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Hope In Times Of Trouble

6 “The light of God

6 “The light of God surrounds me, The love of God enfolds me, The power of God protects me, The presence of God watches over me, Wherever I am, God is. —An Irish Prayer Card Or, consider offering this prayer: “Look upon us, O Lord, and let all the darkness of our souls vanish before the beams of Thy brightness. Fill us with holy love, and open to us the treasures of Thy wisdom. All our desire is known unto Thee, therefore, perfect what Thou has begun, and what Thy Spirit has awakened us to ask in prayer. We seek Thy face, turn Thy face unto us and show us Thy glory. Then shall our longing be satisfied, and our peace shall be perfect.” —St. Augustine of Hippo

7 3 Ask a Different Question Another temptation when facing disappointment is that of self-pity. It usually comes through these questions: “Why did this happen to me?” “How could he say that to me?” “Why did she do that?” “How can I go on?” The problem with such questions is that they focus entirely on the negative. Try asking a different question. Rather than focusing on, “What have I lost?” ask, “What remains and where can I go from here?” A change of question often results in a change of perspective. Rephrasing our questions allows us to count the pluses, not the minuses. Army Major Frederick Franks found himself staring at a Christmas tree in his drab hospital room. Although it was a season of joy, Franks felt only sadness. Seven months earlier, in May 1970, while he was in Cambodia, grenade shrapnel had torn into the lower half of his leg. Doctors were scheduled to amputate it. Franks had graduated from West Point where he was captain of the baseball team. He planned to make the Army his career. Now discharge seemed the only option. Although Franks felt he still had a lot to offer the service—combat