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Chicago Style Paper Format Template

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Chicago Style Paper Format Template 2 Your Last Name The primary section of your essay will start here, page two. Your last name, together with the page number should come in a header located at the upper right corner. The title page should not have any page number. Both thesis and thesis statement should be on the first paragraph, using Arabic numerals in citing sources in the footnotes located at the bottom of the page. This is the Chicago Style of writing, 1 and this style will be used for all papers required for this course. There are over fifteen styles that are extant for the different disciplines. However, the APA, MLA and the Chicago styles are the most popularly used. Most countries that are English speaking use different variants of the Chicago style since it retains a cleaner text while allowing for a more flexible access of both the ancillary material and the sources. As such, it promotes a more interactive and critical reading of the text. For this specific class, include the count of words at the bottom of the last page of the body of the essay. The essay may be finished using an optional separate page for your Works Cited if you want to, where you can also list down the sources you have used in this essay. Make good use of the symbol “ibid” in the footnotes whenever you are referring to the same source as your previous citation, adding the page number if they are different. This is optional, but can prove to be a short cut. You may also quote the name of the author and the page 2 number. 1 The footnotes that are found at the bottom of a page will include citations – paraphrases, direct quotes, and indirect references, as you are given the chance to add some information on your own. These details may not be a direct part of the essay though can still be interesting. 2 Daian Dale, The Real Reader (Boston: ABC Books, 2000), 210. 4 In other words, it is not just a reference tool, but also a tool for writing as well. This is why we will use it, as it is both flexible and economical. 3 4

Chicago Style Paper Format Template 3 Your Last Name Works Cited List all of the sources you have used in this paper for research. This should be on a separate page to avoid confusion. You will be able to find the format for this type of list on any other manual of reference. This page can be optional when using the Chicago style because all of the information is already listed in the footnotes. However, if your class requires a Bibliography, then you need to list all of the sources.

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