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Vanguard Newspaper 10 january 2018

22—SATURDAY Vanguard,

22—SATURDAY Vanguard, FEBRUARY 10, 2018 Murtat ata, a, Maimalari and myster ery y of 13 Young Murtala Mohammed was barely 13 when Cadet officer, Zakari Maimalari, became part of Intake 10 of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, England in September, 1951. The former was at the famous Barewa College before joining the Army. The latter would later toe the same part. Maimalari belonged to Burma Company and was commissioned Second Lieutenant on Febrauary 16, 1953 alongside compatriot, Lawan Umar, Prince Hassan, who later became King Hassan of Morocco and Charles Buah, from the Gold Coast[Ghana]. Murtala moved to Sandhurst in September 1959, as part of Intake 27. Some of his mates included Tim Onwuatuegwu, Mohammed Shuwa, Iliya Bisalla, Chris Anuforo and Ibrahim Haruna. They were commissioned in 1961. Thirteen years after Maimalari was commissioned, he was assassinated in Nigeria’s first military coup. The January 15, 1966 coup was led by the duo of Majors Emma Ifeajuna and Chukwuma Nzeogwu. Ifeajuna was Nigeria’s first Commonwealth gold medalist and loved so much by Maimalari, his Brigade commander. On January 22, 1966, Murtala and wife Ajoke, were blessed with a baby boy. He was named Zakari, after the late Brigadier Maimalari. A Week earlier, the one–star general had finished celebrating his new wife before he was gunned down. Haruna drove Lt.Col Abogo Largema to Ikoyi Hotel not knowing that Ifeajuna and Anuforo had perfected plans to strike. On February 13,1976, Murtala was murdered by troops led by Lt. Col Bukar Dimka of the Army Physical Training Corps. Dimka was part of the July 29, 1966 counter coup, led by Lt. Col. Murtala Mohammed. The first military Head of State, Maj. Gen. Johnson Aguiyi Ironsi was killed in that second coup. Dimka had something to do with 13. He was commissioned on December 13, 1963 in down under Australia. One of his course mates at the Army Cadet School, Portsea was Boniface Ikejiofor. Due to limited space at Sandhurst and Dehra Dun, alternative institutions became necessary to train a new crop of officers. Cadets like William Walbe, Isah Bukar, Ganiyu Adeleke, T.I. The Murtala Mohammed family is still in tears because nobody has been held responsible for a young man who went out with a friend in good health and came back lifeless Atumaka, Yemi Alabi and Nuhu Nathan found themselves at Fort Dix, New Jersey and Fort Knox, Kentucky both in the United States where they spent at least two years before they got their commission. Lambert Ihenacho spent almost three years[July 21, 1962-October 1965] at the Haile Sellasie Military Academy, Harar, Ethiopia. It took him a longer time to become Second Lieutenant unlike such cadets as Chris Ugokwe, Juventus Ojukwu and Muhammadu Buhari who joned the Army in April 1962 and by January 26, 1963 passed out of Mons, Aldershot as subalterns. While Maj. Don Okafor missed Maimalari who escaped from the back and was running towards Obalende before Ifeajuna killed him in 1966, Murtala was shot at Obalende by Lt. William Seri after Captain Malachy Parvwang missed him. So both men died around Obalende, in 1966 and 1976 respectively. Murtala died on Febraury 13. His Aide de Camp, Lt. Akintunde Akinsehinwa died with him, on February 13. Col. Ibrahim Taiwo, who fought under Murtala during the civil war was also killed on February 13. We all remember that Maimalari was commissioned in February. When Murtala, an Old Boy of Barewa College, Zaria, toppled General Yakubu Gowon, who like Maimalari also attended Barewa College, Gowon’s ADC was Walbe. The America trained officer was born on July 13, 1943. One of those executed following Murtala’s assassination was Joseph Gomwalk, a zoologist turned police officer who also schooled in Zaria, at the College of Arts, Science , Arts and Technology. Gomwalk was born on April, 13, 1935. Murtala made John Yisa Doko, Chief of Air Staff after sacking Brigadier Emmanuel Ikwue. Doko was one of the first set of Nigerian Air Force pilots. His course mates included Salaudeen Latinwo, Austine Okpe, Usman Jibrin and Canice Umenwaliri. The air chief was born on February 13, 1942. The import is that the day Murtala died, Doko was getting set to cut his 34 th birthday cake. That also was the birthday of one young cadet at the Nigeria Defence Academy, Azubuike Ihejirika who turned 20. Ihejirika would later become an Army GOC, like Murtala. Murtala’s first son, Zakari, was born in January[22]. Maimalari was also born in January[17 , 1930.] On August 13, 1993, Zakari was shot dead in