeks are all bearers of grandiose mythological pantheons, filled with gods and goddesses in charge Of SAfEGUARDING THEIR PEOPLE’S BELIEfS. Hellenes believed in Zeus, Odin was father to the great Norsemen and Kukulkan protected the glorious Mayan empire. In fact myths have helped thousands and thousands of people understand there is no thing that cant bmade true, since we are the carvers of our destiny and convictions are just made to keep our mind staunched to a tought.

XIBALBA’S GATES “BEHOLD THE GREAT AJAWAB KINGODM, WELCOME, WEARY TRAVELER, WELCOME, THE DOORS ARE OPENED…” CHOOSE A PATH… jUST ONE… RED, BLACk, WHITE OR YELLOW… CHOOSE BEfORE THEY DO… YOU ARE STEPS AWAY fROM THE great gathering hall of the dark lords from HELL… The Popol Vuh describes this realm as “AH PUCH’S” (GReat Dead and War Lord) underworld and trial place for the brave heroes to put themselves to test; since, what RESTED DEEP DOWN XIBALBA’S CAvES AND AND NOOkS WAS fILLED WITH DARkNESS… The sacred texts refer to a big and lonely hole, where six great homesteads lied, each one with different jeopardies and challenges foR THE HEROES TO CONSUMMATE, ENDING WITH THE OUTRIGHT CHALLENGE… the five roads (mentioned formerly). THE fIRST, WAS NAMED, “ THE DARk HOUSE”, WERE ONLY SHADOWS WERE ALLOW to lurk around “THE frost Liar” WAS HOME TO ICE AND EBON CHILL WIND Jaguars ran, gambled and gathered in their own lair. The gloomy household of the bats, was packed with hundreds of them THE “kNIfE HOLD” HAD BEEN ALL COvERED UP WITH RAzOR-sharp blades. And, the last one, kNOWN AS THE “HEAT HOUSE”, HARBORED THE vERY OWN devil flames and blaze Together with many other hazards, such as Blood Rivers and arduous stairways, the Mayan hell place is still to this day, a lieu where only a single pair of mortals, the far-famed twins Hunaphu and Xbalanque, have been able to go through; culminating in a ball game match, between them AND THE DREAD LORDS “vUCUB CAME” AND “HUN CAMé” (Seven deaths and one death respectively

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