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Most Popular Strains This Year! The Top 100 Strains of 2018 Cannabis Seed Guide contains high yielding sativa, indica, hybrid, landrace and IBL genetics. Bred by top breeders in the industry. Feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds. Secure seedbanks. Mold Resistant Strains.


50 AUTOFLOWEING SEEDS A U T O S W E E T S O M A This Indica autoflowering strain is high performance and a compact phenotype. It develops huge and sweet buds, has a delicious tropical fruit flavor and a strong physical effect. GROW TIME: 65-70 Days BREEDER: 00 Seeds YIELD: Indoors: 350-400 gr/m 2 A U T O L S D - 2 5 LSD-25 Autoflowering is a powerful medicinal strain for both mind and body. It is a very forgiving strain to grow, is covered in white resin crystals and hits home very hard.LSD-25 handles light cycle interruptions, nutrient and ph swings as well as temperature fluctuations taking all in its stride except for one thing - it is a really thirsty strain which gulps water like its going out of fashion. GROW TIME: 8-9 Weeks BREEDER: Fastbuds YIELD: Indoors: 450-500 g/m 2 Outdoors: 50-250 g/plant

AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS 51 A U T O A M N E S I A G A N J A H A Z E Auto Amnesia Ganja Haze Feminised is a strongly sativa-dominant automatic strain that produces a euphoric, creative yet relaxing effect from its high levels of THC. Although it has a slightly longer flowering period than many other Sumo automatic cannabis strains it will still reach full maturity in high latitude summers. GROW TIME: 56-63 Days BREEDER: Sumo Seeds YIELD: Indoors: 300-450 gr/m 2 Outdoors: 70-100 gr/plant. A U T O L E M O N O G H A Z E Auto Lemon OG Haze is a 5th, generation auto-flowering marijuana strain and resolutely displays just how far autos have come in the last decade or so. It is a cross of Lemon OG (Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x OG Kush) and Haze #1 which was then crossed with an Auto AK-48 female plant. GROW TIME: 10-12 Weeks BREEDER: Nirvana Seeds YIELD: Indoors: 325-425 gr/m 2 Outdoors: 50-120 gr/plant

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