yet to be unraveled circumstances. His friend and driver were alleged to be with him when he was killed. On October 13, 1993, Zakari’s friend and driver were charged to court for culpable homicide. The Murtala Mohammed family is still in tears because nobody has been held responsible for a young man who went out with a friend in good health and came back lifeless. It therefore sounds uncanny that Maimalari died 13 years after he was commissioned as an Army officer. Murtala named his son Zakari, after Maimalari. Zakari was born in January 1966, Maimalari died in January 1966, his month of birth. The man who succeeded Murtala, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, so did on February 13, 1976. When Obasanjo quit office in 1979 ending the Murtala/ Obasanjo era, the officer who commanded the parade was Col Abdusalam Abubakar. His birthday is June 13. Abdusalam later met Obasanjo again at the parade ground. In 1979, it was Lagos. Venue changed to Abuja in 1999. The military governor of Jigawa the day power changed hand from Abdusalam to Obasanjo was Lt.Col. Abubakar Maimalari, son of Brigadier Zakari Maimalari. Maiamalari’s son was a governor. Murtala’s second son, Risqa, tried to be governor of Kano State, he was not lucky. Maimalari’s son, Abubakar, was retired from the Army by Obasanjo, who succeeded Murtala. Murtala’s son, Risqa, was made Presidential aide by the same Obasanjo. Maiamalari was shot, Murtala was murdered. Murtala’s first son was murdered, Maiamalari’s first wife was shot in a hunting expedition that turned sour before he married another wife. It was the party that he threw for the new wife that made it easy for the January 1966 coup plotters to get some of their target. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ The term, ‘Police is your friend,’ must have been aimed at dispelling the fears and ‘false impressions’ the general public had about the police force in the past. That may have been so in the past and still so in the present because the force is easily the first place one runs to in time of emergency and danger. But all that depends on individual experiences. The police, especially in any democratic society, have the fundamental responsibility to maintain law and order, ensure internal security of the nation through the prevention and detection of crime and protection of lives and properties. By virtue of the central role the police is supposed to play in law enforcement system, their task obviously demands not just tremendous patriotism, but also dedication to duty and due diligence. It is only natural that a body entrusted with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties, ought to carry out its duties with sincerity of purpose, integrity and concentration on global best practices, among others. But have the Nigeria police lived up to these expectations? Well, almost every adult Nigerian sure has one story, good or bad, to tell about the Nigeria Police. Unfortunately, one of such experiences by a very respectable citizen recently is not cheery. A widow of almost 70 years old was traveling from Abuja to Anambra state for the burial of former Vice President Alex Ekwueme, penultimate week, with some of her personal staff. In the Wonder onderful! Police now asking for number plate receipts car were also items and stuff they would need for the period of time they would be in the Southeast, even after the burial. But somewhere in Kogi state, about five kilometres from Lokoja to Ajaokuta, they ran into a police checkpoint and were made to stop. The driver of the car was asked to park well, which he did and the usual questions ensued. He was asked for the particulars of the car and after going through them, he was also asked for the driver’s licence, which he also provided. And then the content of their bags to which they explained. Though everything was in order, the officers were not satisfied with the situation, and so went on to ask for the receipt of the number plate of the car. Really? That was quite surprising but with some men of the Nigeria Police Force, you never can tell. And The police high commander must therefore do something about this fraudulent act and many others that tell negatively on the image of the institution that was where their problem started. Not even the widow or the driver had ever heard of this. And they expressed so to the mean-looking policemen, who were still holding on to the vehicle particulars, insisting they must provide the receipt or be detained there for as long as it takes. The widow even pleaded that rather than detain them at that dangerous spot with all the problems of Fulani herdsmen