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Pyramid Energy Discoveries

22 Incredible Discoveries Made by Russian Scientists


Clearly, Pyramid Energy presents us with a myriad of positive effects, many of which can be utilized by you right now, at home. Simply by introducing inexpensive pyramid structures into your personal environment and group environment you can naturally revitalize and rejuvenate your personal and collective well-being. You can place various sized pyramids inside your home and garden made from paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, Styrofoam, etc. Remember that Russian scientists have proven that non-metal pyramid structures with a high angled Golden Mean ratio slope, emit tremendous PYRAMID POWER as long as they are accurately aligned and set squarely to a true North position. If you choose to build or buy fancy metallic pyramids, these are to be set squarely to an accurate magnetic north position – this can easily be accomplished through the use of an inexpensive magnetic compass. The most important principle to bear in mind when moving portable pyramid structures, is to reset nonmetallic structures to a true North position and magnetic structures to an as accurate as possible magnetic North alignment. My I ask each and every one of you ,after acquiring this information, to please share it far and wide, so that we may each help in the transformation of our collective environment through pyramid energy. Think about it! What a worthy “conversation piece” to suggest to family members, friends, neighbors, or at friendly group gatherings. Sure beats talking about the weather, how ill you have been or the latest scandals perpetrated on the royal family or famous celebrities. Furthermore, consider how your own personal pyramid will be supplying the healing effects of pyramid energy, day and night, to our dearest, but dreadfully polluted Mother Earth. If we make it so, then in just a relatively short time, Pyramid Energy structures could be revitalizing and rejuvenating all life forms on Earth and producing greater effects than the total sum of all of the worldwide “Green Movement” activities, however respectful, in the past 20 or 30 years! A new and transformed Earth is just around the corner – all we have to do is peak around it.

About the Author Russ Michael lives a rich life, being a book author, lecturer, philanthropist, humanitarian, published songwriter, founder and initiator of the Healing Pyramid Energy Trust, founder of his own humanitarian ‘Church of Humanity’, and organizer of the USA’s first and largest Psychic Science & Arts Fair, which was an ongoing gala event for 11 straight days. To date, Russ Michael has authored 40 books, including several best sellers that have collectively been published in more than twenty different languages, and has appeared on over 500 talk shows, including two appearances on the Larry King Radio Talk Show. Creating his own media too, Russ also produced and hosted his own popular weekly TV show featured on Warner TV, titled ‘The Mysteries’, and is a published song writer. Russ Michael also taught psychology at the University of Humanistic Studies in San Diego, California in the later 1970's. There, he pioneered and taught an accredited course on The Seven Rays – a totally new study of the easily understood psychological make-up of individuals or groups, as outlined in his book, "Divine Psychology”, which was later republished as eBook and can be found amongst 30+ other Russ Michael eBooks on his Golden Key Library website. In 1984, Russ Michael was awarded the distinguished Bronze Halo Award by the Southern California Motion Picture Council, for his "contribution as an author, lecturer, philanthropist and humanitarian." Today, at age 89, Russ Michael is in robust health and charged with energy. Russ has no distracting aches or pains and works 12 to 14 hours daily - day in, day out - doing what he loves and loving what he does. Now, his focus is on interacting with talented visionaries and promoting the aims of his organization, Healing Pyramid Energy, which aspires to construct pyramids according to specific pre-set requirements to help both protect and heal the environment. To learn more about Healing Pyramid Energy, please read their 66-page free booklet. Russ Michael currently produces a FREE daily email, titled “Message from Michael - Worldwide Newsletter", that has been posted daily to thousands of subscribers around the world for more than 15 years to date