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Hamburger Patty Press Makers | Meatball Machines

ProProcessor’s high quality Hamburger Patty Presses make patties efficiently and uniformly. Our Meatball Machine, Hamburger Press, Hamburger Patty Press and Patty Paper are good for Restaurants, small cafes, your own kitchen or even the local hamburger joint in town.

‣Fits 600-910

‣Fits 600-910 ProProcessor Patty Press. ‣Makes It Easy To Separate Frozen Patties. ‣Quantity of 500 per package. ‣Price: US$21.99

‣4 3/8 inch Patties as thick (1 1/2 in.) or thin as you like ‣It has lock nut for making consistant sized patties ‣Heavy duty aluminum. ‣Price: US$39.99

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