around the area, they should be taken to the station where she could make further inquiry from their (police)boss on what was being demanded of them. That instead angered the policemen the more, who then completely ignore the travelers. And the widow just couldn’t see why she should reward such act of impunity and corruption with her hard earned money, since that was actually what the whole drama was all about. As a result, they spent almost the next hour at the spot talking to ‘the deaf,’ so to speak. Ordinarily, a number plate of a car should be proof/receipt on itself. Mere running of a check on the number plate should provide any well equipped police officer with the necessary information about the car and its ownership. That of course, as if that is their responsibility and if, indeed, it’s what they were truly in search of, and in an environment where things work. It is possible that while the policemen concentrated their attention on a clean traveler that had no need for them, some criminals may have had easy passage on the same route the policemen stationed themselves as toll collectors. It is also possible that many cases of innocent victims of violent crime on the same highways may not have received prompt, adequate help as their attackers or whatever else may have befallen them would go unchallenged while the policemen responsible for ensuring safety on the road shamelessly busied themselves in extortion. As I couldn’t figure how a number plate receipt in this instance could be the business of the policemen, I recalled a directive by the police high command that any policeman checking vehicle particulars on the highway is on illegal duty. Like those before him, the Inspector- General of Police (IGP) on assumption of duty, had directed officers and men of the force to desist from subjecting road users to unnecessary nightmare, intimidation and extortion under the guise of checking of vehicle particulars, instead of taking measures to ensure safety on the highway. The IGP had made it clear that violation of this directive would be met with adequate sanctions. From all indications, this directive, which is actually a sing song of every IGP you may have heard of, is not adhered to because checking of vehicle particulars has remained a regular feature on every Nigerian road. The police high commander must therefore do something about this fraudulent act and many others that tell negatively on the image of the institution, such that when ordinary folks come across the term: ‘Police is your friend,’ they could read it without the risk of biting their tongues.

SATURDAY Vanguard, FEBRUARY 10, 2018 — 23 By AYO ONIKOYI 08052201215 •Pastor E.A. Adeboye Stories by Rotimi Agbana Pastor Adeboye to mark 76th birthday with ‘76 hours marathon praise’ music show In its usual fashion, the Redeemed Christian Church of God has announced another edition of ‘76 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise’ to celebrate the 76th birthday of the General Overseer, Pastor E.A. Adeboye. According to Pastor Kunle Ajayi, the Theme of ‘76 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise’ is “The Great Redeemer” and it is scheduled to hold between 11am on Monday, 26th February and 3pm Thursday, March 1, 2018, at the Youth Centre, Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Express Way. He said “We are dedicating the 76 hours of this year to praising our Great Redeemer, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who gave Himself to redeem us from sin. Countries that will be participating this year include Nigeria, United States of America, Canada, England, Australia, Spain, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon, Kenya, Netherlands, Sweden, Malaysia, South Africa, and Ireland. This is a giant step in our quest to bring Marathon Messiah’s Praise to the doorstep of every living being on the planet.” To ensure a hitch-free programme, over 4,000 people have registered to volunteer in various departments including Music, Sanitation, Welfare, Medical and in other various key sections of the programme across the participating countries. Over 100,000 live participants are expected to be in attendance with over 10 Million viewers expected to watch the event on TV and social media channels. Pastor Kunle Ajayi added, “This year’s Marathon Messiah’s Praise will be the greatest in its series and we are confident that as we praise the Great Redeemer, there will be a harvest of souls, miracles, signs and wonders, restoration, peace, progress and divine intervention across the globe.” Iyanya Entrepreneurship festival hits Lagos Come February 17, Stakkers Fest, an