11 months ago


A (very badly) mashed together story of two strangers, falling through spring, to tumbling in turbulence... Told exclusively through the lyrics featured in NPH Hottest 100 top 10 songs. See if you can make heads or tails of the tales ;) (NB - any resemblance to people or places is purely co-incidental)

8. K N O W T H I

8. K N O W T H I S

Cause you remember when, after Paris We all decided the best way to fight it was Drink wine, dance here and pray And make love that lasts with a vengeance So you can join the cowards all aboard the outrage train You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave And scratch the little itch 'til you’re moving like a motherfucker Up in this bitch Let Me Down Easy - Gang of Youths

Like a verison - of THE STORY