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Love is a broad

Love is a broad spectrum. There is self-love, friend love, family love, romantic love and of course the love you feel for your pets. In college, love gets a little messy outside the lines of where it’s “supposed” to go. The general consensus is split between anti-love/anti-relationship and pro-love/ pro-relationship. What is it that you’re “supposed” to do during these years when it comes to love? Some believe that a relationship will hold you down, suck all the fun out of partying and provide distractions for schoolwork and other areas that are “more important’ right now. You could be thinking, why would I want to be tied down when there are plenty of fish in the sea? Or, there could be a past ugly relationship haunting your every move in the love game, making you cringe at every “You up?” text and forcing you to quickly sneak away when someone asks.

On the flip side, love can be a positive thing during college. It can bring you your person. It can give you someone to take home for winter break and spend weekend nights dancing with. The best part is sitting on the couch for endless hours eating take out with your person while both of your friends shame you for not going out. -Kaiya

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