iconic gathering of global entrepreneurs from around the world on the continent of Africa for the sole purpose of networking, inspiring and educating budding entrepreneurs in African states through the stories and lessons of men and women who rose from struggles of passion for socioeconomic relevance to becoming phenomenal entrepreneurship giants; contributing landmark values to the growth and development of African economy and societies at large will hit the city of Lagos for a fun time experience. At a media briefing recently held in Lagos, Mr Adewale Hassan, President/Founder, Stakkers Fest, said the event will see to the convention of CEOs from different industries such as Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Media, Manufacturing and much more, to tell their stories, share the pains of their beginings and provide insights that perhaps will lessen the error margin and strengthen the weak ends of budding entrepreneurs whose future rise and success form part of the key objective of the event. Amongst others, envisioned as an annual rendezvous, the event will celebrate African true business heroes and address obvious developmental and growth challenges confronting rising entrepreneurs, with a target of empowering at least 10 budding entrepreneurs for a quantum leap in their industries this maiden edition. Iyanya, Jeff, Niniola, others to headline ‘Live & Wavy’ concert After recording a massive success with the debut edition of ‘Live & Wavy’ concert in 2017, 10stringz Production in collaboration with Media Panache Nigeria and Temple Management brings the second edition of the concert which has been scheduled for March 9, 2018, with MTN Project Fame winner, Jeff Akoh, as major headliner along with several other big shots. Tagged ‘Live & Wavy with Jeff Akoh & Friends’, the concert will feature live performances from Jeff, Iyanya, Niniola, 9ice, Terry Apala, Johnny Drille, Isaac Geralds, Dotman, Bisola Aiyeola and a host of others. The concert’s organizers have also promised that there would be segments of the show; specially put together for their amusement – an effort to make the concert a more memorable affair and an improvement over the previous edition. Burna Boy Burna Boy tops billboard reggae album chart with ‘Outside’ Burna Boy’s ‘Outside’ album has debuted on Billboard’s Reggae Albums Chart at the Number 3 spot. The 13-track album was released via Atlantic Records and Bad Habit on January 26, 2018, after his singles including ‘Sekkle Down’ ft. J Hus, ‘Koni Baje’ and ‘Heaven’s Gate’ ft. Lily Allen had enjoyed massive radio airplay. It is an outstanding accomplishment for Burna Boy as this is his second album to feature on Billboard’s Reggae Albums Chart. His debut album L.I.F.E peaked at number 7 on August 31, 2013. Niniola Big Brother Naija week one: no evictions but ‘Strike One’ for #KSquared Seven days into Big Brother 3, the housemates got their first taste of reckoning at the first live show. Hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Sunday’s show brought with it the usual blend of intrigue, suspense and entertainment, as Kcee, the Limpopo crooner, entertained studio guests and viewers at home. Soothed by the absence of evictions for this week, the housemates got to share their experiences thus far in the house. After last week’s pairings, the housemates were once again tasked with competing to become the next Head of House. Bam Bam, Cee C, Tobi and Teddy A came out victorious, meaning that teams Cebi and Bamteddy will have to battle for the HOH crown. Another pair caught in the spotlight albeit for the wrong reasons was the dynamic quo of Khloe and K Brule, otherwise known as K-Square, who were handed their first strike by Big Brother following their unruly behavior. Khloe was able to single handedly tie herself to every controversy in the Big Brother house with her confrontational approach, but it was K Brule who escalated the duo’s troubles by jumping off a balcony, an action that triggered an emotional response from fellow housemate Bitto. Biggie handed K-Square a strike which ultimately is a step closer for them to get booted out of the Big Brother house; they were also disqualified from the HOH contest that took place shortly after. Viewers were thrilled by Kcee, who performed his hit singles ‘Pull Over’, ‘Limpopo’ and more. After sharing his usual dose of wise words with the housemates, Ebuka let the viewers in on a twist: there will be fake nominations on Monday night, and no evictions next week Sunday. The housemates are however oblivious of the development and this guarantees even more Kloe and Kbrule excitement for the viewers. C M YK